Bilberry Extract Effect on Microcirculation

Reference: Bertuglia S, Malandrino S, Colantuoni A. Effect of Vaccinium myrtillus anthocyanoside on ischaemia reperfusion injury in hamster cheek pouch microcirculation. Pharmacol Res 1995; 31(314):183-87.

Summary: The protective effects of Vaccinium myrtillus (bilberry) on hamster cheek microcirculation after ischemia and reperfusion were investigated in this study. Hamsters received either placebo or Vaccinium myrtillus extract (VMA) standardized to 36% anthocyanosides at a dose of 10 mg/100 g body weight for either two or four weeks prior to the induction of ischemia. Microcirculation was observed for 30 minutes during ischemia and for 30 minutes after the removal of the clamp (reperfusion period). Hamsters given VMA had significantly decreased leukocyte adherence to venules compared to controls. In addition, only slight vascular permeability was observed in the two treatment groups as compared to the markedly increased permeability observed in the controls. Capillary perfusion was maintained in the treated groups compared to the control group (by the maintenance of the vessel size, rhythmic contractions of the arterioles after both reperfusion and ischemia). The protective effects were greatest in those receiving VMA for four weeks compared to those receiving it for two weeks.

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