November 2004

Alcohol remains a popular poison


Booze Is Montreal's most lethal drug. Province's committee to fight addiction releases a portrait of drug consumption

The Quebec government's permanent committee to fight drug addiction is about to tell a room full of reporters just how many drugs - legal and otherwise - Montrealers have been taking orally, intravenously or through the delivery system of rolling paper and a book of matches since 1999.

Addicts look to fix problems, not feed habit


SUBSTANCE ABUSE/ Junkies and alcoholics never learned capacity for self-care, according to leading expert

Second in a two-part series on crime and violence among today's youth.

Some people dismiss junkies and alcoholics as weak characters who live only for happy hour and deserve scorn for the misery their self- destructive behaviour inflicts on others.

But, according to a leading expert on addiction, their condition likely has much less to do with selfish hedonism than with self- medication gone awry.