Cayenne, Critters and Commitment

Health Action '93, a HANS-sponsored annual event was held on November 14. Three exciting speakers presented the audience with valuable and easy-to-use information for the improvement of health and well-being.

Left for Dead author proves to be a lively speaker

If laughter really is the best medicine, then Dick Quinn's book may be just what the doctor ordered. However, your doctor might just take exception with the deceptively simple health message this American writer has been sharing with readers and audiences across North America.

Despite the chilling title, this book is an upbeat and humorous account of how Quinn saved his own life, cleaned his arteries and beat heart disease without drugs by using a simple kitchen herb, cayenne pepper.

In 1978, Quinn was only 43 years old when he suffered a near fatal heart attack. He writes: "An overwhelming presence took charge of my spirit, my life force, my soul. I was floating in the air, watching my body down below...That was the day I died for the first time."

He underwent bypass surgery, which he feels was a failure and which left him feeling sicker and weaker than before.

Since he wasn't afraid to die ("I'd had my preliminary interview") and rather than go through more open heart surgery, he recalled what someone had told him about cayenne. He dedicates his book to that lady by the lake.

Quinn went on to study herbology and now travels extensively throughout North America delivering the message that nature has herbal remedies for every ailment.

He was a dynamic and popular speaker at Health Action '93. Prior to the event he had been interviewed on local radio programmes, and the phones at HANS rang incessantly with requests for information about Quinn and his book.

A Vancouver cardiologist interviewed by CBC the following day warned that the cayenne remedey may not be the right therapy for all heart patients, and urged all patients to work with their doctors.

This book is a very readable and candid account of one man's answer to his own health problems. It contains information on a variety of herbs, besides cayenne pepper, the spice that Quinn claims saved his life.

Dick Quinn's book, Left For Dead is available from HANS at $16.95 plus postage and handling.

Dr. Brian Blower:

Staying healthy means avoiding the "Critters"

Before he can help his patients with chiropractic, Dr. Brain Blower often has to help many of them understand and overcome the toxic shock that attacks their immune system.

What exactly is this shock and how does it happen? According to this Vancouver chiropractor, many ingredients of a common diet can drive the autonomic nervous system into shock. The autonomic nervous system controls the function of the major organs. Chiropractic adjustments and corrections will not hold optimally if there is ongoing shock.

"Sometimes we won't let go of what tastes good even though it may be killing us", Dr. Blower said "Yet by identifying and eliminating some foods a person can greatly enhance their health and quality of life."

Avoiding the "critters" that make us sick means watching out for bacterial toxins, technically called lipid A toxins or endotoxins. In his talk, Dr. Blower explained how these are formed and where they are found. They proliferate in a variety of foods, namely processed meats, chicken, hamburger meat, peanuts and peanut butter and corn, to name a few.

Often what most people think is the 24-hour flu is really the 24-hour food reaction and if they think back to what they ate, they can usually find the culprit. Dr. Blower warned that "Some people, especially children, can lose their ability to concentrate forever from eating contaminated foods."

Besides limiting or avoiding these foods, it's wise to practice careful hygiene while preparing foods. Contrary to popular belief, plastic cutting boards are less hygenic than wooden boards since the former provide deeper grooves that stay moist longer. Warm and wet areas are the perfect breeding grounds for these toxins. "Wellness is a state in which your body is being taken care of and you are in the control tower."

Dr. Blower has been a chiropractor for over 20 years. In his informative video he offers practical advice on how to get well and stay well.

High Performance Health Author Walks his Talk

John Yiamouyiannis, Ph.D. is an author, lecturer, health consultant and world authority on the toxic effects of fluoride. But he's also a walking, talking endorsement of what his health program can do.

He presented his ideas at Health Action '93 and also promoted his book, High Performance Health, but warned the audience "It's not enough to buy this book, you have to read it and do it!"

Lendon Smith ( a noted American doctor) called High Performance Health the best book he's read about overall health, Dr. Y, who has a Ph.D. in biochemistry, explained with a smile.

There are many factors we need to include to improve our health, according to the author. The important thing is to have balance in your life. These factors include: right mental attitude, nutrition, clean environment, rest and exercise.

The best way to measure a persons health is by measuring their performance level, by testing the various muscle groups and endurance. The mirror test counts, too. "Take your clothes off, stand in front of a mirror and ask "am I happy with what I see?"

Yiamouyiannis questions the diagnostic procedure of measuring chemicals in the blood. Cholesterol and blood glucose levels can vary greatly during the day.

"If you want to be normal, go to a normal doctor, have a normal cholesterol level and you'll die of a heart attack at a normal age."

His book gives a complete outline on how to reach your peak of health and performance. "By following a few simple rules and by spending a few hours a week, you can look better, feel better and in many cases perform better than at any other time in your life."

The 57- year old author and grandfather of five recently cycled from Vancouver to Southern California, a trip of 1700 miles in 17 days. He claims to have raised his family on what is the precursor to this program and his medical bills for 8 people for 20 years was $200. That's without any medical insurance.

"You don't need health insurance when you have health assurance."

High Performance Health is available from HANS. The cost is $20.00 plus $3.50 postage and handling.

Health Action Network Society.


By Roxanne Davies

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