April 1999

Addiction not character flaw


Addiction not character flaw, Judy Collins says

Judy Collins says just saying "no" is just not that easy.

The folk singer says the famous anti-drug campaign wrongly looks at drug and alcohol addiction as a character flaw. "It assumes that those who are locked up because of it just didn't have the willpower to carry out their plan for the evening," Collins told the Tennessean in an interview published Sunday.

Depression in children


Pediatric health: depression in children

Depression is a serious but often overlooked disorder in children. Depressed children suffer a reduced ability to experience pleasure, and a fundamental sadness, which may be accompanied by irritability, sleep disturbances and anxiety. Depression can cause deficits in child development, poor academic achievement and teenage suicide. If untreated, pediatric depression can lead to more severe psychiatric disorders in later life, failure to succeed, and serious consequences for society.