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Do you sell organic sulfur?

Do you sell organic sulphur?
If not where do you recommend I purchase it from?
If I become part of the trial will you send/sell to me?


help with excess saliva

this is killig me and ive had it far enough... my doctor said that i have
gerd and this is frequent on an evryday basis... i cant stop my muth from
forthing up. i feel like the insides of my mouth r damaged.... im prety sure
ots gered but rarely hae any symptroms cept chest pain wen swaling.. i have
eaten at night and gone to bed for some time.... culd this be it? i dont have
any thing esle././ any meds i can take for this?


Where to get part 5 of meditation video?

I was wondering if the 5 part "how to meditate video or audio is available in
a full downloadable video somewhere (itunes?). It enjoyed it very much. I
saw it on youtube (username TrungEdm). I also noticed that the website is missing part 5. Anyways if you could steer me in
the right direction I would really appreciate it. Thanks!

Natural herbal help for chronic stomach/digestive problem?

I have an ongoing stomacj/intestine problem (for about 3 years now).
I found your webpage 'CHRONIC DIGESTIVE DISORDERS' very interesting.
I hope this is the right place to seek some (further) advice on my present
chronic condition, so here goes.

Several of the symptoms described on that webpage fit with what I have.
I have a constant feeling of 'fullness' all the time (24 hrs a day).
There is persistent pain at (or near) the 'top' arrea of the stomach (the
upper curver) just under the rib cage;

there is a 'burning' sensation through the large intestine (for several

Does fennel have pest?

that fennel doesn't have pest. Group of caterpillars are eating mine
right now. Having difficulty finding info on these, but they look to be
butterfly larva as they are large and nicely colored.


Relaxation--different methods for your readers

Thanks for this brilliant site. I got hooked on the meditation videos. Here's something I'd like to share....This fact sheet provides a general overview of relaxation techniques such as autogenic training, biofeedback, deep breathing and breathing exercises, guided imagery, progressive relaxation, and self-hypnosis.

Gordon, U.K.

Natural Cure for Depression... on 2012...any way I can help with your work?

I am so excited to have found your video "Natural Cure for Depression,
Bipolar, ADHD, Schizophrenia" on Surviving Earth Changes 2012. I have
studied and used natural healing methods for 45+ years, currently live in
Regina and sing your praises for the work you have done and are doing from
the roof tops. Your conclusions have been mine for a very long time. But I
felt like I was a voice in the wilderness. I am so grateful I have found you
and your work. If there is any way I can support the work you are doing,
count me in.

Very best regards, Lynn E. Emerson

Where to order sulfur crystal?

I am from Singapore and I would like to order sulfur crystal.
Pls advise how should I go about ordering it. Is there any email (person in
charge) or website address that I could place my order.
Thank you.

Cassey C.

Natural approach to mental illness--Doctor - Metro Atlanta Area

Can you provide contact information of a doctor in metro Atlanta that uses
the natural approach to curing mental illness (Specifically, schizo
affective, bipolar disorder).

Betty F.

1000 mgs of seroqeul for severe insomnia?

I am desperate to get off 1000mgs of seroquel and ambien every night for
sleep. used to be thin and very athletic before my insomnia hell. ( drugged
for 13 yrs!) now I have gained over 100 pounds and went through breast
cancer. I will order and read the books but I want help now! I want to have
the proper testing as soon as possible, and the right supplements and diet.
My Dr. never told me I was bipolar until I was on seroquel for almost 10
years! I asked if I needed to see an endocronologist to test my night time

Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder, OCD

i had head trauma maybe 7 years ago and now i have ocd since maybe 6 years
im using anafranil 12 pills (25 mg) and cepralex 3 pills
whats the prognosis
and what do i need to do if theres a known cure
i might use the word maybe in 80% of my talking


Nature Cure for hepatitis b?

I live in Nigeria, please how can i contact you in Nigeria or from nigeria. i
need natural herbs/drug for cure of hepatitis b.
Please advice me on how to go about it.

Thanks for favourable consideration.


Radioactive Polonium 210 in all Beeproducts as example Honey? And Mobile Phones and Brain Tumour Risk............

World Health Organization
Avenue Appia 20
1211 Geneva 27
Tel: +41 22 791 21 11

Meeting September 21-29, 2011 by the FAO-WHO in Geneva-Switzerland

Velp October 03, 2011

Dear All,

Ask you in this email, what is the results during this meeting under the UNITED NATIONS did you all with
194 Governments forbidden Glyphosate-Gluphosinate-Neonicotinoids yes or no?

Hope to become soon your answer.

Best regards

Where to get meditation CD?

I am interested to buy the cd kindly let me know


Medication for excessive saliva?

What medications are sometimes used to cure excessive saliva? Of course I
will check with my doctor before using.

Ian G.

Need assistance with menopause attitude scale

Myself Jiji Mathew,doing Post Graduation in Nursing in Banglore.I would like to request you for a help in my research study as I need to know more about menopause attitude scale,its 20 items.I want want the actual questions for menopause attitude scale developed by Bowle's.If you don't mind,I would like you to forward the details to my email id.Plz do the needful as soon as possible....

Thanking you.....Mintu M.

More information on organic sulphur research?

I am interested in your study as i have some health issues that may respond
well to adding sulphur. Please let me know what i need to do. Thank you


local market rate list chamomile blue oil?

dear sir please send rate list of chamomile blue oil.

ravinder s.

Looking for a Dr Nieper clinic in Germany for son's brain cancer tumor

my son has a brain tumour ,has nott had any chemo etc. have come across Dr
Niepers name.Can you direct me to a clinic please using his or better
treatments for thiw type of cancer


How to get permission to use image on your website?

I am writing on behalf of the production team working on an exciting documentary called "When Animals Adopt" (see attached) for Discovery/Animal Planet in Canada and PBS in the US. The documentary explores cross-species adoption and what it says about animal behaviour and perhaps their very nature.

I'm currently doing archival research and came across your image comparing the human brain with various primate brains. I was wondering if you own the copyright for this image and if so, would our production team be able to use this image in our documentary?

Son needs help with drug addiction withdrawal using vitamin c

I need your help,PLEASE, by allowing me to get in touch with the Doctor in
the youtube video who by using very hi doses of injectable Vitamin C,was
able to help many drug addicts in the Harlem,n.y. area with their urges and
withdrawal symptoms. Please help me, I need your help for my son. Thank you.


How to get a hold of Dr Dirk Wiedbrauck regarding lung cancer?

We have talked before some months ago through My Space. As a reminder I am a
registered nurse with a doctorate in public health (Johns Hopkins U) and 58
years experience as a nurse practitioner, educator, author, and researcher. I
am also a 36-year lung cancer survivor who used only alternative treatments
when given 6 months to live at the time of diagnosis. Now at age 79 I am free
of known chronic illnesses and prescribed medications.

I have completed my 8th book titled Lung Cancer: Alternative Treatments by a

Need help with insomnia

Need help with severe insomnia after combat, medication not working so far.


Where to get Vortex Brewer ?

I would like to know if you sell Vortex Brewer ? if yes then kindly get back to me with the prices you have......hope to hear from you soon.

David M.

Question about depression

I've been up only a few minutes and I already want to go back to sleep. I'm very depressed the majority of the time.

I moved to a little town (me and my son) close to 1 year ago; we both don't like it - we are both depressed and unhappy.

We are poor with very little money to live on - way under $1,000 per month.

I went to a doctor that said I was vitamin deficient; he took me off of 3 prescription medicines (zoloft, trazadone and overactive bladder medicine) and told me what vitamins to buy. It was $65 worth. I never purchased them; I couldn't afford them.

What form of meditation is in the videos?

Thanks for posting the How To Meditate videos. What form of meditation is that?

why do prescription drugs have such horrific side effects?

i'd like to know the science behind this as how it relates to our biochemistry.

is there a magnesium deficiency in our water supply?

Paul the MG Librarian

client with schizophrenia/bi-polar

I'm a doctor and I have a home for mental disabled adults. I have a client who is schizophrenic bi-polar disorder. I need some help, we have had a time trying to find something that will work for this client. He has been on every drug. Currently he is on Lithium Carbonate 150 mg BID, It is not working. I like to use natrual medicines when possiable. He
currently takes vitamin B complex, folic acid, daily vitamin and zinc. My question is what is the amounts of vitamins and minerals does he need. I have him on a celiac diet, which help greatly. Please any help would be greatly appreciated.