Blueberries, bilberry extract and fibrocystic mastopathy

Treatment of fibrocystic disease of the breast with myrtillus anthocyanins

Minerva Ginecol 1993 Dec;45(12):617-21

The aim of this study was to further research into the therapeutic treatment of fibrocystic mastopathy. The study hypothesis included the clinical and instrumental control (echography) of patients with FCD before and after at least three months treatment with anthocyanosides. The protocol used was of the prospective and comparative type, whereas follow-up lasted three months. The study was performed in the outpatients' clinic of Breast Physiopathology and Echography organised within the ambit of the services of the Gynecology and Obstetrics Division. In this particular instance both echography and clinical examinations were performed at the same clinic. A total of 257 patients took part in the programme of which 35 were excluded since they failed to attend subsequent controls. Women were selected on the basis of absence of malignant disease and presence of clinical, echographic or mammographic symptoms of fibroso-cystic mastopathy. In addition, all women presented mastodynia which made therapy indispensable. The socio-demographic: characteristics of the population were polymorphous since women were resident not only in the area of USSL 36 but also other Italian provinces. The diameter of any lesions found was measured together with the thickness of the mammary gland. The thickness was always measured of QSE level both before, and after treatment. The results were encouraging. There was a marked improvement in 75 patients, equivalent to 33.78%, symptoms were reduced in 61 women (27.47%) and disappeared in 14 (6.30%), whereas treatment had no effect in 72 cases (32.43%). In conclusion, echopalpation (clinical examination + echography) was extremely valuable in the study of these patients, especially if aged under 40. Moreover, therapy for three months in patients with mastodynia, consequent to fibrous mastopathy, was efficacious in reducing symptoms and mammary tension. At the same time, it is important to emphasize the absence of virtual absence of collateral effects to treatment.

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