The role of the pineal gland, the Third Eye. How thoughts mold energy to create "things"

The role of the pineal gland, the Third Eye. How thoughts mold energy to create "things".

It is through the pineal gland that we materialize things as if by magic. The pineal gland is the I-Am of the body. It is synonymous with the subconscious mind, the right brain and alpha and theta brain waves. The ancients used this Third Eye exclusively and were known as Cyclops. Human beings originally used this organ to register the finer vibrations, the realm of the ethers.

As children, we lived much of our lives in that state of magic associated with the pineal. This gland is quite large at birth but it continually diminishes as we become accustomed to the negativity of the world. We used the energy generated through the pineal to experience magic we could not share with our parents or the adult world.

As we were constantly admonished for our over-exaggerated imagination or just plain tall tales, we learned to disavow our magic...such as invisible playmates, leprechauns, and floating on clouds. How sad to loose the magic of when a toy truck was a monstrous earth moving machine, a toy boat was a gigantic ship with you at the helm, a doll was a real live baby and our comfort blanket was a magic carpet that could whisk us to far away to mysterious places.

My sister would ram her hands in the pockets of her jeans and spin tales of great exploits about when she was big. When Joseph of the Bible tried to share his visions and dreams with his brothers, they chided, "Behold, here cometh the dreamer." Joseph replied, "Without dreams and visions the people perish."

Growing to adulthood, the pineal gland diminishes to the size of a pea, as we give up on the magic and join the negative world. We have heard the word, "no" 60,000 times by the time we are six.

Realizing what we have lost, at least subconsciously, we become wiser. We spend a great deal of our time trying to get back to the magic, through transcendental meditation, awareness programs, working with the right brain and the subconscious mind. We know why Jesus said, "Except ye become as little children, ye shall not see the kingdom of God." He was referring to the pineal gland and the subconscious, to opening one's mind to the magic of life as we did when we were children.

It is as if, having so recently descended from that celestial realm when we were born, we retain some of the wonderment of the Godhead. Like Plato who talked of the soul coming from a higher, divine realm of being. He believed that birth begins the sleeping and forgetting. The soul goes from a state of acute awareness to a much less conscious state and, therefore, forgets the truths it knew before birth. He implies that death is an awakening, a remembering. I remember a cartoon where a small boy was shaking his newborn baby sister and saying, "Please, tell me about God. It has been so long, I cannot remember."

Yet, as adults we have taken control of the electrical energy which is what we are and materialized a body, a home and furnishing, cars, vacations and children -- also our misfortunes.

We should know by now that the universal substance is everywhere present waiting for us to take it and, with our thoughts, mold it into whatever we desire.

Think of how you do this every day. You begin with an idea. It could be a new car. You begin to notice other cars just like the one you have in mind. You might mosey down to a dealer and take the car for a spin. By now you know the color, the model and how it feels to drive it. You begin to think of how it would feel to own that car.

You are in the process of molding universal substance. The electrical energy which is you, begins a process of materialization and, almost like magic, one clay you are driving your own new car. Everything is formulated from the same substance as that new car. Your body, your home, children, plants and animals are all the operating at different frequencies.

It is all molecules of energy. Everything is energy and energy cannot die. Nothing is dead. Everything is alive. It can only be transformed into another type of energy. You took from the ethers, molecules of energy and transformed them into a new car. It all began with an idea in your mind. The only difference between that new car and your body or a plant is the rate of vibration of these molecules.

You do this every day when you awaken and plan your day. You get out of bed, shower, shave or put on your make-up, have breakfast and go to the office. Do you realize that none of this would have been possible if you hadn't thought about it?

You just materialized your day the same way you materialize everything in your life. The moment you begin to think, you are molding universal substance, molecules of energy.

Einstein called it E=MC square. The raw material is pure molecules of energy and your thought just transformed them into a new car, and your day. Without those two magical components, nothing can happen. You would be static, as when one is unconscious and nothing happens because he or she cannot think.

Are you beginning to see why Jesus said, "Know ye not that ye are Gods?" We are indeed creators and we are creating all the time, either consciously or unconsciously. Even as we sleep, we are creating -- which is why at 4 AM my subconscious was very busy as I slept. My "thought" created, materialized this article.

We haven't advanced in spirit like Jesus who materialized bread and fish for 5000 people on several occasions and gold in the mouth of a fish to pay the taxes, or like Psai Baba of India, who materializes gold and other objects in mid air and has it fall into his hand, but we are doing it in a minuscule way - - it just takes longer.

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By Audrey Craft Davis

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