Vegetarians have lowest cancer rate, people who eat meat have highest

Vegetarians have lowest cancer rate, people who eat meat have highest

Studies on thirty-four thousand American Seventh-Day Adventists, conducted over several decades, compared cancer rates of vegetarians and meat-eaters. Other aspects of lifestyle were similar; there was little smoking or use of alcohol in either group. yet those who avoided meat, fish, and poultry had dramatically lower rates of prostate, ovarian, and colon cancer compared to meat-eaters. Even occasional meat consumption, red or white, increased the risk of colon cancer. A twelve-year British study looked at cancer rates among six thousand vegetarians. It found cancer rates to be 40 percent lower than for nonvegetarians who were similar in body weight, social class, and smoking patterns--a powerful example of what a diet change can do.

Similarly, research in Germany conducted over a period of eleven years on more than eight hundred vegetarian men found cancer rates that were less than half those of the general public. Those who had avoided meat for twenty years or more had the lowest rates of all. Studies in Japan and Sweden also have shown lower cancer risk among vegetarians. These studies have aroused great interest among scientists. how does eliminating meat lower the risk of cancer? If dairy products and eggs are also avoided, could this further decease cancer rates?

Healthy Eating for Life to Prevent and Treat Cancer, Physicians Committee For Responsible Medicine.

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