Fluoride causes DNA damage

Fluoride in drinking water and toothpaste

Twenty-two separate animal studies have already linked genetic damage to fluoride exposure...

Dr Aly Mohamed of the genetics department at the University of Missouri, demonstrated that as little as 1ppm (part per million) of fluoride could result in chromosomal damage in cells from the testes and bone marrow. Overall, the genetic damage increased with length of exposure and increasing dose...

Even studies done by Proctor & Gamble, makers of Crest toothpaste, found that 1 ppm(part per million) of fluoride could cause genetic damage in Chinese hamsters' ovary cells. The lowest dose of fluoride inducing genetic damage in human cells was found to be 0.6 ppm.

Dr Anuradha and co-workers in the journal, "Archives of Toxicology", July 2000, demonstrated that fluoride activates a destructive reaction in human cells (activation of caspase-3) that results in severe DNA damage.


--causes dental fluorosis
--damages DNA repair enzymes
--increases risk for osteoporosis
--increases risk for cancer (bone, oral, bladder, lung).
--causes genetic damage
--causes skeletal fluorosis
--causes abnormal brain development
--causes hypothyroidism
--reduces fertility in males

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