Detoxification and Food Additives

If you have ever looked at the labels on processed foods, drinks, or soups you will see a long list of additives that resemble names seen only in a chemistry textbook, such things as allyl anthranilate and benzyl dimethl carbinyl butrate. Remember, most of these compounds are foreign to the human body and must be detoxified or metabolized in some way. According to Ruth Winters's book, "A Consumer's Dictionary of Food Additives", there is no toxicity information available on 46 percent of the chemicals added to foods and only 5 percent have had complete toxicity evaluation. Some food labels look more like labels from organic chemistry laboratories than what you would expect to find attached to foods. Yet we we consume these processed foods as if safety has been assured.

Health and Nutrition Secrets (that can save your life), Dr Russell L. Blaylock, MD

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