Heart disease is NOT genetic in nature, diet plays crucial role

A growing number of studies have shown that N-3 oils significantly reduce the incidence of cardiovascular disease by a number of mechanisms. Wheat led to the the interest in N-3 oils as a protector against vascular disease, especially heart attacks and strokes, was the observation that Greenland Eskimos rarely developed cardiovascular diseases as compared to people eating Western diets. When these Eskimos began to eat Western diets, they developed heart attack and stroke rates equal to most Americans, demonstrating that it [heart disease] wasn't genetic.

Subsequent studies of other populations with fish as a dietary staple showed the same thing. In fact, even eating fish once or twice a week significantly lowered disease rates. In one such study, it was found that men who ate as little as 1.2 ounces of fish daily, as compared to men who ate no fish, reduced their risk of coronary heart disease (heart attacks) by 38 percent and death from heart attacks by 67 percent. This is especially true for sudden cardiac deaths.

Health and Nutrition Secrets (that can save your life), Dr Russell L. Blaylock, MD

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