Hydrazine Sulfate Success Stories


The following is not a research document with numbers and percentages. These are live people I personally speak to on a regular basis. For some it is a miracle, for some it's fate and the ones that search for an answer and a new hope when everyone else has given up on them ; may be the first step; taking charge, learning to heal their own body.

This is what they have to say:

970115-28347BS In less than two weeks on Hydrazine Sulfate two tumors are gone and two others have reduced in size by 50%

970120- M Mike had Cancer

970220-28288NT Begin HS on Jan21,97. On Feb20th,97 reports no pain medication taken for two weeks; colon/incontinence improved by 90%. Calls it a miracle drug.

970221-2347LSF BC Diagnosed Apr02,93. Lumpectomy followed by RB mastectomy in 1993. Herbalist. shaman@uniserve.com No conventional medical treatments. Good quality of life until 1997 when edema developed in right arm.

970222- Dumas Started taking HS on Febr 11th,97; "she is feeling a lot better and her appetite is coming back; considering that her doctors gave up on her and sent her home to die , two weeks ago". Her weight was down to 90lb on Feb 10th, 97.

970223-28852HJ Started HS therapy on Jan.....97. On Feb 23,97 reports major reduction in blood pressure, lesser need for pain medication, more energy and general well being..

970304-28350PJ Phoned today.Thirty days on HS and tumor almost disappeared from neck.

970306- MF Seven weeks on Hydrazine Sulfate. Brain and lung lesions disappeared.

970305- Carol Jacobson E-mail message: Has been taking HS for a week and feels very good for the first time in years.

970316- Linda Britton. Phoned today. Patient doing great. Back to work. Attending Physicians do not understand how cancer can reverse in such a short time.

970318- LB " Oncologist report in today. No!! cancer anywhere, after 2 1/2 months of Hydrazine Sulfate and vitamins/minerals and supplements. Thank you Ben !!!" Signed :LB Ben, Mrs. B told me this news and had me e-mail you. They have no idea where the cancer went. It is all gone. He will be on Hydrazine plus the rest for another three months. Then they will do a catscan. Thank you for the information and the help. Mrs. B and I have started a webpage of Alternative Cancer Treatment Links. Yours is being added. They are so happy, Ben, so happy. Everyone is happy. Thanks again. Always. TSS. Alternative Cancer Treatment Link Site http://members.aol.com/kepone101/cancerlink.html Hello Larry !! I'm elated to hear the good news about your remission and thank God for allowing our paths to cross. Ben Memo: A message like this really makes my day. Ben

970324- RM "Received via e-mail:"......! I'm doing so well on Hydrazine Sulfate . I feel like a million dollars. My husband says he can't hold me down since I'm on that rocket fuel. " Dear Ben: I have been neglectful, especially since I'm doing so well on the Hydrazine Sulfate. It has now been three weeks, I feel really good and while my jaw is still taut and sore, I have virtually no pain in my face anymore. My energy level and general feeling of wellness is almost overwhelming. My husband says he can't hold me down since I'm on that rocket fuel ! I will have an MRI of the head and neck on April 18th and will get the results the same day and will send you the results. I am looking forward to it positively ! I keep passing on information from Dr. Gold's articles and your website and will continue to do so. I dont think I told you , I am 70 years old and have had the parotid problem for four years. They still found no exact match to my recurrence but it is deep in the surgical bed, at the base of the brain , just under the skull. I had removal of the gland and 33 radiation treatments in 1993 and four rounds of cisplastin and 5FU in 1996. A Sloan-Kettering head and neck man told my oncologist that Taxol was not doing much for head/neck and would not recommend any further treatment at this time. My Oncologist got me your phone number : (604) 856-0171 and told me to pursue Hydrazine Sulfate with his blessing. We are praying for a good or as good MRI next month . I'm having absolutely NO side effects, even taking it with a little cold coffee sometimes ! After my MRI; if I can help any further , will be happy to do so... Thanks again, RM

970506-28385 Started Hydrazine sulfate on February 1,1997. Gained 14 pounds in two months. Feeling great. Praise the Lord.

970514- Floyd Sessoms (910) 531-3461 Prostate Cancer. PSA down from 137 to 10. 970609- SJ e-mail message. "At -04:37 PM 6/9/97 -700, you wrote: I purchased some Hydrazine Sulfate for my sister a few weeks ago. Too early to tell but she went from near death at the hospital on chemo to a campground some place, with a fishing pole. It sure didn't hurt any. I have heard about " ?...

Hey, that is fantastic news, really HAPPY for you and even more so for your Sis. Ben

970611- Sartain Pancreatic Cancer. Using hydrazine sulfate. Tumor marker in two months down from 66 to 54. A lot closer to the a normal 37

970623-28385GS Phone call from Gennie on June 23,1997. She started taking HS on Feb 1st, 1997. She is gaining her weight back, feeling really good and telling everyone about the miracle of Hydrazine Sulfate.

970625-28943JT Glioblastoma multiforme. Four months on Hydrazine sulfate. Recent MRI indicates 40% shrinkage of tumor.

970813-29033RM Multimyeloma. Discontinued pain medication 48 hours after beginning the HS treatment. Sleeps 7-8 hours with no pain compared to the 15 minutes of rest he used to get prior to the HS protocol.

970908-28459LA Fourth week on HS therapy. Spots on lung are gone. One of the "lumps" in lymph has disappeared and the other one is shrunk by 60% .

971114-28712SW Started Hydrazine Sulfate in July/97. Tumor markers reduced from 339 to 13 .

971211-28929HI Three months on HS. CT scans show nothing. Lesions in the liver are gone.

980128-.....h* We feel that hydrazine sulfate improved his quality of life. In his last months he went from being bedridden, to sitting outside in the fresh air every day and being able to do a lot more than he had before. Thank you for that

980129-DwayneS Prostate cancer is in remission. Feels better every day.

980412... At 07:14 AM 4/11/98 -0600, you wrote: Hi Ben, I have been wanting to write you and tell you how much the acidophilus helped my dad. He has not thrown up one time since he started taking it. I am a little concerned, he insists on taking his hydrazine with a little buttermilk. Says it makes it set better in his stomach. He has gained 10 pounds and is feeling pretty good, although quite weak yet. I appreciate your help so much. ben, he is still taking the acidophilus. Does he need to be on it anymore? Also, rather than his blood pressure being high - it is quite low. Somedays around 100/50 or 98/50, pulse 52, etc. Just wondered, can the hydrazine be causing that? He sponges a little on some foods and we have watched him very carefully. In fact, half the time he doesn't even take his blood pressure medicine anymore - doesn't need it. You are a good person - the time you take to help people. May God bless you and I thank you again. Sandy

Happy Easter Sandy ! Good to hear the news that your Dad is doing so well. Since his bloodpressure is closer to normal then ever before he may have his buttermilk and continue with the acidophilus indefinetely. Interaction with HS can only cause elevated BP never lowering it. Thank you for your kind words, May God be with us all, Ben

980430-... Baby Nick has been struggling to survive most of his life, which really is not a very long time since he is only 18 months old. Their initial report indicated rapid growth,impaired/loss of vision,several shants to drain fluid buildup and consistent screaming pain. From time to time I spoke with his family and some of their friends about his treatment protocol for brain tumor, fearing for the worst every time I heard his Mom's voice. Today I heard a different voice; it was clear and full of hope and happiness; she called to tell me that the HS treatment is working and he is feeling better than ever in the past five months. My heart goes out to them. I listened quietly, afraid to break the magic that connected us with a thin wire thousands of miles apart. I remembered the ones before him, I remembered the ones I was able to help and the ones that could not be helped, wondering why and who decides ones fate... I remembered a loved one I so desparately wanted to help and I failed. She hung up and I put my head on my desk and cried. ben.

980611... I gave your phone number to 3 other people with cancer. I'm trying to keep track of their diseases. I'm an RN who is very interested in hydrazine sulfate. My uncle Joe that I bought the pills for in 2 days cut back his Percocet from 8 a day to 4 a day then to 3 day after the first week. he is getting radiation to his lungs . just yesterday the xrays showed improvement in areas where he is not getting radiation and unchanged stop growth where he is getting radiation Tx. His appetite have increased along with energy and weight. Unfortunately he had set his mind to die even after the improvements and against all advice and stopped taking the hydrazine. His wife is furious especially with the drastic improvements in physical and biological condition. I will be following all people that order hydrazine through me.

980629... I received an e-mail asking how my mom was doing the other day. She has been on hydrazine since November. At that time she had lost a lot of weight and had no appetite. I felt sure she would not last very long. She has now gained 22 lbs. and her tumor appears to be remaining the same, with no evidence of further mets. Her doctor sent my husband a letter recently (he's>a physician) saying she has done much better than expected.

Her biggest complaint is that her legs feel weak. Her doctor felt rehab would be dangerous because she could fall. We felt quite the opposite. The chance of her falling would be greater without rehab. My husband has written a Rx>for rehab which she will probably begin at the Kessler Institute. She is on no pain medication and says she feels as she always did before having cancer. I hope this helps in your research. We are very thankful for this medication. sincerely, Barbara

Hello Barbara ! Nice to hear the good news and thank you for your detailed report. I concur that rehab can only be beneficial both physically and psychologically. To reduce the chance of bone loss and possible atrophy do the the inactivity, I suggest that you look at my website http://www.uniserve.com/life/life.htm and click on CLODRONATE. Best wishes, Ben

990820...To: Ben Simen-Falvy Subject: Dee Williams Dear Ben,

I don't know if you remember me so I will try to refresh your memory - I ordered hydrazine sulphate and clodronate for my dad, Jim Wright, who lived in Ardmore, Oklahoma...

I just wanted to tell you that my dad passed away on July 11, we all truly believe that, thanks to you by making it possible for us to get my dad the hydrazine and the clodronate, my dad's quality of life was as good as it could be right up until the end of his life. The liver cancer did not metastisize to any other part of his body and his appetite was good until about a month before he died...

If you ever speak to someone who needs reasurrance about the hydrazine and the clodronate feel free to give them my email address...

Thank you again for all of your help, Sincerely, Dee Williams From: Dee Williams e-mail:dee@pollux.gibralter.net

991101.... Thanks for the note from Kathleen... She reminded me that I did not post any testimonials for almost a year.... Whoa... time flies... I will not be tardy any more and keep up the postings. I did not realize how many people read this column in their search for a ray of hope. I speak to patients every day from around the Earth and it is becoming increasingly clear that the only ones that survive for any lenght of time are the ones that reach out for help, take charge of their treatment and search for all available options to find cure. So sad that so many comes to us after their Drs. destroyed everything in their bodies with deadly chemicals (with good intentions) and tells them to go home to get their business in order.Ben

991104-29564ES Edyth phoned this morning to order more HS. She has been taking it for over a year now. Her blood count tumor markers are down from the original 330 to 8. She sincerely believes that HS has saved her life and gave her all this precious extra time with her loved ones.

Hydrazine Sulfate Order Desk and and Hydrazine Sulfate Support:

ORDER ONLINE and see recommended dosage of HYDRAZINE SULFATE

Phone/Fax: (604) 856-0171 CANADA
Please direct your inquiries to: ben@uniserve.com

Hydrazine Sulfate WebPage: Hydrazine Sulfate info in foreign languages. http://www.uniserve.com/life/life.htm Hydrazine Sulfate has been used by cancer patients with various success for many years. Hydrazine sulfate sulfate testimonials from around the world have been ignored by scientists until recently a Russian research team using hydrazine sulfate on terminal cancer patients reported significant improvement in quality of life, pain control and tumor shrinkage; particularly in lung cancers and patients with large brain tumors.

Hydrazine Sulfate is safe. Hydrazine Sulfate have been used by patients for five years or longer without any adverse effects

Envelope-to: ben@uniserve.com From: Wingmiller@aol.com Date: Sun, 14 Mar 1999 00:39:46 EST To: ben@uniserve.com Subject: (no subject) X-Mailer: AOL 4.0 for Windows 95 sub 13 Hi! Received the B-17. Thank you very much. My husband has added that to everything else, including Hydrazine Sulfate and Beta Glugan. (I know you receive a million calls and e-mails--my husband was in remission with his pancreatic cancer for almost two years, recurrence with small lesion in liver.) In our phone conversation I mentioned his feet were swelling. You mentioned you have something to suggest to help the swelling, what is it? Or, as you mentioned, I should be a little patient and see how things work out in at least 3 weeks. In your opinion, will the combination of HS, B-17 and Beta Glugan work the foot swelling down in time? On the positive side, in the past few days I have seen a tremendous improvement. He went back to the office for a few hours, and today he woke up and started riding the exercise bicycle, and worked in the yard a few hours...a nice Saturday afternoon...thanks to you!!! I am having many guilty feelings for not having my beloved on HS and B-17 from day one (Dec. 31, 1996). We use a lot of vitamin supplements, including Essiac, etc., but I wish I had known....Were we wrong to do chemo...I pray it is not too late. We have plans to celebrate our 12th anniversary in Hawaii in May...with your advice, HS, B-17 and more, I am counting on at least 12 more! Thank you so very much!

Subject: Re: Bonefos order again Date: Tue, 07 Dec 1999 10:24:38 PST Hi Ben, Thanks for the shipment of Clodronate ...it was recvd in ten days in India. We appreciate your help in the treatment. In the last six to eight months since the bonefos treatment started, the patient condition has dramatically improved. Thanks,Rahul.

000131-........XXIt needs to be the Clodromax version of the clodronate, since that is the one that alleviates the cancer pain for her. She is still alive, although she's been given another "less than six month to live" death sentence by her oncologist. She hasn't given up hope, and we thank you for helping her keep her hope alive.Thanks,Marilyn W.

000224-... Ben-- My sister Linda Matijkowicz died, finally. She fought a brave battle against the breast cancer, which spread to every part of her body before it finally won. I just wanted to tell you thank you so much for giving her the hope that made her final year bareable. She was so grateful that people like yourself had the courage to reach out and take a stand. By making the Clodronate distribution possible and researching Anvirzel distribution, you are like an angel here on earth. Thank you for giving us the gift of choice, and the freedom to seek alternative medicine, when the mainstream is killing thousand of victims, unable to brave the course of making their own decision.

The decision which ultimately means life or death. When you look back on your life's accomplishments, someday, Ben, you will know that you have indeed been placed here on this earth for a very special reason. God Bless You! Marilyn W...

000225MS... Patient begin to use HS on Jan2,2000. Three weeks later Xray shows no tumors.

Guy ... Hi Ben, I will not take out the COD order of the Essiac Tea because Guy had quit this life on July the 1th at 4 oclock at our time here in New-Brunswick.

Thanks for the help you gave him. I'm sure it's help him by sending those product because it's increase his beleive in his cure. He believe in this 'till the last minute. And by myself I'm sure that it's had an effect in the way he lived longer that he was suppose to. I want you to know that he had a very sofly dead. He quit like a candle in the wind. It's just take around three minutes. So thanks again for all. Maria Le Bouthillier.

Sent: Thursday, October 12, 2000 7:40 PM Subject: Randy Goss, New York As you can see by the e-mail below, Randy Goss is doing fine. For those of you who don't know Randy's story... here's some of it. Randy was diagnosed with kidney cancer in July of 1992, had his kidney removed, and was told there was a 99% chance he'd be fine. But in January of 1993, he felt a small bump on the right side of his ribs. The doctor said not to worry. In June, Randy saw a different doctor. The kidney cancer had metastasized. By May of 1994, Randy had small tumors in both lungs. He was told to "Go home, enjoy yourself and get things in order. We can do nothing for you." Metastatic kidney cancer is refractory to chemotherapy and irradiation. Five months of daily interferon injections did not work for Randy either. The 5-year survival rate for Stage IV renal cell cancer is less than 1%, according to the American Cancer Society's Textbook on Clinical Oncology. Randy began antineoplaston therapy at the end of May 1994. He was cancer-free of a fatal disease in 6 months with Dr. Burzynski's treatment. (Dr. Burzynski's website is www.cancermed.com; the Burzynski Patient Group website is http://www.burzynskipatientgroup.org) After 6 years, Randy was recently diagnosed with a recurrence. Unfortunately, although Randy had regular check-ups, the radiologists in his home town missed a tumor on Randy's lung. It should have been caught 16 months ago! Randy recently returned from Houston after beginning treatment with antineoplastons again. If this treatment is successful, it will be unprecedented in medical history. Call Randy for more information. From: rgoss Hi. Randy Goss here. I feel great and have put on 10 pounds since coming home from Houston a few weeks ago. I feel like golfing! So now is the time to make a move and I need all your help....let's use me. I may be the only person in the world who is on his way to being cancer free of a cancer with no known cure for the second time in his life and all through Dr. Burzynski's antineoplastons. I am willing to go on any show with my "carry bag" and spread the word, whether it be the Today Show, Good Morning America, Brokaw etc. but I need all your help contacting these places. I am so busy I gave four local interviews today and will be front page and have TV coverage at my fundraiser. Pass on this important information. Randy Goss, 63 1/2 Leming St, Dunkirk, NY 14018 rgoss@netsync.net phone 716-366-1156 Need more info? Call me. The time is right... Randy eGroups Sponsor Get HUGE info at http://www.cancercure.ws, and post your own links there. Unsubscribe by sending email to cancercure-unsubscribe@egroups.com or by visiting http://www.bobhurt.com/subunsub.mv

At 01:18 PM 1/19/01 -0500, you wrote: My father had surgery for colon cancer approximately 2-i/2 years ago. recently chemo therapy has been stopped and he was told that further treatments would be of no use. He began losing weight as his desire to eat diminished and consequently he had become lethargic and lacked alertness (he is a retired educator who until now was very articulate). Approximately 2 weeks ago he began a program using hydrazine sulfate. Almost immediately we noticed an increased appetite, an improved energy level and terrific progress toward returning to his previous level of alertness. So much so that he has begun to scrutinize much of the information regarding the required diet when taking hydrazine sulfate. Consequently I am appealing to you (previous avenues of inquiry have been unsuccessful). In regards to"diet-do's and don'ts" it mentions that FRESH spices only should be used. can you define this? Are bottled spices that are found on the shelves of your neighborhood grocery store acceptable? If not, where do we get "fresh" ones? Second, is there a "cookbook" available which would provide some varied recipes so that we can be sure we adhere to the proper diet? Especially some which will provide the quickest weight gain. Thanking you in advance, D. A. Hello D ! There are no cookbooks specifically for patients using HS. Fresh spices can be qualified as a SINGLE spice that is not adulterated with flowing agents, msg, etc. You may add protein milkshakes to his diet to increase calorie intake. Use a low sugar and low fat protein mix. Thanks, ben

010126......Hi. I am trying to find Ben. My Mother had ordered hydrozine sulfate from him, and it worked great for her breast cancer. She has given away all of the literature that she recieved to others that had been given "weeks to live". Now she has cancer in her colon, and the Dr. has told her that she has 2 to 5 years to live. She wants the information again, and needs the medication. I am hoping that you are the one that I am looking for. Please write back to let me know if I am on the right track. Thanks so much, Suzy

010226-30095CC Chris phoned from Santa Barbara this morning and told me that three weeks ago he was laying down paralized; when he began taking Hydrazine Sulfate. Today he walked to the Hospital for a checkup and his 3cm tumor has shrunk down to next to nothing. More than a 90% reduction in tumor size. He ordered more Hydrazine Sulfate. I like getting phone calls like this; it really makes my day. Ben

010923-...........CJA I am still waiting information on the new cancer herb you talked to me about on the phone. Have you obtained access yet? Thank You CJ We spoke about a month ago. You were going to Europe to set up a contract on another cancer healing herb called Ukraine. I have been purchasing Hydrazine Sulfate from you since April and my Father is doing quite well on it, he has gained 16 pounds!!!! Thank you so much! Please let me know about the new herb that is made from the oleander plant and when it will be available in the USA ? CJA

At 05:07 PM 10/18/2001 -0400, you wrote: Hello Dr Just a quick note to tell you that Jim had another PSA test done and here are the results. November 8, 1999 test was 4.2 September 8, 2000 test was 8.4 January 2, 2001 had biopsy done, results positive June 5, 2001 test was 12.5 August 20, 01 begin taking Hydrazine Sulfate October 15th, 2001 the results were: 5.3 Began taking second bottle, Oct 3, 01. What do we do now? Do I need more? How long does treatment continue? I will have another PSA done in 3 months. Thank you so much for all your help!!! Big Computer Hugs, Mary and Jim C

020115... Dear Dr.... we'd like to order another packing of Hydrazine Sulfate tabletts 60mg - it's now the third series of tabletts that my aunt should be taking. I'm happy to say, that she's feeling very well now (she started taking Hydrazine Sulfat in September 2001). She's in France now, visiting her sister, so could You please send her the tabletts there


Dear Dr. Thank you for your support over the past months. This has meant more to me than you will ever know. You helped me to get through some of the most difficult times of my life. Again, I am asking for your help. Enclosed is pharmaceutical information. that we discussed today. Triamterene/HCTZ 75mg/HCTZ 50mg Generic for Maxide. I am anxious to find out if any data exist on African-Americans and Maxide

020529.. LW Ben!!! I've been reading a lot about you from peoples testimonials and I just want to say, you restore my faith in human kind for the pioneer that you are going against conventional wisdom to improve peoples quality of life and their struggle for health fighting this terrible disease. I hope you are aware of the impact you have by prolonging and enhancing the lives of so many and their loved ones as well, who could never find enough words to show their gratitude.I hope to be one of those people.My stepmother has cancer around her lungs and likely surrounding areas, one lung has been collapsed for a few months now, she has slowed down a lot and can hardly get out of bed anymore she is swelling quite a bit in her feet and legs.She has been on essiac and a number of vitamins and such, and fear she can't hang on too much longer. I have just found the hydrazine sulfate for her and am wondering if she should supplent with anything else not to mention I wonder what dosage she should take. She weighs about 100-110 lbs now and has been fighting this disease that we know of for about 7-9 months, we think we have already prolonged her life, she is 77 years old she is on pain killers and even morphine but we have not tried H.S.yet but plan to start tomorrow.Your advice would be greatly appreciated. My name is Leonard Wells my e-mail address is lnrdwls@rogers.com. Thank You for your time and consideration. God Bless You

020605......From: "Dawn Timmons" To: Subject: questions about HS Date: Mon, 3 Jun 2002 00:19:31 -0500 X-Mailer: Microsoft Outlook Express 4.72.3110.1 My dad just started on HS and in four days, has seen improvement. I do have a couple of questions regarding his diet. Are the food recommended to avoid only if you have high blood pressure? My dad does not. While although he does not eat most of those foods, he LOVES hotdogs. Also different lists, list different foods to avoid. Some list liver, some do not - or say it can't be smoked, etc. Can he eat regular beef liver (he also loves liver and onions)? Thank you for your time. Dawn

At 05:09 AM 6/9/2002 -0400, you wrote: Dear Ben Time for another order from me. My husband is doing great, and surprising all his doctors - yet another example of how this works! It's now 13 months since he was diagnosed and they told me he wouldn't be here now. ha! He has had further surgery to repair a fistula, and has come through it well and is now regaining the weight he lost because of the fistula. We have a holiday booked in Spain for 5 weeks time. So - things are much better than we could have expected. Could you please send me another 100 of the 60mg HS and use the same credit card as before. Any problems, please e-mail me. Birmingham UK With very best wishes.Madelyn C. Hello Madelyn ! Thank you for your re-order; it is confirmed and will be sent by Global Express tomorrow. Usual delivery time to GB is 4-5 days. Especially thank you for the update and the good news. Best wishes, Ben

Subject: Fwd: Fw: FW: To a Beautiful Person To: ben@uniserve.com god bless you ben,as he blessed our home with you!kelly,everett wa ref: gbm multiforme stage 4 h.s. and sandra pierce my angel...my sis! Return-path: From: ANGELETTA330@aol.com Full-name: ANGELETTA330 Message-ID: <186.b3c835a.2a70abf8@aol.com> Date: Wed, 24 Jul 2002 21:18:48 EDT Subject: Fwd: Fw: FW: To a Beautiful Person

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