June 2003

The hidden costs of depression


The hidden costs of depression: implications for the public and private sectors: highlights from a health care sector discussion

Mental illness, in particular depressive illness, exacts a hidden toll, not only on the individual, but also on families, friends, employers, coworkers, the community and society as a whole. Although awareness of depression has increased dramatically in recent years, its economic impact often goes unappreciated; indeed the direct and indirect costs of depression and mental illness have been estimated to be as much as $14.4 billion annually in Canada.(1)

Depression: Breakthroughs in Treatment


Using cutting-edge technologies, researchers are getting closer to revolutionary new treatments 'There are going to be huge breakthroughs over the next 10 years,' says one doctor, by Debra Black

Scientists are on the verge of a revolution in understanding and treating depression.

In laboratories around the world- including Toronto, where researchers are acclaimed for their leading-edge work- scientists are using genetics, brain biology, population and personality studies to slowly piece together a portrait of the disease.