Genes are NOT the cause of cancer

It's a clever line parroted by cancer docs everywhere: Your genes cause cancer, so you'd better get your breasts surgically removed just in case, you know, so you don't ever get cancer.

But as it turns out, the whole genetic link to cancer is 99% hogwash. A study completed at the Ioannina School of Medicine in Greece analyzed hundreds of other studies that claimed to have "discovered" genes that cause cancer, and it found that out of 240 claimed associations between genes and cancer risk, only two genes actually had any significant correlation at all. (That's less than one percent, if you're keeping track.)

Put another way, over 99% of the claims about genes causing cancer don't hold up to scientific scrutiny.

So what are they, then? Scare tactics, of course. By blaming genes for disease, doctors can disempower patients and convince them that they have no control over their own health. It also diminishes the importance of avoiding smoking, boosting vitamin D consumption, increasing exercise and engaging in other smart lifestyle improvements that directly reduce cancer risk. When people are convinced they're going to get cancer anyway ("It's in your genes!"), they tend to stop taking care of their health, giving in to the deterministic brainwashing that's been fed to them by the profit-driven cancer industry.

It's no surprise, of course, that real science shows the cancer gene claims to be 99% junk science. The cancer industry has never been interested in real science anyway: It's run almost entirely on the quest for corporate profits and the ongoing use of fear mongering tactics such as scaring women into submitting to chemotherapy by using mammography equipment that routinely produces false positives.

Even the whole cancer screening process is actually part of the cancer recruiting scam: Since mammograms emit cancer-causing radiation, a woman who undergoes mammography on a regular basis inevitably ends up with cancer tumors that were caused by the mammograms! Thus, the very process of screening for cancer causes cancer!

And then, when they find a tumor in your breast, they claim, "There's nothing you could have done about it. You had the gene for breast cancer."

Nonsense. Pure quackery. Criminal quackery, even.

The truth is that you can be free of cancer regardless of your genetic code, because it is the expression of those genes that matters. And guess what controls the expression of your genes? Your nutrition, diet, lifestyle choices and avoidance of cancer-causing chemicals in foods, drugs, cosmetics and personal care products.

In other words, you have probably 99% control over whether you get cancer or not. But the corrupt cancer industry wants you to think you actually have zero control.

What a con.

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