October 1999

AA members share stories


The conference room was full.

The two-day Alcoholics Anonymous conference held at the Best Western Parkway Inn came to a close after stories had been told, laughs had been shared and tears had been shed.

Among the people in the conference room for the closing speakers' addresses were people who have been sober for as long as 35 years or as little as one day.

They all had stories, and not one was the same.

Of all the unique stories, one was that of Butch, who was the main guest speaker.

Clinical Depression: a treatable physical illness


Depression -- the word conjures up many images. Everyone has periods of feeling sad or unhappy when things go wrong. This is normal and passes when the situation improves. It is also normal to grieve at the death of a loved one but again, the grieving becomes less severe as time passes. Clinical depression, however, is different.

Gambling addiction leads to prison


An Alberta woman was convicted of stealing over $100,000 from her employer because of a gambling addiction. She was given a conditional sentence of eighteen months to be served in the community. The sentencing judge acknowledged that time in jail was required unless there were exceptional circumstances. He felt that although an addiction to gambling was not an exceptional circumstance, the addiction in addition to her stress and psychological turmoil justified a sentence served outside of prison. The Crown appealed the sentence.