December 2016

7 Tips for People Living with Sensitive Teeth

If you are affected by tooth sensitivity, you are not alone. As many as 60% of all Americans are, at some point or another, suffering with you. You might be wondering, "What is the cause of this condition?" The truth is, when the enamel and dentine areas of the teeth get worn out by rough handling, an infection or vigorous brushing, the exposed nerve endings get agitated, leading to sensitive teeth. This condition is characterized by throbbing tooth pain and general discomfort around the sensitive areas. Many home remedies can be used to control the pain.

Natural Remedies for Kicking an Alcohol Addiction


Alcoholic beverages are widely available to purchase for those over the age of 21, and with alcohol having an effect on your mind and cognition, it’s unsurprising that certain individuals become addicted. Just like most addictions, once you have become reliant on alcohol, it can be very difficult to kick the habit and get clean.

Why Holistic Treatment is Important When Choosing an Alcohol or Drug Rehab

Choosing an alcohol or drug rehab treatment is a rather daunting challenge and one that carries a lot of weight. After all you clearly want to pick something that will be effective and fit your own personal needs. Holistic treatment is starting to gain a lot of attention and is now acting as a driving force for many people. Many luxury addiction treatment centers now build their programs around holistic treatments.