Aspartame linked to mental diseases, premature birth, birth defects, and host of other conditions


Death by Artificial Sweetener: Billions Of People Are Now Aspartame Victims

Dr. Bowen received his bachelor of science degree in chemistry from Eastern New Mexico University and his medical degree from The Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. He completed residencies in internal medicine and neurology at the University of Washington. He is board certified in neurology, and has taught in the departments of both Neurology and Rehabilitation Medicine at the UW.

His research interests include clinical trials of treatments for MS, aging issues in MS, and the immunology, virology and genetics of the disease.

Dr. Bowen is involved in several organizations, including the American Academy of Neurology. He has served on the Clinical Advisory Committee of the Greater Washington Chapter of the National Multiple Sclerosis Society for many years, and has chaired the committee since 1999. He was inducted into the National MS Society 2005 Volunteer Hall of Fame in the Health Professional and Researchers category for his contributions as a volunteer.

Dr. Bowen is involved as a peer and ad hoc reviewer for numerous publications. He himself has authored more than 200 articles, abstracts and publications relating to MS and other neurological diseases.

By James D. Bowen, MD

Billions of people are now Aspartame victims or their friends. Individual answers to questions are now an impossible approach. The following article is meant to fill in that gap, to meet that need. As you read it you will master the medical knowledge you need to cope in a correctly intuitive manner. You also will painlessly gain the experience you need, vicariously as you follow me down the river of discovery. I am like a beat-up, exhausted old salmon with propeller slashes from the political powerboats, gnashes from predators, battered from pounding against the rocks while jumping cataracts, and exhausted from swimming all the way up to this spawning ground against the current. So jump in your armchair. You will lunch upon the fruit of 'the tree of knowledge of good and evil' (Genesis 2:17 and 3:1-22) and your eyes will be opened as we journey down stream. Hopefully this may become a 'river of life' for you (Revelation 22:1-2). May you find healing in the 'tree of life' (Gen 2:9 and 3:1-22). If you find the following article helpful, please help me spread it to any you may be able.

'CHz - What you need to know about Chemical Hypersensitivity disease: (CHz = Multiple Sensitivities, Poly Chemical Sensitivity, Persian Gulf Syndrome, etc.)'

Because of your and/or your forbearers exposure to toxics like Aspartame, a summation of immune, mitochondrial, DNA, and MtDNA (genetic) damage has occurred in your body that has made your body unable to deal with chemical insults so slight that they might not even be noticed by others. With the lessening of mitochondrial competency, free radicals are produced, and the release of damaging combustion products into the cell occurs, causing exaggerated cellular reactivity and cellular damages from concentrations of substances that you would never even have noticed before. You have become "hyper sensitized." Now, even millions of times less a concentration of the same chemical exposures that didn't bother you at all before, will cause severe health damaging reactions, and autoimmune disease. The activation of mast cells and basophiles, and other pro-inflammatory immune mechanisms can really set your health problems off.

This phenomenon tends to spread incrementally because it is a vicious circle type phenomenon. The more damage, the less the metabolic and genetic competence, as a direct result of the DNA and RNA, Mt DNA and, mitochondrial damage to the organism: The more free radical formation and inappropriate release of abnormal metabolites occurs within and beyond the "mitochondria." (The little "energy furnaces" within the cell that carry out certain otherwise dangerously energy loaded processes safely for the cell). This leads to more cellular compromise. In addition, specific features of a given chemical may incite damage. E.g., Benzoates directly stimulate the metabolism of the mast cells and basophiles making them more likely to fire off an inflammatory autoimmune response. It only makes sense that for a preservative to "preserve" anything it has to rapidly kill everything that has life or metabolism in it at very low doses. Such a compound cannot be very friendly to human tissue. In bread, for instance: I find vinegar (acetic acid), or calcium propionate harmless for me, but all other preservatives are harmful. Denatured human tissue itself causes massive immune disorientation.

Consider separately now the immune system. When it encounters your protein (cells, sub cellular structures, and substrates such as the myelin sheath or joint cartilage etc.), denatured by things like the formaldehyde, and formic acid from Aspartame, and tissue damaged/denatured by the deranged processes mentioned in the first paragraph, it is highly likely to view it as foreign. This makes your bodies own tissues subject to immune attack. The false memories induced in your immune system are life long, leading to an accumulation of various forms of autoimmunity. Some are very destructive. E.g., Lupus, neuro degenerative diseases, inflammatory arthritis, et al, to the point that the FDA had 92 different reactions to Aspartame categorized until they quit acknowledging anything and then stone walled the public, refusing to even acknowledge the health problems reported to them. Since marketing, 85% of all complaints are about Aspartame alone, of all the 100,000 licensed by FDA! Once poisoned by Aspartame, it is a secure fact that the person will be somewhere well down the road of hypersensitivity, and autoimmunity with those even creating initial presenting symptoms.

Now that you know the ballpark, how do you try to win back as much of your health as possible? How to prevent, to the greatest extent possible, further degradation of your body's health, and "well being"? The mainstays that you will have to adopt are as follows: You must now become your own doctor, listening very carefully to your body and trying to make sense of what's going on. Study what things work for yourself and others, and try them out, again listening very carefully to your body. Become the gatekeeper of your body, practicing strict avoidance of ingested and environmental chemicals. Even caffeine promotes free radicals. You cannot at all believe that governmental or corporate integrity offers you any protection. They simply no longer exist.

That means if anything comes ready prepared in a can, bottle, box, or bag- it is unsafe for you. You need to buy organic and cook from scratch, in so far as possible. Avoid even mixes like cocoa mix, etc. They have tried to give chemicals, even the horribly damaging diketopiperazine of Aspartame, safe sounding names like "natural flavoring, vegetable protein, lo-cal, lo fat, lite, lo salt, robust cheese flavor, and lo fat cheese flavor". -The list is endless-!

Environmental contaminants are also a severe hazard; plastics, new plastics, plastic bottled water, building materials, industrial releases and fumes, contaminated water, 'sick' houses and environments are often very damaging to you. Even sitting in front of a new computer, as the new plastics "off gas," is terrible for me. Most makes of automobiles after '83 are suspect. Ford remained "clean" until '89, when they added polyurethanes and thioisocyanates to their products. They had five unexplained deaths, on the floor of their River Rouge plant alone, that first season!

Once you are hyper sensitized, noxious substances from nature: pollens, fungal blooms dusts mites, danders, etc. now cause major flares of disease. Even atmospheric positive ionization zones from buildings or nature, such as the full moon or foehn, 'Santa Ana' winds, or just living in a neighbor hood or region given to positive ionization will tend to flare your autoimmunity and may cause severe physical and emotional damage! Inhaling positive ions engenders the production of the super oxide type of free radicals in your metabolic processes, and they may consume negative ions from the ambient atmosphere. Atmospheric negative ions in ambient air, on the other hand, are essential to well being because they consume positive ions and other pollutants that would otherwise generate free radicals in your metabolic processes, and they are synergistic and catalytic with ozone as "nature's air purifiers".

By now, you may sense that you will seem like a "nut case," to someone who is not so afflicted. This is mainly because the Nazi like, fascist influence, of the chemical companies prevents doctors from being trained in any knowledge of this immense discipline. This would be an essential first step in adding sanity and effectiveness to the medical profession. As a result, because your body cannot go along with their insane, and inept orientation, you will appear eccentric to them. So, you must become your own doctor, because if your doctor does become keen on treating your real problems he will likely be destroyed by the fascist medical-political power structure. Some doctors do prevail in the field of environmental ecology, in spite of all, and may be able to have a positive therapeutic and working relation with you. But they are few and far between.

The measure you will begin with is avoidance, as suggested above. Decontamination is sometimes helpful. A negative ionization, precipitation, and ozonation machine, properly installed on an intelligent and perceptive regimen is often lifesaving, as are good house keeping practices to eliminate dust and mold sources. A natural, restorative diet of fruits, nuts, grains and vegetables, simply and healthfully prepared without chemicals is essential. Our world is so contaminated and the production of meat oft so degraded, that Flesh foods, and seafoods are usually laden with environmental contaminants and other toxins and hazards engendered by the dangerous, unethical practices of the feedlot industry. A good intake of minerals and vitamins is essential. Especially to be noted are trace minerals like selenium, and vitamins like folic acid, which is essential, but is consumed by the formic acid (this essential fact is often not detailed in currently published texts) from inadvertent methanol, formaldehyde, or carbon monoxide intake which happens to be one of the toxic axes of the Aspartame molecule. I prefer kelp selenium because it has a whole bouquet of trace minerals from the sea. Sea Sel is a brand I have used.

Other medical interventions will include immunosuppressive therapy, when warranted. Dexamethasone, (Decadron) is my favorite steroid, given in pushes/pulses, on an intermittent basis, as needed to stop a flare of autoimmune attack. It is safe, even at the high doses such as one half to one mg, that are needed to stop an autoimmune flare in its tracks. It is non toxic, and cheaply and easily taken as one dose of a single oral tablet at home. Archaic information based on the medical knowledge and practices of fifty years ago leave a large segment of the profession unawares of its safety and practicability. The fact that it is extremely cheap will ensure that the government will oppose any improvement in medical outlook about this molecule.

The FDA has become a branch office for the pharmaceutical companies, so the worst side effect that a drug can have is that its patent has run out, and that it truly has become multi-sourced and affordable. NO profit in that! Prolonged or steady use of any steroid is hazardous and destructive, even at low doses, and is to be avoided. One antihistamine that is safe for continuous dosage and effective above all others is doxepin. It is the most powerful H1 and H2 antihistamine known to man. It is long out of patent, and thus out of favor with the power structure because it's cheap! The other benefits for the CHz victim, built into this one molecule, are that it's a peripheral anti serotonin agent (not central like Aspartame which would be a detriment), a stabilizer of the mast cell, an anticholinergic agent, an inducer of restorative sleep without being sedative (after the initial anti histamine daze wears off) and a mild anxiolytic/antidepressant.

When under patent, doxepin was advertised, and independently rated, as being as harmless as a drink of water, a potent medicine, that when taken properly, had no risks associated with its use except, that because the patient might feel so much better, the doctor might overlook other problems. Now that it is out of patent the FDA and surgeon general want to murder it. Dr Koop runs a special net site to scare people away from it. He unrealistically and untruthfully ascribes all sorts of imaginary and irrelevant ills to it. How does the government figure it can get away with such ignorant behavior? Well the government is playing "dumb like a fox". It has declared that it can "categorically" issue precautions, and ascribe side effects and toxicities to a medicine. The FDA may elect to assign to any given medicine any of the hazards or side effects of any other chemical merely stated to be in a similar category. In the case of doxepin numerous categories could be assumed in order to play this legal game of false condemnation. This is foolishness: FDA precautions merely another word game to pursue and to perpetuate political objectives. In fact, the only pertinent information to actually ascribe to a medicine is that information which really pertains to it. This FDA fiction is real "pseudo science." Only the facts matter. All else is simple capriciousness, totally lacking truth, merit, or concern for human welfare. Makes sense, now that I have seen what the FDA and surgeon general really are capable of. Please see Dr Koop's net site on doxepin to view and appreciate what fatuous punditry the fascist government would like to unload upon you.

I will, as illustration, now give my own hypersensitivity experiences. As a review, CHz is engendered by toxics like Aspartame for the following reasons. First: Genetic damage occurs which both denatures the tissue being formed in your body, and blurs the competency of the immune system to recognize your tissues as "self". Second: The immune competency to self protect is further blurred by denaturing the already formed tissues of the body by the direct chemical actions of the toxics: Creates "tissue targets". Third: mitochondrial impairment from the same mechanisms impair detoxification and increase the release of free radicals, which are destructive and inflammatory. Fourth: Many vicious cycles arise to auto perpetuate and broaden the scope of these problems.

Here is my experience. The features especially relevant to CHz are pointed out, along with enough of the bureaucracy and political scenario exemplified to let you know what you are really facing, now and in the future. As I have been writing this account, it has been extremely painful for me to even recall many of these memories, much less relate them to you. Some of the material I must relate will worry my friends because they feel I must hide it to protect myself. You, dear reader, and the billions of human beings around the world who have been, or will be deformed or damaged by the heinous chemicals unleashed upon us are more important than myself, or my welfare. My friends who believe me to be a brilliant and compassionate healer feel I should alter this story to protect myself in hopes of one day again practicing medicine. When I came to realize the horrorific nature of Aspartame and the satanic nature of its promoters, I made the determination that I could not be bought at any price, even if that meant being completely misunderstood.

In fact, the Lord has preserved my life. Various individuals from the satanic organizations have approached me to threaten, buy, or otherwise get me off the Nutra Sweet issue. When I respond to their threats with the reply, "I trust my life to the Lord." They typically, are forced to admit; "You must be right, that the Lord is protecting you, because we have repeatedly used the best to get rid of you. You can't even be alive, and yet you are." Does that sound like something from "The Gladiator"? "But know this. We are never going allow you to have anything, or be anything, or do anything, and know this also, we are going to keep trying, and when the Lord doesn't need you anymore we are going to kill you." The Lord does not indeed guarantee any one of us a single heartbeat into the future. All I could say in response was: "The bible says not to worry about this life, but to trust Him for the life to come, which Satan will defraud you of." So they find me unanswerable, and impossible to deal with.

How have I come to this point? About January of 1983 I received a flyer from Searle, whom I considered an ethical drug company. I was especially fond of them because, years before, I had a close personal relationship with one of the Searle sisters. In spite of this, their flyer troubled me. In essence, it stated "We are putting a marvelous new artificial sweetener on the market called -Nutra Sweet-. It is just a couple of harmless protein fragments, Drink up and enjoy." It gave not so much as a stick drawing of the chemical, nor did it even name it! "None the less." I bit. When the Lo-cal Kool-Aid hit the market I started using it. Within two days I went from being a two-mile at a session, swimmer to being in such a toxic cardiomyopathy and heart failure, that I couldn't even climb the stairs to my apartment. Loss of balance, and hearing acuity, and energy was also an immediate effect. I abandoned the swimming pool and became a couch potato. My wife became frantic, and then rejective, because of the changes in me. At that point, any intelligent person would have known that the lo-cal Kool-Aid was suspect. My personal experience will strongly exemplify how doctors can be made to be real dummies, in any given circumstance, by believing what they have been trained to believe by our fascist, and fallible government and medical-pharmaceutical axis power structure.

Lab work up revealed only a mildly increased eosinophile count, and decreased platelet count in my blood, and low voltage on the EKG. It was all "non diagnostic," but only because of my lack of knowledge about Aspartame's chemical formula and toxicity. Had I been allowed to know either, this story would have ended right there.

So, I persisted using the lo-cal Kool-Aid. With the passing of a few more days I developed many symptoms of methanol (methyl alcohol) /formaldehyde poisoning, and progressive classic symptoms of chemical hypersensitivity. My skin turned red and inflamed, and was photosensitive. I was short of breath and drained of energy. I lost my ability to withstand thermal stress and stayed inside out of the summer warmth. I could not acclimatize. In spite of staying in the air-conditioned environment, parts of my body felt cold and others, hot. I got stinging sensations in my skin, shooting down my extremities, and around my body. My thirst markedly increased. Things began to taste salty to me. That didn't stop me from craving corn chips and other pure carbohydrates. A bowl of corn chips became my constant companion at home.

My sense of smell became outrageously keen. Be there even one leaf of stale lettuce in the kitchen garbage can, I could smell it, even though the lid was closed. This common feature of CHz (chemical hypersensitivity disease) apparently is due the fact that the sense of smell, which is designed to alert to chemical hazards, begins to note damage potential from chemicals at millions of times lower concentrations; which is in keeping with the facts of the case of CHz. At the same time, my ability to taste the sensation of sweetness in foods became markedly impaired, and remains so to this day. My mild, easily controlled osteo arthritis flared into a full blown inflammatory and destructive arthritis and my right knee became acutely painful. It had developed a large crack clear across the joint surface. I have since seen people who had experienced well nigh total cartilaginous destruction, throughout their bodies, from this flare of arthritic processes by Aspartame. They usually gave the history of only about six weeks from onset, to total destruction.

As I continued on Aspartame, my visual acuity lessened and until I had a severe loss of visual acuity, my night vision also disappeared and did not return for six years. I thank the Lord that it suddenly returned in 1989. I lost my sense of balance in the first couple of days of lo-cal Kool-Aid use. My eye-hand coordination was the next to go. My enjoyment of sex went first. Next came impairment of sexual function, which has never resolved. Many men are ashamed to talk about this, but they should overcome that, and let the world know what Nutra Sweet did to them. My wife thought I had lost interest in her, and had perhaps become enamored of someone else.

In my early research, the disruption of marriages was one of the things the government studies reported as a result of CHz, and methanol/formaldehyde exposure. Shortly after I started writing about, and publicizing these problems my file was robbed of all Aspartame and formaldehyde/methanol related materials and this information has since become unfindable: Largely replaced by punditry that would make you think there is but little hazard. Common to the literature of the time, was that other victims, like myself found the whole experience to be a totally perplexing, disintegrative destruction of their lives.

My ability to sleep became increasingly impaired and soon a deep depression set in. Life became one long, dark, pleasureless, sleepless night. About then I tried using the sleeper Placidyl. It works by virtue of solvency, just like ether or chloroform. I didn't yet even know I was being felled by CHz. Solvents of all kinds worsen CHz, especially formaldehyde related CHz. So, neither sleep nor anything good came of that, and my symptoms all worsened, especially the neurological symptoms. The small town of Ashland, KS where I was practicing saw this happening to me and came to the conclusion I was an alcoholic because my impairment and depression were apparent to all, and I looked hung over all the time. That was a very astute correlation, because the "hang over" experience is caused by the traces of methanol in beverage alcohol. I was using no alcoholic beverages, but I was getting methyl alcohol from Nutra Sweet and had become a methoholic, the most vicious and destructive form of alcoholism. By now I craved the lo-cal Kool-Aid. I used it before I went to the clinic and as soon as I arrived home again. I had quit hospitalizing patients and my clinic practice was, of course dwindling due to my impaired performance. By now I only wanted to get through the day.

I felt, some how, that it was "all my fault." Aspartame is a brainwashing agent. You lose your ability to think independently and effectively, or to realistically challenge any thing. I wondered how I could get so old so fast. In fact, Aspartame aged me about thirty years in six weeks. When your immune system is aging you instead of protecting you, your Mt DNA is rapidly being mutated and degraded, RNA transmission is being deranged and deleted, when free radicals are being flooded through out your body and plasticizing agents and blister poisons are destroying your tissues from the inside out, that pretty well describes progeria. I had a full head of dark brown hair when I started drinking lo-cal Kool-Aid. Six weeks later it looked like I had silver gray hair that I had dyed dark brown and the gray roots were showing. My hair was grayed forever. It's Mt DNA, which determines youthfulness of hair, forever "fried" by the Aspartame. There were no real hair dyes marketed just for men at that time. Starting in 1984, those became a brisk and expanding market served by several new brand names.

I was now experiencing the horrors of deteriorating with neuro degenerative dz. I can empathize with those going through this as no one who hasn't been there really can. My body and brain were now neurologically and functionally falling apart. What a hopeless feeling! I felt that I was going crazy. There was just no known medical explanation for what was happening to me.

I went to see Dr. Max Teare in Garden City, Kansas, a psychiatrist, who specialized in treating impaired physicians. Max was marvelous, but had no inkling that Aspartame was toxic. I frankly told him all about myself, including all the meds I was using. Max recognized that nothing that I was sharing with him would explain the messed up man sitting in interview with him. I was sobbing desperately in my pleas for help. I could barely get my hands to my mouth. I could hardly swallow my own saliva. Talking or maintaining a normal posture was nearly impossible for me. My speech was slurred. I couldn't even hold myself erect, and I was grossly uncoordinated.

Max repeatedly pressed me to tell him about the drugs I was using, or the alcohol I was imbibing but I had nothing further to tell him. Finally I sobbed, "Max all I know is that nothing you are suggesting will help me at all. If I don't get some help I am going to die! I want you to send me to the best mental hospital that you know of." Never did Max ask about Nutra Sweet consumption, nor did I volunteer any such information. We as MDs were simply programmed to view it as an inert food additive. All food additives must, by law, be proven inert at one hundred times the maximum conceivable human dose. No wonder we were mislead by our blind faith in the FDA.

Max was visibly upset by my request for hospitalization, and said, " Man, you don't know what that would do to your career." I replied. "Max right now I don't care about my career, all I know is that I am a dying man". So, Max reluctantly gave very thoughtful contemplation to the matter, discussing various options with me and asking me about them. I assured him that I was in no condition to choose, but that I would appreciate him choosing the one he would want to go to if he were in my shoes. After a long deliberation with himself, he said he would choose Prairie View, a Mennonite institution in Newton, Ks. Thank God for Prairie View! It's quiet, pleasant, chemical free rural environment, and loving, supportive staff were to prove to be just what my Nutra Sweet and CHz ravished body needed!

Meanwhile Max had sent me home to wait while he arranged an appointment to enter Prairie View. I was no longer practicing but only staying in my air-conditioned apartment, avoiding the ferociously hot Kansas summer, and desperately sliding downhill into a Lou Gehrig's Disease like picture. Still slugging down the lo-cal Kool-Aid, and saying "Thank God for Nutra Sweet in such a hot summer." A week or two later Max called and said he had arranged for my admission, but that it would be another week before Prairie View would have room for me. Ah! Hope at last! With this newfound hope, my ravaged mind must have subconsciously gone into high gear. I subconsciously, and only subconsciously came to suspect. "Nutra Sweet." I said to myself, for no apparent conscious reason, "No more Nutra Sweet." Lacking Aspartame, my body and mind slowly began to make the early phases of recovery.

I presented to Prairie View in a state of withdrawal, but a very little partially recovered, and totally broken in spirit. What were they to think! "Boy do we have an addict coming to us in withdrawal or what!" Was their highly logical conclusion. I was palsied with a bulbar palsy. This was evident on exam, in addition to being hyper reflexic and ataxic, all classical signs of being damaged by, and in withdrawal from some mind destroying toxic substance. I got to meet the very overworked Dr Peter O'toole, the only full time psychiatrist for about 300 inpatients on my second day. Again, he did not ask and I did not volunteer any information about my Nutra Sweet consumption.

Why should we? It had been fed to the public along with the greatest media blitzkrieg of the history of the world. I now know that we live in a day and age unparalleled for manipulation of the media as propaganda. If any thing is highly promoted, you'd best back right away from it. Right now our rights and liberties are being destroyed and our bodies are being violated by the government assuming "emergency powers" and taking other fascist measures under the guise of a "war on terrorism". Were all facts known, the only emergencies that have occurred were fostered by US intelligence agencies, and the only crisis we face is a media event designed to make us gullible and pliant to the notion of being defrauded of our personal and civil liberties. Note how the Bush family is now being promoted in a media blitz, as innocuous Americans, just as vulnerable as all other Americans; It would be made to seem. Better ask: "Where have my rights gone?" "And my liberties?," "And our economy?," And, Oh Yes!, "The social security funds." You might consider boycotting all the press involved in this propaganda smoke screen operation. You see Bush et al, and Rummsfeld, almost daily, promoted as model citizens in a way never previously exhibited by our media, on behalf of anyone. I think these fascist denizens even may come to believe their own propaganda and enjoy false adulation. Some dictators demand it, with staged demonstrations, etc.

The "National Enquirer" ran a prominent article detailing a few of the ties between the Bush dynasty and Nazi Germany. April 24, 2001, was the publication date, as I remember. It was removed from all the K Mart and Fred Meyer store chains, over night, before the stores were opened for the business in the morning, and for a long time, this fascist act was covered by providing the following weeks Enquirer a week early. It still is here in Portland. Both chains are owned by the Kroger dynasty, who now control 52%+ of the nations grocery supply. All this virtually defines "burn the books" fascism.

I saw but little of Dr O'toole for most of my stay at Prairie View, but a psychologist, Dr White, oversaw my care. Upon my arrival at Prairie View, I was pleasantly surprised. It was rural and pastoral, situated on a 350-acre farm outside of town amidst the rolling, rural Kansas landscape. The buildings were rustic and informal, having been built in the immediate post WWII era, when Mennonites who had served as medics in the war, were inspired by their wartime experiences to build a place where war torn psyches could heal. The buildings were simple, and pleasant, but not air-conditioned. I was panicked. I had, since starting Nutra Sweet, been completely defeated by the heat of the Kansas summer. Now I had to live without air conditioning. A large part of the time was spent out of doors in vigorous recreational activities in the heat of Kansas' hottest month, August! What a disconcerting prospect for me. I was utterly defeated by the heat. Nutra Sweet had withered my ability to withstand thermal, or any other kind of stress.

Much to my surprise, I rapidly acclimatized and was not even bothered by the heat any more. The healing process was not painless. The simple occupational therapies were terrifying to me because they revealed the extreme neurological incapacities I had sustained. Other doctors who worked with me in surgery had complimented me on my surgical dexterity and skills. Now those hands, once so capable, could hardly be directed to scratch a random line on a recreational exercise. The personnel were marvelously supportive and shared every little victory with me as my functional abilities began to return. The food was simple, cooked from scratch in the inimitable, and excellent Mennonite cuisine, and free of chemicals.

There were a few rough spots engendered by my Aspartame induced picture, though. The psychological personnel were intent on finding out just what had so neurologically degenerated me. This led to a lot of confrontations about drug abuse, but I had nothing more that I could tell them. I earnestly wished I could give them anything to go on. I wanted, above all else, to get well. They knew of my biochemical expertise. In defiance of all logic, they came to the misguided conclusion that I simply had to be the cleverest addict they had ever seen, but an addict, nonetheless. Most of the personnel were of a congenial nature, but the Gestapo teams they sent around in the middle of the night to roughly extract blood and urine samples for drug testing were an exception. I so badly wanted to get well! I submitted, out of blind faith, without protest for a couple of weeks, actually hoping they could find anything by this misdirected activity.

When all the results were in, I again saw Dr. O'toole. He was illogically confrontational. He said "Jim you are just too smart for your own good. We have repeatedly, again and again, done all sorts of drug testing. We have even used the most refined labs in the nation and have taken tests that would detect any abuse drugs even in trace amounts. That should detect anything, even six weeks to three months back, and you are clean. How are you doing this?" They thought, that with my sound knowledge of applied biochemistry, I had cleverly devised a method to defeat their testing. How illogical!

I came to them of my own volition, not having been found guilty of anything, nor was I referred to them because any agency was suspicious of drug abuse. I lived without privacy in their Spartan quarters, and there was no logical reason to believe that I could have concocted any method that could have defeated the results of all their extensive blood and urine testing. This has direct application forever, to the life of any who have used Aspartame. Your doctors will be clueless, unless they learn about Asp and CHz.

Many doctors are in satanic agencies like the Masonic orders, B'nai B'rith, etc., or are afraid of politics, or afraid to disbelieve the fascist power structure, or if they disbelieve, to do anything, but keep it to themselves, because they have, from medical school on been taught to never cross politics, at the cost of losing their careers. Or, just as myself, and my therapists were at that time, they have come to no conscious admission of the dangers of Aspartame. No matter how insanely illogical it is not to follow their observations to the logical conclusion, which you have documented to them, that you need help because of serious problems with Aspartame, or CHz, they will throw you on the medical trash heap as a "nut" or malingerer, rather than cooperate with you in treating you for the problems for which you so badly need to be helped.

It is a sad fact, that the medical profession has been, as a matter of routine in their training, been taught to stay off the frontiers of medicine. That's real bad because those patients "out in the frontier" may present to them and need their help at any time. I, for one, am a "frontiersman" and will remain so due the insights I have gained in almost twenty years of studying the Aspartame problem. Well, OK, I was a "frontiersman" before. If you do not "fire" any doctor who will not relate realistically to your problems from Aspartame with CHz, you are doomed. Once you have been so afflicted, you must forever dethrone your doctors as high priests. Seek your own welfare, because the only alternative is toxic genetic and immunologic destruction. By reading this article you have become a frontiersman, having gone way beyond the frontier of mass mind control that your government would keep you, and your doctor confined to.

Happily, with the good environment at Prairie View, I was steadily improving. Little credit can be given to my therapists, who were in a hapless position, because at that time they had no access to any knowledge of the hazards of Aspartame. That is no longer true. Any doctor or therapist who does not, or will not explore the vast amount of information available is simply an inadequate personality, and a shame and disgrace to his profession. You should, though, give them a chance by pointing out the excellent net sites like "dorway" and "holisticmed" to them. The bibliographies therein are extensive. A compilation from "holisticmed," called "the bitter truth about artificial sweeteners" has 1100 pages of crystal clear material with rock hard documentation from 70 pages of bibliography. There is just no longer any excuse for a doctor to sell himself to the power structure and ignore the facts of the horrible Aspartame problem! Dr Hyman Roberts has published a comprehensive medical textbook, and even when I was a doctor/patient, there existed all sorts of information that would have alerted us all to the deadly hazard called Aspartame, had we been allowed to know of it. NO thanks to media who covered for it!

Dr Adrian gross, the head toxicologist at the EPA, had already, for over ten years been condemning Aspartame with the full weight of his agency. Donald Rummsfeld, et al, had faced felony charges pressed by the US congress. All of which should have hit the media like a meteor strike. The major media was and remains sworn to silence on the Aspartame and CHz issue, which is far more of interest to the populace, and millions of times more essential to our welfare and political democracy than say "Watergate," in which the media doused the public for months, to defrock a president guilty of nothing approaching the heinous Aspartame atrocity. Yes, "Monica" isn't even noteworthy, but she was made a porn queen to pander to the public's prurient interests and, for a year or so, used to divert the public attention from real issues. I personally wasn't interested. It came to the point where I refused to even pick up a periodical that was pandering with her.

Back to Prairie View, August 1983. My stay was marked by much of the pathos that you might expect in a mental hospital. Highly depressed, I was but little help to the outlook of my extremely depressed roommate.. He hung himself after I had been there about a week. When my depression began to lift, and my neurological function began to heal, it was ambivalent from the standpoint of "Out there, in the real world, I was a total mess, here in a sheltered environment, I'm getting better. Hmmm, does that mean that I am so defective I can't function in society? So inadequate I can't take the stress?" This was beginning to become a real problem with my "self image." Shirley, my RN wife saw this and began to urge me: "Come on Jim. Get out of here. They're making a patient out of you! You are starting to like this." Broken in spirit, all I could reply was: "I am not well yet, and they have found no answers for me."

About three weeks after I got off of Nutra Sweet, I had progressed from hardly being able to get my hands above my shoulders, to being able to clumsily hit a volleyball. That was some real improvement. The attempts of the psychotherapy staff had convinced me that there was definitely some chemical substance involved, because that was what they kept pressing me for. "But what could it be?" I really wanted to know!

My first answer came incidentally. I customarily use Palmolive liquid dish soap to wash and bathe with because it is extremely friendly to my body. I asked my wife to bring in a bottle of Prell shampoo for me to use in the dormitory. She had asked me if I would like anything special after I got over my acute toxicity enough to care. The very first time I used Prell, one evening just before bedtime, I was in for a rude awakening! Shortly after I fell asleep, I awoke, itching all over, my body covered with intensely pruritic red hives. I went to the shower and began to soak the chemical, whatever it was, out of my skin. That led to a pretty stiff confrontation with the staff, which ran into the shower, screaming "You can't be in here now it is almost midnight." When I told them I had no intention of leaving until I got better, and explained what had happened they were incredulous, but reluctantly relented. When my skin got comfortable again, I went back to bed.

That episode caused me to ask myself, "What is in Prell that is not in Palmolive or the soap I have used here?" The answer came to me. "Formaldehyde is added to Prell as a polymerizing agent to make the hair tougher, and willing to take a set as you comb it out after shampooing." So, now I had it! Whatever had done this to me had caused formaldehyde poisoning in my body, and had left me formaldehyde sensitized. This is, in fact, one of the Nutra Sweet "cogeners", one of the multitudinous bad reactions it engenders in human beings from the time of manufacture and onwards ad infinitum. Formaldehyde, which is the strongest organic base, and a polymerizing agent cross binds, and plasticizes your own tissues, DNA, and RNA "denaturing" them. Your immune system then fails to recognize, as "self", your own tissues, which have been "denatured", made foreign to it by formaldehyde polymerization. It sees them as "foreign" and therefore needing to be destroyed by immune attack. So your immune system targets attacks your own tissues, or the fetus if you are carrying a baby.

As I contemplated this I could not, in any way, come to suspect our government, but rather felt that our democracy could be threatened by exposing our leaders to it, and then deranging them at will by exposing them to minute amounts of formaldehyde vapors. In a very close sense, I was right. Nancy had been regularly pushing Aspartame on Ronny. She had given him a cute little silver tube to carry it around in, and this man, always a follower and actor rather than a leader, was all the more under her control, and thus of her handlers. He was to become so neurologically degenerated by Aspartame, that by the time he made run for his second term of Presidency, you may remember that he had to visibly struggle, openly before the cameras, to even poorly read his lines. At that point he was no longer even a competent actor. Just the kind of man his keepers wanted in the oval office. Reagan went on to full blown Alzheimer's dz, one of the over ninety known problems from Aspartame. Having not the slightest inkling of anything wrong with the FDA, I remained convinced of only one thing. Whatever chemical had done this to me was a formaldehyde compound, and had left me formaldehyde sensitized.

I could never have dreamed that my own government would have exposed me to a concoction of methyl alcohol, wood alcohol, or methanol. Methanol has been well known, for over a hundred years, to cause the most vicious form of alcoholism, "metholism." It is noted for extreme depression and degeneration of about every system in the body as well as immunologic disorders and death, in even minute amounts. A prominent "skull and cross bones" and "poison" label are required on everything containing methanol along with the words, "Warning, poisonous, contains methanol do not breath fumes or ingest." Obviously Nutra Sweet could not be anything like that. It certainly did not have any warning like that on the label. Methanol causes a form of formaldehyde poisoning about fifty times as deadly as straight formaldehyde, and when estherized into a larger molecule like Aspartame, becomes far more toxic and sensitizing. I had been ingesting an alcohol/formaldehyde poison about twenty thousand times as toxic as regular old "sipping alcohol", ethanol or grain alcohol, (on mg per mg basis). I was clueless, only because uninformed. Most ingested Aspartame is broken down into about ten other poisons in the digestive tract. The small amount, like a mg or so, that is absorbed "buccally", directly through the mouth, is enough to be, an extreme poisoning because of the extreme potency of the intact molecule.

So I sat around the hospital feeling more and more a lost, inadequate soul because I had no idea what my problem had been out in the world and I didn't want to go out there and get slapped down by it again. Whatever it was! One evening I paused for just a few minutes to watch the news. I was given my answer. The female TV newsperson gave about a five second warning at the end of her newscast: "The FDA has issued warnings on Nutra Sweet. It can cause chemical imbalances in the brain". The FDA had not. Dr Dick Wurtman, the head of neuro endocrinology at MIT had gotten her to say it. This was his area of special expertise, and special concern with Aspartame. Wow! Some authority figure had given me permission to think!

It became so obvious. I had started Nutra Sweet. I got sick and fell apart. I stopped it. I got well, or at least better, except for formaldehyde sensitivity. The next morning I jubilantly went to Dr O'toole, and told him what I had discovered. His only response was to become desperately upset, and speechless. Then his lack of any rational knowledge of Aspartame toxicity once again predominated and clouded the issue. He was going to prove that Aspartame was not the culprit! He again reordered all the testing I had already gone through: In some instances, several times already. I said "Dr O'toole, you have even reordered a cat scan of the brain, for which you have a negative report from just three weeks ago!" He seemed to melt into a total collapse of hopelessness right on the spot, and had nothing more to offer. Such is the immense conundrum that the government has created for doctors by putting this horrendous poison on the market, along with others, and mandating of medical doctors that they dare not find it so. Dr Hyman Roberts has well documented it, that up to $60,000 or more, per patient in unnecessary workups are occurring because of lack of medical knowledge of Aspartame.

I gave my three days of notice to Prairie View that I was leaving. My wife was jubilant. She had her husband back, unafraid to face the world. Well I should have been though, Had I but had any inkling of what was going to happen to me when I started talking about the biochemistry of Aspartame. (There will be room in this article for but a very small part of what I have been put through.) Of course I wanted to know more. So I sent Shirley down to the drugstore to ask the pharmacist what he might know about Aspartame. He knew nothing. A PhD pharmacologist, a pharmaceutical salesman from Salina Kansas who was passing through, happened upon the conversation and said; "Well I really wondered about that. I have held a lot of Searle stock, and they told us in their stock reports ten years ago that Aspartame was far too toxic to ever even consider for human consumption, and now I see it on the market!" In the meanwhile, I called the FDA and got Tony Burnetti, who maintained the Nutra Sweet file.

Tony said " Why no, there is nothing at all wrong with Nutra Sweet. If there were anything wrong with Nutra Sweet we would pull it right off the market." Tony's voice was so full of false bravado that he sounded just like a man who was being forced to say something he didn't believe. I was right. He shortly later became a very valuable mole and let us get some of the most damning toxicity studies you could conceive of, directly from his files at the FDA. Such as: In normal doses Aspartame is the number one brain tumor carcinogen known to man. In the same low dose, equivalent to 3 cans of pop/ day, it within 60 days, it caused a 250% increase in visible human illness, and was demonstrated to be extremely carcinogenic in the human study group. It was also demonstrated to be an extreme epileptogenic agent.

At the moment though, he was standing pat on the "party line." So I asked. "Tony, I am an MD and biochemist and I have a pretty good understanding of applied biochemistry. Maybe, if you just told me the chemical formula of Nutra Sweet, I could figure out what's happened to me here, because the stuff almost killed me." Tony's reply: "I can't give you the formula." I protested: "Back up here now Tony. This stuff has been released for general consumption. The formula should be public knowledge, and now you are telling me you can't even give me the formula? That you can't even give the formula to a concerned physician!" Tony's reply: "Well, it's a controversial issue, and we never release the formula on controversial issues." A moment ago it was perfectly safe, and now it was so "controversial" that even a medical doctor was not to be allowed to know what it was! You didn't have to tell me any more than that to let me know I had just stumbled on something big and bloody. All on our first day of looking!

I went to the "freedom of information" act and requested access to the Nutra Sweet formula, and file. A little later, I got a letter acknowledging my request and assuring me I would get the information in due time. It has been 19 years, and nothing has been forth coming! I didn't wait for FIA, but went to the sugar industry trade journals, where I found the chemical formula of Aspartame, and thus made it known to the public. After contemplating the formula carefully, for quite a while, and thinking about the known properties intrinsic in its chemical constitution, I quite correctly came to the conclusion this was not anything that any conscientious scientist would ever allow in the human body. This was the kind of perverted, sick science they had been doing in Nazi Germany. I have since discovered that horrid possibility to be just the fact.

"Operation paperclip" was so named when the satanic king makers and power brokers who presently run our world, and are destroying it, brought Nazi war criminals to the US at the end of WWII, to continue their "scientific" projects here. They placed paperclips on the files, so their clerks could type clean dossiers for President Truman's review. From their work came the HIV virus, Aspartame, and the "Schools of the Americas", etc. If you look at the seven last plagues of Revelation (Ch 16), you will read of the culmination of the satanic degradation that the US, which will remain the most powerful (Rev 13:11-17), and thus the most responsible, leader of the nations until the end of time (Rev17: 7-11), and will bring destruction upon the world. This satanic degradation of society and the world will bring the US to its knees in the dust of the world it has destroyed. (Rev 6:13-17), and (Rev 19:17-21). To force the public to support such heinous programs, the leaders need fascist powers, just like Rome and Nazi Germany exercised. Aspartame is a heinous chemical agent designed to help bring this about. Welcome to the new world order! (Rev 16:13-16) Aspartame is Satan, its leader's chemical agent of first choice for population control, and mass mind control.

Upon arriving back in Ashland Kansas, I found that the small town power structure viewed me as an unrepentant alcoholic. It was no longer possible for me to succeed there. So I began to look for alternatives. My wife and myself soon discovered that things had mysteriously changed with our health. It is to my shame that Shirley, almost as soon as I started drinking the lo-cal Kool-Aid, spotted the fact that Nutra Sweet was what was breaking my health. She would plead with me "Jim get off the Nutra Sweet. It is killing you." I would respond. "No. It is a safe, FDA approved product. It couldn't be doing this to me." So she, out of respect to my incorrect opinion, and her faith in the FDA as an RN nurse, began to use the lo-cal Kool-Aid along with me. She was about ten weeks pregnant at the time, and shortly after she became symptomatic with the Aspartame poisoning, she lost the baby. I found Aspartame to be a common fertility problem, and not surprisingly, many who carry to delivery while consuming, deliver seriously damaged or deformed babies, or the more subtle "pervasive developmental disorders" occur. All in keeping with the known toxicity and biochemistry of the Aspartame molecule. My wife used far less Aspartame than I did. She had much milder primary symptoms. We didn't understand at all, in spite of her initial recognition of Aspartame's horrible effects on me. So exemplary of the brain washing effects of Asp, once you come under its influence. From that six-week period of ingestion, we had both contracted CHz.

Our first inkling that anything was wrong was that, while we both loved to eat at salad bars, they now made us sick. Weird health phenomena that we couldn't understand began to occur. It became obvious that the sexual dynamo that I had been just before I started lo-cal Kool-Aid was never to be again. My hair had gone gray, and was rapidly thinning. It now took regular, careful combing to make it appear to cover the top, and careful photography to avoid the appearance of balding. When I first enrolled in Prairie View, my hair hadn't shed yet, and the gray shining through, in streaks, looked rather attractive, I thought. A month later, the shedding had occurred. I now had a whole new set of problems with it. I had never before known.

We selected the town of Ridgefield, Washington as our next practice location. We started across country with a U Haul and a car. We arrived at Sinclair, Wyoming, an oil refinery town with noticeable air pollution of a sulfurous nature. This pollution flared our sensitivities. We however, didn't have an inkling of the existence of CHz, or that Aspartame had anything to do with our newfound CHz health problems. Many of our mutual experiences therefore, provide an elegant health study of CHz, with two cohorts well trained to observe medical phenomena, and blinded as to what we were going through, and as to CHz, or Asp as the cause. We thought the Nutra Sweet episode was behind us and we were in state of hopeful denial. We believed we could go back to the world that existed for us before we encountered Asp. That was never to be! For a treat, we went to the finest restaurant in Sinclair for some good, home style cooking. Even that was not to be! When the waitress brought us the soup, I found it to be way too salty, but thought it to be "just me." I tried to choke it down but just couldn't. I looked at Shirley, who was going through just the exact same experience. Our eyes met, and with a smile of shared experience, we said simultaneously, " this soup is just too salty." we smiled and decided to set the soup aside and go on with the meal, without complaint.

When the waitress brought the excellent main course we had the same experience. The food was just way too salty to eat! The waitress was cool. She said: "The cook probably over salted the food." and brought us some chicken nuggets from outside sources. While she was gone we noted that Shirley's daughter, Sherry, and all the other customers were eating the food, and enjoying it just fine. When the chicken nuggets arrived, they also tasted way too salty to eat. Talk about a couple of perplexed people! Shirley and I didn't have a clue what was going on. In fact: Our CHz was flared into full reactivity by the sulfurous petrochemicals in the air from the refinery, and as is typically often the case, our sense of thirst and perception of salty taste were grossly exaggerated. Shirley asked the waitress for a doggy bag. I remonstrated with her. "Woman what do you want to bring those chicken nuggets along for, they are way too salty to eat!" Shirley was cool and didn't answer, but brought the nuggets along. After several hours in the pure air of rural Wyoming, we later arrived in Rock Springs. Shirley got out the chicken nuggets to try them. I asked, "Why are you messing with those? You know they are way too salty." Shirley tasted some and said "these are delicious, here try some." I did and they were! We looked at each other, puzzled? Clueless we were.

Ridgefield, Washington was one of the worst places that a Dr afflicted with CHz could have chosen to practice. The greater Portland area is horribly polluted due to polluted politics. Pulp mills lined the Columbia all the way in from the coast, and the Willamette all the way south to Albany. The Columbia then turns eastward. It, and the Snake host more huge pulp industries all the way from Camas, WA to Lewiston, Idaho. Not to mention the ones inside Portland and Vancouver. Just north of Ridgefield, Kalama, WA hosts a large concentration of chemical manufacturing in its port. 98% of the Nation's benzoates and numerous other chemicals are manufactured there. The emissions are just not controlled. Benzoates are "death" to most CHz victims. In the whole greater Portland Metroplex, to ask any of the enforcement agencies to stop major polluters is to merely submit yourself to scrutiny and abuse. The Willamette River at Portland now contains 1000 times the max permissible levels of dioxin and PCBs. The fish have deformed spines and skulls. Happily? At least there are signs along the river warning you that the fish are inedible. They long fooled the public, but couldn't "fool" the fish that have to swim up the river. The last salmon arrived at Willamette Falls in Oregon City years ago.

Ridgefield was the "company town" of PWT, Pacific Wood Treatment's plant. They putrified the environment there with pentachlorophenol and other toxic wastes, emitting them into the air and water, even burying them in shallow graves. The excellent Redmond aquifer blesses the whole of Clark County with abundant high quality water. Other industries have also damaged it permanently by dumping poisons in it that will be there forever, some even pumping pollutants down into it! The world's largest pulp mill is just across the Columbia from Ridgefield, at Saint Helens, OR. The pulp pollutants would often billow out of its stacks in a huge plume and arc across the river, settling down and mixing with the PWT emissions in air already chemically fouled by Kalama, just up the beach. This enveloped Ridgefield in a toxic cloud of multi sourced pollutants. Many of the townspeople suffered the resultant diseases.

My real education in CHz was just about to begin! What a nightmare! My problems with Aspartame, which I had hoped to leave far, and forever behind me began to recur in many destructively intrusive ways. The "bonfire" effect set in because my CHz was kept "flared up" to an extremely high level of destructiveness. Where shall I start with all the symptoms? Alzheimer like loss of short-term memory? I would leave town to drive into downtown Vancouver just a few exits down I-5, and drive right on past the Fourth Plain exit and be forced to go on across the Columbia River Bridge into Portland, circle back north across the bridge and forget to exit the down town, Mill Plain and Fourth plain exits, circle back south again and once more miss the Fourth Plain exit south bound and once again be forced go across to Portland, completely failing to get to Vancouver.

My Lou Gehrig's like neurological symptoms with throat paralysis would recur when the pollution built up, especially when I went home and lay down in bed. My latex mattress, which I had owned for 18 years, had never bothered me until then. It now caused paralysis. When I replaced it with a cotton mattress, the foam pillows then sickened me. When I replaced them with feather pillows, I had then to learn that feathers for pillows are regularly sterilized and toughened to give them body with formaldehyde. I often appeared drunk to my patients and talked to them much as a drunk would. Shirley was made so ill that she could not remain downtown, where the pollution was the worst, and my office was located, long enough to help me in the office.

My office apparently had polyurethane insulation because it smelled strongly of formaldehyde and urea to me, and worsened my condition. In an attempt to live with my "formaldehyde sensitivity" I would keep its door opened which caused my receptionist to resign even though I provided her with a personal heater to keep warm with. She thought that my problems with the office "were just a bunch of nonsense." After all it didn't bother her. My arthritis, usually well controlled with Feldene (piroxicam), flared into high gear. I developed chronic fatigue/polymyalgia symptoms. I had started writing for newspapers about the problems that Aspartame had caused me, and was causing my patients, while still in Kansas.

A startlingly explicit illustration of how quickly Aspartame can alter the genetic and immune status of a population occurred late that fall in Ridgefield, and the whole lower Columbia/Willamette river basin. About once a year a massive, extensive inversion forms over Portland, usually extending from Longview to the north, to Salem or Albany to the south. It starts with the usual nightly inversion when the pollutant-laden upper atmosphere is cooled from the lack of sun and further loses warmth, radiating it into the night sky, and then tumbles down unto the populace, while the air that remained warmed by contact with the ground runs up the mountain valleys and gets on top. This is then joined by a gently sloping warm front coming in from off the Pacific, which then becomes stationary and layered above. The pollutants can be trapped for days, and the populace has to breathe them. The only thing that made the few inverted days starting December 17, 1983 different from other years was that the population had just been introduced to Aspartame in a media blitz, starting in July of that year. The companies had ruthlessly even left off even the FDA mandated warning for PKU. "So what if PKU infants were severely brain damaged." Aspartame must be consumed. No matter what!

Nothing was to alert the public to any possible problem from Aspartame! The inversion hit as usual. Overhead the moon was building for a December 20th full date. The negatively charged moon, which orbits in close to the earth's surface, as it shows full, was pushing the ionosphere down towards the earth by same charge repellency, because the ionosphere is negatively charged on top. The positively charged bottom of the ionosphere was generating toxic positive ions in the stable, inverted chemical mess enveloping the Portland/Vancouver area. I was there to observe the effect on the now sensitized population of Ridgefield, which was the epicenter. Shirley and I were ill, and we knew why. Others in town were ill but hapless. Our good friends and neighbors who ran a large silkscreen factory across the street from the clinic put a huge banner across the whole front of their business stating "someone is trying to run us out of town". They locked up their business and took off! A few days later when the inversion lifted, they quietly came back and resumed business without further comment. The Oregonian reported more than triple the arrests for prostitution that Portland usually had. And! These were not professional tarts they were ordinary housewives with no prior criminal record. The paper could offer no explanation.

I went to visit Mayor Bill, a capable, stable, broad based man. He sat at his desk sobbing. When I asked him the problem, he could merely state that he "just couldn't do anything right the last day or two." I assured him it was the inverted pollutants stacked on top of Nutra Sweet toxicity, and the CHz there from. The city clerk, a very chaste married woman, had become totally disinhibited. Shirley and I went up to the Oak Tree, about twenty miles away in Woodland, for supper in hopes of escaping from the pollution. The waitresses there were totally disinhibited. It might have been "Bachelors Paradise" that night. We drove east up along the Lewis River after supper to try and escape the chemically fouled air and couldn't get out of it until we passed Merwin Dam about twenty miles up into the mountains. Oh! It felt so good to be able to breath pure air again! But having no place to sleep, after a brief respite, we had to submit to the misery of returning to the fouled air. When the inversion cleared in a few days, life returned to its usual routines. My premonitions of what could become of a population sensitized by Aspartame and then exposed to formaldehyde, or the likes, had proved to be all to correct. From Reagan at the top, down to a few poor housewives wanting to get a little cash for Christmas, our society had already been demonstrably turned topsy-turvy by it.

I now resumed writing for the local newspapers, and went on Cox Cable TV, discussing the hazards of Aspartame and how it had changed my life. My first Aspartame poisoned patient back in Kansas had, soon after starting on the Diet Pepsi, became depressed, and broke down crying, whilst previously she had been a happy person. She had withdrawal symptoms with shakiness and tremors in the evenings, when she didn't drink it. She also developed a skin reddening, sun sensitivity, and heat intolerance. Her arthritis flared. All of which cleared, upon discontinuing the Diet Pepsi. She also underwent similar withdrawals, and convulsed upon stopping the Diet Pepsi. When she later took a flu shot, which had never bothered her before Nutra Sweet, she came to my office with a rash, which consisted of scattered red itchy blotches ("giant urticariae" in medical terms), and a shaky tremor, and arthralgias, much like she had experienced on Nutra Sweet. I assured her that Nutra Sweet had left her formaldehyde sensitized, like it had me. Her rash responded to antihistamine and corticosteroid treatment.

I did not know to give her dexamethasone, which would have been both cheaper and safer for her, (A single one mg tablet would have been completely safe and effective for her, and would have, because of its about 8-12 hour half life, tapered itself out of her body in a very clinically efficacious manner.) I had been imbued in medical school, and afterwards to use the far more dangerous prednisone, which has significant side effects of causing insomnia, and emotional and mental changes such as depression and psychosis, usually more pronounced in men. It is catabolic, breaking down tissues such as muscle, bone and skin, and it must be given in multiple doses and tapered off to get an equivalent effect that you get from a single, one tablet, large pulsed dose of Dexamethasone. Dexamethasone on the other hand is, in a short pulse, mildly anabolic and does not cause mental depression or insomnia. If patented today, it would be hailed as a "wonder drug" and sold for $30 to $50 per pill. Doxepin likewise!

Prednisone given as a single shot of methyl prednisolone is, of course, more expensive and risky, and has as its most important disadvantage, the fact that the CHz patient cannot simply take a single, usually curative dose at home, as the need arises, but must seek out medical care which is expensive, unpleasant, and untimely, at best, and unavailing and ineffective at worst. In my few days of practice before leaving Kansas, I saw a second Aspartame victim patient, who likewise suffered with mental depression and formaldehyde sensitivity, and who convulsed only when using Aspartame.

It became known that I was a Nutra Sweet victim, and knew something of the poisoning. Quite a few Asp victims began to come to my practice. They were relieved to find a doctor who would believe the striking problems they had to deal with from Aspartame. To solve my own problems, as well as theirs, I turned to the then current medical literature to look for helpful information. That availed me nothing. It was totally unresponsive to our needs. To read the medical literature of '82-83 you would almost be made to think that formaldehyde was good for you. At that point I was forced to exercise what is oft called "scientific methodology." I would have to search for valid information wherever I could find it, and from that draw a coherent and workable picture. I went to the legal profession who are highly trained in analytical reasoning, and who were successfully suing polyurethane/formaldehyde poisoning/hypersensitivity cases, to get the information they were working with. They told me the lack of medical knowledge in the area was hampering because they needed the knowledge. Expert medical testimony was weak, and difficult to come by. That is, of course, how the fascist power structure wants it. They want to dump their cheap, toxic, and hopefully profitable chemicals on you and, if they hurt you, to just dump you on the trash heap. I didn't know that then, but did know that I, and many others, desperately needed real answers or we were going to perish. I tabulated a chart on the formaldehyde related issues documented in the legally resourced, scientific literature that had arisen from studies of the effects of methanol, methyl esther, and formaldehyde exposures, and correlated it with the effects of Aspartame exposure and CHz, as evidenced in my patients and myself. With this, I was drawing a very real, and well correlated perspective; but not many good answers, as to what the therapeutic approaches might be. I needed good answers! I had learned from the attorneys that Dr Gordon Baker, a board certified allergist/immunologist in Burien, a suburb of Seattle was the Northwest's expert on formaldehyde poisoning and hypersensitivity. Gordon very courteously welcomed me to come and observe and consult with him for a couple of days. Shirley and I spent well, the time with Gordon and his lovely wife. I almost saw the hair on Gordon's head stand up as he scrutinized my chart. It certainly didn't tell him anything he didn't already know. What fascinated him was that another well-trained physician from a different specialty, and totally devoid of any contacts, had searched diligently and found the same information and same conclusions that he had. Gordon was way out in the frontier, beyond where the power structure has drawn the borders, and he had just met another "frontiersman".

Now my efforts were to pay off. I had a lot of painful learning experiences, and had put in a lot of effort to find and digest information, but as of yet, I had met no one who could help me crystallize this into a valid therapeutic discipline. Gordon was the catalyst that accomplished that. He educated me to the fact my patients, and myself, were not just formaldehyde sensitized, but that we now had CHz, and that it would cause all sorts of severe autoimmune damage in response to all sorts of possible chemical exposures. The therapeutic responses to these problems and crises should logically be similar to treating allergies, and immune crises in general. There could be a growing therapeutic armamentarium of specific techniques as we accumulated experience. He told me the most therapeutic agent for daily maintenance, that he knew of, was the trace mineral selenium, at doses of about 200 mcg/day, and that he was having superior results with Sea Sel, kelp selenium. Strict avoidance was the main issue. Antihistamines were somewhat helpful, but he knew we needed something better, more wide spectrum, and more powerful. He also said we needed to find or develop better therapeutic regimens, and that I should probably be able to find help in that direction, in the newly developing community of environmental ecologists. He gave me the names and telephone #s of the ones he had found to be leaders around the nation, and the #s of some of the best materials and chemicals engineers that had insights into the field.

The other reason the hair stood up on the back of Gordon's neck when he read my chart, was that Nutra Sweet had been poisoning him! He was having headaches, depression, and his hair was falling out from it, etc. He was so brainwashed by the medical establishment, and the potent brainwashing effect of Asp that he, the Northwest's expert on formaldehyde poisoning, was suffering grievously from formaldehyde poisoning from Aspartame, and couldn't grasp what the source of his distress was. Gordon improved dramatically and rapidly, off of the Diet Pepsi. In the ensuing year he found, in his busy practice, more people formaldehyde poisoned by Aspartame than all other sources combined. You can, by now, surely grasp why I have set myself to fight this battle, wherever that might lead. If a man blessed with Gordon's wealth of knowledge, needed to be told, in order to know? How worse do those not so blessed need our help? How defenseless are infants in their mother's womb who are being aborted, or worse, by it?

Gordon then gave me serious counsel that I must keep quiet about this, and only quietly treat my own patients or, "They would utterly destroy me." That is just not my style. The bible endows us with the duty to help keep others from perishing and benights them according to their need of our protection. I went forth from Gordon's collegiate embrace to "save the world" on this issue. I rapidly set about building my expertise, now that I could really "get my teeth into it." Unbeknown to me, the opposition was already set on gnashing their teeth into me.

I rapidly accumulated a file comprised of thirty-five patients poisoned by Aspartame, to report to the FDA. These were people who were incensed by what Asp had done to them and wanted to see something done about it. They were eager to cooperate with the FDA, in any way possible, to set the record straight, and see Aspartame off the market. If anything brainwashes us worse than Aspartame it must be the drivel they teach us as adolescents in "civics" classes. I had seen and learned more than enough by now to know that our government was corrupted beyond reprieve. But just like Gordon, I couldn't see what was right in front of all our eyes. I contacted the FDA to discuss the cases I had collected with them, confident we were on the logical route via a scientifically logical agency that had somehow been mislead, to set matters aright. Shortly, a lady with FDA credentials appeared at my door, a Mrs. Herschberger, as I remember. She said she was there to take the case histories from me. I welcomed her warmly and made her comfortable in my private office only to receive the surprise of my life! As soon as the door was closed and we were alone, her face turned as hostile as the countenance of the devil himself.

She glared and said, "Doctor Bowen we don't like what you are doing, and we are ordering you to stop." Well she had just met her match! I answered. "You came here for the stated purpose of discussing the cases of Asp poisoning that I have collected with me, and carrying those reports back to the FDA. ARE you going to do that or not! She merely glared and I glared back. I said " I don't see your pen out taking notes" either get your pen out or leave." She produced a pen and then slammed it down on the desk between us and glared. I produced the first record and started going through it with her. She interrupted frequently to shout, "We don't want to do this". The whole thirty-five cases went that way. I didn't know it then, but she was probably the first one, of many demonically possessed people I have had to work with who were opposing truth on the Asp and CHz issue. Not that when I sent her away, packing the thirty five cases, along with her notes on each, did it accomplish any thing to clean up our government.

I was starting to learn about the politics of Asp. I meanwhile called an RN friend who did private duty nursing in the wealthy neighborhoods of Chicago, to share with him what I had found. He had been working for Donald Rummsfeld's next door neighbor and knew more about Rummsfeld than one person in a million would ever know, because the household help compared notes with each other about the goings on in the respective homes that they worked in. That makes it about a one in a trillion chance that I should get a direct channel of information, at point blank range, about Rummsfeld. If the lord didn't want me to learn this I wouldn't have, and if he didn't want you to hear it from me I wouldn't be alive to tell you. Not that they haven't tried. The attempts on my life since that time have been persistent, well worked out, and oft pursued by those skilled in such endeavors. The Lord has spared my life in the face of impossible odds. My friend heard what I had to say, and responded "Jim, you have to get off of this right now! Rummsfeld is the most powerful Godfather in US organized crime. He runs "Murder Incorporated." You are a dead man. Even his neighbors are terrified of him." That was not what I wanted to hear, but it was not even a surprise, because I had already heard such from the well-placed scientists, that I was by now, rubbing shoulders with.

The use of selenium indeed helped my CHz, but could not by any means replace what was really needed, which was avoiding the pollution in the Ridgefield area. The Mayor saw this. One day Mayor Bill came to see me and said. "Jim we love having you here as a doctor, but you are way too hypersensitive to this pollution problem here in town. Why don't you move up by the junction, (about two miles away) and get out of the worst of this." It was interesting that the Mayor was secure in his diagnosis, and was way ahead of most of the doctors in our country.

On the political front, things were moving along at a dizzying pace. The CBS evening news called and said "We would like to put you on TV". "Great! I really want to get something done about this." From that point on they seemed to be vaguely hostile, even threatening. I'm not one to allow games to go beyond a certain point. So I asked. "You know. I really don't hear you setting any dates to go on TV. Did you call me to threaten me, or are you really going to put me on TV?" They were taken aback and blurted out. "Well! You call Dr Monte at Arizona State in Tempe, and if after you have talked to him, you still want to go on TV, call us back."

I called Woody Monte the next day. He was a PhD biochemist and nutritionist, the head of the nutrition department at ASU. He was also a broken man. He was about a year ahead of me on Asp. He had stumbled onto how toxic Asp was when he provided it to his female athletes, on a pre-release basis, and suddenly had a bunch of sick girls on his hands. He had looked, and found much of the same things I had. He had written an excellent manuscript "Methanol and the Public health". He and Johanna Bommersbach of the Phoenix "New Times" had carried out a campaign to enlighten the public. He and the Arizona Dietetic association had sued to take Asp off the market in Arizona. Monte and the Community Nutrition Institute in WN, DC had sued in Federal District Court in D.C. to take it off the market nationwide. (Along with Dr Dick Wurtman, the head of neuro endrocrinology at MIT, and Dr John Olney the Head of biological psychiatry at Washington U. in St Louis.)

The only result: Woody, who was only a few weeks from having tenure at the University, was fired because of political pressure on ASU from the Feds. CBS's plan backfired. Instead of Monte and Wurtman discouraging me, I helped them get their courage up again. It was predictable, that if Aspartame was really the poison that they knew it to be, medical doctors should be coming forward with evidence of this. Well there I was! A victim myself, well informed, articulate, net worked with other "frontiersmen", and a collector of and doctor to many patients afflicted by Aspartame's toxicity. Rummsfeld, who could care less about human beings, or science, had challenged Monte and Wurtman that "their science" was worthless. The stuff had been released for general consumption, and was being widely used, and presumably, no practicing doctor was finding any problems. Thanks to CBS! In spite of themselves, they had gotten us networked, and the frivolous arguments of the opposition were blown away. Monte and Wurtman let CBS know that we were ready to go.

My political reality education took another great leap forward when the evening news came to my clinic to film. Ned Potter was the "syndicate man" along. He was giving me all sorts of eye signs that he really didn't want to do this and he was evasive and uninterested, but his crew had escaped his control. They were on a run. They had found a meaningful, newsworthy situation! One of them came to realize that Asp was poisoning her. If she chewed even a half a stick of Nutra Sweet gum, she got a roaring headache. Now she knew why. I had patients, and charts and was a fountain of information about Aspartame. Ned called Rather. "The situation has gotten out of control here in Ridgefield, Dan. The crew is all excited and they are going to make a real story out of this. I can't control them!"...... "Hold everything. I'm coming on out there." Ned simply stalled a few more hours while Dan jumped in the old corporate jet and came on out. When Dan Rather walked into my clinic he was furious! He looked like he had a cloud of satanic anger over his head. As soon as he entered, and looked around the "funny stuff" started. He said, "We're not going to talk about formaldehyde toxicity, and methyl alcohol and all that stuff. We're not going to show that chart. Were not going to show any patients. As a matter of fact we are not even going to film in this clinic."

Dan then asked, rather guiltily, for two copies of the chart. Doubtless: One for himself and one for Rummsfeld, with whom he shared a jointly owned party ranch out west. I have since heard, from those who know Satanism as it exists in our government very well, that Dan is the head Satanist as far as media is concerned, and CBS the most heavily infiltrated net work. They were certainly working together well on the Asp and CHz issue. When Dan found out that I knew Rummsfeld to be the most powerful godfather in the US, the head of the Jewish Mafia, he was livid and wanted to know how I could be party to that information. I told him I had a nurse friend who worked next door, and even spent time visiting in the Rummsfeld household. Dan growled out; "That man is going to catch a bullet". I wondered why this supposedly great newscaster was acting like a Mafioso. My friend, in fact caught a computer bullet. He was fired and has never been able to work as nurse since. He is forever blackballed in nursing.

They filmed me in my apartment that night, and when the show was aired on TV, they cut my presentation down to three words. They asked, "Would you use Nutra Sweet." "No, I wouldn't." They hadn't even told who I was or where I was from. Those three words would never constitute quackery. The next day, the papers in Portland, Vancouver, and down the Columbia to Longview, and up river as far as the Tri Cities all carried headlines, "DR BOWEN CHARGED WITH QUACKERY FOR CRITICIZING NUTRA SWEET ON TV". Some of the small weeklies no longer printed for themselves, but were printed by the Oregonian in Portland, or the Columbian in Vancouver, so they were actually printed in advance, before the CBS news episode was aired. I'm sure this was meant to send not so subliminal messages to other doctors, that they best not, for their own good, find anything wrong with Nutra Sweet. That was the final blow that financially destroyed my practice in Ridgefield. They had already set up a hit on my life, but he wasn't able to fire the shot until just after the TV program. The gunman had been coming to me as a patient for a couple of weeks but could not set up his shot until later. I will someday have to write a book about all of this.

I spotted an urgent medical need going unmet in Clarkston, WA, and quickly moved there to save my financial solvency. I had moved from the frying pan into the fire, in more ways than one! Shirley and I were once more sick with CHz. The big Potlatch pulp mill was located just across the Snake River in Lewiston, Idaho! Clarkston sits down in the mouth of Hell's Canyon and shares its trapped air with the mill. We had gone from the frying pan into the fire in yet another way. When I first drove into Clarkston from the west, right out in the open, along the highway at the west edge of town, was "Charbonneau's" a large, busy, blatantly advertised brothel, run by the Jewish mafia out of Las Vegas. Not only had they misappropriated the name of Sacajawea's husband. They had corrupted the Courts of Asotin County. I was right back in amongst the political force behind Nutra Sweet. They, needless to say, destroyed me. Anything you can think of doing to a political dissident: I've been there. They've done it to me. I am alive only by the Lord's protection!

I had been researching the possibles, to find a medicine that should be helpful to those afflicted with CHz. One stood out, above all other possibilities, as the best candidate. That was doxepin. As mentioned earlier, it is fantastically safe when used at therapeutic doses, and has many beneficial actions built right into that one molecule that are known to be helpful in hypersensitivity/autoimmunity reactions. Dr Russ Banks, my family doctor prescribed it for me. Because it is such a potent anti histamine, I had the expected side effect of extreme initial drowsiness and, in fact slept the whole day I took the first dose. This reaction, common to all, is called "antihistamine daze." I had anticipated this, so wasn't frightened by it. Someone not allowing for a couple days off to get started on doxepin, and not starting it at a low dose like 10 mg or so, would find this initial extreme drowsiness at least frightening. The next day I was still a little drowsy, but after that the drowsiness was not noticeable, and within a week or so was replaced by the mild antidepressant effect for which doxepin was originally marketed. Russ wanted me to try dexamethasone. He knew well its advantages and used it. When he could finally convince me to try it, the results in every way spoke for themselves. For the brief time I could practice in Clarkston, I had many gratified patients who were happy to find a doctor who was able and willing to treat their chemical hypersensitivity diseases.

Years later: I was able to try and get on my feet after the political buzz saw I was run through in Asotin County. I found myself in Ontonagon, located in the upper peninsula of Michigan, 350 miles due north of Madison, WI on icy Lake Superior. This was true north woods country, where chill factors of minus ninety and absolute temperatures more than fourty below zero could happen. Ontonagon averages more than 300 inches of snow per winter. The summers are brief but memorable, spring and fall but passing fancies. Winter reigns! My political education was to be continued. Ontonagon is a paper mill town. Michigan had been pretty well dominated by its auto industry and union politics, so the pulp and paper industry had to toe the line. You could be right by a paper mill in either Ontonagon or Munising and not smell it. That's right! The stench, and pollutants, which the pulp and paper industry spews into the atmosphere and waters of other states isn't at all necessary. It's just cheaper to buy both the politicians and the media, than to clean up your act. How conscientious of both!

Clarkston had a large nursing facility full of those born deformed, as the result of the pulp pollutants in Hell's Canyon. They spent their existence, not "lives", tucked away from public view. MPTP, (1-methyl-4-phenyl-1,2,3,6-tetra-hydro-pyridine) is the pulp pollutant most responsible. There are plenty of others such as sulphites, etc. MPTP alone is an extremely potent cause of birth defects, such as hydrocephalus, microcephalus, neuro tube defects, and all types of neuro degenerative diseases, and pervasive developmental disorders. Mitochondrial deficiency dzes of all types are also produced by it. MPTP acts through destruction of mitochondria, and mitochondrial competence by generating super oxide free radicals in the mitochondria. MPTP has been known for 60 years to produce these lesions. The damage is so classical and predictable of pattern that MPTP is used to produce research animals of various lesions, and dz patterns to test drug actions on. Little surprise that CHz and Asp toxic people don't do well in pulp air.

How promising Ontonagon seemed. The air coming in off of Lake Superior was fresh and clean. I encountered some CHz patients glad to find a doc that they could work with. Sometimes the news I had for them just wasn't good though. If they lived in a house that was toxic to them, they surely didn't like facing the fact they had to move. Avoidance is the key in CHz. I could offer them treatment, but no resolution except to change their environment. This caused some real hostility on the part of their spouses who felt perfectly healthy and could detect no odor or anything else wrong in the same house. Those who worked in a small local industry, which exposed them to solvents, had no realistic option but to quit their badly needed jobs. In fact, their employer left the urban work zone to escape enforcement of EPA regs against what they were doing. It is not that we don't have adequate written legal protections. It is rather that the various satanic agencies grant immunity, thru manipulation and corruption, to their brotherhoods.

My optimisms about the clean air in Ontonagon soon were found to have significant exceptions. I would wake up in the wee small hours of the morning, suddenly sick with CHz symptoms, and not know why. I was sure I could smell whiffs of burning sulfur. One of my patients, a delightful bright young high schooler, had figured out for herself that Nutra Sweet was poisoning her, even causing her to convulse. She had gotten off of it, and seemed to have recovered. She didn't have any idea about CHz, though, and when she began to convulse in the wee small hours of the morning she came to me, because she knew that I had a special interest in Aspartame related phenomena. We compared notes, and used our combined contacts to find out just what was stalking us in the wee hours. We found that the Stone Container paper mill was illegally burning high sulfur coal. The burnt sulfur compounds were lifted high in the air by thermal convection. But when the chill of night caused a lakeshore inversion phenomenon, they were dumped down all over the town.

She began sleeping at a relative's house about ten miles out of town, and never convulsed again. I moved about five miles west of town, and I, no longer getting the inverted burnt sulfur, was no longer bothered at night. Sulphur dioxide (SO2) emissions from power plants burning high sulfur coal kills 11,000 people, in the US alone, every year. This violates state, federal, and international law, and treaty provisions. There is no enforcement whatsoever. Welcome to the "New World Order" as highly touted by Geo Bush Sr. There are horrible problems from SO2 in Colorado Springs. They won't protect even their own "spooks" from it! There were a few other personal lessons to be learned about CHz in Ontonagon. I was now a bachelor and decided to have a few drinks in the evening. Boom! My CHz was back with a vast upheaval of neurological symptoms. I had to think about that! Well it makes sense. Alcohol is a neurotoxin and so would denature neural tissue. It also is a potent solvent. Solvents are famous for flaring CHz. Okay but what about a glass of wine in the evening. I found it would also flare my Lou Gehrig's symptoms, polymyalgias, etc. and would depress me to boot. Well, after all, wines and brandies have far more methanol and other congeners than does beer or other spirits. None are free of methanol, and other problematic congeners though. The CHz patient simply has to stay away from all beverages containing any alcohol. Wines and wine coolers use sulfites (SO2) as preservative. Well, there goes the Sangria!

Tobacco is devastating in CHz. I grew up in a smoking home. The only colors of inside air I breathed were the different layers of smoky blue. All my adult life until Asp and CHz, I found the smell of tobacco smoke to be pleasantly aromatic. Now even a smoker who has it in their clothing smells horrible to me, and being around one will make me ill. The whole revolt against public smoking has come about since Aspartame was marketed. I understand why! The symptoms, and the flares of symptoms you get from different things and in different circumstances will often be inconsistent. You will not have a consistent pattern or symptom complex every time you have a problem with CHz. Remarkable variability of symptoms and reactivity is the usual.

An RN, who was having such fits with autoimmunity diseases, that she had gone to an excellent nearby (175mi) regional referral center for sub specialty care, fell into my care when she asked if she could come home to Ontonagon for a second pulsed regimen of IV methyl prednisolone. She had been to Marshfield a week or two previously, but her auto immunities had again flared. She was back up to the Marshfield clinic for a second pulsed regimen of 3000 mg for 4 days. Those large doses of IV methyl prednisolone are very expensive, and along with the hospitalization could probably represent a $15-$20,000 cost. By comparison, she could safely have taken a pulse of about 4 mg/day of dexamethasone at home for about twenty cents! She needed to be close to her family. She asked her Marshfield docs if she could have me administer the solu medrol in our little north woods hospital, and they kindly agreed. I met her for the first time as I walked into her room. She was cradling a Diet Pepsi in her hand. She had the depression and mental skitzyness that someone who has been blown away by Aspartame often exhibits because they mentally, are toxically impaired. No one can give them sensible answers that lead to a resolution of their problems. They are moreover, out of physical and mental condition from the disease processes that afflict them. So she was! I gently assured her that she could relax; I was just there to cooperate fully with her and the Marshfield doctors' wishes.

After taking a complete history and physical, I ordered the IV Solu Medrol. I then took the time to relate to her my experiences with Aspartame, and the toxic mechanisms by which it had done this to her. (She had wildly flared SLE, Systemic Lupus Erythematosis and Periarteritis Nodosum, and status epilepticus.) She was quite paranoid from the meds, the diseases, her post ictal state, and the Asp. I didn't know if I was getting through to her at all. Apparently, on contemplation, she put the whole picture together, and noted that her epilepsy, which was usually well controlled on Dilantin and Phenobarbital, had gone completely out of control when she went on the Diet Pepsi. She arrived at Ontonagon, convulsing up to fourty times per day in spite of heavy doses of anti convulsants. She quit the Diet Pepsi immediately, and in within 24 hrs her convulsions were under control. Her Lupus and Peri Arteritis also cleared rapidly and never recurred again. She later went on to do something I would never have dared counsel her to do. She went off of all her anticonvulsants, and has never seized since! Maybe there is one legitimate use for Aspartame. Perhaps someone with status epilepticus could burn out their seizure centers with it. Her problems were clustered so atypically, while on Asp, and so completely cleared when she came off of it, that as in my case, her fellow Professionals felt they had to assume she was a drug user, or SOMETHING. It couldn't have been that "safe, natural, FDA approved Diet Pepsi."

Neither Ontonagon, nor the Upper Peninsula, as of yet have seceded from the Lower Peninsula, so they are run by Detroit and Lansing just as much as Jackson is. And Detroit is right in there with Portland, NY, and LA as centers of Jewish power control. SO, my practice in Ontonagon was not to be allowed to continue. First my malpractice insurance through the state pool was withdrawn. When I appealed this decision, the panel of Jewish doctors I appeared before in Lansing would merely say. "We don't want to insure a doctor like you." They could cite no reason other than that. So I went to work as medical director at North American Biologicals in Lansing. I am of Jewish ancestry and so am sometimes more cognizant of things "Jewish." A friend of mine, likewise of Jewish ancestry, but in no way actually practicing any of the variants of Judaism, except bible based Christianity, ran with the Jewish crowd in Ann Arbor at the U of M in 1967.

Rummsfeld informed them in 1967, through B'nai B'rith (Oft called "Benny" by those who feel they benefit through it.) that he was going to make Jerry Ford president. At that time Ford was a virtually unknown junior congressman from Minnesota. Watergate was 7 years in the future! Rummsfeld then did make Jerry President and was chief of staff in the Ford white house. The last few weeks of the Ford presidency he assumed the title of "secretary of defense". Rummsfeld, in the intervening years remained in the DOD only as an organized crime influence, and was thoroughly despised by the decent people in our defense department, even though his influence was such that the news media often called him "the secretary of defense" and the real appointees did not so much as dare make an issue of it.

I hope this helps you to understand why Aspartame got on the market, and remains there. I.e.: What would be more important? Minor indiscretions in the Nixon campaign, or the millions adults and infants alike, whose bodies and lives are forever ruined, and the health and that of future generations of billions doomed by the impaired DNA, RNA, and Mt DNA in their bodies from "Nutra Sweet," which Rummsfeld, in his typical arrogant "godfather" style, bragged of initiating, telling the press. "I pulled in all my markers to get Aspartame marketed." Reagan referred to Rummsfeld as "my undersecretary of defense." You have recently seen momentous steps taken to abandon every republican principle upon which the US was built. You are seeing them replaced by a fascist empire.

It is difficult to believe that the twin towers were not adequately protected. They were in "no fly" airspace, which was protected with great redundancy. They had their own radar, which was backed up by civilian and military radar systems. They had, on the roof, their own battery of anti-aircraft missiles. They also had two attack helicopters, armed with anti-aircraft missiles and other anti aircraft weaponry, all quite sufficiently redundant to MORE THAN stop anything that might come at them. They were in addition, protected by military aircraft. In spite of all this: They came to be hit by an airplane. The second hit was even more a military impossibility, and 5 minutes AFTER the President, speaking from Florida had already said it had happened. NO wonder Rummsfeld growled ominously through the media; "Anyone who gives away any information which endangers this operation will be dealt with severely". Nutra Sweet was supposed to have you so brain numb, and your will so derailed that you would believe any thing the media served up to you, and anything the government dished out.

I hope not. We need to pay attention to known facts. It was on the morning of 9-11 that Rummsfeld was to be investigated before an internal investigative committee on matters of his organized crime malfeasance while lurking around, and running programs in the DOD under the Bushes and Reagan. The falling towers provided him, and the Bushes the urgently needed diversion, just as their fraternal cousin Hitler provided cover for his preposterous dictatorship by taking some convicts out of prison, and to the polish border, dressing them in Polish uniforms and gunning them down in a border station. He declared war on Poland because "Germany had been attacked by Poland."

Back in Ontonagon! I had arranged malpractice insurance through a private company and was back in practice. The Satanists were just not content to have me buried in a busy practice in one of the most remote communities in the US. It was all the more out of the way, because winter blizzards can isolate the community for a couple days at a time. Yes, once again I was charged with quackery for stating that Aspartame is toxic. When I provided my attorney a file of more than adequate information, the quackery charges were dropped. My attorney, who should have been elated was so mad that, he "poor boy", had to stand up to the politics of Detroit and Lansing, that he threw the files at my feet, and shouted "I cannot give you effective representation without ruining my political career." Yes, we live in a dictatorship where attorneys must always serve our dictators. So, he became their pimp and sold me just like my attorney in Clarkston had. The political machinery of Satanism (the Masonic orders, B'nai B'rith and Illuminati, open Satanism, witchcraft in all its' forms, etc.) is so powerful in our sick world that virtually every attorney has sold himself to them. And: They have the blackmail, and terror weapons to back it up with. You cannot become a federal judge in this USA unless they have enough documented immorality on you to control you forever. That is the real "war on terrorism" that needs to be waged on our behalf.

My attorney then said that I was to be tried on the basis that I was mentally ill, because I had said that Aspartame was toxic. He missed every filing date for entering evidence, so that the facts became irrelevant. (Or whatever; On the Aspartame issue the reign of law, right and wrong, concern for human welfare, truth or science are irrelevant: All else must fall as needed to perpetuate Aspartame.) I had a mental exam before Benedict and Arnold in Ann Arbor, MI. Once again the facts were irrelevant. Aspartame was on the market, and that was that. I was not going to be allowed to talk about it. They would ask me questions and would try to drown me out but I would completely answer them with solid biochemistry, which was irrelevant. They later destroyed the tape of the interview so nothing could be proven, except that that in their opinion, even though they could find no evidence of a psychosis, believing that Aspartame was toxic was a delusion so dangerous, that it made me too dangerous as a doctor to safely practice medicine. Arnold was the head of the American Psychological Association, and Benedict three times the head of the American Psychiatric Association. They asked me how it could be politically possible for such a foul compound to be on the market. I went into Rummsfeld's and Rather's roles, as exemplary. Benedict came unglued. She started rocking back and forth in agony of soul and started screaming "I HATE THAT CONCEPT, I HATE THAT CONCEPT".

I had seen similar behavior on the part of my little Jewish grandmother when she listened to radio reports coming out of Germany as it was falling, near the end of WWII. She would rock back and forth in the same distraught manner, screaming; "OH those dirty Germans, those dirty Germans." Apparently we are to accept the reign of Jewish organized crime and Hassidic fascism just because the Illuminati, the spiritual and organizational descendants of the sun worshipping satanic pagans, who anciently got Israel and Judah destroyed by their activities, and political leadership in those nations, now have again and still, taken the name "Jewish" upon themselves. They are now seeing to the destruction of the world with the same ruthless, determined Satanism.

Said my attorney. You just can't talk about "Jewish" issues. Has speech no freedom or truth no liberty anymore? How much evil should be allowed to hide behind the skirts of "anti anti Semitism"? ("Aunty" is the best acronym I could think of) My Jewish prosecutor, openly made opposing Aspartame, a matter of "anti Semitism." If so, we should all best proudly be called "anti semites." Is that what it takes to stand up for science, sanity and human welfare? Is that what it takes to stand for truth and humanity? They also played the "Jewish" card in their cover story about from where Aspartame came; stating that a "Jewish scientist" had accidentally got his fingers in some, and then into his mouth went the fingers. Voila! He discovered Aspartame to be sweet. Impossible, because Aspartame is not sweet, it is bitter and foul flavored. They have to mix other neuro toxins with it, to create a sweet flavor, to even get it into you as a sweetener. They go on their evil way, not even listing those "tastands", as required by law. How could they? Those are not safe for market either. The horribly toxic diketopiperazine of Aspartame is also added to food in spite of its bitterness, and cannot be made sweet tasting in any manner.

Almost all the good people who are, or have been my collaborators in opposing Aspartame are either Jewish, or like myself, of Jewish descent. Were I born in Germany, I was exterminated. That didn't stop my little Jewish prosecutor, who missed WWII by a couple decades, from going to Dr Ralph Walton, one of my defense witnesses, and telling him that he shouldn't testify on my behalf because I was "anti Semitic". What to make of all this? The facts are the only relevant thing. "Jewish is as Jewish does." Isn't that fair? Enough of the "political correctness", already! Any other cards the Satanists want to play are just window dressing, usually played deceptively to set human beings against each other with name calling and, "let's you and him fight" word games. It is transparent, that Satan, like his loyal follower Rummsfeld, pulled in all his "Jewish cards" on this one. "Benny and Aunty's" skirts have worn far too thin from covering so much evil and satanic malice. You can see right through.

My life without a medical license has been an ongoing education in the toxicity of Aspartame. I continue to encounter ruthless Satanists at every turn. They seem to think they can undo their mistake, of not leaving me isolated in Ontonagon, by killing me, or going to even more preposterous lengths to discredit me and the others who speak truthfully on Asp. I applied for a vets comp pension in Portland, Oregon. I was VA hospitalized on neurology service, on the false pretense that I had to be hospitalized for an MRI and CAT scan for my pension evaluation due to "VA rules." Then they said that that the psychiatry residents had to make rounds on me too. The Jewish psychiatry residents would come to my room with such open malice that they appeared snakelike in their posturing. Just eager to strike! Wouldn't you know! I had several previous adverse psychiatric exams that stated otherwise, by people far more expert than they, and all backed up by extensive psychometric testing! But that didn't stop them! They invented that I had an "atypical psychosis" "Now. What does that mean?" A lot of people have asked me. It merely means they don't like what I was saying and they were determined to destroy with the most potent psycho political weapon available to them at the moment, shouting. "PSYCHOTIC." Needless to say, I removed myself from their hospital before they could fire more potent weapons. They were exemplary of what Satan does to people who sell themselves by aligning with any of his various orders. They are possessed as surely as they accept even identification as a group. They become little more than psychopathic egomaniacs just like their master, Satan and have nothing but malice to offer as professionals, complete hypocrites, willing, even eager pimps for Satan. Any position they may be in is no longer fitly filled for a decent society.

The monologue "Psycho Politics" from the Church of Scientology is probably the best monograph available to bring you up to date with the way mass mind control agents, like Aspartame, and the psychology/psychiatric power structures are being used to control political dissident in our country, and also documents its roots in modern times. It has been around as long as Satanism has. In medieval times, scientists were burned at the steak for stating that the world was round, not flat, like the power structure said it was. After all that, I got a letter on official VA stationary stating that the final hearing for a VA pension had been delayed until later. A few days later I got a letter stating I had been denied pension because I had failed to appear! Some of the last names given to Satan, in the bible, are "liar", "murderer", "accuser of the brethren", and "destroyer of the earth." His followers at every level, in every profession are addicts to these activities. Those who join his fraternities and reap his "bait", become possessed of his demons and are no longer capable of the good they otherwise would be. The monkey trap! They can't let go without the help of the Lord they have rejected. I refer to the Creator of the infinite universe, and Redeemer of this finite world, referred to by some as "Allah", and by others as "Jehovah", who, when he chose to show his character to us incarnate, and became through love permanently bonded to us: one with us, was called Christ, the "Messiah", the "Son of God".

I have tried making an honest living in every conceivable way that I could find, but so far, the Lord Jehovah has allowed the Satanists to keep their threat to see to it that I would never "have anything, be anything or do anything." I have been stuck in Portland, more or less, while trying to get VA comp. I have had opportunity to, in this horribly polluted corner of the world, see CHz disease at work. I tried unsuccessfully to make a living driving transcontinental truck. I have encountered Illuminati satanic influence in every area of our national fabric. Every truck I ever took out ended up being sabotaged, usually in the owner's shop. One example: I was arriving in Vallejo, CA, from Portland, OR. I had ridden my jake brakes through the Siskiyous or I wouldn't have gotten that far, by any means. As I was going downhill into Vallejo, I saw a red light a block ahead of me. I hit my brakes. There were no brakes. That doesn't happen with air brakes, because as long as you have air pressure, the brakes work, and if you don't have lots of air pressure, the spring loaded emergency brakes lock the whole truck down. That was not happening, and both lanes ahead of me were packed with cars that did not know they were about to be turned into canned sardines.

I was able to miss the car ahead of me only by the Lord's blessing. (It appeared physically impossible), and get into the right turn lane. That would flop the truck over on its' side and sweep the whole intersection with 75 feet and 80,000 pounds of destruction. I had to go right on through the red light, against traffic! "Thank God!" No one was hit. But not a minute to breath easy! Just two blocks ahead of me was the next red light, and all three lanes were packed with cars. No way out! And those people, likewise, were clueless that they were about to be mangled. I had no choice but to take the semi across the median into the oncoming traffic, because they could see me coming, and take evasive action. I did, and they did. I coasted down the hill and rolled into a little truck stop that was conveniently located there. I called my boss and told him what had happened.

He shouted into the phone "Drive that truck on. There is nothing wrong with those brakes." It took quite a shouting match to convince him that I would drive the truck nowhere until the brakes were fixed. The mechanic arrived and fixed the brakes. The next hill I went over, the brakes were gone again. The mechanic came out and fixed the brakes again. The brakes went out a third time. I helped the mechanics each time they fixed the brakes. Everything we saw was evidence that the whole air brake system had been systematically sabotaged. About nine out of ten things you could have done to sabotage an air brake system, and make it appear normal on routine brake testing, before you took the truck out of the lot, had been done: crossed air lines, cracked and broken components, some not completely bolted on or the bolts left loose, etc. Do you think that the Illuminati, Satanic power structure cared for even a second how many they killed or mangled with their sick fooling around? Not even for a second! Or they would never unleash the nefarious chemical warfare agent, Aspartame on the unsuspecting world.

In Portland, I found that I would wake up on many a fresh clear spring or winter morning only to find my body stinging all over with sharp electric shock like pains from multiple mono neuropathies, and my CHz generally flared up. I took a nightshift cab driver job to see what had happened to me during the night. I observed that about midnight, or the wee small hours of the morning that the Portland/Vancouver metro area's air often became a chemical "sewer." The nighttime inversions and still air effects dumped all the accumulated pollution from higher levels down upon the unsuspecting, sleeping populace in a dense, chemical pollutant smog. Then, as the rising sun warmed the mountaintops, and air began to stir to the east, the polluted air began to move on eastward and upward, and by the time the sun was well up, the air appeared pristine.

I found that when the air was clean, my arthritis pains, muscle aches and neurological problems remarkably lessened, and my blood sugar levels were normal. When inversions formed, everything got worse, and my blood sugars could go way high. I contracted Lyme dz from a tick bite. The whole scenario was atypical because of the CHz from Aspartame. I suffered greatly, and was permanently damaged because the VA, my only source of medical care, was ignorant and totally indifferent. It took about a week to, because of my indigent status, and trying to get any care from the VA, (which they diligently refused me), to get treated and that was a week too long to have recurrent Lyme dz and CHz, in concert, ravaging my body. This experience is detailed and correlated in my article on Lyme disease on A clearer copy is available on

Pollen and fungal bloom seasons are major traumas, now that my CHz is kept flared by the Portland pollutants. A Greyhound bus ride is a trip in a horror chamber for me because of the chemicals and chronic fungal problems in the buses. Drivers state that about half of them, also are made really ill by the new buses and some are ill, but not so severely. Which fits the other correlations that I have found, to the conclusion that probably 2/3 to æ of our population now have some degree of CHz, due to Aspartame. Times of cool damp weather and oncoming low pressure fronts are also almost always a problem for me because they foster blooms of fungal sporulation and stable inversions. I once returned to Portland after an absence to find that I could not stay in my van for even a minute. It had been colonized by the horribly toxic stachybotyris mold. My ozone and negative ion machine, used overnight, made it healthy and comfortable for me so long as the machine remained on, even though the stachybotyris remained active just a few inches away, under my mattress.

The things you need to remember if you may be having these kinds of problems are to always listen to your body and to maintain a healthy paranoia and extreme skepticism. I have found that major corporations are willing to sacrifice the public confidence in their brand names, which is worth billions to them, in order to funnel Nutra Sweet into your body. I was told "all bran" cereal now has Aspartame listed on the label. There is no profit motive unless the words "Diet" or "sugar free" etc. are prominently advertised on the container. So what is the motive for putting Asp in everything else? In the summer of '95, I found myself made ill, shortly after I started drinking a regular Fresca. The regular Tab also had Asp. By the summer of ë99 regular coke was withdrawn from market all across the Caribbean, Mediterranean and Europe because they had apparently stuck Sweetener 2000, a more potent variant of Aspartame, into it, with no public notice.

The same epidemic occurred here in the US with flu symptoms, male sexual dysfunction, and poly myalgia/chronic fatigue symptoms being prominent features. Coke had been the only pop I could drink because it uses cresol as a preservative, as opposed to the others, which use sorbates, sorbitol, and benzoates, which are like "death" to me. When it started giving me all the above, I looked around, and found out what was going on elsewhere around the world, and got off the coke. I improved. I then noticed that the new Milky Way candy bars caused me to relapse. Oops! There went my favorite candy bar! Then Tropicana orange juice got to me. Then Minute Maid orange juice got me. I have to admit that the neuro-excito toxin sweetener on top of the natural sugar flavor in those products sure tasted good, though. In some nations Aspartame, and the like are now being routinely added to sugar itself. I find that off brands of juices, cereals, etc. are far safer for me than major brand names. Cosmetics are real problems. Plz see my other dorway articles like "Punditry and Palsies", "Sperm Warfare", etc. to get the whole picture. Avoidance is the key to living with your CHz condition and staying healthy. As soon as I can get my pension matters resolved I am getting "The hell out of Portland"!

Repugnancy is an important defense mechanism. No matter what! If some thing doesn't seem, feel, smell, or taste right, obey your body's good sense immediately, and assiduously avoid it. The mere fact that it has once made you feel poorly is evidence enough, that for you it is truly bad. Avoid denial. This is very hard to do. We all want to be "tough and carry on." So, we want to deny that something is bothering us, or that it will make us sick if we ignore it. While writing this article, I was using a felt tip marker that smelled repugnant to me. I should have cast it aside. But I persisted with all sorts of rationalizations until I had the full blown "bonfire" effect going, in spite of the daily doxepin I was taking, and had to take a pulse of dexamethasone get the "bonfire" quenched and get my health and blood sugars back to normal.

" The bonfire effect" means you may not perceptibly react to a single exposure of the same chemical stimulus when your CHz is quiescent, that you will have a violent, "explosive" reaction to when your Chz is "flared". Just like a wet pitch knot thrown on a bonfire. Sometimes I have to sit in the balcony of church, to avoid people and their cosmetics. I would like to give you a complete as possible list of known causatives but that will have to await another article. Causatives can be quite varied. I use only original Palmolive liquid dish soap for all my personal hygiene etc., because for me, it is the perfect shampoo, lacking any noxious problems for me. You will have to find what works for you.

Formaldehyde and its congeners can be found in everything from ice cream, to new concrete, to methyl cellulose which gets around: About everywhere! You will encounter "sick air, sick water, sick buildings, sick areas (either from pollutants or positive ionization zones) sick food, and sick medicines. (Yes, they even put Asp into epilepsy medicine. It then gives you seizures instead of preventing them. Figure that!), sick building materials, sick clothing, sick bedding, sick cars."(Most ARE now.): And, on and on.... All with tragic results for you! You need to put a lot of effort into finding what is wholesome for you, and avoiding the rest, or pay the consequences.

Specific therapeutic measures would be a diet of foods high in antioxidants like cantaloupe, watermelon, kale, collards and other colorful fruits and vegetables. A good intake, but without overdoing it, of trace minerals and vitamins. E.g., Selenium 200mcg/day; more will cause you problems. Vitamin E without preservatives 200 u /day: more can flare your problems. Added vitamin C in excess of 500 mg/day can cause the production of free radicals rather than just quenching them. 200 mg/day is a nice safe zone. You need to get as much from an excellent diet as possible, and then listen very carefully to your body, without preconceived ideas, so you can actually determine what works the best for you. Beware of "nutritional counselors" some don't have any real understanding of what they are doing. I saw one prescribe glutamic acid to patients with MSG sensitivity and it is just the same. Of course the results were awful, and the patient's faith in the "doctor" really clouded the issue.

Doxepin at a usual dose of 40 to 80 mg per day is the best thing I know of to help you live with CHz. Presently I take 20 in the AM and 60HS. Some people use 200mg/day or more. It won't cure CHz, but can help limit symptoms and complications, so long as you do the other things you need to do, especially avoidance. A pulse of dexamethasone of .5 to 1 mg, used infrequently and only as needed to suppress autoimmune flares, is the best treatment that I know of. Some of the immunologists here in Vancouver are using 4 mg/day of dexamethasone plus about 40 mg/day of prednisone for 60 days to try and "cure" people of their CHz . I have never seen it totally work, but it doesn't do any permanent damage, and it establishes that the therapeutic windows, which I suggest are perfectly safe. Some times I take 1 mg of dexamethasone in a severe circumstance (I weigh 260#), and repeat it in a few hours if symptoms aren't subsiding, and then follow up with 1 mg the next AM. I have never required more than that to stop an autoimmune flare in my own body.

This article will have done but little good if it hasn't stimulated a desire to know the truth, and the determination to think for yourself. Become a frontiersman! I have mentioned doxepin and dexamethasone as favorable possibilities for CHz management. If you try either, or an herb, etc., you need to very critically assess whether it is really doing any good, and listen to your body carefully to make sure it is doing no harm. My recommendation cannot, at that point, be of any further importance. If your body tells you otherwise listen to it, and to those close to you! Otherwise we may have wasted our time here. Likewise don't uncritically believe what you hear on the news. It will be used as convenient or expedient propaganda to mislead you and defraud you of your rights and everythi ng else. If you consider yourself Jewish and you are eating the chemically poisoned food supply, let that be evidence enough, that whatever benefits you may receive, you are a patsy for Rummsfeld, the Bushes, the Rothschilds, and all the other Illuminati Satanists who really serve only their master, Lucifer, as did their fraternal cousin, Adolph Hitler.

If you consider yourself a loyal American, remember that those who have done this to you are guilty of "un-American activities" as surely as were those Nazi saboteurs brought here in WWII. These may have come with paperclips instead of submarines, and they may sit in the presidency, and defense dept. Little matter. They are saboteurs of the most heinous nature, and they have not the slightest intention of letting go the reigns of power they have illegally seized from you. The present darkness has created a dearth of knowledge. "Outcome based education" is a propaganda device now deeply instilled in our educational system to insure that our youth not become technically excellent, nor expert, but that they become avid believers, and pundits of the 'propaganda line' as befits the designs of the new world order. We need a "latter rain" of wisdom and values to refresh and "water" the minds of those who will be our future, so they can grow, and produce good fruit and a plenteous harvest thereof!

Some of the basic biochemistry that I have shared with you has now been deleted from the current biochemistry texts, lest the "scientists" now in training read it and start to 'think for themselves'. Or worse! Become 'serious investigators of fact.' They are to sit at their computers as the machine spews out the party line. And they, made into pundits thereby, are to speak to you as persons of 'expertise,' to spread the present darkness as high priests of the new world order. Their paychecks depend on it, and for most: "Where the money is, there is where the heart is." Now you understand why Christ said: "The love of money is the root of all evil." The politics of Aspartame is a vivid example of how people can be controlled thereby, even though Aspartame itself has been a financial loser for every company who has ever pandered with it.

I would challenge you to become once more "real Americans" and pray for a rebirth of brotherly love, and religious motivation to respect for the well being of our neighbor, whoever he may be. Our forefathers "prayed but kept their powder dry." Militancy, to let the sick, satanically corrupted government know that they are, about immediately, going to lose the support of their populace if this "chemical warfare upon us" is not suddenly, like NOW, and definitively brought to a screeching halt, is in order. The time for talking is over, the time for remedy or relief is past. Immediate "cure" is essential. President John F. Kennedy would turn over in his grave if he knew this heinous abortifacient had been put on the market by the "nation of Satanists" amongst us, who would now deprive us of life and liberty. He asserted: "Let every nation know, whether it wishes us well or ill, that we shall pay any price, bear any burden, meet any hardship, support any friend, oppose any foe to assure the survival and the success of liberty."


James D. Bowen, MD

If you wish to provide more information, you may be able to contact me at Please don't contact me just to say you liked the article or that you didn't. I am always behind. I love to help people and have written this article in hope of so doing. I am always eager to exchange good solid information, so, please do contact me if you have some to share. is another possible contact, as is A phone contact would be the Aspartame consumer safety network (214) 352-4268. Permission to publish granted. JB

GLOBAL RELEASE - ASPARTAME TOXICITY Forwarded by Diana Buckland by request of Dr. Betty Martini

PLEASE NOTE: This matter is regarding ABC Australia NOT ABC America
Original Message
From: Dr. Betty Martini
Sent: Tuesday, September 07, 2004 1:03 PM
Subject: To ABC about Dr. Karl's propaganda attempting to convince Australians the aspartame toxicity issue is a hoax

I am writing because ABC says that they will stand behind Dr. Karl and this is regardless of the fact that not only is his information untrue but can easily be proven to be false. First of all, obviously I know if I have lectured for the World Environmental Conference. My invitation to speak is on The full story is there as well under Update World Environmental Conference.

This came about because a post I had written to a group of neurosurgeons was picked up by a Nancy Markle. She changed the title and put her name on it. A global networker by the name of Shoshanna Allison saw it and because her husband was a victim (lupus, seizures, mood swings, etc.) placed it on 450 global networks to warn the world. Her efforts saved so many thousands of people that four support groups were set up for the sick and disabled. Today Aspartame Detoxification Centers are in the US, Canada and Brazil.

As a Legal Department, I don't have to tell you the power of the Pharmaceutical Industry. They get what they want because they have a bottomless checkbook (chequebook). In the case of aspartame, it was beyond not just being safe, the FDA actually wanted the original manufacturer to be indicted for fraud. Both U.S. Prosecutors, Sam Skinner and William Conlon, hired on with the defense team and the statute of limitations expired. Let's face it, when the District Attorney goes to work for the Godfather, expect acquittal. The Bressler Report, the FDA Audit, on explains some of the things that Searle did. Understand, if you have a deadly chemical poison and you're trying to do studies to show safety, it can't be done unless the studies are fixed. Aspartame breaks down to a brain tumor agent, DKP, so when the rats developed brain tumors Searle would excise the tumors, then put the rats back in the study.
When they died they would resurrect them on paper as the report points out. I spoke with Jerome Bressler and thanked him for his report at which point he told me that the studies were so bad that when the FDA retyped his report they left out 20% of the worst part he had written. He also told this to Doctors H. J. Roberts, and neurosurgeon Russell Blaylock. Dr. Roberts had his Congressman demand the information from the FDA but they refused.

Originally Dr. John Olney, one of the most renowned neuroscientists on the planet today, did studies on aspartic acid (l970) which is 40% of aspartame and found it caused lesions in the brains of mice. He founded the field of neuroscience called excitotoxicity. Dr. Blaylock wrote the book on it, Excitotoxins: The Taste That Kills, An excitotoxin is a product that literally stimulates the neurons of the brain to death causing brain damage of varying degrees. Dr. Olney with the help of James Turner, Attorney in Washington, D.C. attempted to prevent the approval of this deadly neurotoxin.

The FDA refused to allow aspartame on the market for 16 years. But Don Rumsfeld, now Secretary of Defense, was CEO of Searle and said he would call in his markers and get it approved regardless of the fact the FDA said it was not safe and caused braintumors. I might mention it also triggered mammary, uterine, testicular, pancreatic and thyroid tumors, for starters. The FDA's own toxicologist, Dr. Adrian Gross told Congress that aspartame violated the Delaney Amendment because without a shadow of a doubt aspartame can cause brain tumors and brain cancer. The Delaney Amendment forbids placing anything in food you know will cause cancer.

The other FDA toxicologist, Dr. Jacqueline Verrett, told Congress all studies on aspartame were built on a foundation of sand and should be thrown out. It was like trying to do studies on arsenic and show it to be safe and they couldn't do it. In fact, aspartame is a chemical hypersensitization agent and interacts with vaccines and other toxins.
The FDA's own report shows 92 documented symptoms triggered by aspartame from 4 types of seizures to coma and death. Dr. Blaylock has a lecture on where he says to understand that the reactions to aspartame are not allergic reactions – but toxic like arsenic and cyanide.

Don Rumsfeld was on President Reagan's transition team. The day he took office he appointed Dr. Arthur Hull Hayes as FDA Commissioner to approve aspartame. But Reagan knew it would take about 30 days to get Hayes to the FDA and in the meantime the current FDA Commissioner could put an end to aspartame. So talk about political clout - Reagan wrote an executive order making the current FDA Commissioner powerless to do anything about aspartame. When Hayes got to the FDA he over-ruled the Board of Inquiry of the best scientists the FDA had to offer who said aspartame is not safe, caused brain tumors and the petition is revoked. That's how aspartame got on the market. Now if you want proof of this and you want to hear it right out of the mouth of Attorney James Turner all you have to do is get a copy of the movie just released on aspartame, Sweet Misery: A Poisoned World. You can get a copy from It is getting rave reviews and has already been shown in over 10 countries of the world. In fact, its being marketed in Australia. It's not going to go away and Sound and Fury are now doing a sequel. Other movies are also in the making. This is one of the greatest scandals in US History. Nobody has ever said it better than Dr. James Bowen who told the FDA years ago that aspartame is mass poisoning of the American public and more than 70+ countries of the world. You can read his letter to the FDA on labeling on Searle was afraid they couldn't get it around the world if anyone knew about the FDA wanting them indicted for fraud. So they got it approved in England by making a business deal with a Professor Paul Turner in the regulatory agency there. Parliament had a big blow out but did not rescind the order. The story was in the Guardian. Then Searle was able to rubberstamp it around the world. Letters have been written to ANZFA for years, especially by Dr. H. J. Roberts and they just disregard them.

Like our FDA today they are nothing more than the handmaiden of the pharmaceutical industry. No matter how much evidence you give them they do nothing.

In Dr. H. J. Roberts first book on aspartame, Aspartame (NutraSweet) Is It Safe? He quoted his first press release where he stated if something wasn't done then we would have a global plague on our hands in five or ten years. It didn't take that long for Dr. Roberts to declare Aspartame Disease to be a global plague and publish the 1038 page medical text, Aspartame Disease: An Ignored Epidemic,

At the World Environmental Conference, Dr. Clarice Gaylord of the EPA said: "We have an epidemic of MS and lupus and cannot identify the toxin." I said: "I'm Betty Martini of Mission Possible Intl, and I'm here to lecture on MS and lupus and identify the toxin as NutraSweet/Aspartame." These diseases are completely documented in the medical text as well as in Excitotoxins: The Taste That Kills by neurosurgeon Russell Blaylock, M.D., and his new book, Health & Nutrition Secrets To Save Your Life,

Just recently Dr. Blaylock released a press release on the MS and Aspartame Connection complete with research. Go to and clic on aspartame. How serious is it? Basically what he is saying is that a good deal of the population who have been using aspartame for years have subclinical MS and if not warned can have full blown disease. And what is ABC doing - telling the people of Australia, its all a hoax. I realize ABC in Australia is in no way affiliated with ABC TV here in the States and is the national, government-funded public broadcaster in Australia. But this doesn't say very much for truth from Australia ABC.

This is why aspartame is so deadly. It is a molecule composed of three components, 40% aspartic acid (an excitotoxin), a methyl ester which immediately becomes methanol (10%), a neurotoxin, and 50% phenylalanine, as an isolate a neurotoxin that goes directly into the brain, lowering the seizure threshold and depleting serotonin. Aspartame breaks down to a witches brew of toxins including diketopiperazine, a brain tumor agent.

James Bowen, M.D. is a victim of aspartame with Lou Gehrigs and has explained how the destruction works. Aspartic acid, the excitotoxic component of aspartame does not cross the blood brain barrier but is secreted into the cerebral spinal fluid by the choroid plexus located in the ventricles of the brain. There, in the brain's lower area and upper terminus of the spinal cord is where Lou Gehrigs, Parkinson's Disease and Multiple Sclerosis damage is most prominent. These critical locations bathed in the toxin as it removes from the blood. From the third to fourth ventricle there is a narrow canal called sylvian aqueduct which fills with this secretion and washes the roof of the hypothalamus. This accounts for the damage to the hypothalamus.

Dr. Madelon Price, Professor Emeritus of Neurobiology in Psychiatry, and biochemist who worked with Dr. Olney for 30 years recently mentioned that although aspartic acid does not cross the blood brain barrier, that many people have compromised blood brain barriers. She said very important to her, is that healthy people are at risk because certain areas of the brain, small organs that abut the ventricles of the brain, lack blood brain barrier protection. These are the circumventricular organs (CVO) of the brain. The 3 principle ones are:

(1) the area postrema, located on the floor of the 4th ventricle, which controls vomiting.
(2) the subfornical organ which hangs from the roof of the juncture of the 1st and 2nd ventricles, which controls thirst and
(3) the median eminence/arcuate nucleus of the hypothalamus, located on the floor of the 3rd ventricle, which controls the flow of many hormones. She said this is the most important area and the one that got she and Dr. Olney involved in the aspartame issue in the first place.
The capillaries that run through these organs are fenestrated - they have areas of thinning in their walls (fenestre = window in French). Most capillary walls are very tight and aspartate can only cross their walls by an energy dependent pumping mechanism. But aspartate can freely enter the CVO through the permeable fenestra in the walls of the CVO capillaries. Releasing factors which control the release of growth hormone, all the sex hormones (follicle stimulating hormone, luteinizing hormone and prolactin), thyroid hormone and corticotropin among others are controlled by this area of the brain.

Dr. Price mentioned the shrunken testes in experimental rats and also said it is well known that women who ingest a lot of aspartame, stop menstruating and cannot get pregnant. The baby animals that she and Dr. Olney injected or fed aspartate grew up to be obese and infertile adults. That is because this area of the brain was affected.

As to methanol it converts to formaldehyde and formic acid and causes metabolic acidosis. Dr. H. J. Roberts says the chronic methanol poisoning affects the dopamine system of the brain and causes the addiction. Methanol is classified as a narcotic. In the worst case scenario, a body builder and athlete, Charles Fleming was highly addicted to diet drinks and other aspartame products. When he died they saw the methanol poisoning and thought his wife poisoned him. This sweet Sunday School teacher who helped the homeless was sentenced to 50 years in prison, and is in the movie, Sweet Misery. Several aspartame experts have looked at the autopsy and written affidavits that Fleming died of aspartame.

You may have heard about so many athletes dropping dead. The ones we have investigated were using aspartame. Dr. Bowen explained aspartame and sudden death in great detail. He says that aspartame and methyl alcohol poisoning are noted for damaging myocardium and the specialized form of myocardium called the cardiac conduction system. This kind of damage leads to susceptibility to arrhythmias. The aspartame and methyl alcohol poisoning causes immense damage to the mitochondria (life of the cell) and to MtDNA which perpetrates the mitochondria damage. The myocardium and cardiac conduction system never get to rest. They are constantly at work pumping blood, therefore they are very highly concentrated in mitochondria to accommodate the metabolic needs of this tremendous work load. Therefore, mitochondria damage is more highly reflected in the heart. Damaged mitochondria produce increased amounts of free radicals and other abnormal metabolites that produce arrhythmias. Moreover, the person using NutraSweet may have a markedly decreased intake of mineral and vitamin co-enzyme factors which also sensitizes the heart to arrhythmias. It appears with athletes exercise is the last straw. You have unusual demands on the cardiorespiratory system.

Dr. Blaylock says that magnesium protects the brain and heart from excitotoxins. When an athlete runs he depletes magnesium. Its the last straw. The phenylalanine in aspartame lowers the seizure threshold and depletes serotonin. Lowered serotonin triggers manic depression, mood swings, insomnia, suicidal tendencies, paranoia, hallucinations, etc. Psychiatric and behavioral problems are epidemic. In fact, President Bush now wants everyone in this country checked for mental illness. Congress has admitted that US children are poisoned and have given the National Institutes of Health 2.7 billion to find out the culprit. See my letter to NIH and their letter also on click on aspartame. This is the site of the World Natural Health Organization.

Dr. Roberts in Aspartame Disease: An Ignored Epidemic says: "Increased brain phenylalanine can elevate norepinephrine levels becoming clinically manifest as hypertension. A comparable phenomenon has been demonstrated in spontaneously hypertensive rats. Another plausible mechanism involves increased phenylalanine metabolites, especially dopamine, in the presence of excess insulin. Tourian (l985) demonstrated that insulin potentiates the synthesis of phenylalanine hydroxylase in tissue cultures.
He also says: "The documentation of essential hypertension in an insulin-resistant state associated with hyperinsulinemia (Ferrannini l987) but independent of obesity, is germane because many aspartame reactors have reactive hypoglycemia. Furthermore, phenylalanine increases insulin release. In the face of continued hyperinsulinemia, the down regulation of insulin receptors (and ensuing decreased insulin actin) the increased reabsorption of sodium and sympathetic stimulation can exaggerate hypertension."

Dr. Roberts in the l980's was selected as the best doctor in the United States by a medical organization. He is Board Certified and Recertified in Internal Medicine, a diabetic specialist. He says that aspartame can precipitate diabetes, stimulates and aggravates diabetic retinopathy and neuropathy, can cause diabetics to go into convulsions and even interacts with insulin.

What aspartame has done to the family is a crime. If someone does get pregnant Dr. Bowen points out that aspartame is an abortifacient and also a teratogen (causes birth defects). And if a live child is born he says aspartame may have heinously damaged DNA for generations to come. DNA damage was proven on the Trocho Study in l998, and also showed that the formaldehyde accumulates in the cells with most toxicity in the liver but substantial amounts in the kidneys, adipose tissue (reason for obesity -
fat cells), retina and brain. Aspartame also ruins female response and trigger male sexual dysfunction.

Dr. John Olney told the Board of Inquiry of the FDA concerning children, and they agreed with him, "I conclude that despite Searle's persistent tendency to AVOID PERFORMING EXPERIMENTS OF APPROPRIATE DESIGN to clarify the safety of the aspartate moiety of aspartame under "use" conditions, the few items of relevant evidence they have generated since l974 serve to reinforce my position that aspartame, together with glutamate, does pose significant risk of destroying neurons in childrens' brains and exerting adverse influence on neuroendocrine systems. Certainly the studies performed, thus far, do not even begin to refute, disprove or rule out the brain damage and neuroendocrine risks I have defined and documented with extensive evidence, nor do they demonstrate that there is an adequate safety margin for the use of aspartame (plus Glu) in childrens' foods. Searle has failed, therefore, to establish the safety of their product for use in childrens' foods."

And so the best scientists the FDA had to offer revoked the petition for aspartame. And if Don Rumsfeld hadn't called in his markers and Reagan hadn't appointed Hayes to get it approved anyway by over-ruling the FDA Board, millions would not have perished from the fatal diseases and tumors triggered by this neurotoxin, and our children wouldn't be poisoned. As Dr. Blaylock says in Excitotoxins, even if a child survives his mother using aspartame during pregnancy, by the time he reaches puberty you will probably see behavioral problems. Aspartame reduces IQ, triggers ADD, autism, ADHD and other horrors.

When studies are not fixed by Industry it's very easy to show how quickly aspartame poisons. Dr. Baret in the Dominican Republic changed the diet of 360 children by changing milk for aspartame laced juice, detailed in Dr. Roberts medical text. All these children immediately demonstrated inability to concentrate, hyperactivity and such. Knowing that the only change made was adding aspartame to the diet he removed it. In four days all the children went back to normal. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to prove how deadly aspartame is, which is why the FDA and the manufacturer has tried to prevent independent studies. If you read the UPI investigation on you will see that Searle even threatened Dr. Richard Wurtman at MIT if he did studies on aspartame and seizures, his research funds would be rejected, and they were. ILSE is their front group that supplies research funds to universities who co-operate. Research is negotiable. MIT now gets research funds but Dr. Wurtman no longer speaks out about aspartame.

Finally in l996 when Dr. Olney made world news on the aspartame and brain tumor issue, he was on 60 Minutes (also in Australia and stronger). Dr. Ralph Walton joined him showing research on scientific peer reviewed studies and funding. 92% of independent, scientific independent studies showed the problems aspartame causes, and if you removed 6 studies the FDA had something to do with since they now are now the handmaiden of the pharmaceutical industry, plus one pro-industry summary, 100% of independent studies show problems with aspartame. What does say to industry funded and controlled studies saying aspartame is safe?

Like FDA toxicologist Jacqueline Verrett told Congress, all studies were built on a foundation of sand and should be thrown out. I've gone to great length to provide a good part of the story of aspartame and let you know that with it on the market, no drug is safe. Aspartame interacts with just about every drug used to treat the problems it causes as outlined in the medical text. I'm the messenger, founder of an unpaid global volunteer force with operations in 50 states and over 22 countries of the world educating the public on the deadly affects of aspartame, the information from world experts. And what does ABC do - try to make out like its all a hoax, and aspartame is safe as rain. Information is a matter of public record and cannot be denied.

Are advertising funds more important that the lives of the people of Australia? Since every bit of information can be checked out, and wasn't, how come ABC wants to lie to the public? Currently suits have been filed against 14 large companies for poisoning the public with aspartame such as Coke, Slimfast, Pepsi, Pfizer, Wrigleys and Atria. I'm also working with class action attorneys and attorneys call often who are interested in investigating. Four support groups help the sick and disabled. Aspartame Detoxification Centers continue to increase. More and more movies are being made to get the information to the public. Even in Sweet Misery, Turner admits that Searle even did studies in Dr. Olney's lab showing brain damage and didn't even turn them over to the FDA. They cared not about how many brain diseases their toxin would poison and how much pain, suffering and death they would cause. A quarter of a million web sites warn the public do not use aspartame. explains aspartame has a synergistic and additive effect with MSG. Their records show how the glutamate industry used aspartame as the placebo for a quarter of a century in studies with MSG to make the public believe that MSG reacted no differently than the placebo, when in fact, both are excitotoxins. Searle even used people in poor villages in South America to feed aspartame and give them brain tumors and seizures, and show that aspartame destroys the brain and central nervous system. Then they didn't publish the studies. Some of those people died. The pregnant woman lost her baby. We have the affidavit from the translator.

Today the aspartame industry provides fake, frauds and front groups to mislead the public. Dr. Stephen Barrett of quackbusters, one of the most well known for false and misleading information on web has just been charged with racketeering. The public has had enough.

Now ABC had a choice. I expected a full apology and the truth to be told to the Australian people. My email sent to you on the 7th September, 2004 was ignored – I informed you in that email that if I did not receive a full apology and the truth to be told within 5 days (that is by the 12th September) after receipt of my email, that this information will be placed on the world-wide web. The Australian people will find out either way. In the end this letter may get to more people in Australia than ABC does. Be assured the aspartame industry and their bottomless checkbook (chequebook) and influence is not worth the life of even one child, much less the mass poisoning of the world. Enough is enough. All the facts are a matter of public record, and I would be happy to give you the phone numbers and emails of the physicians for verification of the facts.

Dr. Betty Martini, Founder, Mission Possible Intl, 9270 River Club
Duluth, Georgia 30097 770 242-2599 and

Aspartame Toxicity Center,

Sweet Misery: A Poisoned World
Filmed in-person interviews with Doctors, Lawyers, people with aspartame related health problems, advocates and many others. The film Sweet Misery reveals one of the most pervasive, insidious forms of corporate negligence in the history of the industrial revolution. The toxic long-term effects of aspartame are often dismissed as a “hoax” by the sweetener industry and at least 5 other internet websites. The real footwork however, unravels something less comforting than a mere “hoax”. Sweet Misery is a documentary released by Sound and Fury Productions.


by Diana Buckland Global Recognition Campaign/Multiple Chemical
Sensitivity/chemically induced illnesses, diseases & injury affecting civilians & military personnel


By James Bowen, M.D.

The horrendous toxicity of Aspartame has been well documented ever
since its inception.

Sudden deaths logically arise from several of its many toxicities.
For example, Christina Onassis, Patty Crane, and Carol Hamm are
amongst those that I know of who were using Aspartame and were
addicted to it, and visibly deteriorating under its influence when
they suddenly, and unexpectedly, died there from. Patty Crane was
found dead amongst a litter of diet Pepsi cans. When her mother,
Betty Hayland, who was exposing Patty's "Nutra Death" on TV, came to
me to learn the biochemical basis of its deadliness; she, after
learning some of the biochemistry, asked: "Dr Bowen, how could such a
poisonous chemical ever be on the market?" I answered "Betty! This is
organized crime in our government." She became furious with me! "That
I should suggest there is organized crime in the U.S. government!
What a nut!" A few days later they called and threatened her life. A
couple days later two men tried to drag her into a car. She was able
to make her escape by breaking free and running. A couple days later
her husband Dave, who now has no question that organized crime runs
our government, came home and found her shot dead in a puddle of
blood on the floor. Carol Hamm was a close friend, but not my patient
so medical confidentiality does not prevent my discussing her
tragedy. We played cards together a couple of times per week and she
constantly had diet drinks in her hands while she played. She, over a
short period of a few weeks use, visibly deteriorated physically
right in front of my eyes, and mentally. Her card playing
deteriorated as well! She would defiantly look me right in the eye as
she drank diet to let me know that she didn't care that I had warned
her of what I knew about Aspartame. She was going to satisfy her
addiction by damn! Come what may! What came was that, one night she
didn't show for cards, and her daughter Debby called the police. When
we arrived at her house she was lying dead in bed with bloody fluid
running out of her mouth. In all three cases the autopsy report
revealed only "unexplained pulmonary edema".

This is the difference between death from Aspartame metabolism and
regular alcoholism: you can't smell it on the breath, and medical
politics forbids attributing anything evil to "Nutra Sweet." Jim
Krossik was an employee at Searle's first Aspartame plant in Phoenix.
He developed neural toxicity from breathing the Aspartame dust in the
air in the plant and passed out on the plant floor. When he recovered
and returned to work, he found that all employees were required to
wear a face mask lest they breathe the deadly Nutra Sweet dust! He
complied, but absorbed enough through his skin that he passed out on
the floor dead! The autopsy report revealed a "severe alcoholic
cardiomyopathy" as its only finding. Jim used no alcoholic beverage!
I have published extensively on My articles such
as "Sperm Warfare", "Aspartame and methanol revisited" etc. enlarge
upon the unique methanol toxicity from Aspartame. It metabolizes in a
toxic axis of Aspartame to methanol, to formaldehyde, to formic acid,
to carbon monoxide. Aspartame, to a striking degree, carries toxic
heavy metals into the body, as well as generating toxic super-oxide
free radicals in the metabolic channels that are poisoned by it. A
good overview of the Aspartame problem is my book "Billions of
Victims" which is available as free advice at many
educational/informational sites on the net. Since it educates about
Chemical Hypersensitivity, (CHz), it is essential reading for a full
understanding of the issue of sudden deaths from Aspartame.

The heart muscle is very sensitive to alcohol poisonings. Such
alcoholic cardiomyopathies frequently terminate in sudden death. The
Aspartame molecule is an alcohol poison about 20,000 times as toxic a
poison as ethanol, (regular old sipping or beverage alcohol) on a per
weight basis. Moreover, the myocardium (heart muscle) never gets to
rest except between heart beats, so the methanol from Aspartame that
becomes more or progressively toxic upon metabolism is especially
damaging to muscles. The myocardium is especially rich in
mitochondria to serve this metabolic need. The mitochondria and their
DNA (Mt DNA) are especially subject to these damages, and Mt DNA
lacks the repair mechanisms of nuclear DNA, so damage to it is
cumulative, even being passed onto the fetus by the mother. The
Cardiac Conduction System is a specialized kind of tissue that is a
hybrid of neuronal and muscle tissues, which is even richer in
mitochondria, and it never gets to rest. It is the metabolic clock
that generates and effectively coordinates heartbeats, heart rhythyms
and contractions. Many various malfunctions of it precipitate sudden
death. The heart's extreme mitochondrial concentration, and its
dependence upon mitochondrial metabolism for its unresting labors
make it a site intensely generative of Aspartame's poisonous
byproducts and extremely subject to their resultant chemical, immune,
mitochondrial and CHz damages.

When the methanol from Aspartame is metabolized, it has obligatory
first step metabolism to formaldehyde, the strongest organic base.
This is a polymerizing agent which cross links sites on DNA so it
can't reproduce or function to transmit genetic information nor
essential metabolic instructions. The next step in Aspartame's
metabolism is to formic acid which is a chromosome shattering agent
(along with cyanide and fluoride, it is called a "blister poison"
because it is so damaging that it leaves blisters of dead tissue
behind.) Formate is also recognized as fire ant poison. The whole,
entire toxic axes are severe sensitizing agents. A fire ant can,
because of the sensitivity it engenders, kill a human being that
outweighs it billions of times. Thus, the myocardium and conduction
system are rendered highly subject to attack both from the direct
actions of the Aspartame poisons and their metabolic derangements
along with the free radicals they generate via the impaired metabolic
competence, and are highly susceptible to other toxics and "sick
environments" via CHz, (Chemical Hypersensitivity). Damaged Mt DNA,
its resultant mitochondrial dysfunction along with dysfunctions by
and from immune and hypersensitivity reactions (CHz) are all
associated with sudden deaths. Cardiomyopathies from damaged Mt DNA
are also well known to be passed to the child from the mother. Many
other Mt DNA diseases are inherited from mothers who have damaged Mt
DNA. Because the Mt DNA is not in the nucleus but rather is located
in the mitochondria of the cell, its transmission in the case of a
given ovum is haphazard and random, so that infants from such mothers
usually display varied, random, and often dissimilar disease
patterns. One may be diabetic, another may have a cardiomyopathy,
another pervasive developmental disorders such as autism, another,
metabolically generated diseases like steato-hepatitis, hypotonic
obesity, etc. (see my article on "Steato Hepatitis".)

Another whole related area is the damage done to the hypothalamic-
pituitary-adrenal axis. Repeated poisonous assaults, such as CHz,
cause the activation of the anti-shock mechanisms of the adrenal
glands leading to either adrenal fatigue or a chronic turned-on
status, both being conducive to sudden death, especially in response
to toxic or other shock inducing states such as the CHz response. The
hypothalamus, along with many other brain structures is severely
damaged by the dicarboxylic amino acid neuroexcitoxin component of
the Aspartame poisoning. This alone can cause adrenal insufficiency
and resultant sudden death. The phenylalanine isolate poisoning from
Aspartame also leads to serotonin and dopamine depletion in some
areas of the brain, and elevation of serotonin in others, leading to
neuro-endocrine disruptions contributing to all of the above, as well
as depression and schizophrenic episodes often leading to Aspartame
related suicides.

Aspartame is a potent epileptogenic agent, causing seizures directly
from its toxic effect, as well as when in withdrawal from same, along
with seizures induced by the CHz when the patient is exposed to even
minute amounts of sensitizing agents such as chemical contaminants.
Some of these contaminants are sulfites from pulp mills (or the
universally practiced new world order environmental abuse of
illegally burning high sulfur coal in power plants), pollens, fungal
blooms, and other "sick" environments, and food chemicals. Such
seizures can result in sudden death, especially if the subject is
alone and suffering from the other aforementioned Aspartame risk
The Atlanta Journal Constitution recently published an article about
sudden death referring to Science magazine. It reported that 450,000
people drop dead each year and discussed consumers with an irregular
heart rhythm. Aspartame notoriously triggers an irregular heart
rhythm. Frankly, this is probably an understatement as to deaths. On
Dec 16, 2001, the Sunday Telegraph in the UK wrote an article on
sudden death and epilepsy. Aspartame is also a seizure triggering
drug as proven on a pivotal study that approved it, a 52 week oral
toxicity study where seven infant monkeys were fed the toxin. Five
had grand mal seizures and one died. The FDA report of 92 symptoms
lists four types of seizures triggered by this neurotoxin. To make
matters worse, aspartame interacts with anti-seizure medication such
as Dilantin and similar drugs.

In this article it said ".. .many people, including doctors, have
little idea that a disturbing number of patients, many of them young
and in good health, die unexpectedly, often in their sleep." Further
it states that "The unpredictable death syndrome has become known as
Sudden Unexpected Death in Epilepsy or Sudep. In 1996, there were
969 epilepsy related deaths, twice as many as from sudden infant
or `cot' syndrome, which is the subject of widespread inquiry."

Dr. James Bowen wrote at the time, "Sudden death during seizures is
almost always due to cardiac standstill due to cardiac arrhythmias.
There are several ways that this is due to aspartame damage.
Aspartame and methyl alcohol poisoning are noted for damaging
myocardium and the specialized form of myocardium called the cardiac
conduction system. This kind of damage leads to susceptibility to
arrhythmias. The aspartame and methyl alcohol poisoning cause immense
damage to the mitochondria and to Mt DNA which perpetuates the
mitochondria damage. The myocardium and cardiac conduction system
never get to rest. They are constantly at work pumping blood,
therefore they are very highly concentrated in mitochondria to
accommodate the metabolic needs of this tremendous work load. So
mitochondrial damage is more highly reflected in the heart. Damaged
mitochondria produce increased amounts of free radicals and other
abnormal metabolites that produce arrhythmias."

Dr. Bowen continues about the unusual demands on the cardio-
respiratory system and notes that seizures due to NutraSweet occur
more frequently and in spite of otherwise adequate anti-seizure
medication. Furthermore, aspartame interacts with pharmaceutical
drugs and anti-seizure medication creating yet another unknown toxic
byproduct. He says it should be no surprise then that people are
dropping dead from this aspect of aspartame toxicity.

On you will see two reports about aspartame and
sudden death:

Aspartame and cardiac and chest problems by H. J. Roberts, M.D.

Aspartame, MSG and Other Excitotoxins and the Hypothalamus by
neurosurgeon Russell Blaylock, M.D.

Both have written books that discuss sudden death syndrome:

Aspartame Disease: An Ignored Epidemic, or or 800-814-9800. H. J. Roberts, M.D.

Excitotoxins: The Taste That Kills by neurosurgeon Russell Blaylock,

Mission Possible is currently seeking case histories for class action
on aspartame triggered seizures, brain tumors, eye deterioration and
blindness. For more information, contact: Mission Possible
International, 9270 River Club Parkway, Duluth, Georgia 30097 770-

Murdering Blacks with Aspartame! Tuskegee Syphilis experiments were Chickenfeed compared to boosting Sickle Cell Crisis!


The Oklahoma Medical Research Foundation serves drug companies. They "test" new drugs, grind out "reports" and sometimes get patents for drug applications as in the case of aspartame. OMRF found surreal new "benefits" from this toxic "diet" chemical, marketed as NutraSweet and Equal now under many other names. It's the sweetener in Diet Coke, Diet Pepsi and thousands of "diet" foods. In 1996 the Food and Drug Administration published a list of 92 adverse aspartame reactions: seizures, blindness, sex dysfunction and death, from 10,000 consumer complaints.

Headache was #1 on the list!. OMRF has patents on it from 6 nations as an "analgesic" for headaches and other discomforts. Extinguish the fire with Napalm!

Aspartame is supposedly a "diet" sweetener, keeps you slim. OMRF has patented it for "appetite enhancement". It keeps you thin by making you crave carbohydrates, as we explained 12 years ago: If you want to be fat, NutraSweet is where its at! USA patents 6156795 & 6326400

Now in 9 countries OMRF has patents to use it to treat SICKLE CELL ANEMIA! It enhances the disease, makes it more deadly and murderous! A dagger in the heart of the black race!

How it does the deadly deed: A third of the aspartame molecule digests into wood alcohol, CH4O. The alcohol next loses 2 hydrogens to be the undertakers' friend: formaldehyde. CH2O! Add an oxygen and its formic acid, the venom of fire ants which can kill a person a million times larger, also known as formate! CH2O2. Formate is a "blister poison" that kills and runs, transferring cell to cell, killing as it goes, leaving blisters of dead tissue. It destroys the deformed sickle hemoglobin cells reducing the sickle cell count, but it amplifies the disease inciting a sickle cell crisis.

All of these poisons tie up the enzyme cytochrome oxidase P-450, blocking the body's ability to use oxygen. Many other essential enzymatic functions are inactivated by these poisons; over 85 enzymes are known to be so affected. Like carbon monoxide, formic acid inactivates hemoglobin, reduces oxygen transport to the cells, the most immediate and urgent function of blood circulation. You silently suffocate! Chelating aspartame carries toxic heavy metals into your cells, such as aluminum from the pop can which appears in Alzheimer's neurofibrillary tangles, brain cell graveyards.

For 40 years from 1932 terrorists at the U S Public Health Service experimented by infecting Alabama sharecroppers with syphilis to watch them die. Injections were for "bad blood" lied the doctors who went to extreme lengths to insure their victims received no therapy or medication from any source. 400 innocent American men, their wives, their families, butchered; and hundreds more to whom the agony, blindness and insanity of syphilis have spread to this very day. That heinous crime counts more bodies than the children recently slaughtered in Chechnya. And for what did our countrymen die? For the insane curiosity of remorseless medical maniacs!

Aspartame presents an equally sinister atrocity! Million$ spent have convinced the world a poison is safe as rain. A toxin that intensifies sickle cell and will murder multitudes. A more noble motive is here involved than curiosity. Its an invincible greed for fine old American profit! And what colossal lie flies on the banner under which these monsters march? OUR POISON CURES IT!

See Dr. Bowen's full warning below and on Remove all forms of aspartame from your diet now. A mountain of scientific evidence confirms its an addictive neurotoxin. The National Soft Drink Association's long objection to aspartame approval in the 5/7/85 Congressional Record called it "uniquely and inherently unstable" [S5505] FDA won't send you their list of 92 reactions any more. See it on

Dr. Bowen's complete report:

Researcher Carl Manion has claimed that a single dose of aspartame lowered the sickle cell count in the blood. We've known that for 20 years because aspartame causes the sickle cells to break down as in a sickle cell crisis. Then there are few of them to count. Aspartame metabolizes into formic acid, a blister poison that transfers from cell to cell killing all and leaving a blister of dead tissue.

It blocks the body's ability to utilize oxygen by tying up an enzyme called cytochrome oxidase P-450. Many other essential enzymatic functions are disabled by this class of poison, 85 are now known to be so damaged. Formic acid or formate is such a potent sensitization agent that a sting by a fire ant can kill a human being which demonstrates the enormous immune system damage from aspartame derivatives. Like its sister, carbon monoxide, formate inactivates the hemoglobin molecule, so it can no longer pick up oxygen to supply the body, a vast injury to the metabolism.

Aspartame grievously and rapidly damages the MtDNA, and the mitochondria with formaldehyde and formate poisoning, as well as by chelating and carrying heavy metals into the body. This leaves the mitochondria insufficiency, and inefficiency which generates large amounts of harmful super oxide free radicals, as well as diseases like diabetes. Super oxide free radicals aggravate many disease processes, and rapidly age the person. In my personal experience, I had a full head of dark brown hair. After 6 weeks of using the low cal Kool-Aide with aspartame, in June l983 I was fully and immediately grayed. I looked like I had dyed my hair brown and now the gray roots were showing! I also suffered severe degeneration of my cartilages, fracturing the largest cartilage in my right knee. Had I been on aspartame a few more weeks I would have destroyed all my cartilages. I have seen it do this to other people with a few weeks of use! Figure how much that would add to the joint destruction from sickle cell! I found that taking my diabetic patients off aspartame led to an immediate improvement in their disease, many did not even have diabetes once off aspartame. All were spared the tremendous complications they had been experiencing from aspartame, which they thought were inherent complications of their diabetes.

The notion aspartame would in any way benefit those with sickle cell disease is sheer nonsense/genocide. Aspartame also consumes folic acid on a molecule per molecule basis. This consumes immense amounts of folic acid, leading to even greater carbon monoxide poisoning of the body. Folic acid is critically needed for the sickle cell patient to heal their injury. Deficiencies of folic acid also lead to birth defects in the children of those who consume aspartame. Aspartame is a synergisticmethanol poison. Methanol also produces grievous birth defects and pervasive developmental disorders such as autism and attention deficient in the offspring of aspartame users. The IQ of the average high school graduate has fallen 10% since the l950's because of chemicals like aspartame, MSG, and fluoride being pushed into our youth, along with an inexcusably, damaging and scientific unsound immunization program. The US military is now having trouble finding youth bright enough to man its high tech weaponry.

Every step in the human fertility cycle is destroyed by aspartame, starting with the gleam in daddy's eye and the response from mamma. See Genocide/Aspartame Murders Infants on Aspartame is a potent brain washing agent, and a highly addictive neurotoxin. If started on it, few will question what its really doing to them. The fact I'm a physician with an outstanding knowledge of applied biochemistry, did not protect me from being brainwashed and devastated by aspartame. James Bowen, M.D.

From Martini: This is Aspartame Awareness Month. Please do your part to save lives. The Idaho Observer ( is providing 24 page booklets for distribution called the Artificially Sweetened Times.

Special Offer from Sound and Fury Productions on the release of the new movie on aspartame (Nutrasweet/Equal/Canderel/E951) Sweet Misery: A Poisoned World to alert the globe:

"Now available! DVD of Sweet Misery: A Poisoned World with added special features including Dr. Russell L. Blaylock's description of dangers of aspartame in pregnancy and Dr. HJ Roberts describing his 1000 page medical text on aspartame disease. Just in time for Aspartame Awareness Weekend, September 10-12. Order now. Copies are just $25.00 plus $5.00 shipping and handling.

As a special promotion for Aspartame Awareness Month, Sound and Fury Productions is offering the following through its website:

"Order a Copy for yourself and a copy we'll send to your Senator, Congressman or Doctor for $40.00, including shipping and handling! That's two copies at a savings of $17.50. And we can make your voice heard. Click on "Aspartame Awareness Weekend Special" when ordering. But hurry. We can only offer this through September 15th, 2004."
Cori Brackett

Be sure to alert schools. Congress has admitted US children are poisoned and given NIH 2.7 billion to find the culprit. (Letter on click on aspartame) This neurotoxic drug triggers birth defects, learning problems, and behavioral problems. It interacts with all antidepressants, insulin, all cardiac Rx, anti-seizure Rx, hormones and L-dopa, for starters. As a chemical hypersensitization agent it even interacts with vaccines and other toxins. It has an additive and synergistic effect with MSG. ( ) Government documents were requested by the NEA, National Education Association. When damning records were sent showing aspartame to be unsafe J. Newberry wrote: "HIN is not able to pursue this issue at this time."

Please sign petition to free Diane Fleming on Husband died of aspartame and she was sentenced to 50 years for poisoning him. Several doctors have signed affidavits his autopsy showed aspartame was the culprit. It liberates free methyl alcohol. Damages the cardiac conduction system causing sudden death.

Medical books: by H. J. Roberts, M.D, including Aspartame Disease: An Ignored Epidemic by neurosurgeon Russell Blaylock, M.D., including Excitotoxins: The Taste That Kills

Dr. Betty Martini, Founder, Mission Possible Intl, 9270 River Club Parkway, Duluth, Georgia 30097 770 242-2599 (note lawsuits on home page banner) and

(For full story, Discovery may hold Sweet Relief, see The Oklahoman, article by Jim Stafford)

Aspartame Murders Infants - Violates Federal Genocide Law

By James Bowen, MD


Abortion causation

Birth defect production

Forms antigenic tissue, triggering immunologic attack, fetal wastage

Chelates metals, promotes heavy metal poisoning


Methyl alcohol
Phenylalanine [PHE]
Aspartic Acid
Formic acid

Aspartame, APM, is sold as NutraSweet and Equal and is in thousands of foods and diet drinks. At every point in the fertility process APM destroys, beginning with the gleam in Mom and Pop,s eyes: it ruins female sexual response and induces male sexual dysfunction. Beyond this, aspartame disrupts fetal development by aborting it or inducing defects. And if a live child is born aspartame may have heinously damaged the DNA of the baby, cursing future generations.

APM,s abortifacient properties are inherent in its structure. As the 3-cornered molecule is metabo- lized it releases methyl alcohol, plus phenylalanine and aspartic acid, both neurotoxins. The methyl alcohol breaks down into formaldehyde, then formic acid. APM methyl alcohol/formaldehyde poisoning, engenders a host of cumulative degenerative diseases and functional abnormalities. Isolated phenyalanine and aspartic acid are neurotoxic.

Formaldehyde is recognized as a potent adjuvant which causes foreign proteins to be recognized as antigens by the immune system, triggering immune responses to destroy them. Because of its adjuvancy formaldehyde is included in many vaccines. A challenge the mother,s body must overcome to carry a fetus is keeping the maternal immune system from identifying the varied fetal tissues as foreign proteins and destroying them. APM denatures fetal tissues creating an antigenicity stimulus enticing destruction by the maternal immune system. This termination of pregnancy can be so rapid that the mother may not notice a delayed period or she may miscarry almost immediately.

The ability of methyl alcohol/formaldehyde to create antigenicity, especially as combined in APM molecules is so great as to cause severe autoimmune reactions to the tissues deformed by formaldehyde polymerization, adduct formation. The immune system turns against the victim,s tissues: Lupus.

Beyond the danger of attack from the maternal immune system, APM directly damages the fetus. A good reference point is fetal alcohol syndrome: lifelong deformity, disability and loss of mental acuity in infants who survive maternal alcohol abuse. Even moderate use of beverage alcohol by the mother abuses the fetus and its future. Methyl alcohol is fifty times as potent an intoxicant as ethyl alcohol [beverage alcohol]. Formaldehyde is 5,000 times more potent. Assembled in the carefully crafted APM molecule these neurotoxins are about 20,000 times more potent than beverage alcohol.

Because of APM,s extreme toxicity even minute doses are destructive, damaging fetal nervous systems and related structures. Eyes and hearing come to mind. All tissues are similarly damaged as beyond its functional neurological intoxicating effects, methyl alcohol/formaldehyde is the strongest organic base in the living organism and is a polymerizing agent, turning tissue into plastic. From such poisoning there is no escape, it is obligatory metabolism by alcholdehydrogenase of methyl alcohol into nascent formaldehyde, occurring 75% in the cytosol [cytoplasm] and 25% in the mitochondria.

A SHORT LESSON on PROTEIN FORMATION: Proteins are usually four long chains [polypetides] of the 20 amino acids we get from food. Amino acids are structures of 10 to 27 atoms. [hydrogen, oxygen, carbon, nitrogen, one has an atom of sulfur] These 20 amino acids the are letters of the biochemical alphabet which spell out proteins, some of which contain thousands of amino acids. To support rapid growth the fetus requires lots of amino acids which the placenta supplies in 400% concentration. Amino acids in fetal veins are four times that in the mother,s blood. Natural foods are complex mixes of amino acids, no food is merely one or two isolated amino acids, as is APM.

APM is 50% phenylalanine [PHE] which is a nutrient when accompanied by other amino acids, however isolated PHE is toxic, especially for the fetus or infant. Dr. Louis Elsas, Professor of Pediatrics [Genetics] at Emory University, testified to Congress: "I have spent 25 years in biomedical sciences trying to prevent birth defects caused by excess phenylalanine. And therein lies my basic concern, that aspartame is in fact a well known neurotoxin and teratogen which, in some as yet undefined dose, will both reversibly in the adult and irreversibly in the developing child or fetal brain, produce adverse effects. Senate Hearing 11/3/87 Labor & Human Resources Committee

The 400% placenta-supplied concentration of isolated phenylalanine from APM causes mental retardation! The PHE in a plate of beans is absorbed in about 20 hours in competition with the other amino acids. The PHE in a Diet Coke is absorbed in a few minutes in competition with nothing. This is highly significant because amino acid biochemistry at enzyme sites is competitive and PHE out-competes all the others, which means isolated PHE from APM, in the fetal brain with no competition, destroys it!

I have a cerebral palsied grandchild because my daughter-in-law refused to listen and drank NutraSweet pop during her pregnancy. A nurse who headed a visiting nurses association in Nebraska has two cerebral palsied grandchildren from NutraSweet. Their mother said "Oh Mom, its that safe natural NutraSweet. Only when she delivered her second palsied child did she admit her life was devastated from trusting the FDA, the media, and the APM advertising by "ethical food, beverage and drug industries.

Another nurse, a close personal friend in Walla Walla, Washington, had a grandchild so cerebrally palsied by aspartame it will never lift its head from a pillow but merely stare blankly into space for its whole life. Their church eschews using large amounts of sugar, so the father came home and announced "No more sugar in this household! We,re going to use that safe natural NutraSweet from now on.

Heel-stick blood sampling is routine on newborns to screen for Phenylketonuria to identify infants with PKU so to protect them from the severe brain damage they can sustain from even a single meal of foods high in phenylalanine. Think of the damage to PKU infants by maternal APM consumption. Consider the shroud of tragedy that overcame the lives of these hopeful parents, then multiply their number by hundreds, by thousands, and find a better word than MURDER!

APM is 40% aspartic acid. This amino acid, when isolated, is excitotoxic, it excites neurons or brain cells, to death. Like formaldehyde, APM is a chromosomal damaging agent. The neurological dangers to the developing fetus are obvious. The chromosomal damage in the mother may be inherited by the fetus and since a female fetus contains at birth all the ova she,ll ever have, future generations are forever endangered by inherited chromosomal damage as well the damage to her developing ovaries from the aspartame her mother consumes during pregnancy.

So-called "health supplements made of isolated phenylalanine, aspartic acid, glutamic acid [glutamates as in MSG] and other dicarboxylic amino acid neuroexcitotoxins such as picinolates are marketed either as acts of blind ignorance or deliberate malice. They do the exact opposite of what they,re sold for, i.e. isolated phenylalanine can cause nerve transmitter disruption, brain malnutrition and neurotoxicity leading to impaired mental functioning, depression, headaches, and other reactions.

BRAIN TUMORS: As it breaks down APM creates diketopiperazine and with the intact APM molecule you have the two greatest brain tumor carcinogens discovered by science thus far responsible for the massive brain tumor epidemic we now witness. The methylated aspartyl radicals such as the N-methylD aspartyl radical, et al, are recognized as causative of about every known neuro-degenerative disease. To independently research these issues look up "The Proceedings of the First International Symposium on Phenylalanine Metabolism by Dr Richard Wurtman, head of Neuroendochronology at MIT. He has since for his own reasons become a defender of APM, but the record created by the world,s best minds on phenylalanine pathologies are in that document. Read Dr. Hyman Roberts, excellent books documenting APM causation of schizophrenia by its action in the mid brain and cerebral cortex. Websites:

CHELATION: [Chelate, from the Latin word for Claw, a chemical which seizes and holds other chemicals, often metals] Aspartame was kept off the market by the once intact FDA. A compelling reason the FDA rejected APM is its potent chelating activity, which rapidly picks up toxic metals and carries into the body even metals the body would normally refuse to absorb through digestion. The extreme lead poisoning danger to a child,s developing brain and organs is well known. Many metals NutraSweet carries into us are as damaging as equal concentrations of lead. The strongest evidence is what APM does to people. Consider this 3/23/00 report from B. Lynn. FDA will call this deplorable tragedy an "anecdote.

"My [then] 5 year old daughter was getting migrane headaches and vomiting. My sister-in-law, an RN, told me to get her off the diet soda. I have only seen two such headaches in the last thee and a half years, no vomiting. My mother, an avid drinker of Diet Coke suffered a stroke at 53. My aunt at 57 suffered a stroke. My nephew at four months was Dx with Infantile Spasms. My friend, after months of tests and pain was Dx with Fibromyalgia, drinks 5-6 Diet sodas a day.

In 1995 I suffered a miscarriage. 3 months later I conceived my son. He
was born with VACTERL Association. He had every anomaly in the association:
V Vertebra, he had a tethered spinal cord
A Anal Artesia [ no anal opening]
C Cardiac, open heart surgery at 5 months
TE Trachea Esophegeal Artesia. Esophagus attached to his Trachea
R Renal/Radial defects. He has a hypo plastic thumb and a horseshoe
L Limb defects One arm shorter, skeletal anomalies still being
They could never explain why my perfect pregnancy produced such a child. I sent this to some friends that belong to support group for children with anorectal malformations. The response will be emotional to say the least. We,ve all searched for an answer to what caused these horrible defects in our children. A better word than murder? GENOCIDE! There,s a Federal Law against Genocide: Criminal Code, Title 18 Chapter 50A, Sec 1091-3 It has no statute of limitations, & provides: Whoever , whether in time of peace or time of war, with specific intent to destroy, in whole or in substantial part, a national, ethnic, racial or religious group as such--

(1) Kills members of that group
(2) Causes serious bodily injury to members of that group
(3) Causes the permanent impairment of the mental faculties of members
of the group through drugs, torture or similar techniques
(4) Subjects the group to conditions of life that are intended to cause
the physical destruction of the group in whole or in part
(5) Imposes measures intended to prevent births within the groups
Shall be punished as provided in subsection B
[ B says if death results: Death or life imprisonment & a fine of not more
than $1,000,000]

All five rules have been smashed by the aspartame/NutraSweet industry. We, the population of the United States are the Group. The sellers of APM poisoned foods and drinks knew in advance the havoc it would wreck on our nation,s health. That knowledge establishes intention. Test SC18862, submitted for APM approval involved feeding aspartame to 7 infant monkeys. One died; 5 had grand mal seizures, an 86% casualty rate, nevertheless FDA approved the poison so is equally culpable with the manufacturers. 75% of all complaints on food additives are on APM which FDA tallied into a list of 10,000 consumer complaints of 92 symptoms, including death, but you can,t get the list without a Congressman.

Note #3, mental impairment: APM depletes serotonin from which victims suffer manic depression, hallucinations, paranoia, rage, suicidal tendencies, anxiety and panic. Surgeon General Satcher said 22% of the population now suffer mental problems. APM is involved! I,ve shown how rule #5 is fulfilled by destruction of our unborn and living children. This law makes all producers and marketers of aspartame criminals. What will the justice department and the courts do to protect us?

Contact Betty Martini, Mission Possible International 770 242-2599


By James Bowen, M.D.
Posted: 08 May 2005
James Bowen, M.D., A physician, biochemist, and survivor of aspartame poisoning warns about yet another synthetic sweetener, Splenda.

Hawaii, May 8, 2005 -- The chemical sucralose, marketed as "Splenda", has replaced aspartame as the #1 artificial sweetener in foods and beverages. Aspartame has been forced out by increasing public awareness that it is both a neurotoxin and an underlying cause of chronic illness worldwide. Dr. James Bowen, Researcher and biochemist, reports:

"Splenda/sucralose is simply chlorinated sugar; a chlorocarbon. Common chlorocarbons include carbon tetrachloride, trichlorethelene and methylene chloride, all deadly. Chlorine is nature's Doberman attack dog, a highly excitable, ferocious atomic element employed as a biocide in bleach, disinfectants, insecticide, WWI poison gas and hydrochloric acid.

"Sucralose is a molecule of sugar chemically manipulated to surrender three hydroxyl groups (hydrogen + oxygen) and replace them with three chlorine atoms. Natural sugar is a hydrocarbon built around 12 carbon atoms. When turned into Splenda it becomes a chlorocarbon, in the family of Chlorodane, Lindane and DDT.

"It is logical to ask why table salt, which also contains chlorine, is safe while Splenda/sucralose is toxic? Because salt isn't a chlorocarbon. When molecular chemistry binds sodium to chlorine to make salt carbon isn't included. Sucralose and salt are as different as oil and water.

"Unlike sodium chloride, chlorocarbons are never nutritionally compatible with our metabolic processes and are wholly incompatible with normal human metabolic functioning. When chlorine is chemically reacted into carbon-structured organic compounds to make chlorocarbons, the carbon and chlorine atoms bind to each other by mutually sharing electrons in their outer shells. This arrangement adversely affects human metabolism because our mitochondrial and cellular enzyme systems are designed to completely utilize organic molecules containing carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen, and other compatible nutritional elements.

"By this process chlorocarbons such as sucralose deliver chlorine directly into our cells through normal metabolization. This makes them effective insecticides and preservatives. Preservatives must kill anything alive to prevent bacterial decomposition."

Dr. Bowen believes ingested chlorocarbon damage continues with the formation of other toxins: "Any chlorocarbons not directly excreted from the body intact can cause immense damage to the processes of human metabolism and, eventually, our internal organs. The liver is a detoxification organ which deals with ingested poisons. Chlorocarbons damage the hepatocytes, the liver's metabolic cells, and destroy them.

In test animals Splenda produced swollen livers, as do all chlorocarbon poisons, and also calcified the kidneys of test animals in toxicity studies. The brain and nervous system are highly subject to metabolic toxicities and solvency damages by these chemicals. Their high solvency attacks the human nervous system and many other body systems including genetics and the immune function. Thus, chlorocarbon poisoning can cause cancer, birth defects, and immune system destruction. These are well known effects of Dioxin and PCBs which are known deadly chlorocarbons."

Dr. Bowen continues: "Just like aspartame, which achieved marketplace approval by the Food and Drug Administration when animal studies clearly demonstrated its toxicity, sucralose also failed in clinical trials with animals. Aspartame created brain tumors in rats. Sucralose has been found to shrink thymus glands (the biological seat of immunity) and produce liver inflammation in rats and mice.

"In the coming months we can expect to see a river of media hype expounding the virtues of Splenda/sucralose. We should not be fooled again into accepting the safety of a toxic chemical on the blessing of the FDA and saturation advertising. In terms of potential long-term human toxicity we should regard sucralose with its chemical cousin DDT, the insecticide now outlawed because of its horrendous long term toxicities at even minute trace levels in human, avian, and mammalian tissues.

"Synthetic chemical sweeteners are generally unsafe for human consumption. This toxin was given the chemical name "sucralose" which is a play on the technical name of natural sugar, sucrose. One is not the other. One is food, the other is toxic; don't be deceived."

Dr. Bowen also calls attention to another seldom recognized and deadly permanent effect of these chemicals: "Aspartame, sold as NutraSweet, Equal, E951, Canderel, Benevia and under other names, is a hypersensitization agent which causes Polychemical Sensitivity syndrome. Chlorocarbons strongly induce uncurable hypersensitivity diseases which are now becoming rampant." (James Bowen, M.D.)

Doctor Bowen has spent 20 years researching artificial sweeteners after his use of aspartame resulted in being diagnosed with Lou Gehrig's disease. Dr Bowen's intention is to warn the world of the toxicity of tabletop poisons like aspartame, Splenda and Neotame.

For more information on aspartame and Splenda click on the Aspartame Information List on Dr. Bowen can be seen in the movie "Sweet Misery: A Poisoned World." For the movie call 1-818-349-8822 or email See how aspartame was approved by clicking on and visit for more information on the movie

Aspartame Toxicity Center:

Aspartame and brain tumors cases for litigation contact Dr. Betty Martini at or 770-242-2599. Currently taking states New York, New Jersey, Madison County, Illinois and Mississippi.

A medical text, Aspartame Disease: An Ignored Epidemic by H. J. Roberts, M.D. presents, 1038 pages of aspartame horrors. or 1-800-827-7991

Russell Blaylock, M.D., has published Excitotoxins: The Taste That Kills on the subject,

Note by Dr. Betty Martini:

Dr. Betty Martini says "the controversy rages over Splenda (sucralose). Is it safe and natural like sugar or is it a chlorinated hydrocarbon? As lawsuits fly, consider the chemistry of this artificial compound."

She adds: "The FDA denied approval of aspartame for 16 years, then caved in to political/economic pressure when Don Rumsfeld, CEO of the manufacturer, was brought to Washington by Ronald Reagan. A new FDA Commissioner was appointed to approve it then became a consultant for NutraSweet's public relations firm for $1,000/day on a 10 year contract. Forthcoming has been a global epidemic of disability and death. One might expect FDA to be more cautious next time, yet FDA approved the toxic chlorocarbon Splenda without hesitation and without any long term testing on human subjects."

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