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Gaston Naessens cancer treatment experiment

Dear Gaston Naessens!

Innovation can deal with, I found something - about the functioning of apoptosis. Can you help? Experiments are needed.
Thank you. Hungary Sándor Horváth 9011 Gy?rszentiván Sunshine 7 German-Hungarian write about?

Can protein shakes make me constipated?

I drink two protein shakes a day as part of my workout routine and sometimes experience constipation. Do you think this is a direct result of the protein shakes? Is there any known conflict between whole food and protein powder?


Access to cancer link broken

Hi, I am putting together a presentation on breast cancer I’ll be giving in
three months (so nervous!). As part of my research I visited recently with
87-year-old Barbara at her nursing home to interview her on her cancer
experiences and related health events.

She is a big proponent of seniors’ health awareness and works in her
facility's technology center. As I interviewed her she did some research and
found your website...

Information access is important to her and she was troubled to see that you

Cervical cancer question

Cervical cancer....what can I use to delay the progress from stage 3b?


Multiple Myeloma Cancer question

I was diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma Cancer (3) Month ago, the condition is
not improving, with the Pharma Chemicals,
any suggestions?


Can Enzymes Help Fight MS article

Fantastic article on enzyme therapy! Do you, by chance, know of doctors in
the US that are following/practicing Professor Wolf's or Neuhofers enzyme

Thank you so much!

Chemotherapy caused ex-husband's death?

My ex-husband has just died because he was just given chemo, when he was
already too weak to eat or sit up.

He had been diognised with an aggressive lymphomia. The family was told that
the type of cancer he had did well with chemo, but that the treatment might
kill him. It did in just a few hours. The doctors refused to put in a port
to draw of fluid and send him home to live . His choice was chemo or drown
in his own flluid. He never had a chance and the
doctors should have known. He was too weak to eat or anything. He could

DCA for terminal cancer


A dear friend of mine has terminal cancer and will most likely not
make it to February. There is a good chance he would try DCA free and with a
waiver if it stood a chance of saving his life. I could be wrong, if he's in
the "acceptance" stage he may be just too tired. I am willing to drive
thousands of miles to pick up the goods, bring him down ect.... though am low
on funds. I bet I could at least come up0 with a good chunk of money though
with local donations, friends, & family so even if any idea is expensive,
please do share.

DCA cancer treatment question

I contacted Harneet Kaur@co and was told that DCA CAN shrink my tumor as well
as manage my pain they would highly suggest that I get on the therapy as soon
as possible I have a 7 cm schwannoma tumor the size of a golf ball growing
from my left lung raping its self around my spine I have another dot tumor in
my right lung I also have diabetes high bloodpreshcer high cholesterol and my
left kidney was only working at 45per cent this was all diagnosed on 16/10/12

I have seen many surgeons but to know a Vail and still wating for answers I

Colostrum treatment question


Do you know of anyone doing targeted colostrum
therapy (like the way Herb Sanders did).

Is there anyone in or out of the U.S. that does such
a thing?

Thanks for the reply.

J. D>

neuroleptics--sleep disorder

I read your article on how neuroleptics ruin peoples lives. I was given these
for a sleep disorder and it has ruined my life somewhat. Sleep doctors have
told me that you can't stay on these pills but they didn't have experience at
getting me off. Does your organization have people or know of anyone that can
direct me to a doctor or someone that can safely work with me to get off of
these dangerous pills. They are starting to effect my health too. I live in
the Minneapolis MN Area.

Please help.


organic sulphur, Patrick McGean podcasts

I have listened to a few of your podcasts. Thank you for all your great
information. I was just wondering whether you supply any health shops in
Australia with your organic sulphur so I could contact them and know that I
am buying the safe organic sulphur that you use. If you do, then a contact
address or tele no would be greatly appreciated.

Thank You from Hilde in
Queensland Australia'

Aloe Vera Juice pasteurization question

I read your fascinating article. I bought some Aloe Vera Juice today.
Lakewood Organic Presh Pressed Pure Aloe, cold pressed, not from concentrate.
However it does say "pasteurized." Do you think, though it's pasteurized,
it's still beneficial? I would be using it to decrease my heartburn.

Thanks for any help.


How to get L.72 drops in UK?

Could you please tell me where I can obtain in the UK the homoeopathic drops L.72.


Help for son with schizophrenia, orthomolecular medicine


I am a father whose son is presently suffering from schizophrenia, and is presently undergoing treatment in a psychiatric hospital using the antipsychotic drug "Clopixol." manufactured by Lundbeck. He is also being administered with Haleperedol and respiradone. I have seen a youtube vid of Dr Abraham Hoffer,advocating the benefits of your Orthomolecular alternative. I would like to embrace your system and treatments.

Mulberries to treat diabetes

How much should you eat a day to help reverse and lower blood sugar for Type
II Diabetes?





Who wrote article?

is there a way for me to get information about who wrote this article or get in contact with the clinic or the research group? "Effective Combined Treatment of Herpes Simplex Recidivans Type I and Type II"

thank you


Help with court ordered treatment

I'm desperately trying to get out of my court order treatment and looking for
a Nutritionist in the Phoenix area that can work with me to get me on good
dosages of Vit D3 and B3 which my brain needs and the drug Risperdol Consta
which I am being injected with at 25mg every two weeks against my will is
causing my frontal lobes to atrophy. Do you know of a doctor I can work with
here?? The courts pay no attention to me since I have no degree in medicine
nor nutrition. In January I can bring my case up to the courts again.


smallflower hairy willow herb question

i live in chicago il USA
can yuou look on and find me how to buy this so I can make tea?

a freind had went to 17 skin doctors... diagnosed with ringwomr and other things... finally they said scabies or parasite... her Entire face was RED... she owes about 100,000 dollars... anyways... my mom seems to be going through the smae issue... said ringwomr... ahtletes foot...but it just keeps spreading... growing....

Would like to connect with you on LinkedIn

I've sent you an invitation to connect via Linked-In and see that you live
and work in CT, as do I. I would very much like to meet you, perhaps
somewhere between our offices. Hope to hear from you. My website is:


Breast cancer--Sauna & Illness ( SPECIFICALLY: CANCER, FROM WHICH I SUFFER )

Hi. Please subscribe me to your AWESOME SITE: NEWSLETTERS, UPDATES, ETC...I
HER-2 POSITIVE BREAST CANCER.Thank you very much, & please keep up your

Heel Injeel Vitamin C question

I was wondering if you know where I may find Heel ampoules Injeel Vitamin C?
Many Thanks


help with chronic hepatitis B

How to get natural medication for hep b?

Address for bioelectromagnetics institute?

hi from canada

can you please provide me with the current website and/or mailing address of
the bio electro magnetics institute, reno, nevada?



How to use herbs?

I often read about using herbs my question is how do I use them and how many
or how much do I use when I cook. Same with spices I know there better for
me. I need a guide so I can use them in the right amounts and with the right


Nutritional approaches to mental illness for son

I have a a son who has been a problem for most of his life. I live just outside Chicago Il in Northbrook .

After watching some videos on nutritional approaches to mental illnesses I
feel this may be the answer I am looking for.

Do you have any professionals in my area who I could go to with my son for an
evaluation and to see if he can be helped ?

Any help would be much appreciated !
Thank You.

Essiac tea recipe

Hello, Could you please send me the Essiac Tea recipe?.......this website
shows an incomplete ingredient amounts.

Thank you,
Mrs Coon

How to sign up for user account with encognitive?

I am a Holistic Health Practitioner and studying for my Dr. of
Natural Medicine degree. I stumbled across your website during a search for
some thyroid information and am very interested in reading more of the
research on your site. How does one sign up for an account or receive
information from I see an area for account login but I
did not see anywhere to sign up.


What brand of sulfur?

hi, i am about to begin a seven month stint outside the states and have just
now found this great info about sulfur. i'd like to take some with me but i
usually do several weeks or months of studying something before i make an
investment into it. i'm wondering if you make recommendations to which
brands of sulfur are free of binders and/or fillers? if not, i can do the
research while gone and begin a supplement program when i return.