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Marijuana user

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Yellow areas in the brain of a heavy marijuana user show brain regions with the most significant abnormalities. These areas correspond with those under development during normal adolescent years. Credit: Ashtari et al., Children's Hospital of Philadelphia

Marijuana Triggers Mental Illness
Marijuana May Not Be Good Medicine

Marijuana may not be good medicine if it triggers psychosis, hallucinations or psychotic illnesses later in life. Here's evidence of the link between pot & psychosis.

Researchers at Cardiff University (Stanley Zammit and colleagues) found a connection between frequent pot smoking and psychosis, schizophrenia, hearing voices and hallucinations. People who haven't smoked pot are less likely to display the same psychotic illnesses.

The researchers were clear that it's not that marijuana causes psychosis. Rather, marijuana triggers mental illness if the individual already has a predisposition to that illness. So if your family has a history of schizophrenia or other psychotic illnesses, smoking pot now could predispose you to struggle with mental illness later in life.

The British researchers concluded that "there is now sufficient evidence to warn young people that cannabis use will increase their risk of psychosis."

Other marijuana experts such as Alan Young (criminal law professor at York University) states the claims are "hollow." Young figures we'd have an epidemic of schizophrenia now, because of the past 40 years of heavy pot smoking.

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Thank you for sharing this information. This will be a big help to enlighten the mind of those marijuana users. There's a growing body of evidence about the effects of cannabis on individuals, and some of its real dangers. A new research has found a connection among weed use and psychological condition. The study was a review of 83 studies involving more than 8,000 patients. The study found that pot use was linked to psychological illness symptoms emerging quicker in individuals at risk for psychological condition, for instance schizophrenia and other types of psychosis. It seems a new generation of “Reefer Madness” has emerged.