Rising sea levels the result of global warming

Of particular concern to climatologists is the Greenland ice sheet, which is beginning to melt. If temperatures in Greenland rise above 36.86 F, the Greenland ice sheet will disappear, causing sea levels to rise by as much as seven meters. If sea levels were to rise by ten meters or more over the next 1,000 years because of the temperature changes already in motion, the inundation could result in loss of landmass comparable in size to the United States. Florida and many cities on the eastern seaboard of the U.S. would be under water. More than a billion people would have to relocate, and much of the best farmland in the world would be submerged....

Half of the human race inhabits coastal zone, making much of the population vulnerable to rising sea levels. In low-lying countries like Bangladesh that are already experiencing increasing flooding each year, a sweater rise of one meter could eliminate 7 percent of the land, affecting six million people.

The Hydrogen Economy, Jeremy Rifkin

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