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Hello I have taken a hair mineral test and it came back that I have high levels of cobalt. I was taking a liquid vitamin B12 supplement by Now Vitamins and I'm pretty sure that's why it is high. I'm very confused because I was told that Cobalt is a necessary Trace mineral but I read up on something else and it said that it is a toxic heavy metal.

On the test it came hi and under toxic heavy metals. So my question is is Cobalt good or bad. Am I taking too much? I'm just following directions on back of the bottle. Or maybe I'm taking the wrong type of B12 if there is someone there that could please help please get back with me.

Thank you.


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Cobalt may not be water soluble in the body. Therefore, a high amount may be unhealthy, not necessary toxic unless the amount is extremely high.
You may want to consult with a Naturopathic doctor.

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