Learning About Lobelia

One of my favorite herbs is Lobelia. Pretty as a flower, even more wonderful in capsule or in extract. Lobelia has been used for centuries to help calm uptight nerves and muscles. I use the extract to rub right on a stiff neck or shoulder or a charley-horse to help relax the muscles. Lobelia is called a "nervine" and has been used internally to calm spasms, as well as hyperactivity. Some ailments my clients use the extract regularly for arc: asthma attacks, epileptic seizures, and menstrual cramps (rub on abdomen).

Lobelia has also been said to help bring oxygen up to the brain, thus improving thinking ability. I also use Lobelia together with another herb, St. John's Weft (which is said to have anti-depressant properties), to help smokers lose the desire to smoke. Lobelia contains "lobeline" which is chemically similar to nicotine, without addictive properties.

Another common use of the lobelia herb is as an expectorant, to break up respiratory mucus and congestion. People with colds or congestion may enjoy the relaxing properties of this herb, as well as helping them to breathe easier.

Small amounts can help the body to relax and calm spasms. Large amounts, however, would act as an emetic -- to make you vomit. Be aware with Lobelia, as with some other herbs, the body will eliminate excesses rather quickly.

The Holistic Health Network.


By Sue Reynolds

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