August 2007

Words of Wisdom


The Wisdom of the Buddha

There’s a Buddhist story. One of Buddha’s students approached him and asked, “Are you the Messiah?”

“No”, Buddha replied.
“Well, are you a healer?” the student asked.
“No,” Buddha replied again.
“Are you a teacher?”
Exasperated, the student asked, “Well, then what are you?”

Buddha replied, “I’m awake.”

The connection between violence, suicide, homicide, and antidepressants


Prozac: Warning Labels and Side Effects Moira Dolan, M.D., Medical Accountability Network.

Hi, I’m Dr. Moira Dolan, internal medical physician with the Medical Accountability Network. A lot of people have been asking, “What is the connection between violence, suicide and homicide and antidepressant medications?”

Antidepressants Cause Suicide and Violence


People Committing Suicide While on Antidepressants or Trying to Get Off Them. This is Bob. Bob thinks he’s depressed. Poor Bob. This is Bob’s doctor: Dr. Avg. Bob visits his doctor. Doctor diagnoses Bob. Bob’s doctor (like most didn’t take the time to use the right method), but Bob trusts his doctor. Poor Bob. [Point: Doctors do not research, develop, or manufacture prescription drugs. The only training most doctors receive about prescription medication is from pharmaceutical sales reps. Most pharmacists know more about antidepressants than doctors do.]

Psychiatry and Prescription Pills: A Dangerous Mix


A new psychological study from the National Institute of Mental Health says…
The circle of depression is growing wider, broader…
10-15% of women suffer from this disorder…
…a serious medical condition affecting over 20 million Americans…
…abnormalities in the neural transmitter.

Is that a chemical imbalance?
6 million American kids take prescribed medication…
Children need psychiatric care…
But what if the criminal is mentally ill?
Is punishment a form of aversion therapy?
PMDD has now been characterized…
…oppositional defiance disorder…