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What to eat to increase white blood cells?

Is vitamin E oil better than vitamin E capsules?

What does an ozonator do?

Most common types of cancer?

Suggestion for manufacturer of food grade hydrogen? Why do they call it food grade hydrogen?

Why do they call it food grade hydrogen?

How to perform breast cancer self-examination?

What is the ideal diet for prostate cancer?

How do scientists know what causes cancer?

how to help son with ADHD?

Please help my son is removed from school to school and we are at the last
straw what do i do.


What is Syndrome X?

Who gets it? What causes it?

Breast Cancer

Just wondering your take on Chemo...I just think it's like trying to grow a garden with gasoline would not do that or would you?

I said no to chemo, hope I live a long healthy life....just to prove, their are lot's of healing in nature...

Thank you...for letting me post, Sharon

How to renew APA membership?

My international membership no of APA (American Psychiatric Association) is ******* my membership expired on 12/31/08 I want to renew my member ship I have forgotten my log in and password kindly send me the new pass word and log in so that I may get the membership on line.

Baqar Raza, MBBS

What are some some ways to prevent aging?

is bleach toxic to animals?

Is resveratrol an immuno suppressant?

What is the history of phytomedicine?

How to have intelligent babies?

Shat Kriyas instructor?

could you please give me details of shat kriyas and guide me to a teacher
with whom i can learn them.


Harish R

why is my urine sometimes yellow?

is it something i should be concerned about?

Where to purchase organic sulfur?

Dear Mr. McGean,

I have been reading your articles on the internet and am very interested,
not in participating in the study, but in purchasing organic sulfur. I
read one of your articles on the website,, and at the end of
the article, they provide a way to purchase the sulfur from them. Is it
possible to buy it through you, directly, or is naturodoc the way you
would prefer one to order it? Thank you for your time.


I want to know that how brain works?

Actually I know that the brain works through electronic impluses but i want briefly that which part of brain do what like right HEMISPHERE or like that?

Quantum Tunneling Question--why does the whole hydrogen atom get through the barrier?

shouldn't it be just a single proton from this probability cloud getting through while leaving the hydrogen atom on the other side?


How to meditate

How to meditate , the concentration span is broken in a very short time