Are You Tired of the Repetitive Public Health Crisis Hysteria?


It's that time of year again. It's like clock work now: every few months we're inundated with a public health crisis THAT DEMANDS, OR IN SOME JURISDICTIONS REQUIRES, THAT WE GET VACCINATED. Or face losing our children, prosecution, or worse: death. The hysteria is carefully orchestrated by the pharmaceutical industry to incite fear in hope of injecting people with deadly vaccines. However, the public has caught on to these manufactured national health crisis. Nowadays, the majority of us ignore these trumped up crisis and they come and go, until the next one is conjured, like clock work.

To understand why vaccines are useless, you need to study vaccine ingredients and side effects.

1) Vaccine ingredients are more poisonous than those used to make meth. Common vaccine ingredients: mercury, aluminum, human and animal DNA, formaldehyde (used to laminate wood floors), polysorbate 80.

2) Vaccine side effects are more deadlier than cigarette side effects. Common vaccine side effects: brain damage (autism, dementia), cancer, paralysis, nerve control disorders, seizures.

All those kids with cancer and brain damage; all those seniors with dementia; where do they come from? Look at the vaccine side effects.

The entire vaccine program is based on massive fraud. -- Dr. Russell L. Blaylock, M.D.

What, then, is the value of vaccination? We firmly believe that it has no value at all. Its supposed value has been deduced from incorrect reasoning on the part of its advocates. ---Dr. Charles T. Pearce, M.D.

People have a higher chance of being hit by a vehicle crossing the street than they do being infected with these diseases. Besides, there is NOTHING in vaccines that can strengthen the immune system or prevent these diseases--that is the job of nutrients. The ingredients in vaccines are as safe as the chemicals under the kitchen sink; in many cases the chemicals in vaccines ARE the same as those in cleaning products commonly found under the kitchen sink: they're petroleum-based, made from fossil fuel, the same stuff we fuel our cars with.

Doctors rely heavily on information supplied by the pharmaceutical industry. But proper research suggests that just six percent of this information is supported by hard evidence. All this leads to another important issue—we the public are taking record levels of drugs but our health is not improving. I see some patients who take more than ten medications a day and I feel that these multiple drugs may do a lot more harm than good. The pharmaceutical industry has invested a fortune in making us sick and neurotic.

Put bluntly, the profit motive of the pharmaceutical industry is corrupting doctors and destroying society’s sense of well-being. The medical profession continues to be in denial over the influence of the pharmaceutical industry. Many doctors are addicted to its hospitality and freebie culture, so beware; your prescription may not have been issued for all the right reasons. --GERARD KIELTY, I.R.B., I.D.E.
I.R.B. (Institutional Review Board), I.D.E. (Investigational Device Exemption)

If the pharmaceutical industry science is so advanced, as it claims, then it would create a cure for these diseases--vaccinate patients only AFTER they have been infected. However, using that business model, the pharmaceutical industry would only sell dozens of vaccines. It is much more profitable to create hysteria and scare millions into getting vaccinated. Of course, all these diseases are real and are a threat, but an epidemic every few months that threatens the human species? Studies have shown that vaccines, or pharmaceutical drugs in general, cause the illness and disease they were intended to treat. The more people who are sick, the more customers for the pharmaceutical companies.

Based on what I now know, I would not give my children the combined MMR vaccine... It may be safer for healthy children to catch these illnesses rather than run the risk of immunization. --Dr Richard Halvorsen

Children are growing up with unnatural diseases that according to doctors and the pharmaceutical industry have no known causes. Or they've developed unexplained symptoms that are difficult to diagnose by physicians. What caused all of them? What caused a smoker to have lung cancer? Could it be what they had put in their body 5-20 years ago?

If you want the truth on vaccination you must go to those who are not making anything out of it. If doctors shot at the moon every time it was full as a preventive of measles and got a shilling for it, they would bring statistics to prove it was a most efficient practice, and that the population would be decimated if it were stopped. ---Dr Allinson

Vaccines are very profitable to the pharmaceutical companies that manufacture them. And all of these vaccine manufacturers (Sanofi, Merck, GlaxoSmithKline, Pfizer, Novartis, Johnson & Johnson) are listed on stock exchanges. Vaccines are a business. There isn't any conspiracy, just follow the money trail. There is a significant difference between business and science--they're separate disciplines. Research that shows the effectiveness of these vaccines are funded by the companies that manufacture them. This is an obvious conflict of interest. Moreover, these studies have been proven to be unreliable and in many cases completely fraudulent.

Data fabrication is so widespread that it is called 'making' in the Japanese pharmaceutical industry, 'graphiting' or 'dry labelling' in the United States...Pharmaceutical companies face great temptations to mislead health authorities about the safety of their products. --Dr John Braithwaite

I am no longer "trying to dig up evidence to prove" vaccines cause autism. There is already abundant evidence...This debate is not scientific but is political. --Dr. David Ayoub, MD

If we listen to these pharmaceutical companies and vaccinate every time there's a "health crisis" or pandemic, our body would be a garbage dump of synthetic chemicals. We would get sick, often with unexplained symptoms and unknown causes, while their shareholders are enriched. Take 50-200 people you know, do any of them have the diseases (influenzas, or flus) above? Unlikely.

The pharmaceutical industry has spent $9 billion since 2004 [ over $12 billion as of 2014 ] to settle thousands of criminal and civil complaints related to the illegal marketing of drugs that kill or injure a million Americans annually – and yet, they control the policies that are used by CS [civil servant/service] personnel to force drug/vaccine use. --Office of Medical and Scientific Justice Journal

The vaccinations are not working, and they are dangerous.. We should be working with nature. Dr. Lendon Smith, MD

If we believe government bureaucrats, public officials, and politicians, just remember "the revolving door." Government bureaucrats used to work for pharmaceutical companies, or they will work for them once they leave government; public officials are in the same situation; and the campaign money of many politicians is funded by the pharmaceutical industry.

I have no faith in vaccination; nay, I look upon it with the greatest possible disgust, and firmly believe that it is often the medium of conveying many filthy and loathsome diseases from one child to another, and no protection whatever against small pox. Indeed, I consider we are now living in the JENNERIAN epoch for the slaughter of innocents, and the unthinking portion of the adult population. --Dr. W. J. COLLINS, M.D., B.S., B.Sc. (Lond.) M.R.C.S

Remember, the first legal duty of a public listed company is to maximize profit for its shareholders.

Nobody needs to be confused but EVERYBODY better be darn well frightened about taking ANY vaccine, under ANY circumstance, for ANY reason, at ANY time in their life. --Dr. Dr Duffy, DC

They are running a monopoly and they will lie, cheat and steal to keep it that way. --Dr Eva Snead, on the medical-industrial complex.

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