Cleansing: Removing Toxins and Parasites from Your Body


. . . but it's increasing at an alarming rate!

WHY CLEANSE USING NUTRITION AND HERBS? Due to poor eating habits, it has become increasingly clear that almost every person in this country over six years old has developed serious problems in the intestinal tract which eventually will contribute to the development of various acute, chronic and degenerative diseases such as cancer, heart trouble and diabetes; as well as lack of energy, digestive ailments, poor eyesight, memory loss, movement difficulties and sexual dysfunction.

It is estimated that over 98% of disease can be contributed directly or indirectly to an unhealthy digestive system. As Dr. Bernard Jensen says, "It is the bowel that invariably has to be cared for first before any effective healing can take place." People suffer from malnutrition and auto-intoxication (self-poisoning) which result in disease, parasites and filth, all because of a gradual buildup of many layers of MUCOID PLAQUE SUBSTANCE IN THE INTESTINAL TRACT.

The body has many protective actions it can take against harmful substances. When cooked food, processed food, or a regular diet of meat, dairy and poultry, is regularly consumed, the entire digestive tract becomes coated with a film of mucous. The more harmful the food substances are to the body, the more this mucous film builds up. As the years go by it becomes thicker and harder until finally it reaches the stage of being recognized as "mucoid plaque". This is how the body protects itself from even the relatively milder polluting effects of a diet largely comprised of cooked grains, beans and vegetables.

This layered mucous barrier sees to it that the blood does not get contaminated too heavily with polluting substances. At the same time, though, the barrier impedes all the important nutrients from getting past into the blood stream for utilization by the body. Therefore, after a person has eaten cooked and processed food for a number of years, they have developed severe nutritional deficiencies. Eat a strict raw food diet for three to six months, while at the same time cleansing accumulated waste in the organs with great amounts of purified water daily and detoxifying herbal preparations; and the body will steadily give up this mucous protection until finally the original, fully functioning digestive tissue is restored.

The mucoid plaque may accumulate until it is an inch thick in spots and runs the entire length of the stomach, small intestines and colon. It can become so hard and stiff that it is difficult to cut with a knife. One autopsy revealed a colon that was stretched to nine inches in diameter and another to eighteen inches because they were packed with layer upon layer of encrusted mucoid fecal matter. These same colons had only quarter inch passages left open. Another autopsy revealed a colon so loaded with mucoid plaque that it weighed forty pounds! The healthy colon weighs only about four pounds. Few people realize that the same mucoid layers found in the colon also abound in the stomach, duodenum and small intestine. During the Complete Colon Cleanse/Nutritional Program, these mucoid layers can be eliminated in sections of 2 inches or longer and are shaped exactly like the area of the bowel from which they came. This makes it easy to identify the layers (plaque) coming from the duodenum, ileum, the colon, etc. This thoroughly polluted substance may be loaded with parasites, drugs, free radicals, dead tissue and old, decaying food. While on the Cleanse these toxic substances get dissolved and may flow from all channels of elimination, including the kidneys, skin, lungs, mouth, nose and ears.

".I came off the Cleanse today and I am SO IMPRESSED! I could not believe the filth and slime that came out! And so MUCH of it! Where does it all come from? Amazing!" S. Ward, Tucson, Arizona

A Toxic Intestinal Tract
. . . means dirty blood, poor digestion and malnutrition.

Once the first layer of mucous matter formed and hardens, further layers develop more easily as the peristaltic action becomes slower. Herein lies the beginning of diverticulitis, colitis, colon cancer, constipation and a host of other bodily malfunctions. Any build-up of this old matter produces fermentation, putrefaction and stagnant packets of poisons and harmful bacteria (a condition of auto-intoxication or self-poisoning). These toxins constantly seep into the bloodstream and lymph. They eventually settle into the weakest areas of the body, then various symptoms develop and are given names according to those areas and the degree of cell degeneration. Unfortunately the symptoms resulting from the toxic overload in the bowel are generally "managed" rather than addressing the cause. Even if one succeeds in strengthening the weak area or suppressing the symptom, the toxic flow from the bowel will simply find another weak area to break through. As Dr. Jensen puts it, "Every tissue is fed by the blood, who's water content is supplied by the bowel. When the bowel is dirty, the blood is dirty and so on to the organs and tissues." Disease can only be permanently overcome when the cause is addressed and effectively handled, rather than simply treating the symptom. The Complete Colon Cleanse/ Nutritional Program gets to the cause by removing the mucoid substance lining - the source of most disease.

The Parasite's Dream
...a dirty, unhealthy intestinal tract

This is the ideal environment for worms and parasites. There are over 300 varieties that can live in the human body. World-wide, worms outrank cancer as our deadliest enemy. It has been estimated that 150 million people in America have intestinal parasite infestation. Medical textbooks have revealed that over 55 million American children have worms. Parasite infestation is growing rapidly, due to a lack of raw fruits and vegetables in the diet and an increased consumption of cooked and acid-forming foods. Once in the intestinal tract, parasites have easy access to other parts of the body where they imitate various symptoms and diseases.

People may get infected from flies, mites, food, pets, fingers, feces and from the air. They may have no symptoms, or there may be abdominal discomfort, diarrhea alternating with constipation, or, if acute, bloody dysentery, general discomfort, chills and fever. Even worse, it can enlarge the liver, invade the lungs, brain and skin, and can cause grave complications. Lack of energy and bowel problems are the most common symptoms. The Complete Colon Cleanse/Nutritional Program begins the removal of parasites and mold infestations by removing their ideal environment - a polluted intestinal tract.

It is vitally important to remove unhealthy bacteria and mold buid-up from the intestinal tract and re-establish beneficial bacteria. The proper bacteria is essential to a strong immune system, assimilation of vitamins, proteins, fats, carbohydrates and the manufacturing of Vitamin B-12, K and amino acids. It helps reduce cholesterol in the blood, control the pH in the intestines and detoxify the poisonous materials in our diets, while producing cancer-suppressing compounds that strengthen the immune system, increase calcium assimilation and help retard candida, gas and bad breath. When unhealthy bacteria overrun the healthy bacteria, outside pathogens penetrate the immune barriers and contaminate the blood and lymph with further toxic substance. Proper implantation of healthy bacteria begins with cleansing and removing the harmful bacteria from the alimentary canal. The Complete Colon Cleanse/Nutritional Program prepares the intestinal environment for beneficial bacteria. Juice fasts, enemas or colonics are unable to remove this mucoid substance from most of the digestive tract. There are various cleansing programs that remove it from the colon alone, but for best results it is necessary to cleanse the stomach and the small intestines and colon. This program is the most powerful and effective program available for achieving these ends. Most often the nutritional part of the program needs to be adjusted to meet the needs of those who are not committed to doing a heavily raw food diet, at this time. This is fine. The water, the herbal cleanses and increasing the quantity of live fruits and vegetables overall, is still a super-detoxing activity for all those who are determined to create better health.


The main purpose of the kidneys is to filter the blood of pollutants, and excess water, and send this unwanted matter to the bladder for elimination. Desirable items such as needed water, glucose, amino acids, vitamins and minerals are reabsorbed back into the blood by way of small capillaries in the kidneys. If you have too much of a particular nutrient, it is not reabsorbed but rather sent out for elimination. Hormones regulate how much water is reabsorbed or eliminated.

The kidney's are also responsible for monitoring the acid- alkaline balance and regulating the physical properties and composition of the blood. What is secreted as urine is approx. 95% water and 5% dissolved solids. This is stored in the muscular organ known as the bladder for elimination when you later "go". The bladder has a normal storage capacity of about a quart of liquid.

People who partake of the Standard American Diet will normally urinate about 4 to 6 times daily. The amount eliminated per day is 1 to 2 quarts. An adequately hydrated person should be going 6 or more times a day with large evacuations each time amounting to 2 to 4 quarts per day. All this would vary according to body size, exercise, breathing, sweating, etc.


Practically all damage to the kidneys, and their ability to keep the blood clean and well regulated, is caused by dirty blood over a long period of time as a result of a polluting lifestyle - toxemia.

If you are frequently constipated, you are reabsorbing the poisons in your colon back into your blood - auto intoxication. Your daily intake can also be too high in cooked food, animal products, sugar, coffee, processed food and drugs for your kidneys' to stand a chance in keeping up.

The liver can be congested from being subjected to the same toxic food program, causing high cholesterol levels in the blood and / or high blood pressure. These two conditions are also found along with all kidney diseases.

Your kidneys find it impossible to filter constantly thick, fatty or toxic laden blood rather than filtering out thinner healthy blood. This heavy blood is also much harder for the heart to pump throughout your body, making the force and pressure go up.

Diabetes (High Blood Sugar) is also associated with Kidney disease. The blood imbalances of a diabetic can be very harmful to the kidney, eventually rendering these organs incapacitated. Diabetics are known for excessive urination for this reason - the filtering capacity of the kidneys have become so weak as to just allow partially filtered fluids to pass through.

All the above diseases and imbalances that can reduce the function, or even the destruction of the kidney's, can be totally reversed. It is really just a matter of not continuing to do those things which are making one sick and replace them with what will heal the body. Your body stands ready, willing and able to respond.

The solution consists of changing to a healthy food program; making sure of being adequately hydrated every day (see the materials on water and health by Dr Batmanhilidj); doing the Complete Colon Cleanse/Nutritional Program; and when the above have been in gear for several weeks or so, completing the Kidney Cleanse and Liver/Blood Detox Programs alternately to the point of full health.


Kidneys have the job of filtering acids and metallic minerals out of your blood but when the load is consistent and too heavy, you can get a build up of mineral sediment, stones, acid crystals and plaque inside the kidneys. It can become so severe that the kidneys become impacted with stones and cease to function.

80% of kidney stones are calcium rocks. The body loads up the blood with calcium to buffer the heavy acid condition being pressed into it by all of the acid producing foods being eaten. Animal food is very high in calcium, protein and acid content. Carrots, citrus fruits and all greens are also high in calcium but not high in protein and acid effect on the body. This gives to the body food which it can assimilate and utilize to supply calcium to the bones and elsewhere without it building up as excess in the kidneys.

Fad diets like the Zone and Atkins will temporarily take weight off, but at the same time calcify your kidneys. Even the Medical books tell you to look for a high protein diet when there are stones formed in the kidneys.

The other kind of stone formed in the kidneys is from excess uric acid. All animal foods, processed foods, sugar, etc., in excess can cause uric acid crystals to be formed in the kidneys. Here again, the medical texts state that alkalinization of the urine through diet can dissolve uric acid crystals and stones. Alkalinization of the urine through raw food and fresh juice programs, plus the Colon Cleanse and Kidney Cleanse Programs dissolve stones very naturally while at the same time improving your overall health.


If you already know you have stones from a doctor's diagnosis, there is a specific procedure you can do for 2 days which will get both types of stones starting to dissolve immediately.

1. Make 3 quarts (96 ounces) of fresh squeezed apple juice using the strongest most sour organic apples you can find. Don't use any store bought apple juice.

2. Add 20 ounces of fresh squeezed lemon and lime juice (half & half) from organic lemons and limes.

3. Add 10 ounces of organic, raw, unfiltered apple cider vinegar.

4. Add one entire bottle (2 oz) of the Kidney Cleanse Concentrate and 2 full bags of the Kidney Cleanse Tea.

Mix all these ingredients in a blender real well and then let them all sit together in a large stainless steel pot for 24 hours at room temperature. Every several hours, go over to it and stir it up well.

Strain the formula through a stainless steel strainer or a clean cotton t-shirt. Every hour after this, drink 4 ounces of the stained liquid throughout the time that you are awake each day. After straining, keep the rest of the formula refrigerated until it is all consumed. It should take no more than two days to use it all up, if you make a point of drinking it every hour and succeed most of the time.

When you start drinking 4 ounces of the Stone Dissolve Formula each hour, you should also chase it down with another 4 ounces of distilled water each time. Distilled water is best as it will act as a solvent for the unwanted mineral deposits.

The only reason someone's Kidney's start to fail is because the blood they are trying to handle is more like polluted sludge. If the lifestyle is cleaned up, the food program corrected and the eliminative organs are flushed out with the colon-kidney-liver cleanse programs, then the body will heal itself.

Ron Radstrom

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