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Human Origins and Genomics in the Age of Cosmic Genealogy--Tell me what you think?

In its process of change and development evolutionary philosophy/sociology
recognizes intelligent life as a gift with indefinable promise, meaningfully
inseparable from reverence for life - and from universal forelaws of empathy
and compassion (empirical attributes of cosmic genealogy seated within the
genome of humankind and all intelligent life).

"Ethics is nothing less than reverence for life" - Albert Schweitzer

The merger of astronomy and biology (astrobiology), and discovery thus far of
over 1700 exoplanets, testify in modern times to the age of cosmic genealogy

How do I get in touch with Terri Lee?

I am trying to reach Terri Lee Holcomb-Halstead...a very old friend of mine. I am now
living in JOseph, Oregon and I would like to be in touch with her, I have
known her for over 45 years.

jenny norberg klimsza

Where to buy Artichoke tea?

I live in Canada, and I was wondering where I can buy Artichoke tea.


need help with radio frequency torture

can the rf waves blocked by buying something? anyway to disrupt some of the
hate the voices?


How to get permission to use image?

I would like permission to use the image of alcohol addiction brain scan in a small paperback book I am writing for a college course on drug addictions at Century College in White Bear Lake, Minnesota. Thank you, Bruce Hinrichs, professor of psychology.


kidney stones treatment?

I read the article on gallstones and Kidneystones where can i but for the
kidneystones? Please e-mail me back some information on the kidneystones. He
is in great pain. Ann

graviola and paw paw for mesothelioma?

What is the best one to heal pleural mesothelioma? Are they sold in Italy?
Thank you.

Best regards


Is there anywhere in the u.k that offers Dr. Ionescu's treatment?

I have just read the article from Dr Ionescu regarding treatment at the Spezialklinik Neukirchen (i think). Is there anywhere in the u.k that offers equivalent treatment? Or, can a uk patient come to Germany and pay privately, I have had problems getting anywhere in this country. Any advice greatly appreciated. Thank you.


Question on Dr. Revici's work

Who is carrying on his work. I have looked in numerous places and can't find a "trail" to who is carrying on this legacy. Do you know? Thanks.


What are public domain and creative commons?

how do they differ from tradittional copyrights?


where to get pure sulfur?

I am not considering the study but I will appreciate if I learn where I can get pure sulfur.


meditation video in hindi?

can i purchase he meditation videos in hindi?


a natural cure for diabetes?

this is just a suggestion to help the cure for diabetes search. what if the pancreas is attached from someone who is perfect in health to someone who is diabetic? is there no way to cut the pancreas in half and survive? does it not produce enough insulin to sustain the diabetic or will it die?


Help with kidney health

From 2006 to present I've used over the counter aspirins excessively due to "sonic nausea" imposed on me. From 6/2010 to present I couldn't eat protein & gained weight from 128lbs. to 160lbs. Clothes don't fit. I have back pains. Research tells me kidney problems. So Can I heal my kidneys through proper healthy foods & can I exercise? So grateful for any time given in your answers.

Carla D.

Where to get horehound seeds?

Have been trying to find a few horehound seeds How do I go about this

Thank you



Where will i get acai berry in India.Is it healthy to eat acai berry for
weight loss


what i should do if i have breast cancer?

i have read a book by rudolf Breuss long ago in russian translation and felt a beleive , trust to him right avay. so if i will be diagnosted as a cancer patient i see only one way of treatment to me to follow his book. canyou teach me where to buy a herbs for teas and how to prepare them ? i will be very gratefull for an answer.


Where to purchase meditation on CD/DVD?

I am very much interested to purchase the CD/ DVD about - How to meditation.
Please let me know the price, your office in UK and contact phone number.
Expecting your quick reply.

Rohan T.

Where to purchase high quality MSM?



How to make kidneys healthy?

Am here because I would like to refer this matter to you:I just came from my
chinese doctor. a week ago he agreed that what I took liu wei dei huang wan
was appropriate to my symptoms (and yes i do readings on my own and
discovered that my eye floaters came from a condition called: yin deficient
kidney and my liver fire rising). The problem with our chinese patent
medicines is the brand most of which are ineffective and low quality. I
stooped taking the leiu wei because i felt my head heavy..and shifted to ming

where to get recipes for the food pictures?

why do you put a slideshow of beautiful vegan/vegetarian dishes on the front
page but no recipies? its tortureeee!


Information on purchase of Sulfur Crystals

Interested in purchasing sulfur crystals for me and my friends.

I heard about your sulfur crystals from a friend who currently buys them and
provided your link to me.

Any helpfulinformation will be appreciated.


Where can Nucleic Acids be purchased?

where can this item be purchased? Nucleic Acids (2LC1 and 2LCL1) (homeopathic)


schizophrenia doctor in melbourne?

I'm looking for a list of doctors who use vitamins as part of therapy for schizophrenia. I live in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.


Relaxin: Its Role in the Pathogenesis of Fibromyalgia

I have been struggling with severe fibromyalgia for ten years (I'm 38) and the only time I haven't been in pain is during my two pregnancies. I also have adenomyosis/endrometriosis and both remitted during pregnancy and returned with menstruation. I am very interested in trying relaxin and wondering if it is a prescribed medication, what its source is and if it's safe while breastfeeding. I would greatly appreciated some direction or advice as to what steps I need to take to try obtain Relaxin.

Thank you,

Is it possible that an incoming dwarf star could be emitting gravitational waves causing light to bend...

Is it possible that an incoming dwarf star could be emitting gravitational waves causing light to bend and thus making the moon appear like it is setting on a false horizon? Please help... I would like to know more about this.

I found your website because in my search for the strange anomaly I have seen several times, I found myself guided though looking at gravitational waves and quantum decoherence.


what product do you recommend that have anti-fungal, antibacterial and anti-viral properties?

is it better to take three separate products?

Vitamin C for brain tumours?

I have seen a study that indicates vit c even in the high doses recommended by riordan etc is not effective in the treatment of brain tumours due to been unable to cross the blood brain barrier.

how do i get the meditation cds or dvds?

Do you have that entire sessions on a CD, or where I can download it to a MP3. The 1st time I ever experience something like this, is actually through your page. I keep coming back, your voice puts me into that trend. When I 1st experience that colorful thing that was happening to me, and felt the heat. I almost jump out of it, I was so excited. My mind tells me that I need to meditate more, it's been comfirmed to me today, that I do need to meditate everyday. I know for a fact your lessons are the best to follow an order to get me there.