January 2006

You don't have to be alone anymore

I have read a lot of journals here, have talk to people on other internet sites for gambling and the thing I always find common is that people think they have to do it alone.

No one's safe from impacts of meth addiction


Parents in sleepy South Delta are wrong to think their children couldn't fall victim to grip of destructive drug

The Delta police department recently held two community meth forums, one in North Delta and the other in South Delta.

It was exciting to be part of the planning committee for such a worthwhile project and I think the forums went off without a hitch. The venues were packed, the speakers were dynamic and informative and the feedback we received was very positive.

Depression Help


Coping with depression: help is out there

All of us are getting a bit edgy and irritable, and there may be some real emotional problems that you or someone close you need to cope with. If so, shut your eyes, take a few deep breaths and head out to the Web. You can find a lot of help for the February blahs and other psychological conditions. There are Web sites with information, others where you can ask questions, support groups and more.

Alcohol Abuse


When drinking becomes alcohol abuse

Drinking alcohol is a part of Western culture. It is almost a rite of passage and most people who drink alcohol don't get into any real trouble with it.

But some do. As individuals and as a society we need to recognize when drinking alcohol becomes alcohol abuse, so we can do something about it.