Request for "How to Meditate, Yoga, Meditation" to participate in the online film festival, "Spirit Enlightened"

I am writing to you from Culture Unplugged Studios regarding your film "How
to Meditate, Yoga, Meditation".

We are intrigued by what we have learned about this film so far and we wish
to inquire with you for its participation in the upcoming online film
festival "Spirit Enlightened". This festival aspires to trace the spirit that
has led humanity through centuries and civilizations and is in the making of
our future, to infuse and evolve the individual as well as collective being,
enlightening our species to transcend the present state of being for the
mystical new – the next state of supramental self.

From what we have learned about your film, we feel that "How to Meditate,
Yoga, Meditation" may be a good fit and an interesting offering to the
global, seeking audience of this festival. I would like to share with you a
document with festival details. Please contact me and if you deem it
appropriate, we invite you to send this film for participation in "Spirit

We hope to be accompanied by you on this journey and the mission to shift our
collective consciousness.

We await to hear from you.
With hope and gratitude,
Priyanka Shah

Culture Unplugged Festival Team
India | USA | Indonesia | New Zealand

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