Fennel Showcased by International Herb Association

Fennel Showcased by International Herb Association

May 8 thru May 14 has been dedicated National Herb Week by the International Herb Association and Fennel will be honored as it's showcase herb.

Typically an herb of the culinary scene, fennel has been referenced back to the ancient Greeks. Known to them as "marathrron" meaning "to grow thin", fennel had the reputation of an appetite suppressant.

Fennel seeds, in general, have been seen as an aid to digestion and stomach gas/acid problems. The seeds can be seeped in hot water to make an interesting tea, flavored somewhere between licorice and anise. The tea also has been used historically as an aid to infant colic, settling the upset stomach.

Fennel oil has been used as a natural cough remedy. One to three drops of fennel oil in a teaspoon of honey soothes the throat to help with hoarseness and control coughing. The fennel oil will help to expel mucous accumulations.

Although somewhat limited in health care uses, fennel offers a wide range of uses in healthy cooking, It is also said to be easy to grow and an excellent butterfly, attractor.

The Holistic Health Network.


By Marian Brown

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