November 2017

Why You Should Take Your Nursing Degree to the DNP Level


Nursing has always been a very popular career for those who are looking to make a long-term, perhaps even lifelong, commitment to their profession. Few careers offer the same range of opportunities to progress and nurses will find themselves able to advance almost continuously throughout their career.

The DNP (doctoral nursing program) represents the highest tier of qualification that a nurse can earn. Consequently, earning a DNP will gain nurses access to the most senior jobs that the profession has to offer.

Tracking Your Health Goals with Samsung Galaxy S8 plus


Smartphones can help you stay connected on the go. They give you access to email, social media, and text messaging to say nothing of all the apps to which they provide access. However, some smartphones do something else that is just as important — they let you track your fitness and the Samsung Galaxy S8 plus is one of the best: