May 2004

Depression: Recognizing the symptoms is half the battle


According to Statistics Canada, the incidence of depression is highest among females aged 20 to 24 and living in Alberta, which practically makes me a poster child.

You don't read or hear much about depression and young people because they're likely to shrug off trouble signs, mental-health experts say.

With less life experience comes less ability to judge what's normal and what needs to be treated, explains Auston Mardon, assistant program manager for the Alberta Mental Health Self Help Network.

Back from depths of despair: years of addiction


Back from depths of despair: Cambridge resident survives years of addiction

Billy Moore is back. Back, that is, from the depths of despair that go hand in hand with a drug and alcohol addiction so severe there seems no way out.

How the gambling industry seduces its victims


By Bill Kearney