Cancer Diet: What Foods To Eat If You Have Cancer


Are there similarities between the vegan diet and most cancer diets?

Vicki D. wrote: 7, 000 clinical studies prove meat causes cancer, especially in children. And people still feed meat to their kids? Another meat headline: Processed meat and fast food meat are too dangerous for human consumption! This will be the first generation of parents that are going to outlive their children . Do something about it before it's too late! Adopt a plant-based diet!

The article was titled: Processed Meats Declared Too Dangerous for Human Consumption.

So, is veganism a solution? Rude Awakening opines: I went vegan for the Animals and for the Environment. I went raw for myself. When I went Vegan, my conscience felt much better! When I went RAW, EVERYTHING in my life became better, and I watch myself looking younger every day! 98-100% of my diet is RAW. 100% of my diet is VEGAN! When I am not eating RAW, I feel the effects. I never knew what being healthy meant until I ACTUALLY started becoming healthy! I thought that because I was Vegan I was therefore healthy--that wasn't accurate, however. Now that I'm RAW VEGAN, I am better in promoting the lifestyle of Veganism, Animal Liberation, and Earth Consciousness than before because I am a cleaner vessel, with a calmer mind-state, and a happier attitude! And because I glow from RAW and have enthusiasm, abundant energy, and tons of physical stamina!

What do you think? Is the vegan diet a bit extreme?

Here is another opinion from a vegan: Using dairy is supporting violence which all cows go through in the meat industry. After 6 years of miserable confinement and separation from their babies (many who have died on a dead pile of other dying baby cows, or sold to the veal industry---pale, purposely malnourished for that paleness. All this so veal is called a "delicacy". The mothers were often forced into pregnancy via sperm injector and human arm.

Kerri Z. wrote: There is as much suffering in a glass of milk as in a pound of steak. Dairy cows are raped every year forcing them to become pregnant only for us to rip the calf away (causing great distress) so that we can steal the milk. The calf is either shot or sent to a veal farm if male, or if female may become part of the herd and have to suffer like her mother. Disgusting!

To worship a Being means to Love them. To Love them means to let them have freedom & happiness. Using dairy products is paying for the slavery, confinement, rape, torture, and murder of cows.

Whether you agree or disagree with the opinions above, almost every cancer diet is a modified version of the vegan diet. With very few exceptions, cancer diets prohibit the intake of any product derived from animals. Of course they also prohibit processed foods.

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