Raw Food Testimonial / Interview For Cancer


Note: This is not a transcription, I have shortened and summarized the answers.
Date of Interview: May 21, 2003
Location: Home of a Mutual Friend (7 other people were present)
Name of Interviewer: Webster Kehr
Initials of Interviewee: K.B. (male)
State of Residence: Missouri

What Kind of Cancer Did You Have?
Malignant Melanoma, starting with a growth at the back and base of my neck.

How Far Had It Metastasisized?
Stage III

What Month and Year Was It First Diagnosed?
August, 1980 or 81 (he was 19 years old at the time)

What Technique Did They Use to Diagnose It?
They excised the mole and did a biopsy.

Did You Have Surgery?
Only the excise of the mole. They wanted to do extensive surgery, such as cutting a large hole where the mole was, and to the point of removing some of my lymph nodes, but I only let them cut out the mole. They also wanted to do 3 months of chemotherapy.

Did You Take Chemotherapy or Radiation?
No, even though I was only 19, because a friend of mine was a holistic doctor (a chiropractor), I was aware of alternative medicine and my options even at that time.

How Much Pressure Did the Doctors Put On You To Have Surgery, Chemotherapy, etc.?
Quite a bit, in fact tremendous pressure. They even called my mother and got her crying.

How Long Were You Expected To Live?
They did not give me a length.

What Was the Deciding Factor That Convinced You to Use Alternative Treatments?
Even though I was aware of alternative medicine, I did seriously consider doing what the doctors wanted. However, I did not like their very heavy handed approach to try and force me to do the surgery and chemotherapy.

What Was the Major Alternative Treatment You Used?
Fruit and vegetable juice diet. I studied books by Normal Walker and Paavo Airola.

What Other Alternative Treatments or Supplements Did You Take?
My friend (the chiropractor) sold Herbalife, so I took Herbalife. He was real big on enzymes.

Please Describe Your Treatment Plan:
First, I went on a two week fruit and vegetable juice fast (I bought a juicer the day I decided to fight the cancer on my own).

"During fasting, I took approx 1 quart of carrot juice per day, often mixed with spinach, cucumber, garlic, onion, celery, etc., whatever grows. Fruit juice was usually grapes, pineapple, apple, pear, grapefruit (stayed away from oranges) approx. 1/2 quart in the morning; veg. juice from noon till retire. veg. broth made daily afternoon. Daily lemon juice enemas (4-5 lemons per quart of water) in the morning usually after the first few days of the fast."

Then, for one week, I ate nothing but fruits and vegetables.

"When not fasting, fruit juices 1-2 pints per day; carrot/veg. juices approx 1/2 quart per day.

Then, I went on a three week fruit and vegetable juice fast.

Then, for one week, I ate nothing but fruits and vegetables, although I added nuts at this time.

I did this, increasing the length of my fast, for six months. I also added more foods as I went along. The longest juice fast I went on was 37 days.

Other things I did involved a lot of exercise. When I was juice fasting, I walked up to 8 miles a day. When I was eating, I jogged 40 miles every week.

Did You Ever Fear Dying?
I always felt at peace with myself and never had a fear of dying.

Did You Eat Any Organic Foods?
As much as I could get.

What Kind of Water Did You Drink?
Always spring/bottled water.

What Month/Year Were You Diagnosed Cancer Free?
At the end of the six months of the raw food diet, I returned to the doctors and they declared me cancer free. (He has been in remission for over 20 years.)

What Are You Doing To Stay In Remission? I follow the 80-20 rule. 80% of the foods I eat are raw foods. 20% are not. I also run/bike/swim at least one hour per day now and believe in a daily sauna.

How Many Medical Doctors Have You Told That You Were Cured of Cancer With Natural Foods? More than 10, but none were oncologists.

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