How to become part of organic sulphur study?

Have just finished watching a video with your interview with Clive de Carle
and was totally intrigued...I would very much like to purchase the really
good, pure organic sulphur you described in the interview as well as to
inquire how i can become a part of your study. I was diagnosed with chronic
fatigue syndrome over 20 years ago and rheumatoid arthritis (both through
separate nuculear antibodies testing) about 16 years ago.

At the time of the rheumatoid arthritis diagnosis began several years of completely stopping
chemical medications and began using MSM an d essential oils. A couple of
years ago the rheumatoid arthritis testing was repeated and no evidence was
found. I am currently experiencing double vision due to scar tissue from the
16 cuts made into each eye during experimental RK surgeries. The double
vision presented following cataract surgeries and is not correctable with
vision correction. Another area of concern is that I have experienced severe
hair loss since 1999.


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Patrick McGean
Director Live Blood and Cellular Matrix Study
Body Human Project

 Answer by prokopton

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