Silicon and Strong Bones


Silicates are the most abundant-minerals on earth, and silicon is plentiful within these minerals. Silicon has been identified as a critical mineral for building healthy bones, connective tissue, blood vessels, hair, nails, skin and for the prevention of heart disease. Silicon also reduces aluminum toxicity in the body, and helps prevent Alzheimers, osteoporosis and lowered immunity as our body ages. One problem is that our body requires orthosilicic acid in order to make the silicon bioavailable to the body. Silica gels, colloidal silica, edible clays and most foods do not contain orthosilicic acid and so are poor nutritional sources. What foods are best that contain this bioavailable form of silicon? Alfalfa, beets, brown rice, horsetail herb, leafy green vegetables, and brown rice are OK. Rough hulled oats (animal feed quality), rice bran and whole unhulled oats contain exponentially large amounts. Since most food processing, including whole foods methods, strips away the majority of bioavailable silicon in foods, it is important to consume the above food in the most "primitive" (raw) method possible. Unhulled oats are excruciatingly tough to chew, even cooked...try the rice bran.

Sentient Press.


By Steve Schenck

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