August 2006

Gambling Addiction Images


"Well, now, if I take the money out of VISA and pay MasterCard, tell my bank my paycheck will be late, borrow from...this might work."

"I'm gonna get that casino back when I get my next paycheck. They'll pay for taking my money. I've got a new system. Heh heh."

"What was that? I'm how many months late on what bill? I can't hear you. The slot machines are too loud."

"Twenty minutes ago I was even. My gambling system doesn't seem to be working."

Don't gamble on your future


My sons, both of whom are in their 20's, have recently discovered poker. Since they were raised in a non-gambling home (I have never even bought a lottery ticket), this astounds me.

More and more young people are now gambling and it generally starts innocently and in subtle ways. It is becoming socially acceptable to participate in 50-50 draws, casino nights, and afternoon poker games.

While most teens start to gamble just "for fun," some will end up with a serious gambling problem and it can easily become an addictive pastime.

Binge behaviour spikes with stress


Stressed individuals might be particularly prone to binge eating or drug addiction because of high levels of a hormone mechanism in their brain, according to University of Michigan and Georgetown University research. Researchers injected rats with either a high dose (500ng/0.2 ml) or a low dose (250ng/0.2 ml) of CRF, part of the brain's internal stress-signalling system that serves as a brain stress neurotransmitter. They injected the rats in a part of the brain called the nucleus accumbens, which is involved in the mediation of pleasurable rewards and stress signals.