November 2015

Issues with depression and diet

My wife found your website.. what an amazing article and really
was great to read for me. Why? Because I have fallen into a bit of a "black
Hole" 7 months ago I was "normal" healthy, top producing agent in my office.
My journey started when I was had a yeast rash on my bottom. Doc prescribed
diflucan. After about 2 pills I started to have reactions. and by the 4th

I decided to get on a candida diet. Problem is I went to extreme.
lost a lot of weight, started waking up at night with racy heart. I couldn't


 Answer by prokopton


CFS usually caused by chronic malnutrition. I had that.

My daily regiment for 6 months before I noticed any difference:

—green smoothie for breakfast

—cocktail of super greens supplement, ginkgo biloba (organic powder), tyrosine, Omega 3 fish oil, iron supplement, l-dopa supplement.

—lots of fruits and vegetables.

I religiously followed the regiment and in 6 months, I was like a new person.

Best regards.

 Answer by prokopton

Chronic fatigue syndrome

Thanks so much for sharing your info and helping others. I currently have
chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia and was ree fly diagnosed with sibo (small
intestinal bacterial overgrowth). I've had allegy and candida diagnoses.
Did you have candida or bacteria? Just curious! I'm juicing and taking all
kinds if supolements. Hoping for the best outcome...need to see change. I
have terrible acid reflux and plan on trying cayenne. I've tried before, and
it comes back up burning me...any thought on how to offset that? Thank


Help for brother with schizophrenia

hi i have a brother who has schizophrenia and just had a mental attack and
was sent to a bording care he's really suffering right now and i heard of a
dr named abram hoffer who treats patients with shciz so is there anyone i can
talk who is a trained professional that's familiar with his work??? i need to
ask questions about treatment so if you have any compassion in your heart
please help! help! help! my brother has been suffering so much for so long i
would appreciate it thanks!


Aloe vera question

Hi, I just read your article on Aloe Vera. It was very informative. I live in
Canada and am still confused about what to buy. I have currently been using
whole leaf preservative free aloe vera juice from Lily of the desert. I've
been trying to research the best product to avoid the laxative effect. I have
a hiatus hernia. Based on your article I don't think I should be using
preservative free (they use citric acid). Any recommendations would be
greatly appreciated

Best regards,

Organic sulfur questions

I've run into this seemingly 'underground' topic of organic sulfur and it's
clear importance for the biological functioning and homeostasis of our
bodies, but like I mention in the subject of this question, I'm VERY curious
as to why this isn't better understood by the general population? If this
really is as important as I think it is, why aren't scientists, universities,
GRASSROOTS getting hold of this yet? Are they being snuffed out by secret
services? Haha, I mean this all sounds ridiculous! I do realize there are few

severe acid reflex and gastro pain 14 hours now

I have sever acid reflex and gastro pain for 14 hours now. i took a Wei An
Pill yesterday afternoon. by 9:00 pm I was having bouts of acid reflex. I
also had bad stomach ache and bloating. my stomach sloshes when I walk. I am
5'8" 150 pound and very fit.61 years old. Is there any thing I can do to
relieve the pain and acid? I have taken 1 Pepsid and 6 tums over night.
Please reply