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The Freemasons are often accused of all kinds of things from influencing international affairs to managing interplanetary alliances and treaties. The problem with research on the subject of Freemasonry, especially on the Internet, is that most of the time religious beliefs and superstitious ideologies get in the way and DISTORT THE TRUTH. I will attempt to lay out the differences between some of these confusions and set the record straight.


(Thank You Matt Groening)

They do not, however, have a secret alliance with satan, at least not to my knowledge. Although the activities they involve themselves with, would by most people's opinions, (if known) classify as Satanic. They are involved (in the higher levels) in magic and a high percentage of those in Black Magic.

(If they don't control the world, then why are they trying to control the "Freemasonry Watch" website, by having it shut down) Click Here!! - To read the e-mail conversation between the masons and the web-hosting company that was serving Freemasonry-Watch and the person who runs the website. - Click Here!! (Just added 3-24-01)

Here I would like to add a comment : Neither this Page nor this website is meant to be "Anti-Masonic". I do not hate the Masons. To the contrary, I have alot of respect for the ingeniousness of their "design". This is what makes it all the more challenging to expose. And challenges are what life is all about. I believe that if the Masons are going to "Push" humanity to it's potential, enough to put "strain" on the spirit of Humanity, by manipulating and influencing world events behind the scenes, then they at least deserve to held to the highest standard possible when it comes to "responsibility" for their actions. This means simply, that they deserve to be exposed and have the full "Light of Day" shined on them. This way, they will truly "HAVE TO" work towards the overall "Good", because if they don't, then it's the "Front Page of the Newspaper" for them!! Masonry itself is not what is bad, but it's means to an end, it's secretiveness and subversion and alot of it's members all contribute to the overall evil that emits from it as an organization. (All Masons are not bad people)

To understand Freemasonry thoroughly one must study it intensely. It is not an easily understood practice.
It can be simply explained though.
(1) It is Symbolic. There are various symbols associated with Freemasonry and these symbols each have
meanings, histories and explanations.
(2) It operates on various levels or (Degrees) so one level doesn't always know what the level above
it is involved with or knowledgable of.
(3) It operates in Secrecy, which to them is power. The less you and I know about them, the more
powerful they are over us. This gives the Masons motivation to stay secretive. This also is the general cause of so much disinformation from various "religious sources". Because of the various degrees and secrecy combined, there
are alot of Masons that don't know very much about the power and influence of Freemasonry in the world.

The Freemasons are also NOT the MAIN SOURCE of the Powerplayers. It is only a launching pad or pedestal to the next step or (cross)-initiation into other secret societies. In actuality the membership of alot of Freemasonry may be obtained, therefore most obviously the main power would not lie JUST HERE. Membership in several of the KEY secret societies is
more important overall in the GAME of POWER.

Now, with that said, it is also important to note that the ENTIRE SYSTEM and POWER STRUCTURE in the U.S. as well as THE WORLD and all CORPORATIONS are based on
Freemasonry Exclusively!!

"And the rules of the road have been 'lodged', it's only people's games you got to dodge,
but it's all right ma, it's life and life only" - Bob Dylan

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(1) The 1st symbol on the list above is the typical "Square and Compass" of Freemasonry with the "G" in the middle. The "Square" is a Geometric Symbol. "His testimony doesn't 'square' with the facts of the case". "When you go to jail they give you 3 'square' meals." More on the number "3" below. "The meeting will be held at the Town 'Square'." If you're not cool, they say you're a "Square". Remember to play "fair and square". " The Square is everywhere!

The Compass represents geometry and building. It is a Mason's tool. It measures by "Degrees". "When you graduate college, you receive a 'Degree'." You are also called an "Alumni" for "Illuminated" or "Illuminati". Well, who do you think set up that University. The Freemasons and Illuminati, of course.
If you get in their way, "they will put you through the 3rd Degree". The 3rd Degree, by the way was the highest degree in Freemasonry in the Blue Lodge for centuries up until the mid-18th century. Still today, many don't pursue any higher than the 3rd degree.

(2) The "Shriners" symbol. The Top part is a moon turned sideways. Underneath, the star represents the Sun. Shriners are 33rd Degree Freemasons.
Note : How many of you saw the new Austin Powers movie "The Spy who Shagged Me" and caught the part with the Shriner wearing the "Fez" Cap that was chasing Austin in the car? Austin even makes a comment about the "Fez"
cap giving him away. He states he cannot reveal the hideout of Dr. Evil unless asked 3 times. And then states he does not like being asked anything 3 times.

(3) The Double-headed Eagle. Represents dominion over the East and the West. The Eagle represents many things in itself, but it is actually taken from the "Phoenix". Look at the Flag of Albania, it is a double-headed Phoenix. The "Phoenix" symbology will be explained elsewhere.

Recently, in the Movie "Eyes Wide Shut", which is about a secret society, when Tom Cruise is
ultimately confronted with the person who is in charge of the ceremony, he is asked to "Take
Off His Clothes" The person who is in charge, that says this to him, is sitting in a peculiar "Throne"
looking chair. This chair has a "Double Headed Eagle" with the World above it. This clearly
represented "World Freemasonry", and was a Masonic Ritual that Cruise had stumbled onto.

(4) The Knights Templars "Cross and the Crown" symbol. A frequent Masonic symbol often seen on churches or religious literature. Such as the "Bible Tract Watchtower" magazine of the Jehovah's Witness. Charles Tess Russell was a 32nd Degree Freemason. As well as Mary Baker Eddy's Christian Science.
Her husband was a Freemason. This symbol can be found on the side of USC Medical Center. The Cross represents the "Cross of the Zodiac" or the Separation of the four seasons. The Crown represents the SUN dying on the cross of the zodiac. See Religion Page for a little more detail.

(8) The 8th symbol is the "Order of the Eastern Star" also a Masonic Group, although for Women. The Pentagram is a Female Symbol. It represents the Occultation of Venus by the Sun that lays out the 2 dimensional pattern of a Pentagram. More on this Elsewhere.

(10) The 10th symbol is the Rainbow Girls. A Masonic Organization for Women.

Our government in this country is based entirely on Freemasonry. Take a look at a "Pentagram". What is inside of a pentagram? A Pentagon. Our Military operates from the "Pentagon". Why do you think that is. If you look over Washington D.C. the streets are laid out in a "Pentagram" with the White House
at the base!! Also the streets that outline the Pentagram are all named after the New England colonies, but none of the other streets are. Why is the center of England called "White Hall" and the center of America the "White House"? Does it have to do with the Black/White magic of Egypt? Why are the police cars black and white? To See a Copy of the Original Layout of Washington D.C. Click Here

The Number "3" : The main degrees in Freemasonry are the first 3. This is called the "Blue Lodge" and represented by the 3 steps of the base of the pyramid. Probably the most important aspect of the number 3 is the "Trinity". The Beginning of life, Horus, the rising Sun or the Dawn, the Peak of the Sun,
12:00 Noon, representing midlife, and the "Set-ting" of the sun , when the Sun dies before it is reborn the following morning. Basically, we have morning, noon and night. The number 3 has been placed by the Freemasons in very important places in our society and culture : "3 strikes and your out" in Baseball.
When they send you to the slammer you "receive 3 square meals". I already mentioned "You will be put through the 3rd Degree". The Genie of the lamp grants you "3 wishes". There are "3 branches of government".

The Number "13" : There are 13 red and white stripes in the American Flag. There are 13 stars in this flag above, representing the original 13 Colonies. There were 13 original colonies in America. Look on the back of the "Dollar Bill". There are 13 levels in the Pyramid, which incidentally is the "Seal of the
Illuminati of Bavaria". There are 13 letters in "Annuit Coeptis". On the reverse side of the Seal, there are 13 bars in the Banner shield of the Eagle. The Eagle is holding 13 arrows in it's right claw and there are 13 olive leaves in it's left claw. There are 13 stars on the top above the Eagle's head and there are 13
letters in "E Plurabus Unum" on the ribbon clenched in the Eagle's jaw.

Everyone knows that Friday the 13th is supposed to be an unlucky day, but why, and unlucky for who? The Grand Master of the Knights Templar, (which is another story in itself and can be found here), Jacques de Moley was tried and burned at the stake for being a heretic. This was a secret move by the
Priory of Sion to get even for betraying them in the trust of their Gold. This persecution actually happened and it occurred on Friday March 13, 1314. This was a very unlucky day for Jacques de Moley.

Another not-so-well-known fact is that the reason for the 13 colonies in the beginning is due to there being "13 Degrees" in Freemasonry in the York Rite when the colonies were being established. The reason for the 13 ultimately is the 12 seasons of the Zodiac + the "Sun", the Light of the World, make 13. It was
said that Jesus had 12 helpers or apostles. Jesus, being the "Sun" had 12 Houses to enter into. That particular "Age" or house was Pisces, the fish, hence "Jesus the Fisher".

In this picture above, there are 13 arms uniting around a heart. This was an early Masonic Emblem of the 13 Colonies.

This Harp on the Back of an $8 Colonial Note has 13 Strings.

There are 13 circles and 13 Star-Points on this Colonial Currency designed by Benjamin Franklin.

And, Apollo 13, the Moon Landing HOAX of 1969.

Probably the most important, but not as apparent, would be the original 13 moon calendar. The original Mayan calendar is a 13 moon calendar, or 13 month calendar. If you take the extra days in all the months after 28, you will have another 28 extra days, surprise, you now have an extra month, and this
corresponds to the 13 month lunar cycle each "true" year. I have been told, this is the Serpent or Dragon month. That would tie in the "Serpent race/cult" theories.

The Number "32" : is also very important in Freemasonry. There were only 32 Degrees in the
Scottish Rite,, until Albert Pike introduced the 33rd Degree in 1832. Since then, "33" has become very
important. But, still there are signs of the "32" in our society. For instance water liquefies after "32"
Degrees. Was Fahrenheit a Mason? Probably. Where did we get the idea of "Degrees" to measure heat.
I think it had something to do with Jaques De Moley being burned at the stake in 1314. The "Heat" of
fire would later be measured in degrees. Unless someone can point out that they used the term
"Degrees" to measure heat back in the 1100's and 1200's, which I highly doubt.

The Number "33" : The highest degree in Freemasonry, except for several French lodges or Grant Orient lodges, which are said to have 99 or so degrees.
The "Sun" sets at 33 degrees and Jesus is supposed to have died at 33. What a coincidence. The 33rd degree was added by Albert Pike, a high ranking Mason who established the Scottish Rite of the Southern Jurisdiction in 1832. He was also the founder of the early KKK in the South.

AA and the 12-step program. Look at the logo for AA (Alcoholics Anonymous) and look at the logo for the Grand Lodge of Zurich. A common symbolism in Freemasonry is the "Triangle inside the Circle".

The Torch that is carried in the Olympics is Masonic. It is called the "Torch of Enlightenment". The French Grand Orient Temple Masons gave the U.S. the "Statue of Liberty". She is holding the Masonic "Torch of Enlightenment". Also referred to back in the 1700's by the Illuminati Masons as the "Flaming Torch of Reason". The Torch represents the "Sun" in the sky. A quote by Weishaupt, founder of the Illuminati. Dispelling the clouds of superstition with the "flaming torch of Reason". (This is a reference to the silly childish nature of religion and it's moral dogmas and the relation of Jesus Christ to the LITERAL SUN). This may not be a big deal to you, but it IS to the Masons.

The Sun of Reason and the clouds of superstition refer to the Light of the World the literal Sun of God, that was the center of worship in the ancient world for thousands of years. The Masons know that Jesus never lived as a man, but was an interpretation of the Solar religion. There was also the Lunar religion. The
Solar was masculine while the Lunar was feminine. Both of these understandings were at the center point of religion everywhere in the world. They still are today. The Christians claim that these were Pagan religions and that they were a denial of the true Savior. Call them what you want to, Pagan or whatever, they were the ORIGINAL RELIGIONS of the World long before someone named Jesus was ever supposed to have been around. So does that mean that everyone that lived before Jesus was doomed no matter what?

Anyways, this is what the Freemasons had to deal with for several hundred years
under the authorities of Europe who wanted to use religion to control people and
dictate their morals, behavior and thought. And as far as the true Savior is
concerned, the "Sun of God", the "Light of the World" is ALL SALVATION
BECAUSE HE HAS RISEN. That makes the Sun of God, the Light of the World,
the RISEN SAVIOUR and that's all there is to it. End of discussion. Goto Religion

This, along with other religious elements like Mushrooms and Volcanos, is the
real secret the Freemasons have against Humanity, believe it or not. Our lack of
knowledge has been used against us by the secret brotherhood for centuries in
America and all over Europe even going back to Egypt. Very simple knowledge
turned into a complicated financial religious scheme has done in cultures and
millions of people worldwide. Spiritually, there is somewhat of a religion in
Masonry at it's roots, which is a study of cultural philosophy, wisdom, higher
learning, mathematics and geometry, but 98% of the Masons today don't have the
slightest clue about any of this unless it has the $$ on it. That is the New Religion.
The "Sun" is the "Eye" of God. The Egyptians knew this. Ra,
pronounced (Ray), from "Sun Ray", was the child, the son in Egyptian folklore.
The Trinity comes from this concept. Osiris, Ra, and Isis. Father, Son and the
Holy Spirit. The Sun God Ra had a staff and was the "great Shephard" too.
Having pointed that out and the knowledge and insight that comes with it, the
PYRAMID in Egypt, as used by the Freemasons is symbolic of the Volcano and
the Volcano God "Volcanis". The Freemasons built the pyramids in Egypt long
ago. In one of the Degrees in Freemasonry, the symbolism of Hiram Abiff is
acted out as the Grand Master is slain by his comrades before the Temple of
Soloman could be built. According to the authors of "GenIsis" and "GeneSet" it
appears as though the Temple was to be built in dedication to Isis.

Another element of Freemasonry expressed in it's symbolism is the Phallic and
Goddess aspects. Along with the Sun and the Moon, "Fertility" played a large part
in the early religions. If you look at many old carvings, stones, and statues there
are numerous hints at "Fertility" being a central and dominant theme. This will be
further explained on the Sexual Symbolism page.

The "G" some say stands for "Geometry". It may, however it also stands for the
"Generative" force. The Masons all wore aprins, (look at the early pictures of
Washington in his Masonic Aprin) to cover their Phallus (Penis). The OBLISK in
Washington D.C. comes from Egyptian Oblisks, which are "Phallic" symbols. The
Oblisk, if you look at it from above and face the White House, directly enters into
and points toward the "OVAL OFFICE". See how easy and fun this is. Why
didn't they teach us this in school? This is the underlying "sexual symbolism" that
is an inherent part of our Conspiracy-based culture. They couldn't make it go
away if they wanted to. It is!!

The Freemasons are a WORLDWIDE BROTHERHOOD. They do not follow
any particular religion as Freemasonry itself is a religion to it's initiates.

Below are flags for various countries. Each displays a Freemason Symbol.
Some more obvious than others. As you can see Former East Germany had
nothing to hide!