Chaparral Safety Alert!

Chaparral Safety Alert!

The purpose of this Safety Alert Update is to request that AHPA members continue to refrain from selling chaparral products in any form. In a letter received on May 5th by our attorney William Pendergast from Dr. Douglas Archer, Deputy Director, CFSAN/FDA, we learned that FDA has received additional reports of possible cases of acute toxic hepatitis associated with the use of chaparral, and that they are continuing their investigations. One of these new cases a involved capsule/mixture. Another deals with a chaparral tea. Therefore, it is advisable that manufacturers and retailers refrain from selling the product until further notice. AHPA is continuing its dialogue with FDA on this issue.

Be reminded also that the AHPA Board of Directors advised against the sale of comfrey for internal use in Spring, 1992 and that this policy remains in force. This is because of the pyrrolozidine alkaloids content of comfrey. Additionally, please read the Standards Committee Report that you received for other herbs with possible problems.


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