There are two types of allergies at people have to cope with, borne and food. Food allergies are much easier to deal with than the airborne variety. With food allergies, self-help is really very simple. AVOID ALL FOODS THAT YOU ARE ALLERGIC TO.

Airborne allergies are more difficult to control because you have no say over what is in the air. You must breathe, therefore, stand the chance of inhaling some "alien" life form that your body cannot digest or kill immediately.

Pollen is an example of an "alien" life form invading your body. Pollen is the "egg" of the flower. It is the seed that contains all the ingredients of life. One important building block of life is protein. An allergic reaction to something is necessarily the result of the body's inability to neutralize proteins that don't belong to the body.

When a "germ", another form of a protein, enters the body, the immune system quickly identifies it. Once the identification is complete the necessary transactions in the body take place and in a short period this invader is destroyed.

Allergic reactions can be caused by ingested, inhaled or touched substances, which the immune system cannot respond to adequately. Some of these -- like poison ivy -- are toxic for everyone; others -- like milk -- produce reactions in some people due to a progressive deterioration of the immune system.

The progressive and virtual "program failure" of the immune system causes self-aggressive reactions to several of the body's own tissues, fluids or hormones. Due to a program deterioration, the immune system begins to identify some of the body's own tissues or substances as foreign invaders. The body then creates specific antibodies and T-cells to fight them. The result is a string of self-destructive ailments, of which some types of arthritis, hypoglycemia and chronicle allergies are but a few examples.

The body can and will heal itself if it has the right natural nutrients available. Based on that belief, I have set out to provide you with the information necessary to find the most synergistic products to help you. I seek products that will give you many separate nutrients in one tablet. My years as a Naturopathic Healer have taught me that people do not want to take a hundred pills to feel good.

My primary concern is to make sure that you have a Vitamin C, Pantothenic Acid and Goldenseal Root combination. Such blending creates the synergistic benefits. Of course, you also need all the supporting nutrients available to enhance the benefits. If you find additional nutrients present in a formula, consider them as added benefits.


Vitamin C

Pantothenic Acid

Bee Pollen


Goldenseal Root

Juniper Berries

Dandelion Root

VITAMIN C is essential for multiple reasons. It works to detoxify the blood, and in this way it picks up proteins that do not belong to the system. Vitamin C also functions as an antihistamine along with Vitamin E.

PANTOTHENIC ACID is included because during my years of counseling I discovered that an allergic person is usually Hypoglycemic. Hypoglycemia, low blood sugar, leads to feelings of exhaustion; which is often a major complaint of people who suffer from allergies.

Pantothenic acid nourishes the adrenal glands which are the "stress centers" of the body. These are linked to the pancreas as well. Among many other important tasks, the pancreas is responsible for correcting the amounts of glucose (blood sugar) at any one time. Also important, the pancreas produces additional enzymes that are necessary to digest "alien" proteins, also called allergens. Allergens are proteins that were not digested or killed by the immune system.

GOLDENSEAL ROOT AND JUNIPER BERRIES both are great herbs for nourishing and stimulating the pancreas. Again, our goal is to produce enzymes that will have the ability to digest proteins efficiently.

BEE POLLEN is an integral part of this formula based on the ancient approach of building immunity to a substance through repeated assimilation. Bee pollen contains most of the airborne type proteins that the body has to deal with. My experience has been that when I introduced bee pollen into the system immediate and marked improvement was achieved.

GARLIC is another nutrient that you would think doesn't belong in an allergy formula. Once again, experience is the best teacher. Garlic, as well as Manganese, serves to strengthen the lungs, against airborne infectious agents.

DANDELION ROOT is another one of those herbs that work to nourish and stimulate. Its primary area of influence is the liver. We look to work on the liver because the entire blood stream passes through this cleansing organ. A healthy liver will rid the body of toxins in two ways. First it converts them into liquids or gases. If they are liquids, then the toxins are passed out through the urethra tube. Gases are absorbed by carrier substances and eventually exhaled by the lungs.

I have worked with a formula that contains these natural nutrients along with a few additions and found it to be superior to anything else I have ever used.

When I suggest natural nutrients for my clients, I always recommend that they seek products that are SYNERGISTIC in their formulation. Dollar for dollar they offer the best nutritional values. They also allow you to get the most "healing benefits" from the least number of tablets.

Synergism simply means that when you add up all the parts, the total is greater than the sum of the individual parts. This means that you get more for less.

Some dietary considerations are to increase the amount of consumed garlic. Other considerations should be carrots, beets, peas and celery. Eating as much fresh fruit and raw vegetables as possible on a daily basis is a wonderful way to keep the body healthy and clean.

A combination of taking the natural, synergistic supplements and incorporating the dietary suggestions outlined here should allow for relief very quickly. This will depend on your condition and how frequently you take this combination of nutrients.


Dr. P. Rothschild, M.D., Ph.D., M.S., N.D. is a Medical Doctor living in Matamoros, Mexico. He is a retired full Professor at The National Autonomous University of Mexico, with Doctorates in Medicine and Biochemistry, and a Masters in Physics. He is the author of 22 scientific books, 336 articles, and was nominated for the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1986. Dr. Rothschild is a Mason and belongs to the following organizations: World Federation of Physicians, Oncological Society of Austria, Fellow of the Royal Society of Health in England, Association of Military Surgeons of the United States, New York Academy of Sciences, The American Association for the Advancement of Science, and The U.S. Naval Institute.


By P. Rothschild

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