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How to overcome Chronic Emotional Fatigue?

I was very glad to find information this subject the way you have posted it.
I have been in depression and anxiety for 15 years now and can´t seem to
overcome it, although I have found so many of the causes.

It seems as if I had found the causes of it years ago, I could have
recovered, but now it seems they are so rooted in me that I have to stregth
to let them go.

I do feel completely emotionally drained after 15 years of frustrations and
worrying everyday on how to take care of me and my family in this situation.

How to become part of organic sulphur study?

Have just finished watching a video with your interview with Clive de Carle
and was totally intrigued...I would very much like to purchase the really
good, pure organic sulphur you described in the interview as well as to
inquire how i can become a part of your study. I was diagnosed with chronic
fatigue syndrome over 20 years ago and rheumatoid arthritis (both through
separate nuculear antibodies testing) about 16 years ago.

At the time of the rheumatoid arthritis diagnosis began several years of completely stopping

Getting vitamin C from punch

If I drink the punch, are the limes enough vit C to support the organ sulfur?
Is the recipe? 1 qt H2O/2 tsp sulfur/1tsp Braggs/ juce from 2 kunes

I'm being remote neural monitored--how to block RNM?

Who has authority of RNM in india?? I am tortured since 1 year. I AM INNOCENT IN TERMS OF crime,social and political issue.can a radio signal blocker help??


RNM - Remote Neural Monitoring

The mind control technology is known as Remote Neural Monitoring.

The technology employs Satellite-delivered (ELF) Extra Low Frequencies to communicate voice-to-skull transmissions. This produces schizophrenic symptoms.

Chelation for Corotid Artery?

My husband had a scan and his corotid artery is 69% blocked on the left side
the Dr. said they didn't worry about it until it was 70% blocked but it is
right there almost 70 now. I heard Chelation could help him to could you
please let me know if this might work for him?


Treatment for Candida

My Name is Mirella Bottani and I am writing on behalf my mother who has a
problem with overgrowth of bacteria mainly e coli and other pathogenic
bacteria. She also had a stool transplant and has a number of sensitivities.
She really needs help as she has been to many doctors and clinics and she has
not recovered, actually she has become worse. She has a lot of inlammation
and ulcers in her digestive tract. Can you please let me know Dr Ionescu
would be able to treat her at the clinic or hospital he works at. She is

Dr Breuss juice safe for a dog?

My 10 year old boxer has hemagiosarcoma (bleeding tumor, which is most likely
cancerous) and he is not getting surgery to have it removed because it is too
high risk. I am giving him the Dr Breuss juice (Beets, Carrots, Black
radish, celery root and potatoe) IS THIS SAFE FOR HIM? He is taking Yunnan
Baiyao to hopefully help prevent more bleeding. I would so appreciate any


Recombinant Human Growth Hormone

I'm interested in following up on the studies of Barbara Brewitt, PhD who I
know is now deceased. Do you know if there are any experts who have followed
up on her homeopathic research?

Thank You!


Can sulfur be added to garden?

Hi! I want to know if your sulfur can be added to my garden. I felt it would
be good my husband is worried it may be too much of good thing. I want to put
it around base of each plant. Any thoughts?


Dissociation and homoeopathy cure?

I read an article about dissociation and homoeopathy cure. I want to know
whether severe case of dissociation where a patient has not at all seen
herserlf in childhood at all, can this be cured. The patient is finding
difficult to cure it. How to deal wih non curable cases with homoeopathy?


Sublingual selenium


I was hoping you could help me. My father was sent home on hospice with brain mets from small cell lung cancer. His mind is nearly faded and he can't really swallow. I don't know whether I should give up, but I was wondering if the sublingual selenium would help, and how I can purchase it.

I would be grateful for any help.

Thank you and kind regards,

voll testing on lymphatic system

My question relates to my lymph nodes. The voll testing I have
done on a fairly regular basis over the last 20 years or so always
shows a normal reading on my lymphatic system,(between 50-55
on the meter). However on my neck I do have 2 small swellings that
have been there for years that the voll machine has never picked up.

I have always felt that this has affected my health to some degree on
A functional basis,largely by my responses to any kind of infection.My
family doctor has never been concerned .I am wondering if the voll

Natural cure for son with schizophrenia?

Hi my son is in the hospital now two moths with his first episode of and is
now told it is schizophrenia he has no insight and does not believe he is
sick. He talks to god and believe he has been chosen by god to do good, satin
is always tormenting him and making him not be able to swallow so he spits,
he sleeps all the time now because of the drugs and wants to smoke as often
as possible. I want to try natural cures what would you recommend?

Desperate Mother

How should we handle a relative with gambling problem?

I have a relative with a gambling problem. At first we did not realise and
would lend him money. But now we know we don't. The last episode was this
weekend when he phoned and was open that he had gambled the weekly pay and
now feared partner and to be kicked out of house. I refused to give them
and went to the partner and told her. He was in tantrums and called me that
I deceived him I must not have told the partner. How should I handle this?


What is the least toxic dental crown in general?

Please let me know if any information exist and be provided which
points the least toxic dental crown materials in general? Your answer will
be greatly appreciated!

With best wishes.


Reversing lupus

I would like further information on getting started to naturally reverse
Lupus. What tools do I need to get started and where to buy them. Also what
blood tests and amy natural doctor information preferably in my area to
follow me.

Thank you,

Part 2 of Studies of Sauna / Hyperthermia in Detoxification?

I have just found your excellent article "Literature Review & Comparison
Studies of Sauna / Hyperthermia in Detoxification: Part 1"
I cant find part 2, and also would like to have the references -
please advise

Dr Maurice

Other sources of radiation causing brain cancer

Cell phones are only the tip of the iceberg so they may not be responsible
for brain cancer as much as modern compact fluorescent light bulbs, modern
long fluorescent light bulbs, flat screen TVs and optical scanners. Grocery
stores and department stores are saturated with radio frequency energy from
these devices as I have shown on a video I created on the subject.

People work 8+ hours a day under these lights and get a significant amount of
radiation which could be linked to brain cancer. Some laptop computers and

Pancreatic Enzymes for Cancer

I am looking for someone who can tell me why my son (who has cancer) can't
take pancreatic enzymes without having terrible digestive disturbances. Do
you know who could talk to me about this? I don't do well on the ones Dr.
Kelley used, because I've tried, but I do much better than my son. We are at
opposite ends of the autonomic nervous system dominant.

I've done a lot of research, and I'm frustrated that we can't find
these simple answers.



Suggestions for liver detox?

i have been reading about the livers detox pathway from Dr Paul Yanick and
his article has led me to your website He suggests a liver test and bioactive
nutritionals . is there a doctor you can put me in contact with that does
phone consultations. .i am from Australia . what are the products you
recomend for liver detox pathway to function properly again. I have defect in
sulfer detox and body's ability to produce adequate amounts of sulfate.I have
started to have neurological problems. and i dont know where to turn to.

Allergic to MSG, Free glutamic acid questions

I am very sensitive to MSG - free glutamic acid -- and am wondering if there
are any protein or green supplements that are okay for me. The processing
of protein frees up the glutamic acid so I am concerned about using protein
powders even those made from peas, hemp, etc. as well as any type of green
powder that uses barley grass juice or oat grass juice, etc. Also what is
the glutamic acid content in spirulina, chorella, and kelp?

In addition, I am wondering if the processing - canning - of canned sardines and salmon

Need help with excess saliva

I got removed a part of salivary gland called parotid gland due to a lump
formation in it. After a 2 days gap my face/cheak got sweeling due to drain
so, doctors inserted a drain tube with a 200ml bottlel. still for the 15
days i am having the tube in my face and i meat doctor before 2 days they
were discussing that saliva is coming in the drain bottle.

They have advised me to take Hyosine 20mg for 3times a day for 1 week. my situation is still i
am getting the drain of 20ml a day which is the same before. can any of the
docotors will solve this issue please.


Is the Ebola virus anaerobic or aerobic?

Can you tell me if ebola is anaerobic or aerobic?


Are processed foods really that bad?

People who are against them are forgetting the convienence they offer. How are they supposed to transport food and leave themon the shelf when the population is so large? Maybe there's a tradeoff here.

What are some substances that can cause gene mutation?


Schizophrenia questions

I'm a schizophrenic from the UK. I was recently told that i have acute schizophrenia most likely i am fascinated by the prospect of orthomolecular practice i have actually been eating organic foods read loads on natural treatments and read stuff about fish oil niacin and others i am obsessed with recovery and find this devastating because recently my symptoms have gotten worse whenever i envision any act of violence it doesn't mean i am violent

Dr. Saine's contact information?

My naturopath referred me to a Dr. Saine in Grimsby regarding bee venom
injections as a natural remedy for inflamed muscles.

So I am trying to get in touch with him, or someone on that field of

Pls. Let me know if I have the correct contact or not.

Thank you kindly

Problems after radiotherapy--breast cancer

I would like to know whether the problems I have been having after 4 weeks of
radiotherapy for breast cancer throughout May of the year are due to the
radiotherapy. In the second week of radiotherapy I started feeling very
nauseous and dizzy. By the final week I also had bad neck pains from the base
of my neck, up the back of my head and over the top. They were much worse in
the morning or in the night and tended to fade, but not completely, as soon
as I got up but the nausea and dizziness continued.

Weak brain vessel question


I have a left vertebral fusiform brain aneurysm that can not be treated
because doctors find that area very risky with the shape of the weak vessel,
it is in the brain stem area called medulla oblongata and that might have
bled and caused me autonomic symptoms and brain stem ones
Can you help me with my problem like reversing it and strengthening my artery
wall and stop my continuous throbbing and brain stem symptoms and tremor and
this agony.

I believe that the body can heal itself by itself