Barberry and the Treatment of Sexual Trauma

Post-traumatic stress disorder, particularly in response to past sexual abuse, is far more prevalent in today's society than is commonly acknowledged. Many patients suffering the consequences of ...

Japanese barberry (Berberis thunbergii)

• Sharp thorns

• Invasive

• Zones 5 to 8

A popular 19th-century introduction from Japan, Japanese barberry escaped cultivation and has naturalized along much of the Eastern seaboard and throughout the Midwest. It spreads quickly by seed dispersal assisted by birds and small mammals to form prickly, impenetrable thickets. Adaptable to a broad range of growing conditions, it invades woodlands, pastures, wetlands, and meadows, smothering and shading out other, more diverse plantings. Dig or pull to eradicate this troublesome pest. Don't forget your heavy gloves!



By Lorene Edwards Forkner

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