Food and Chemical Allergies Cause Many Ailments and Diseases


1988 Surgeon General’s report states that the foods people eat cause diseases which account for 68 percent of the deaths in the United States. Thus the traditional way of eating is killing more than twice as many Americans as infections, smoking, alcohol drugs, accidents, AIDS, traditional medical methods wars, stress and the aging process combined. The solution is to replace damaging behavior with health-building behavior. The basic principle of preventive health care is to avoid the foods, chemicals and other items that cause health problems. Most people are unknowingly tearing down their health faster than it can be repaired by any doctor, drug, surgery or amount of money.

To become free of degenerative ailments it is important to select meals low in fat, low in cholesterol, moderate in protein and high in complex carbohydrates. It is now possible to enjoy continuous good health and fully live a much longer life. Approaches that only treat symptoms usually have damaging side effects, and the symptoms often return.

It is now possible to discover the hidden cause of a broad range of ailments and become free of symptoms rather than just treat them. Recent scientific research has shown that when we eat foods that are not compatible with our immune systems the foods cause reactions which damage and kill our white blood cells. This starts a chain reaction that can cause many different symptoms and ailments anywhere in our body.

This reaction is called a delayed allergy. Delayed food and chemical allergies are very different from the acute type of allergies tested for by traditional allergists. Delayed allergies can take hours or days to cause symptoms and are often responsible for several different symptoms simultaneously. Most doctors are not aware that delayed allergies cause painful health problems, and they do not know how to test for them. In the past there was no reliable test to discover which foods were causing symptoms and which were compatible. Years of research have brought about a new and accurate way of testing for delayed food and chemical allergies. It is now possible to discover the underlying cause of many ailments from a small blood sample.

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