June 2006

Men ignore symptoms of clinical depression


How much equality is there between the sexes? In recent years women have made strides in their struggle to gain equality with men. But surprisingly in one area men are getting the short end of the stick. Today the majority of people being treated for depression are women. The majority of men, however, suffer silently from undiagnosed and untreated depression. Why the gender bias in this case? And how can wives and families recognize this problem and urge men to accept treatment?

Gambling, alcohol a dodgy mix


Problem gamblers are more likely to drink, suffer from alcoholism

B.C. government gaming watchdogs doubt serving alcohol at the Great Canadian Casino in View Royal will fuel social problems, saying no evidence exists that links drinking in casinos to out-of- control gambling.

The casino has applied to the Liquor Control Board and View Royal for a liquor licence to sell drinks to customers on its gaming floor. It currently sells alcohol in its attached restaurant.

Latest victim of VLT addiction


The first time I met Pete was on a cold winter night at a doughnut shop on Sherbrooke St. W. Seated at the counter, several stools apart, we got into conversation. He was in his 30s, unemployed, but donating his time and skills to help in a project building homes for the needy in St. Henri. Over the next while, I often ran into him. He appeared to be a well-balanced young man who enjoyed composing songs on his guitar and at one time had envisioned a career in music. He owned a little red truck, which was old but was his pride and joy.

A little stress won't kill you


A little stress won't kill you, in fact ...: Short term hassles strengthen your immune system, researchers say

You have a deadline of two hours to hand in a report. Or perhaps you have just been told that you are due at a board meeting in an hour, to explain why your department should take control of a high- profile management project. Or you might be gazing from the open door of a plane, contemplating the clouds as you prepare mentally for your first solo parachute jump.