September 2003

Addiction to some fatty foods is as powerful as drug addiction


Ever tried eating just one french fry?

Research at the University of Wisconsin has shown certain fatty foods, such as a hamburger and fries, can be as addictive as heroin.

Lab rats were fed high-fat diets for two weeks, triggering changes in the brain similar to what occurred when rats were given morphine or heroin, said lead researcher Matthew Will.

"A high-fat diet alters brain biochemistry and when the fat is taken away, we found that the rats, who were fed a high-fat chocolate drink, displayed withdrawal symptoms like those caused by withdrawing from drugs of abuse," he said.

Depression hurts


Depression hurts mind and body

As Shakespeare wrote, "When troubles come, they come not single spies but in battalions."

He could have been writing about Canada's recent problems with SARS, mad cow disease and West Nile virus. So I can't imagine a better topic than depression when so many of us are thinking "Why, God, have you done this to our country?"

Noted humourist Art Buchwald suffered from depression. About this trauma, he wrote, "Everything was black. The trees were black, the road was black. You can't believe how the colours change until you have it. It's scary."

When is gambling a problem?


For the majority of individuals, gambling is a form of recreation that does not lead to negative consequences. However, for a small percentage of the population, gambling can have a negative impact on their health, family, job, emotional state and financial situation.

I often get asked how someone can progress to being $10,000 in debt from playing a slot machine in a short period of time. Here is a fictitious scenario that outlines how this progression may come about:

Causes of Drug Addiction


Drug addiction is the result of spiritual dislocation

DRUG ADDICTION is not caused by drugs, but by physical and spiritual dislocation of people, a Canadian expert and author on addiction says.

'Everywhere and always, dislocated people are huge consumers of alcohol and whatever drug happens to be around,' said Dr. Bruce Alexander, a professor of psychology at Simon Fraser University in British Columbia. He has spent 20 years researching addiction.

Drug Rehab


Drug rehab: Getting rid of drug addiction mainly addict's responsibility

Dear Readers: Remember the letter from Lincoln Warkocz, the drug addict who is now incarcerated in Bowling Green, Fla.? He wrote to say he has been trying without success for 15 years to get help for his addiction.

Lincoln went to jail at age 17 and has been in and out four times since then. He claims that although he has pleaded with prison authorities to be rehabilitated, he was never placed in a drug treatment program.