Flaws with modern/allopathic medicine

If you have learned anything from this book, I hope that you now understand that the body is a whole organism encompassing many interdependent systems. Modern science likes to divide things and examine systems in isolation. Little work has been done on how all the body's systems work together, and more importantly, how disease arising from one part of the body can affect numerous other systems, often at great distances and from the source of the disease.

In addition, modern medicine has all but ignored the affects of various additives in processed foods, especially the problems associated with accumulated, synergistic effects. The same is true of environmental toxins. As we have seen, the most neglected area of all is the affect of these toxins on the nervous system. Tens of thousands of such chemicals have never been tested to determine their combined, long-term effects.

Another serious problem is widespread use of vaccines. The medical hierarchy has assumed that vaccinations are much safer than actual experience has shown, and the connection to learning disorders, such as ADD/ADHD and autism, has been virtually ignored by these elitists. There is overwhelming evidence that over-vaccination and vaccination under conditions of immune impairment can have substantial deleterious affects on the developing nervous system. As with so many problems, medical elitists simply have refused to objectively examine the issue.

I also hope that you realize that nutritional medicine is not outside the scope of science and that so-called "orthodox" medicine is not the only true and scientifically based medical model. The nutritional basis of disease is just as scientific as orthodox medicine, which I have attempted to demonstrate throughout this book. What makes orthodox medicine "orthodox" is that its leaders have wrested control from nutritional scientists, who actually have more complete scientifically based methods of treating disease and maintaining health. Despite the fact they frequently stand on very shaky scientific ground, the orthodox medical industry has also wooed the favor of the main media outlets in this country so they can always get the last word in any argument.

Health and Nutrition Secrets (that can save your life), Dr Russell L. Blaylock, MD

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