GlycoNutrition: The Emerging Field of Nutritional Medicine


Glyconutrition is, I believe, one of the health technologies which is already impacting the health world. It has earned four Nobel Prizes in the last eight offered in the field of medicine, which is a powerful testimony in and of itself.

However, glyconutrition is already referred to as one of the top ten technologies which will change our world. That is the position of the prestigious M.I.T. referencing this field of “glycomics” (a commonly used scientific name), which is the field of glyconutrition (popularized name among scientists and laity alike).

Most people have never heard of glyconutrition. But, every day more and more people learn of its amazing impact upon the human body. The impact on chronic diseases is immense. Diseases ranging from the very dangerous diabetes, cancer, Aids and heart disease to rather low level annoyances such as rhinitis, hives, and gum disease have all been impacted by glyconutrition.

"Food has been defined as a substance which, when introduced into the body, supplies material which
renews some structure or maintains some vital process. Medicine modifies some vital action, but does not
supply the material which sustains such action. A supply of suitable food is therefore essential during the medical treatment of disease ; for medicine alone will not, and is not designed to, sustain life. Neither, on the other hand, will changes of food so modify vital action when it is disordered as to render the administration of medicine superfluous. Nevertheless it must be allowed that diet does play an important part in promoting recovery from disease, and that some kinds of food do stimulate vital action in a degree far beyond the actual amount of nutritive material they supply." DR E. HARRIS RUDDOCK, M.D., ESSENTIALS OF DIET; HINTS ON FOOD, IN HEALTH AND DISEASE,

But, therein lies the problem. The claims made for glyconutrition seem too unbelievable. It’s become almost a sort of “magic pill” approach in the minds of many. But, of course, it is NOT a magic pill. Indeed, there is nothing magic about it. The reason it affects so many health conditions is due to the fact that it plays several key roles in health and nutrition.
Glyconutrition is the immune system modulator. In other words, it is responsible for adjusting and regulating the immune system “resources” of the body for carrying on their proper functions against varied and multiple threats to the body…simultaneously. This is an enormous task, surely, yet one which is performed constantly by our bodies …unless we are lacking in the necessary constituents, particularly the glyconutrional constituents. Without the glyconutritional factors, you cannot stay “well” no matter what other supplements you are taking. That may sound like a bold statement, but it is no bolder than my saying “You must have vitamin C for scurvy. Without vitamin C, you cannot stay “well” from scurvy no matter what other supplements you are taking.” Why? Because the body needs the specific factors if the body is to stay well. That is the problem. Given its immense impact and so many claims concerning its use, the facts are simply too good to be true…and therefore, hard to believe.

For the sake of clarity on the subject, I’ve chosen to present this book containing articles I’ve authored on the subject. However, I have chosen to begin the book with an article written by my “copywriting mentor” who is a professional researcher, writer and internet marketing specialist. His article begins this book and is designed to introduce the subject, making it easier to understand the issues at a foundational level. I hope this helps you or someone you care about. If only I had been given access to this information when I was in medical practice, I believe many of my patients would have benefited from glyconutrition enormously.

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Dr. Robert Gamble
Cardio-Vascular and Thoracic Surgeon (retired)

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