January 2016

Rare form of thyroid disease??

I read your article on hypothyroidism. I've been on meds for close to 40
years. My thyroid quit working when I was a teenager. I do not show positive
for hashimotos, so I think I may have one of the other "rare" forms of
thyroid disfunction (possibly related to the pituitary gland??)

Do you have suggestions on a course of action for that, or how to test for it? Over the
last 5 years my thick hair is almost gone - not an exaggeration. Found my T3
was almost nonexistent - switched to 1g of nature thyroid a few months ago



 Answer by prokopton

How do I get a cure for hepatitis B?

Pls how do I get a cure for hepatitis B?


ulcerative colitis natural treatment

Steroids, apriso , and other western medicine treatments have failed to keep
ulcerative colitis under control. Need help in finding working natural
remedies. What should I do? Please help... Thank you.


How does one contact Dr Naessens?

How does one contact Dr Naessens? Does he still see patients who have been
diagnosed with cancer.

Patient has been told that she will have to receive chemo and radiation, both
starting in a couple of months (waiting list...)
Where can we get access to this somatoscope and his treatment?


Thank you for your help.