The Truth about Vaccines from Pharmacists, Nurses, Doctors, Pediatricians, Scientists, and History

My name is Meghan Rose. I am a former Infectious Disease RN (Registered Nurse). I have six beautiful children, two fully-vaccinated, two partially-vaccinated, and two not vaccinated. When I learned the truth about the fraudulent vaccine program, it was an absolute no-brainer for me to speak up about it. Thank you for the opportunity to share my story with you.

Questions and Answers

Trung Nguyen
April 2019

You have several children. Some are vaccinated and others are not. What has been your observation between your vaccinated children and unvaccinated ones?

I have six children. My two oldest are fully vaccinated and were frequently ill as babies. Both had multiple bouts of strep throat and tonsils swollen to the point of not being able to get anything down, and were subsequently hospitalized for dehydration. My oldest son had horrible gut issues as well, and ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder), Anxiety, and OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder). My second oldest also had horrible psoriasis as an infant and well into his childhood along with the other issues.

My third son is the least of my vaccine injured children—and he was partially vaccinated up until he was three years old. He had gut issues for the first year of life.

My fourth son was vaccinated up until he was 18 months. He had frequent Hand, Foot, Mouth sores and began head banging around 12 months.

My daughter (my fifth child) had the Vitamin K shot at birth and no vaccines.

My sixth child, my son Elijah had neither the Vitamin K or any vaccines.

My daughter (1 vaccine) and my youngest son (no vaccine) are by FAR and away the healthiest of all of my children.

As a nurse, how many years did you attend medical school? During that time, what were you taught about vaccines?

During my time in Nursing School (four years), we weren’t taught anything other than the vaccine schedule.

Just to clarify, as a nurse who attended medical school for four years, you weren’t taught about vaccine ingredients and side effects? Why do you think medical schools don’t teach nurses and doctors about vaccine ingredients and side effects (adverse reactions) ?

No, we weren’t taught about vaccine ingredients and side effects. Only the schedule that vaccines are given. And as far as I know from the many other medical professionals I’ve spoken with—they are ALL only taught the schedule. Education all leads to the same place as far as medical education—there is a money trail there.

When your first four children were vaccinated and had constant health complications, what did you attribute the cause to?

At the time, I didn’t have any idea why we had the issues we had. I did not at all connect them to the vaccines, only because I never in a million years would think something unsafe would be allowed to be given to children. I was young and naive.

Did you take them to the doctors? If yes, what did they say?

I did on some occasions if they were very sick, but vaccines were never brought up.

For example, both of my sons had chronic swollen tonsils. Sometimes they would become so bad that they literally couldn’t get anything down and had to be hospitalized for dehydration. I would have to get their old medical records to see if they coincided to vaccines.

At that time, did you, your nurse colleagues or doctors, ever thought that vaccines were the cause?


What changed your mind about vaccines?

I had always been very PRO-Vaccine. I worked in Infectious Diseases as an RN for two years, and as an Elementary school RN for six months. While I was working in the elementary school, we had two children who had vaccine exemptions, one was a philosophical exemption (which have since been removed from that state), and the second was a medical exemption because the child’s brother had passed away from his six-month vaccines. Before that time I had NO idea vaccines could even cause harm. I thought this incident was one-in-a-million.

In 2016, there was a big stink made about the movie Vaxxed. When it got pulled from the Tribeca film festival, it piqued my curiosity as to why they were trying so hard to keep it from being seen…so I watched it. It tore my heart up. Of course, this movie is just about the CDC-Autism cover-up. So I went out in search of the actual numbers and facts. I went to the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) and WHO (World Health Organization) and FDA (U.S. Food and Drug Administration) websites. I looked up death rates before and after diseases.

—What was the likelihood of contracting the disease?
—How was it contracted?
—How frequent did complications occur if you DID contract it?
—Was it treatable? If yes, how so?
—What were the death rates?

Then I went to the FDA website and pulled up the vaccine inserts, looked at adverse events from the vaccines. I looked up all ingredients and researched what they did to the body.

I was STUNNED to say the least. We have been lied to for a century and our children have paid the price with their health, and some with their lives. It is absolutely disgusting.

You wrote that you were “very PRO-vaccine”. During the time you were pro-vaccine, what did you think about the anti-vaxxers or ex-vaxxers?

I thought they were conspiracy theorists, or crazy.

What did your nurse and doctor colleagues think when you became anti-vaccination?

I didn’t realize the truth of vaccines until after I’d retired, so I was only in touch through Facebook. They have either not said anything to me—or have come forward and said they have learned a lot from my education and now are no longer supportive of vaccines.

If an expected mother were to ask you, “Should I vaccinate my baby?” What would your reply be? And why?

I would say, “Absolutely not.” There has never been safety testing of vaccines on pregnant women or the developing baby in utero. In fact, epidemiological studies have shown women are at significantly increased risk of miscarriage or stillbirth if they vaccinate.


Vaccine ingredients and the Vitamin K shot

Some of the most poisonous substances to the human body are in vaccines. Yet, they're being injected into newborns, toddlers, and children.

Here is a partial list of vaccine ingredients:

-Heavy metals, which are known to cause all types of diseases.
-Carcinogens (substances that cause cancer).
-Neurotoxins (things that cause brain damage).
-Animal DNA and animal blood.
-Human DNA, includes female and male DNA from aborted fetal parts. Human DNA in vaccines have been linked to the rise in gender confusion.

The ingredients in vaccines are literally poisons and vaccine makers claim that vaccines are “safe and effective”. What we have in vaccines is a medical oxymoron: Vaccines are “safe and effective poisons”. Now, make the connection between the vaccine ingredients above and the side effects below.

Below is a partial list of vaccine side effects (aka adverse reactions):

-paralysis (reclassified as polio, GBS—Guillain–Barré Syndrome),
-brain damage (brain swelling, autism, developmental delays, non-verbal, avoiding eye contact),
-ear infection,
-nerve control disorders (uneven eye levels, crossed-eyes),
-sleeping disorders,
-autoimmune diseases (Rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, inflammatory bowel disease, multiple sclerosis, Type 1 diabetes, chronic inflammation, psoriasis, Grave's disease, Hashimoto's thyroiditis, myasthenia gravis, vasculitis),
-mental disorders, and
-SHEDDING (spreading diseases).

It doesn't require a scientist to make the connection between the vaccine ingredients and side effects. Common sense says that if you inject poisons, viruses, and diseases into the body, bad things happen. Take autism for example. The heavy metals in vaccines cause brain damage. Autism is a form of brain damage. The package inserts of the DTaP and MMR vaccines list autism as an adverse reaction.The courts have ruled, through rewarding money, that vaccines cause autism (Hannah Poling case as one example). Saying vaccines don't cause autism is akin to saying cigarettes don't cause lung cancer.

Vaccines cause autism.

Vaccines Cause Diseases in All Body Parts

Vaccines cause diseases from toe-to-head because of the toxic ingredients that are injected indirectly into the bloodstream. Vaccine ingredients are not injected directly into the bloodstream—they are injected indirectly into the bloodstream.

The vaccine ingredients are injected into the muscles (intramuscular injection/intramuscularly). Then the ingredients are absorbed into the bloodstream. Through the muscular system and bloodstream (circulatory system), the toxins in vaccines reach every part of the body.

The bloodstream is part of the circulatory system. When vaccine ingredients are injected into the muscles and absorbed into the bloodstream, the toxins are capable of reaching every part of the body through the muscular and circulatory systems.

–Through the bloodstream (part of the circulatory system), the toxins can pollute the blood cells (blood poisoning), causing cancer and autoimmune diseases.

–Through the muscular system, the toxins can cause paralysis (Guillain-Barré syndrome, GBS) and other muscular abnormalities.

–Through the bloodstream, the toxins can travel to the brain and cross the blood-brain-barrier, causing brain damage.

These are the mechanics in which vaccines cause various diseases throughout the body. Vaccine ingredients have constantly changed since 1796. The only constant is the theory of vaccination: inject poisons, viruses, and diseases into the body to prevent disease.

As bizarre and unbelievable as it sounds, the theory of vaccination is to inject poisons, viruses, diseases into the body in order to prevent disease. How can something that causes a long list of diseases be used to prevent disease? Something intended to prevent disease shouldn’t cause more diseases than it’s supposed to prevent. It defies common sense and logic.

The Vitamin K Shot Is a Vaccine

The Vitamin K shot is a vaccine and not a vitamin. It is loaded with mercury (labeled as thiomersal, depending on the country). It is one of the most dangerous vaccines available and only a few that comes with a Black Box Warning, meaning that it can cause death. Also, babies are deficient in vitamin K for a reason. When a baby is born, its blood is thin to facilitate the transfer of nutrients and stem cells from the umbilical cord (connected to the mother's placenta). The baby starts producing its own vitamin K in the 7-8th day. It's one reason to avoid the vitamin K vaccine. It's also a reason for delayed cord clamping.

"At the moment a baby's born, 1/3 of their blood is still outside their body. If you delay cord clamping 90 seconds, they get 60% more blood cells. They get enough iron to last them through their first year. They get white blood cells to fight infection. They get antibodies. They get stem cells to help repair their body." —Dr. Alan Greene, MD

Also, antibiotic eye drops for infants afterbirth are useless and dangerous. They should never be used. If you're an expected parent, you must research afterbirth medical procedures. Nearly every single afterbirth medical procedure is unnecessary and useless, intended to enrich the drug companies and hospitals. Many of them put your infant in harm's way, creating repeat business for the hospitals and drug companies.

Despite what you've heard about vaccines, online or in the mainstream media, when you drill down to the facts and data, the truth is hard to digest.

1) There has never been a standardized study showing vaccines are safe. Vaccines are not safe (they are dangerous).

2) There is never been a standardized study showing vaccines are effective. Vaccines are not effective (they don't work).

3) You cannot directly sue the drug companies (vaccine makers) if you or your children are injured or killed by vaccines. In the US, you must make claim in a special administrative vaccine court. The reward is capped at $250,000. Claims can take 8 years. About 66% of the claims are rejected due to budget constraints. About $0.75 of every vaccine sold goes into a special fund to compensate vaccine victims. As of May 2019, over US$4.1 billion have been paid out by this special court to victims of vaccine injuries and deaths. Only about 1% of vaccine injuries are reported.

Because the vaccine makers and others who profit from vaccines have legal immunity, they can make false claims or parrot outright lies in their marketing and advertising campaigns. They know they can't be sued, because of a 1986 law passed by the US Congress and signed into law by then-President Ronald Reagan.

Automobile companies can be sued for defective products causing injuries and deaths. Food companies can be sued for defective products causing injuries and deaths. Every company can be sued for defective products causing injuries and deaths, except the vaccines made by the drug companies. Again, because of the 1986 National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act (NCVIA) that protects the vaccine makers from liability. The courts have established, through monetary compensation, that vaccines cause autism, SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome), and various types of brain damages.

Note that as of June 2019, there have been several unique circumstances in which the courts have awarded over $1 million for vaccine injuries and deaths. The highest to date is a $20 million lifetime reward for a single case—this was a special case because the father (Dr. Jon Poling) of the autistic child (Hannah Poling) was a neurologist and mostly likely proved to the administrative vaccine court the mechanism in which the vaccine ingredients caused autism in his daughter. These special $1+ million reward cases are the exceptions, not the rule. Because in the U.S. administrative vaccine court, you cannot obtain lawyers and experts to represent you or present your case for you.

Now, the law is very complicated, especially commercial law, and particularly vaccine law because of the 1986 National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act (NCVIA) that protects vaccine makers from PRODUCT liability. In July 2018, a family of a child known only as "O.R." on public record was rewarded $101 million lifetime for vaccine injuries. The court decided that the MMR (Measles, Mumps, Rubella) vaccine caused O.R. to have "seizures and cardiac arrest left O.R. with a severe brain injury, encephalopathy, cortical vision impairment, truncal hypotonia (low muscle tone), and kidney failure". O.R.'s family was represented by MCT Law attorneys. Similarly, Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., is looking to to sue vaccine makers, not for product liability (because vaccine makers have legal immunity from product liability). Mr. Kennedy is looking to sue vaccine makers for FRAUD. For example, Merck scientists have admitted that they used rabbit blood or rabbit blood mixed with human blood to obtain favorable lab results for Merck's MMR vaccine. Furthermore, the drug companies have exaggerated the effectiveness of their vaccines and fabricated vaccine safety information when they never performed standardized safety and efficacy studies.

It's obvious that vaccines cause injuries and deaths. All you have to do is study the vaccine side effects and look at the people you know: Someone you know is vaccine injured. Since you cannot directly sue the vaccine makers for product liability (injuries and deaths caused by vaccines), attorneys are now finding ways to sue the government organizations that promote and administer vaccines but haven't performed their own safety and efficacy studies. In the US, several cases have been won against the Secretary of Health and Human Services for vaccine injuries and deaths.

In summary,

The courts have established that vaccines cause autism through the Hannah Poling case (over $20 million lifetime) rewarded.

The courts have also established that vaccines cause SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome) through the "BOATMAN & CUPID v. SECRETARY OR HEALTH AND HUMAN SERVICES" case. Over $1 million was rewarded to the family.

The courts have established that Merck's Gardasil vaccine causes death, via the Tarsell Family vs. Secretary of Health and Human Services.

Nearly every illness and disease listed on the package inserts as adverse reactions are caused by the vaccines. The vaccine courts have established causation with the vaccine ingredients and adverse reactions. Therefore, "adverse reactions" and "side effects" can be used interchangeably where vaccines are concerned.

Vaccines according to WOKE NURSES

"As a registered nurse and mother of vaccine injured children, I strongly oppose bill SB-276. I would do anything to go back in time and NEVER allow vaccines to be injected into any of my precious babies. Biggest regret in life!" —Anita Nicole, RN

(SB-276 is California's mandatory vaccination bill that would remove all exemptions from parents, sponsored by (D) Senator Richard Pan, who received $100 000 from the drug companies.)

"As a RN, I oppose all vaccines." —Cassandra S. Dunn, RN

"I was an active RN and I have always opposed vaccines." —Anne LiConti, former RN

"As a nurse I was pro-vaxx. I respected the rights of those who didn't vaccinate, and grew up with many people who didn't. I became an Ex-vaxxer when my child was vaccine injured." —Amanda Rene'e, RN

"I personally know people who brought their kids in for vaccination, and they brought a different kid home...I have an autistic son...I know a lot about the mumps outbreak at Temple University, and almost everyone was vaccinated...My daughter was vaccinated and still got the mumps...My two sons were vaccinated for the mumps, they even got booster shots, and they still got the mumps." —Kami A. Schaal, RN, over 20 years

"The medical community is supposed to warn you on the side effects prior to medications and vaccinations. They don't. They lie. Period. I was trained as an RN. I was never told or trained in vaccines. Just to give them and taunt those who fall behind the vaccine schedule." —Dawn B. Ingold, RN

"As an RN for 4 decades I have warned people repeatedly NOT to trust in medication, but do research on whatever your doctor prescribes BEFORE you take it. Ask a Pharmacist, look it up and read about it. Ask others if they've taken it. Due diligence is important when it's your body or your child's body!" —Sandy Monahan, RN

"As a nurse, I never thought vaccines can kill. Until my son was a victim...I wish I knew then all the knowledge I have gained now about vaccines, and my kids would never be at the pediatrician. In my honest opinion, my pediatrician only saw 'well visit' children because she knew she would be compensated bonuses from the insurance companies for vaccinating her patients. I'm outraged. I can't go back, although I wish I could. I pray my Nicholas knows I would never do anything to hurt him, that I loved him with every ounce of my soul; that all we ever wanted were happy, healthy, strong and beautiful children, which God blessed me with, and our traditional medical system took away. Madeline and my new baby will never be vaccinated. They will never see a pediatrician and they will be the healthiest children around. Loving you Nicholas and hoping you forgive me for something I knew nothing about." —Marjorie Madison-Catone, RN, whose son Nicholas Catone passed away after the DTaP vaccine

"We were taught the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, a private corporation that markets and sells vaccines) schedule. They didn't go in-depth about any vaccine. We didn't go over ingredients, side effects, or anything. We were told vaccines were safe, they didn't cause autism, and they were required for school. It was literally about a 5-10 minute conversation." —Carrie Baugher, RN

"The DTaP vaccine ended my nursing career. It's a potent vaccine. If vaccines were safe, they wouldn't have to force them on healthcare workers. Stay away from vaccines." —Frances Ruzicka, RN

"I've been a hospital nurse for 25 years. I got out of floor nursing because of vaccines. I was the charge nurse of 66 telemetry patients, 12 nurses, 3 halls, and I have over 400 stories. I'm not exaggerating about vaccine reactions. I've watched seizures, death, anaphylactic shock, abortions, patients collapsing to the floor because their legs won't work, and flaccid arms. Brilliant nurses in the profession for 20+ years are changing their views on vaccines. To be blunt, vaccines are toxic chemical cocktails. You want to debate me? I have 20 years of research behind me, I've been to court, and I've lived on the battlefield." —Gayle Gregg, RN

"As a medical professional, I was never trained in the side effects of vaccines. I was only trained on: This is what you give, this is when, and this is why. I NEVER KNEW. Only when I saw reactions did I start looking myself, and reading the vaccine inserts. I had no idea vaccines had mercury, aluminum, and formaldehyde. I didn't know that. I just thought these are good; these are good for you, because that's what I was told. And it was a sad day when I realized that everything I was doing that I thought was helping parents, I was actually hurting them. And that's why I left nursing. I could no longer be responsible for hurting patients." —Gaelyn Goldsworthy, former pediatric nurse for 10 years

Below is a similar story from a medical doctor.

Don't Be Me

Dr. Mark Sibley, MD

I was wrong. I hurt my patients by forcing vaccines on them. I am so sorry.

I am an M.D.
My wife was an R.N.
My mother and sister were RNs
My 2 brothers were M.Ds

We believed our pediatrician who bullied us to get our son vaccinated. My 2 year-old son was injured by his 4 vaccines that contained mercury and neurotoxic aluminum that day. I was an eyewitness to that as his parent.

My baby brother died from paralysis (Guillain-Barre Syndrome, GBS) after his flu shot.

My mother was an R.N. who was the Head Nurse and ran the largest ER in our medical center. They had her take 8-9 vaccines to ''catch-up'' with the ''updated'' CDC schedule to keep her job. She got severe ''brain fog'' within days, then lost her ability to dial her phone or push the elevator buttons, or start her car. She went into diapers and then hospitalized and died a terrible, tragic death drooling and unable to walk, talk, eat or recognized any of her family.

None of the specialists and consultants could tell her or us what “just happened'' but the told us it was ''NOT'' from those vaccines. It was called the ''worst case of aggressive dementia of unknown cause the doctors had ever seen’'.

Folks, what killed our mother just weeks after her vaccines was all from her fatal doses of neurotoxic aluminum and mercury from those vaccines. She left behind her husband, 5 children, 4 grandchildren, and now 7 great grandchildren.

I have started a FB site called ''Vaccine Support Group'' in their name.

Before You Vaccinate, Ask Yourself These Questions

Most people are clueless on vaccination. Don’t be a sheep and be curious. Before you vaccinate, ask yourself these questions.

1) What diseases am I vaccinating for? Do I know what causes those diseases?

2) Who makes the vaccines? What’s their track record as a company?

3) What are the ingredients and side effects of the vaccines?

4) What are the injury and mortality (death) rates of those vaccines? (The injury rate is significantly higher than "1 in a million" the drug companies claim. Even the death rate is significantly higher.)

5) What are the incident and death statistics of the unvaccinated versus the vaccinated for the diseases I am vaccinating for? That is, is it safer to vaccinate or not? (Not what your doctor, pediatrician, or the media says, but what the data says.)

6) Have I read a book on vaccination presenting the other side of vaccination? Or did I get my information from the mainstream media, my doctor and pediatrician?

7) Have I talked to parents of vaccine injured children? (Parents of vaccine injured children are the most reliable source of information.)

8) Do I know why the media, doctors, public figures, and pediatricians are pushing vaccines?

9) Do I know what mandatory vaccination is and what exemptions are?

10) If I or my child becomes injured or killed by the vaccines, who is legally responsible? Can I sue anyone for damages?

If you can answer all the questions above, you don’t need to read the rest of the article. You are woke and no longer a sheep. If you can’t answer the questions above, then you’ll be intimidated or influenced by the small army of big pharma trolls. You’ll need to know how to respond to their fear, shame, and blame games.

NOTE: "Side effects" and "adverse reactions" practically mean the same thing in the vaccine world: unintended / unwanted events as the result of using vaccines that are reported. Normally, "side effect" means a causation has been established (eg, cigarettes cause lung cancer); while "adverse reactions" mean reported events without a causal relationship.

However, the US courts have established, through over $4.1 billion of compensation to vaccine injured children, that the "adverse reactions" listed on the vaccine inserts matched those found by the courts. Thus, the compensations by the courts. In other words, there is causation between the listed adverse reactions and vaccines. That’s the reason the vaccine courts compensated those vaccine injured children. The courts have established that adverse reactions ARE side effects with vaccines.

"Scamming young parents into believing that injecting heavy metals, animal DNA, human DNA, and aborted fetal cells into their little children will keep them healthy is the biggest crime against humanity." —Dr. Sherri J. Tenpenny, DO, AOBNMM, ABIHM

I will no longer vaccinate my children

Dr. Jim Meehan, MD

I will no longer vaccinate my children:

...because I am a well trained medical doctor and former medical journal editor that has studied the vaccine research and analyzed both sides of the evidence.

...because I know how to read the medical literature, recognize bias and discern characteristics of good and fraudulent research.

...because I know that too much of the science supporting vaccines is fraudulent drivel bought and paid for by the vaccine manufacturers themselves.

...because I understand the risks of vaccination as well as the benefits of my children and grandchildren encountering and overcoming the wild type diseases naturally.

...because I know that diseases like mumps, measles, and chickenpox aren't dangerous and untreatable diseases that justify the risk of injecting toxic ingredients into the tissues of my children.

...because I have seen the evidence of neurotoxicity from ingredients like aluminum, polysorbate 80, human DNA and cellular residues from the human cells lines upon which many of the live viruses are grown.

...because I've seen vaccine manufacturers like Merck promote what they knew was bad medicine for profit, kill 60,000 patients with Vioxx, and I have no reason to believe that they wouldn't do the same thing with vaccines, especially when you consider they can't be sued when their vaccines maim or kill children.

...because I believe the vaccine industry has thoroughly corrupted the science and safety of vaccines.

...because I recognize the aggressive and unreasonable tactics of a multi-billion dollar pharmaceutical industry desperately working to maintain the illusion of vaccine safety, keep consumers consuming, grow their markets, and increase their profits.

...because I have met so many families whose children were stolen from them by the battery of vaccines administered at pediatric vaccine visits.

...because I believe the U.S. vaccination program has become a progressively dangerous assault on the health and lives of the children of America.

...because I am awake and aware, I will not vaccinate, nor will I remain silent as the pharmaceutical and medical industries pretend that vaccines are safe and effective."

The medical industry (drug companies, doctors, hospitals, medical device companies) make money from sick people. If it makes people healthy, how does it make money? Getting people sick is a trillion dollar business.

I learned nothing about vaccines in nursing school

Lauren Novelli, RN

I am a Registered Nurse. I attended a top 10 university, where I received my Bachelor of Science, Nursing. With that being said, I learned nothing about vaccines in nursing school, merely the CDC schedule and administration guidelines. Furthermore, our program and I know many others, hype students up about giving vaccines. Specifically, their first flu clinic, which is held during their clinical rotation, where they get “good practice” giving people injections with the flu vaccine; they are told they are simultaneously and heroically saving lives.

By law, many hospitals and doctors offices are now using EMRS (Electronic Medical Recording Systems). Also by law, nurses are allowed to give vaccines with a standing doctors PRN (pro pre nata, as needed) order. Simply put, if you aren’t up to date and “need” or want a vaccine, it’s done with the click of a button by a nurse. The vaccine is then en route to the unit, in which the nurse will be prompted by the EMRS (Emergency Medical Retrieval Service) to give the vaccine until it’s documented as given!

Example: When patients come into the ED (Emergency Department), they are greeted by a healthcare tech and then a registered nurse, who is prompted to ask a series of system lead questions (EMRS), one question of the first series asked is, “Have you had a flu shot and or are you up to date on your vaccines?”

Note: Often times, ED nurses are too busy to administer vaccines and wait for the vials to come to the department from pharmacy, therefore this buck gets passed to the units.

When a patient is moved from the ED to the appropriate observational or overnight unit ie: Telemetry, Stepdown, any ICUs (Intensive Care Units), they are once again greeted by a nurse and sometimes a nurse’s aid. As soon as the patient is assessed and set up, the nurse begins his/her admission, admitting the patient into the hospital. The priority questions in this admission are have you had a flu shot, if you click no you have to jump through hoops for the system to accept the answer, as no and I don’t want one. Should you click no and follow the prompts to vaccinate, a vial is sent up automatically from the Pharmacy department, recognized by the click of an answer in an EMR system, to the unit, to be administered by the nurse to patient. On my unit specifically, the system also asked if the patient has had a pneumonia vaccine within the past 5 years, if they are 55 or older. Should you not answer this admission question within 24 hours of admissions, you will get a warning, written up or could potentially be fired. Nursing administrators and staff do not like incomplete admissions.

What’s wrong here? Well, for starters, vaccines harm. There is no health or miracle in a vaccine. Second, these patients are coming to the unit because they are very very sick! The last thing their body needs while their immune system is compromised is heavy metals, carcinogens, toxins, foreign DNA and viruses! Another major issue is that there is no accountability for the damage or death caused by vaccines on admission as the very grounds that the patient was admitted on as well as risks from vaccines become blurred and lost, never to be documented. Lastly, this system doesn’t take into account a patient’s health history and comorbidities such as cancer and just how detrimental it is to vaccinate a cancer patient. This is the death-care system in a nutshell...

Every year is like groundhogs day. It’s “flu season” and not long ago nurses and hospital employees were forced to take the needle or face losing their jobs. Also, every year, nursing and medical professionals alike start the same banters:

“I don’t want that toxic mix.”
“It doesn’t work.”
“I get sick EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. I take the flu shot.”
“I get the flu EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. I get this shot.”
“I feel like death after getting the flu vaccine for weeks or months.”
“I never felt the same after receiving that flu shot last year.”

Nurses spout the same phrases every year and subsequently get the flu every single year. You can hear doctors banter back and forth in the nurses station, “Like hell I’ll be receiving that garbage.” The doctors are FLAT OUT REFUSING to take this vaccine as they know it’s a crock of lies.

Each staff member, nurses, nursing assistants, transportation, house-keeping you name it, should they follow orders, gets rewarded with a sticker on their ID badge that says “Flu vaccine insert___ year” and well, the few who buck the system and refuse this hoax, they are forced to wear a mask their entire shift for the entire length of the flu season. That can be upwards of 12 + hours.

Some nurses and personnel run out to Walgreens and get their toxins. Other healthcare workers wait for nursing education to roll up with their medication cart loaded with flu vaccines and line up, like herd, as the educators inject the staff members one by one. You can hear the same remarks being made before and after as stated above. Sadly, in the weeks to follow, the staff begin dropping like flies. They each begin to catch the flu followed by repeated colds and mystery illnesses for months to follow. The perplexing part of it all, is that this magical injection is supposed to prevent the flu, protecting patients…yet it leads to the flu every single time…and guess what? These employees don’t call out because they often can’t or they’ll get written up, they come to work, with the flu, WITHOUT a mask, care for patients— all because the magical sticker they wear. It’s all ironic, isn’t it?...

We have it all wrong, backwards, immoral, unethical, many are blinded, ignorant, uneducated and have inferiority complexes. You are your first line of defense, learn the risk, be bold, be brave. Your body, your choice, make informed decisions. Neither your doctor nor your nurse can do that for you, as evidenced above, they know nothing about vaccines, they learn nothing about vaccines, they are praised and paid for vaccines.

You can have more degrees than a thermometer and still be blind and ignorant

Dr. Kayci Cleveland, DC

I graduated from chiropractic school a little more than one year ago and in that time, I’ve come to learn that the title “doctor” means nothing. You can have more degrees than a thermometer and still be blind and ignorant.

EDUCATED people don’t cut off the foreskin from a penis without medical reason.

EDUCATED people don’t push pharmaceutical, mind and hormone-altering drugs on infants and children.

EDUCATED people don’t inject mutagenic, carcinogenic neurotoxins into tiny, organic bodies and expect favorable outcomes.

Look at where we, as a society, are. Our children are the sickest they have ever been in history. We have more pregnant women and children deaths than any other developed country on the planet. In fact, medical error is now the third leading cause of unnatural passing in the US. If our country was as thriving as those “calling the shots” want you to think, then our birth rate wouldn’t be the lowest it has been in 30 years. The US fertility rate continues to drop and no one questions the role v-a-c-c-i-n-e-s play in that despite the fact the insert -literally- states “has not been evaluated for the impairment of fertility.”

So I’m here to say that I AM A DOCTOR. I value the human form and respect it’s ability to self-regulate and self-heal. I don’t believe health is dependent on the absence of symptomolgy, but rather, on the presence of a fully-functioning mind and body free from dis-ease. I am a true health and wellness supporter and advocate of medical sovereignty. I stand with MOTHERS who battle for their children. I am a DOCTOR. I’ve learned THAT much in one year!

It took multiple vaccine injuries to learn

@samantha.naturally, medical professional

I have been in the medical field 30+ years. I went to Nursing School, earned excellent grades, passed the NCLEX (National Council Licensure Examination) in 45 minutes and then went into surgical-orthopedic nursing 16 years ago. I was very, very pro-vaxx despite learning zero about the reality of vaccines.

At age 25, the DTaP (Diphtheria, Pertussis, Tetanus) vaccine nearly killed me. Did I learn? Nope.

At 27, I became a mother and my eldest had every "normal" vaccine reaction. Did I learn? Nope.

I trusted. Received 2 sets (4 shots) of the MMR (Measles, Mumps, Rubella) vaccine. I was (am) Rubella non-immune. Did I learn? Nope.

Eldest received kindergarten shots and becomes a child of darkness in 12 hours. HELLO! Wake Up Call!

YET, second child born and was told the eldest was a fluke...Second child begins seizing within 90 minutes, develops "colic", severe eczema and life threatening asthma.

Yep, vaccines are sure safe and effective! (heavy sarcasm)

NOW, we have had 3 more children, unvaccinated, perfectly healthy, rarely sick with immune systems that could take out the plague. They have zero issue! Our two oldest children STILL struggle.

There is no safe vaccine, there is no effective vaccine

Cassandra Dunn, RN

(To UFC MMA fighter Nick Catone, whose son, Nicholas Catone, died after receiving the DTaP vaccine)

I've been a nurse for 23 years, former Federal Medical Investigator and have looked into vaccines for over 4 years. There is no safe vaccine, there is no effective vaccine; they are most made in China with little to no oversight and no liability. All vaccines are contaminated (glass, or lead, Nagalase Enzyme, HCG, mycoplasmas, amoebas, Glyphosate, spirochetes, cancer virus, etc.)... I've spent hours a day volunteering for years educating others about the risks of vaccines to prevent injury, suffering, and even deaths.

The CDC is corrupt and there are 13 scientists voicing their concerns regarding the unethical manner in which the CDC is being run. What is going on is nothing short of horrific. Profiting off the suffering and deaths of our children. I cannot imagine the suffering you are going through... it’s beyond words. Please, continue to share your story so that others can learn about how toxic vaccines are. I am so damn sorry. I'm at a loss for words to console.

It is because of the science that I choose not to vaccinate myself or my children anymore

Dr. Katie Beth, PhD, research scientist

I LOVE science! And it is because of the science that I choose not to vaccinate myself or my children anymore. Here's my story:

A few years ago I was in grad school and about to become a mom through adoption. I kept hearing parents talk about the damage vaccines were doing to their kids, and I wanted to understand it. So I turned to the science.

Being at a university at the time, I had access to all the medical journals the scientific papers are published in. So I started pulling up the original research on some of the vaccines, and I quickly started to see that the message being put out to the public did not match the data in the scientific literature.

Let's just say that after several years of nearly daily research into the vaccine issue I now understand vaccines to be much more harmful than helpful and my kids have not received a single vaccine since I adopted them.
Some of the things I learned were:

— the total inadequacy of the "safety" studies, as there are virtually no safety studies that use a true placebo and follow up is sometimes as short as 5 days, and never more than 30 days.

— there is a whistleblower within the CDC, William Thompson, who says his group committed fraud on the MMR-autism study to cover up the statistically significant relationship they found between MMR vaccine receipt and autism.

— the immune system has both a Th1 (cellular immunity) arm and a Th2 (humoral immunity) arm. True immunity is cellular immunity. Vaccines only stimulate the Th2/humoral arm of the immune system, doing nothing to promote cellular immunity.

— vaccines are not studied for their ability to cause cancer, mutate DNA, or cause infertility, despite the fact that some of the ingredients in vaccines are well known to cause cancer, mutate DNA, and cause infertility.

— certain vaccine ingredients, like aluminum and mercury, are known neurotoxins and are injected into children at levels well above what is known to cause harm.

Truly, as much as the media likes to repeat the refrain "vaccines are safe and effective" and "the science is settled," those are marketing slogans and not statements of scientific fact. Most people never look at the science for themselves, but those of us that do are appalled at what we discover.

I wish everyone luck on their quest for truth. Our children's health depends on it.

Once you wake up, you can never go back to sleep

Staci Joy, Board Certified holistic licensed public health nurse

I used to vaccinate people. I blindly trusted the habitual narrative that "vaccines are safe and effective and save lives". I trusted my Pediatrician and vaccinated my babies...all until my son was significantly injured by his MMR at 12 months.

The truth is that sanitation, plumbing, medicine and hygiene knocked the mortality rate of communicable infections down to nearly ZERO in the early 1900's. This was the time that eugenics (depopulation strategies among the elite circles) became popular and the Rockefellers began funding vaccines. We simply are no longer dying from diseases and infections that have a vaccine. This is a myth.

What we are seeing now is hundreds of thousands of vaccine-injured, autistic and dead babies who are creating hundreds of thousands of ex-vaxx parents who are WAKING UP after they open their minds and actually look at the vaccine psudoscience, NOT the narrative. They are learning the ACTUAL CDC statistics, and not the narrative. They are reading vaccine inserts and seeing that mercury, aluminum, polysorbate 80, fetal DNA, bovine calf serum, monkey kidney DNA, hydrolyzed gelatin, neomycin, embryonic Guinea pig cell cultures are being injected into their babies and school kids.

This is the process that everyone has bought into...pHARMa pays billions to media networks to control the narrative. pHARMa pays billions to legislators to get them elected and pass laws. pHARMa and insurance companies pay doctors to vaxx their patients, making the Pediatricians a stable sales arm within their vaccine market.

Science is non-existent. Before 1986, pHARMa conducted tobacco science. This means that they would inject a group of kids with HIB and inject the control group with another vaccine or an adjuvant like aluminium. They are supposed to be giving an inert control agent like saline, but they never will. These two groups obviously create two bad outcomes that appear to be statistically insignificant so they get passed through FDA channels. In 1986, Reagan made pHARMa and doctors immune from liability and all junk science completely ceased. Bobby Kennedy, Jr. won a recent law suit against HHS proving that ZERO studies have been done or submitted to HHS by pHARMa in 34 years!! Since 1986, the recommended vaxx schedule has gone from 10 shots to 70 by 18 years old.

These parents are now discovering that vaccines don't work. Straight from the CDC stats, 95% of CA pediatric pertussis cases in 2017 were vaccinated. In 2017, half of CA measles cases were in vaccinated adults. In 2015, 85% of CA mumps cases were vaccinated. They are learning that vaccines are clearly ineffective. There is a navy ship of military (the most vaccinated group of all) that is stuck at sea because the entire ship has mumps and cannot come to shore. Why is the vaccine failing? Because they don't work!

Why are we so afraid of measles? There hasn't been a measles death in the US since 2015. It was an adult with other medical conditions. Measles is a contagious benign childhood infection, a 4 day fever and rash treated with Vitamin A, rest and fluids. Measles infections provide lifelong immunity, NOT fake false immunity that the MMR claims to give. MMR is giving kids measles. Measles was never eradicated and never will be. Polio was never eradicated and never will be, only renamed as Guillain Barre syndrome, transverse myelitis, and acute flaccid paralysis.

I urge everyone to find a buddy, someone who is woke. Find somebody who has the facts and latch on to them and learn from them. The information is so vast and so big that it seems overwhelming at first. Once you wake up, you can never go back to sleep.

Addelyn’s Story and Why I Post About Vaccine Safety

Laura Minard, RN, BSN, NC-BC

I have had people ask me lately about how I knew that my daughters neurological episode lasting two weeks was caused by vaccines?

In my ER visit her neuro exam was normal, she would only start falling to the side when her fever would return. She had daily low grade fevers for 21 days before the brain swelling was enough to affect one side of her body.

My intuition knew that there was something wrong with her but a 100.8 degree fever on a well acting 20 month old isn’t anything to worry about.

It was the “spacy” look in her eyes, the slower walking, and the microscopic changes in her neurological behaviors that sent this nurses hairs up in the back of my neck.

As an ICU nurse I was trained to watch the neurological status of my critical patients so closely that I could predict when they were going to stop breathing. My intuition and developed visual assessment skill was now being used at home watching my daughter.

It wasn’t until I had heard about vaccine injury and googled it that I realized her fevers had started the day of injection. I looked back on my phone at pictures and videos of her before and after the shot and saw a difference.

As I researched further I became aware of the growing body of research focused on aluminum adjuvants in vaccines being bio persistent. When the aluminum is injected, white blood cells rush to the injection site causing redness and inflammation. Then the macrophage cells eat up the nanoparticles of aluminum and they travel around the body. In some kids, they seem to end up in the brain causing encephalopathy or brain swelling.

Why does it harm some kids and others are fine?

Part of the reason her body doesn’t get rid of heavy metals efficiently is because she has a genetic mutation in the MTHFR snp which impairs her bodies ability to methylate.

Injecting aluminum causes damage. Every time.

Having an MTHFR mutation makes this risk higher.

When I asked my pediatrician at Kaiser about my hypothesis he said that we eat aluminum all the time and that injected aluminum is the same as consuming aluminum orally. In nursing school we learn about the importance of the route in a medication. The body has the ability to protect us against poison that is ingested orally. Injected medication goes directly into the muscle where there is no digestive process to brake the substance down. I couldn’t believe I was arguing with a pediatrician that didn’t think that the route of aluminum consumption mattered. That is when I found a new Pediatrician who was up to date on the science, and with my genetics, family history, and my daughter’s reaction we became medically exempt from any more vaccines because the risk of reaction is way higher than the risk of any childhood infections.

Every vaccine causes damage but it can be imperceptible until it lodges in the body.

Why doesn’t the FDA keep track of how much aluminum is in our vaccine program? If 25 mcg is considered come the HIB that injured my daughter has 225 mcg?

This is the area of vaccine science that “vaccine hesitant” parents are aware of.

They say without an autopsy I can’t know for sure about the aluminum. So I looked at the study done by Christopher Exley and what he found in the brains of autistic patients was the highest level of aluminum deposited into the brain.

What I didn’t know then is that after this study gained attention, and implied that the aluminum content in vaccines may be linked to autism and vaccine injury is that this scientist would be vilified and discredited.

He wasn’t vilified because his study was faulty or inaccurate. He was targeted because he had created science that could prove the mechanism of injury from vaccines

As there is a big push in the media to create hysteria about the measles, slowly the unvaccinated begin to lose their rights. The story of vaccine injury will never make the news because the media is 70% owned by pharmaceutical advertising dollars.

So some of you would only get this side of the story from Facebook, because they are pulling the books, videos, and proof about vaccine risk off of Netflix, Amazon, Pinterest etc.

When the censoring began earlier this year I felt called to speak up. I speak up because I want to keep kids safe.

I love science, and I love my kids...I actually love all kids which is why I don’t stay silent.

The Science Is Settled: Vaccine's Don't Work and Cause Diseases

“The vaccine science isn’t settled, it’s corrupt.” —Dr. James Meehan, MD

"I have over 13 000 children in my pediatric practice and I have to say, as unpopular as this observation might be, my unvaccinated children are by far the healthiest." —Dr. Paul Thomas, MD, integrative Pediatrics

"I scored in the top 1% and top 5% nationally on United States medical licensing exams, and I never saw a single question about vaccine side effects nor ever heard vaccine side effects mentioned during my medical training except when we were being told to give them at every opportunity. The formula is: ignorance + coercion = indoctrination." —Dr. Alex Vasquez, DO, DC, ND, FACN

“I’ll talk about vaccines. Number one, vaccines make people sick. They don’t work. They don’t protect. The use of vaccines is totally wrong! It’s perfect nonsense based on fear. They are dangerous. One child out of five has overwhelming disabilities from vaccines—neurological problems, seizures. I’ve got a whole list. There are plenty of books on this subject. Doctors don’t even read about this...We are taught by the authorities that vaccines protect us against eventual aggressive viruses and microbes, and, therefore, prevent contagious illnesses and epidemics. This lie has been perpetuated for 150 years despite the ineffectiveness of vaccines in protecting against illnesses.” –Dr. Guylaine Lanctot, MD

“You'd think there would be loads of studies showing that vaccinated kids are healthier than non-vaccinated kids. There's not a single study showing that. Not one. There are increasing studies showing the reverse is true. It's the vaccinated kids with autism. It's the vaccinated kids with allergies; with asthma, with neurological problems; with weaker immune systems; with personality disorders; with cancer. Not the non-vaccinated children...Childhood vaccines are giving us a world of chronic illness: autism, developmental disorders, Asperger’s Syndrome, brain tumors, leukemia, cancers, information processing disorders, impulsive violence, allergies, asthma, diabetes, Crohn’s disease, intestinal disorders, are just some of the vaccine associated disorders.” – Dr. Tedd Koren, DC

"The greatest threat to our health today is the medical community, and one of their most dangerous tools is vaccination - particularly the horrific procedure of injecting foreign protein into newborn infants!" —Dr. Daniel H. Duffy, DC

“Vaccination is the most dangerous medical practice in the history of classical medicine.” —Dr. Sladjana Velkov, MD

"Antibiotics and vaccines have unleashed autoimmune disorders, allergies, Parkinson's, Depression, and Autism on the populace." —Prof Ruth Ley, April 10 2018,

"As physicians, we place our trust in organizations such as the CDC to give us the information we need to keep our patients safe. It changes you when you find that those you thought you could trust could not be trusted...There is a definite link between the MMR vaccine and autism. Children are being damaged and something needs to be done. As an OB/GYN, I strongly encourage you to educate yourself about vaccines before you get vaccinated during pregnancy or vaccinate your children...There is much that I have learned recently that I was not taught in medical school and is not part of my Continuing Medical Education. Don’t be afraid to ask questions. Don’t settle until you have an answer. Don’t presume that physicians know everything there is to know about vaccine safety." —Dr. Kathryn A. Hale, MD, MPH, FACOG, (Awards and Honors received by Dr. Hale: Castle Connolly ‘Top Doctor’ Award, 2017 & 2018, Alpha Omega Alpha Honor Medical Society, Kaplan Medical Honor Society, Legacy of Excellence, International Honor Medical Society, Dean’s List, St. George’s University, Sir Henry Tucker Education Grant)

"As measles vaccination rates rise in a population, measles becomes a disease of vaccinated persons." —Dr. Gregory A. Poland, MD, 2019

"What people don't know about vaccines, that most doctors don't know, but is well demonstrated in medical literature is that the vaccines shift your immune system to an immune suppression type state called the TH2 shift. That's what most vaccines do: They shift your immune system to a weaker anti-viral type immune system. If you're injecting people with so many vaccines, you're keeping them in this constant state—that you're switching everybody to this TH2 immune suppression, then everybody in the United States becomes more susceptible to infectious diseases. No one is talking about that. Now, a lot of scientists know that, but they're afraid to speak out because their careers would be ruined." —Dr. Russell Blaylock, retired neurosurgeon, former medical journal editor

"Not only are human fetal contaminated vaccines associated with autistic disorder throughout the world, but also with epidemic childhood leukemia and lymphomas." —Dr. Theresa Deisher, PhD, President of Sound Choice Pharmaceutical Institute (SCPI)

"I used to vaccinate my own children and one of them, my oldest daughter, was severely damaged and that led me to question whether or not what I'd been told by doctors was accurate. I was told time and time again to to back and keep vaccinating her despite the reactions she was having. Eventually the penny dropped and I realized that there was a direct cause between the symptoms that she was experiencing. She went from a completely healthy young child, to someone who she wasn't. The symptoms were intensifying after each vaccine." —Dr. Isaac Golden, PhD (MA), D.Hom, ND, B.Ec

"Vaccination is based on the long-discredited theory that stimulation of antibodies in the human body equals protection from disease. This theory has not only failed to be proved, but has been repeatedly disproved. Stimulation of antibodies does not equal immunity and certainly does not equal permanent immunity. The presence of antibodies is merely a sign of exposure to a disease, which is just one small aspect of what makes up the immune system. Children, with underdeveloped and immature immune systems, receive today about 25 separate vaccines by the age of 13 months. There is no doubt this irresponsible vaccination disrupts and can even destroy the development of their immune systems forever." —Dr. Majid Katme, MBBCh, DPM

"I'm absolutely sure that no antibody test in medicine has any absolute meaning. Especially in HIV antibody testing, it is clear that the antibodies that are detected in the test are present in everybody. Some people have them in higher concentrations, and some in lower concentrations, but only when you reach a very high level of antibodies—much higher than in any other antibody testing—are you considered to be 'positive.' This is a contradiction in terms because in other antibody tests, the lower your level of antibodies, the higher your risk for a symptomatic infection. But with HIV they say you are 'positive' only when you have reached a very high level of antibodies. Below this level, you are said to be negative." —Dr. Stefan Lanka, virologist, molecular biologist. (The German Supreme Court upheld Dr. Lanka's claim that the measles virus does NOT exist. Dr. Lanka is offering 100 000 Euros to anyone who can prove that the measles virus does exist.)

"Vaccines are highly dangerous, have never been adequately studied or proven to be effective, and have a poor risk/reward ratio." —Dr. Allan Greenberg, MD, Dec. 24, 2002

“Note that live virus inoculations can actually cause recently vaccinated individuals to shed the vaccine virus for uncertain lengths of time. Therefore, the recently vaccinated can be contagious to close contacts. Post-vaccination contagion has been observed following measles, mumps and live polio vaccinations to last for months in some cases. There are no tests to determine which recent vaccinees are shedding live vaccine viruses. Therefore, recently vaccinated persons should actually be considered to be far more likely to be contagious than the asymptomatic, non-infected, non-vaccinated children that are so irrationally feared and often forced to be vaccinated against their wills.” –Dr. Gary G. Kohls, MD

“My suspicion, which is shared by others in my profession, is that the nearly 10,000 SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome) deaths that occur in the US each year are related to one or more of the vaccines that are routinely given to children. The pertussis (whooping cough) vaccine is the most likely villain, but it could also be one or more of the others.” —Dr. Robert S. Mendelsohn, MD, pediatrician

"All children primed by DTaP vaccines will be more susceptible to pertussis (whooping cough) throughout their lifetimes and there is no easy way to decrease this increased lifetime susceptibility." —Dr. James Cherry, MD, MSc. (Translation: You are more likely to get whooping cough if you vaccinate.)

“All vaccines are and have been causing ischemic (impaired blood flow) damages—to all—creating a plethora of chronic illnesses, diseases, and in some instances, death. The injury from vaccination is additive; each vaccination furthers injuries...When you impair the brain blood flow by vaccination, you can impair the respiration control center which can result in death. We call it SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome).” —Dr. Andrew Moulden, BA, MA, MD, PhD

"The chemicals found in vaccines cause autism, period. The only people and organizations that say otherwise are paid to say so. We know the truth and we won't vaccinate our children to death!" —Dr. Alvin H. Moss, MD, Nephrologist, West Virginia University

“We need to stop calling it autism and call it what it is! Vaccine Induced Brain Injury.” —Dr. Brian Hooker, PhD, PE

“You ask pediatricians, ‘Where do you get your information from?’, ‘We get it from the CDC.’ We now know from the CDC whistleblower, William Thompson, that they’ve been lying about the MMR vaccine in the context of autism, for 14 years.” —Dr. Andrew Wakefield, MB

"Official data have shown that the large scale-vaccinations undertaken in the US have failed to obtain any significant improvement over the diseases against which they were supposed to provide protection." —Dr. Robert Sabin, MD, creator of the oral polio vaccine 2, December 7, 1985 in a lecture to Italian medical doctors in Piacenza

"I got polio from the polio vaccine when I was four years old." —Dr. Kenneth Stoller, MD, FACHM

"They're not the same immunity: natural immunity and vaccine-induced immunity. With vaccines, you will never get lifelong immunity. Therefore, you will never get herd immunity from vaccinations." —Dr. Tom Cowan, MD

"There was an interesting study done in Australia. They had four groups:

1) Breast-fed and unvaccinated.
2) Breast-fed and vaccinated.

2) Bottle-fed and unvaccinated.
3) Bottle-fed and vaccinated.

They looked at respiratory illness. The lowest instance of respiratory illness was in breast-fed and unvaccinated. What was interesting was the second lowest: bottle-fed and unvaccinated. That was shocking. This said that breast feeding wasn't as important as NOT vaccinating your child." —Dr. Mayer Eisenstein, MD, (Translation: 1. Breast feeding reduces respiratory illness in infants, 2. Vaccines contribute to respiratory illness)

“The public is woefully uninformed on vaccine risks due to government and mainstream media censorship.” – Dr. Mark Geier, MD

"Crib death was so infrequent in the pre-vaccination era that it was not even mentioned in the statistics, but it started to climb in the 1950s with the spread of mass vaccination." —Dr. Harris L. Coulter, PhD

"In my medical career I've treated vaccinated and unvaccinated children. The unvaccinated children are far healthier than the vaccinated ones." —Dr. Philip Incao, MD

"Never was there such a commercial vaccine as this one, and never has there been such a gigantic hoax…The failure of vaccines to affect the disease in any but an adverse manner is thus explained. As we all know vaccines have invariably been found useless or worse than useless in septicemias." —Dr. J.W. Browne, BA, MB, “The Dream & Lie of Louis Pasteur”, 1942

"By vaccinating a healthy person you don't introduce health. You introduce disease." —Dr. J. Compton Burnett, MD, 1884

“Recent evidence indicates that routine childhood vaccinations contribute to the emergence of chronic allergic problems such as eczema, ear infections, and asthma. A growing number of scientists and physicians maintain that most standard vaccinations permanently disturb the developing immune system, setting the stage for hypersensitive reactions to foods and other common substances. In fact, childhood illnesses such as measles, mumps, and whooping cough may actually reduce the risk of allergy.” –Dr. Konrad Kail, N.D.

"Vaccination is the single most prevalent and most preventable cause of infant deaths." —Dr. Viera Scheibner, PhD, micropaleontologist

“We look at these unvaccinated kids as bright and chipper, and they have good personalities, and they're easy-going and easy to get along with, and we look at them like they're just something magical...When really that's what normal is supposed to look like.” – Dr. Sherri Tenpenny, DO

“Probably 20% of American children—one youngster in five—suffers from 'development disability'. This is stupefying figure we have inflicted on ourselves...'development disabilities' are nearly always generated by encephalitis. And the primary cause of encephalitis in the USA and other industrialized countries is the childhood vaccination program. To be specific, a large proportion of millions of US children and adults suffering from autism, mental retardation, hyperactivity, dyslexia... owe their disorders to one or another of the vaccines against childhood diseases.” –Dr. Harris Coulter PhD, "Vaccination, Social Violence & Criminality: The Medical Assault on the American Brain"

“One vaccine decreases cell-mediated immunity by 50%, two vaccines by 70%... all triple vaccines (MMR, DTaP) markedly impair cell-mediated immunity, which predisposes to recurrent viral infections, especially otitis media, as well as yeast and fungi infections.” – Dr. Herman Hugh Fudenberg, M.D., Ph.D. (Immunology)

“Autism may be a disorder linked to the disruption of the G-alpha protein, affecting retinoid receptors in the brain. A study of sixty autistic children suggests that autism may be caused by inserting a G-alpha protein defect, the pertussis toxin found in the D.P.T. vaccine, into genetically at-risk children.” – Dr. Mary N. Megson, M.D.

"The well-defined autoimmune diseases that may occur after vaccination include: arthritis, lupus, diabetes mellitus, thrombocytopenia, vasculitis, dermatomyositis, Guillain-Barre Syndrome (GBS, paralysis), and demyelinating disorders. Almost all types of vaccines are associated with the onset of AISIA (Autoimmune Inflammatory Syndrome Induced by Adjuvants." —Dr. Yehuda Shoenfeld, MD, FRCP

"There is no evidence that the HPV vaccine has prevented a single case of cervical cancer, anywhere in the world." —Dr. Sin Hang Lee, MD, Connecticut Hearing for HB 7199, March 2019

“Vaccine-compromised children are the most invisible disabled portion of our society.” —Dr. Robert Sears, FAAP, pediatrician

"I've been doing this for 15 years now. I will share with you that the vaccinated kids are the sickest, the partially vaccinated kids are not as sick, and the unvaccinated kids are the healthiest." —Dr. Bob Zajac, MD, former vaccine bully

“Take a group of vaccinated children and compare them with a matched group of unvaccinated children. If the groups are well-matched and large enough and the length of time the children are observed following vaccination long enough, then such a study is deemed the ‘gold standard’ of vaccine research because its data is as accurate a reflection as medical research is capable of achieving of how vaccinations are actually affecting our nation’s children. Incredible as it sounds, such a common- sense controlled study comparing vaccinated to unvaccinated children has never been done in America for any vaccination. This means that mass vaccination is essentially a large-scale experiment on our nation’s children.” —Dr. Philip Incao, PhD, testimony to the Ohio State House of Representatives, 2019

"I don't believe in vaccines, period. I think a this point in my life, I would say that no one should be getting any vaccine." —Dr. Stephanie Seneff, PhD, senior research scientist, MIT

"Anyone who tells you 'vaccines are safe and effective' is lying. The clinical science does not support that." —Dr. James Meehan, MD, medical journal editor (The Journal of Ocular Immunology and Inflammation), June 2019

“The only safe vaccine is one that is never used.” – Dr. James A. Shannon, MD, former director of the National Institutes of Health (1955-1968)

Natural Immunity is superior to artificial vaccine immunity

Dr. Andrew Wakefield, MB

According to the mainstream media, Dr. Andrew Wakefield is "discredited" British doctor. There is a backstory for that. At the request of vaccine injured parents, Dr. Wakefield had performed a study that suggested vaccines caused gastrointestinal issues, and may be linked to autism. The drug companies didn't like that it came from an accomplished doctor so they ran a smear campaign against Dr. Wakefield to discredit him, and to serve as an example to other doctors who may be thinking about speaking out against the drug companies' cash cow: vaccines. The mainstream media (up to 70% funded by the drug companies through advertising) blamed Dr. Wakefield and Jenny McCarthy for starting the anti-vaxx movements, when anti-vaxx movements have been around since the 1850s.

EVERY subsequent study has reaffirmed Dr. Wakefield's initial findings. Dr. Wakefield was also exonerated by the courts and cleared of any wrong doing. Those who discredited Dr. Wakefield have publicly apologized or were guilty of slander and defamation. But the mainstream media won't mention those important issues. When you learn about Dr. Wakefield and his work, you'll find that he's a caring and honorable person. He has been using his voice as a doctor to present vaccine information to parents. He is presenting information and letting the parents decide.

The Mechanisms In Which Vaccines Cause Disease And Illness

Dr. Rebecca Carley, MD

Bypassing the mucosal aspect of the immune system by directly injecting organisms into the body leads to a corruption in the immune system itself where IgA (Immunoglobulin A) is transmitted into IgE (Immunoglobulin E), and/or the B cells are hyperactivated to produce pathological amounts of self-tracking antibody as well as suppression of cytotoxic T cells ‘stealth adapted.’ These are formed when vaccine viruses combine with viruses from tissues used to culture them, or when bacteria lose their cell walls when a person takes antibiotics and transform them into ‘L forms,’ leading to a lack of some critical antigens normally recognized by the cellular immune system.

The mechanism by which the immune system is corrupted can best be realized when you understand that the two poles of the immune system (the cellular and humoral mechanisms) have a reciprocal relationship in that when the activity of one pole is increased, the other must decrease. Thus, when one is stimulated, the other is inhibited. Since vaccines activate the B cells to secret antibody, the cytotoxic (killer) T cells are subsequently suppressed. In fact, the ‘prevention’ of a disease via vaccination is, in reality, an inability to expel organisms due to the suppression of the cell-mediated response.

Thus, rather than preventing disease, the disease is actually prevented from ever being resolved. Thus, the autoimmune disease you develop is determined by which tissues in the body are attacked by auto-antibodies. If the inside lining of the gastrointestinal tract (the mucosa) is attacked by auto-antibodies, you can develop leaky gut syndrome. Crohn’s disease and colitis are also caused by auto-antibody attack of the GI tract itself. If the islet (insulin producing) cells of the pancreas are attacked by auto-antibodies, you develop insulin dependent (juvenile) diabetes.

If the respiratory mucosa is attacked by auto-antibodies, you develop ‘leaky lung’ syndrome where, just as with leaky gut, antigens recognized as foreign to the body which are inhaled are unable to traverse the lining of the respiratory tract, causing the creation of antibodies against those antigens (usually dust, mold, pet or pollen antigens). If the components of the articular surface of the joints are attacked by auto-antibodies, you develop rheumatoid (or juvenile) arthritis. If the kidney tissue is attacked by auto-antibodies, you develop one of the many types of nephritis.

If you develop auto-antibodies against the very DNA in the nucleus of all cells, you develop systemic Lupus (thus, the autoimmune potential of DNA vaccines being developed now is self-evident: worse yet, DNA components from these vaccines can be incorporated into your DNA, leading to actual genetic changes which could cause extinction of all vaccinated life on the Earth). And on and on and on.

The brain and spinal chord can also be attacked with auto-antibodies (vaccine induced encephalitis), leading to a variety of neurological diseases. The most severe of these, leading to death, are sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) and most cases of ‘shaken baby syndrome.’

If components of the myelin sheath (the insulating covering of nerve fibers which allows proper nerve conduction) or the actual neurofilaments themselves are attacked by auto-antibodies, the resultant condition is determined solely by the location of the damage done. Such neurological conditions include but are not limited to minimal brain dysfunction, ADD/ADHD, learning disabilities, mental retardation, criminal behavior, the spectrum of pervasive developmental disorders (including autism), multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease, Lou Gehrig’s disease, Guillain-Barré, and seizure disorders.

Top 10 Reasons I Don't Vaccinate

Ashley Everly, Toxicologist

These are my top ten.
What are yours?

1. Toxic substances and fragments of human DNA from aborted fetal cells used in vaccine production can irreparably harm the body, increase the risk of infections, cause anaphylaxis, chronic neurological or autoimmune illness, or worse (e.g. SIDS / death). Independent, unbiased medical research from scientists, doctors, and experts in countries around the world supports these statements, as does VAERS, the VICP, and tens of thousands of parents in the US alone who are aware of the risks of vaccination and have experienced their own children being harmed or killed by vaccines. Three million or more adverse events from vaccines occur each year in the US. #wedid #hearthiswell

2. Vaccines can cause the very illnesses they're supposed to prevent (measles, mumps, meningitis, paralysis, rotavirus, chicken pox...). Read the vaccine inserts, these are all listed. Live virus vaccine shedding is real and we may never truly know the extent of the problem, due to the fact that doctors do not document post-vaccination measles - as measles, for example, or because they claim adverse events are unrelated to the vaccines received just days or weeks prior (for example, if a previously healthy child is hospitalized with an infection after receiving several vaccines). Post-vaccination measles is typically downplayed as a “measles-like rash and a fever” (which is measles) and is considered a “normal” or “common” response to the vaccine. One study suggested that around 5% of MMR-vaccinated individuals develops measles symptoms post-vaccination, and that wild type measles is indistinguishable from vaccine-associated measles.

3. Vaccines did not save us from dying of these diseases. Disease mortality dropped prior to the introduction of vaccines, due to improved nutrition, sanitation, clean water, environmental regulations, food safety practices, and more. Improved nutrition is largely what began to improve outcomes and prevent death or complications from these diseases. Not vaccines. For example, 99.9998% of the 180.7 million people living in the US in 1960, did not die of measles, even though there was no vaccine for measles and it is estimated that 4-5 million people contracted the infection that year.

4. The diseases we vaccinate for are treatable and typically not deadly for anyone living in developed nations. We now know through research that vitamin A prevents measles complications and may help treat mumps and chicken pox. It was known long ago that vitamin C can help reduce the severity and longevity of whooping cough. Vitamin C has also been found in scientific research to help treat tetanus, hepatitis, and more. All infections can be deadly in developing nations, due to severe malnutrition. While there is research confirming all of the above, is not well known because it would undermine the vaccine program.

5. Vaccine manufacturers cannot be sued if your child is harmed by a vaccine. They are protected by the law. You are not. You are responsible for what happens to your child after they are vaccinated - not the manufacturer, not the clinic, not the doctor, not the nurse... you. No one else is. The 1986 National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act was created to protect vaccine manufacturers and the medical professionals who administer them... not your child.

6. Fraud. Every single vaccine manufacturer has been convicted of fraud. They have been caught fabricating and omitting data for clinical trials, creating fake medical journals, bribing doctors, promoting untested products that they knew were going to cause serious and severe harm to thousands upon thousands of people... The CDC is also untrustworthy and owns vaccine patents. Whistleblowers at the CDC - senior scientists who work there - have come out attempting to expose the widespread corruption within the organization. #cdcspider #vaxxed

7. Vaccines do not provide herd immunity. A percentage of individuals do not respond to vaccination at all (they do not develop antibodies), and some vaccines and their boosters do not sustain the production of antibodies for more than a few years (“waning immunity”). This is why many outbreaks occur in populations with near complete vaccine coverage or in fully vaccinated populations. The vaccine program has actually left infants - our most sensitive population - even more vulnerable to infection. Before vaccines, children contracted many of these temporary illnesses around 8-12 years of age, when it was much safer to do so. The girls would have lifetime immunity, grow up, and transfer passive immunity to their newborns through the placenta and breastmilk. This passive immunity would protect infants at their most vulnerable age. The implementation of the vaccine program has eliminated this natural protection.

8. Lack of true placebo clinical studies. There are no studies on the CDC schedule as is (72+ vaccine doses by age 18). No long term safety studies, no studies on carcinogenicity or mutagenicity. All of the manufacturers’ clinical studies for childhood vaccines approved for use in the US, use either another vaccine or the aluminum adjuvant as the control group. Never a true saline, harmless placebo. They often only monitor for less than a month, or even less than four days post-vaccination. When the administration of both the test (new vaccine) and control groups (old vaccine or aluminum adjuvant) result in the same number of adverse events and deaths, they claim the new vaccine is “safe”.

9. Lack of scientific research proving safety of vaccine ingredients. No safe limit of injection of aluminum has EVER been scientifically determined. The FDA granted it "GRAS" (generally recognized as safe) status in 1975 without any real science to support this move. No safe limit for injection of thimerosal (or ethylmercury) has ever been determined. These are considered "safe" based on ingestion of these substances or similar ones, which cannot be compared to injecting them. Route of exposure determines toxicity, not dose alone.

10. Medical doctors have professed that they do not learn about vaccine ingredients and their toxicity, the true range and diversity of vaccine adverse events, and much more regarding this issue. Medical education is highly manipulated by the pharmaceutical industry and doctors are financially compensated by insurance companies to administer vaccines in a timely manner.

Vaccines Are Poisons And Don't Work

"The Big Vaccine Cartel and its Wholly-owned Subsidiaries at the CDC, the FDA, the NIH, the AAP and the AMA. They are NOT your Friends." —Dr. Gary G. Kohls, MD, April 2019

“From the time vaccination became a financially lucrative enterprise, what the public has been told by the mainstream media sources has often directly contradicted the information contained in government health records and private medical reports.” —Sue Martson, “The Vaccination Connection”, 1993

“Congress is owned by pharma. The pharmaceutical industry pours millions of dollars into the legislative branch every single year. In 2016, they put $100 million into the elections. That’s a ton of money.” —Dr. Raeford Brown, MD, pediatrician

“It is simply no longer possible to believe much of the clinical research that is published, or to rely on the judgment of trusted physicians or authoritative medical guidelines. I take no pleasure in this conclusion, which I reached slowly and reluctantly over my two decades as an editor of the New England Journal of Medicine." —Dr. Marcia Angell, Harvard University professor, longtime editor-in-chief of the New England Journal of Medicine

You've probably heard the mantras,

- Vaccines are safe
- Vaccines are effective
-Coke Is It
-Just Do It
- Vaccines saved millions of lives
- Vaccine-preventable diseases

The above are marketing slogans parroted by the media, which in 2019 received over $5 billion in advertising from the drug companies. Those mantras are not based on facts. In fact, when you examine the data, it shows that,

- Vaccines are NOT safe. They are dangerous.
- Vaccines are NOT effective. They are useless and don't work at all.
- Vaccines NEVER saved a single life. Not one.
- Vaccines have never prevented a single disease. Not one.

For example, as of March 2019, over $4.1 billion has been paid to those injured and killed by vaccines. Furthermore, in 2011, the US Supreme Court agreed that "vaccines are unavoidably unsafe." —U.S. Supreme Court, Bruesewitz vs. Wyeth, (Docket No. 09-152, Op. Below: 3d Cir., Opinion: Feb. 22, 2011, Vote: 6-2, Author: Scalia)

Vaccines are not safe. Therefore, if anyone states that "vaccines are safe", immediately label that person as a quack or a crook.

There has never been a study that demonstrates vaccines work using the gold standard in medicine. That is, vaccines have never undergone a "double blind saline placebo control" study administered by an independent third party. One reason is that vaccines are classified as "biologics" and not drugs. Currently, vaccine studies are performed by the drug companies that make the vaccines, and new vaccines are compared to older vaccines, which is akin to allowing the poison makers to compare their new poisons to their old poisons. The result is obvious and biased: The new vaccines are always safe and effective according to the drug companies that make and study their own vaccines.

Furthermore, vaccines are based on "prevention" medicine. The only way to know vaccines work is if you get the flu (or any disease), you get vaccinated and the flu/disease is cured—you're no longer sick after vaccination. But that's not how vaccines work. Vaccines work on the promise that they will "prevent" disease. The only way to show that prevention works is to compare the vaccinated against the unvaccinated. This is something the drug companies won't publicly do (they've most likely done the studies in private but won't share the results). They cite ethical reasons for not comparing the vaccinated to the unvaccinated. But the reason is obvious. The drug companies won't compare the vaccinated to the unvaccinated because they already know the answer: vaccinated people have higher death and disease rates related to vaccines.

Independent studies (those not financed by the drug companies) have shown that vaccinated people have higher illness and disease rates. Not surprising considering all the heavy metals and poisons used in vaccines.

Here's an example: The drug companies claim that the MMR (Measles, Mumps, Rubella) vaccine is 88% effective. Now, what is the efficacy rate for not vaccinating? It's about 99.99%. In other words, if you get the measles vaccine, you are more likely to get the measles than if you don't vaccinate. It's not just the measles vaccine that works this way, it's with ALL vaccines. When you get vaccinated, you are more likely to get the disease you're vaccinated for. This is because vaccines contain viruses and diseases, and once injected into the body, they cause diseases.

Vaccines are not effective (vaccines don't work). Anyone who claims vaccines are effective is either a quack or a crook.

As for the marketing ploys of "herd immunity", "vaccinate to protect others", they're are also based on lies. Vaccines don't work. Any further argument is fallacious.

"After I came out of med school I vaccinated thousands of children. It's one of my biggest regrets in life." —Dr. Joseph Mercola, D.O.

“Any well-informed parent knows more about vaccinations than the average doctor.”—Dr. Eva Snead, MD

"I'm currently litigating against the four companies that make all 72 vaccines currently mandated for American children via CDC recommendations. All four of these companies are convicted of felons who have paid $35 billion since 2009 for lying to and defrauding regulators and doctors in order to promote their pharmaceutical products.

"Our trial team coalition includes the country's largest plaintiff firms—all of them veterans of the Monsanto litigation. These firms have won the largest pharmaceutical cases in history. It's not surprising that we have uncovered proof that the four Vaccine makers' fraudulent and reckless conduct with their other pharmaceutical products pales in comparison to their crimes in testing, manufacturing, and marketing vaccines. Since, in this arena alone, they are immune from liability.

"We can show with scientific certainty that certain vaccines—DTaP, MMR, Hep B—are killing and injuring far more children than were ever harmed by the diseases they are marketed to prevent. This information will soon be public. It would be good for you to see it before you mandate these shots for children. I'm happy to share it in person with you and your staff and whatever experts you choose to include." —Robert F. Kennedy, March 2019

"I saw firsthand that certain government agencies and certain universities were manipulating the data in order to protect the sales of vaccines and to cover up any adverse effects." —Dr. David Lewis, MD, microbiologist

The table below clearly shows that there is no reason for anyone to get vaccinated. You are more likely to be struck by lightning than dying from those "vaccine preventable diseases".

Using Fear to Sell Vaccines

“Vaccination: A business based on FEAR." —Dr. Gerhard Buchwald, MD

The biggest fear of any parent is to lose their child, especially if that loss can be prevented. Increasingly doctors, nurses, and pediatricians are bullying, shaming, and coercing new parents into vaccinating their newborns. Those medical personnel may say, “You’re being irresponsible. It’s child abuse not to vaccinate your baby. I’m a doctor. I know more than you and what’s good for your baby. Your baby will die if you don’t vaccinate it. You need to vaccinate that baby before it dies. You will be held responsible.”

If you are informed, you should be thinking, or replying, “Before I make a decision, I would like to practice my right to informed consent. I would like to know what vaccines you’re recommending, and their ingredients and side effects. I would like to read the vaccine inserts, so please provide them for me.

“I would also like to study all safety and efficacy studies of the vaccines you’re recommending—those studies must be independent and not from the drug companies that make the vaccines. I would like to see the injury and death rates of those vaccines.

“I would like to know the incident rate and mortality rate of those diseases—of the vaccinated versus the unvaccinated.

“And if you’re willing to sign a legal document guaranteeing that the vaccines you’re recommending are 'safe and effective'.

“I also want to know who will be legally responsible if my child is injured or killed by the vaccines.

“I also want to know if there’s any conflict of interest, that you may be receiving bonuses based on vaccination quotas.”

Or a simple, “This is an important decision. Let me think about it and get back to you, doctor,” will do.

There have been instances in which parents, even stated in writing, outright refused to vaccinate their infants but those infants were vaccinated when the parents weren’t around. Always stay with your infant because of the vaccination issue, and more importantly, medical kidnapping is becoming common in the US. Even when your baby is vaccinated without your permission and it is injured or killed, you will be blamed for the mistakes of the medical industry. This is to deter you from suing them. Modern medicine is a business, it has nothing to do with making people healthy. If people are healthy, the medical industry doesn’t make money.

You are the employer and the doctor is the employee. YOUR DOCTOR WORKS FOR YOU. YOU DON'T WORK FOR YOUR DOCTOR. Your doctor's income depends on the services and products that you purchase from them. The onus is on them to prove that vaccines are safe and effective, not the other way around. You have nothing to prove to your doctor about vaccines, the doctor has to prove to you why you should get vaccinated. Vaccines are consumer products dressed as disease prevention and under the guise of public good. Purchase vaccines like you would a major purchase.

Understanding Disease Outbreaks: INCIDENT RATE vs. MORTALITY RATE

To understand how selling “disease outbreaks” work, we need to understand the difference between the incident rate and the mortality (death) rate.

INCIDENT RATE. The incident rate is the number of times something occurred. As examples,

-250 million confirmed cases of people crossing the street
-90 million confirmed cases of people driving vehicles
-60 million confirmed cases of people walking the stairs
-50 million confirmed cases of people falling down
-10 million confirmed cases of people swimming
-556 confirmed cases of the measles
-1 500 confirmed cases of the measles

The incident rate tells us the number of times an event happened. We know that people die crossing the street, driving, swimming, falling down the stairs, falling out of bed, and they even die from the measles. Of those “confirmed cases”, how many died?

According to the CDC (a private corporation that sells and markets vaccines) guideline, an INCIDENT rate of 3 (three) can be considered an “outbreak”. See how ridiculous that is?

MORTALITY (DEATH) RATE. The mortality rate (aka the death rate) is the number of people who died based on the incident rate. For example, if 250 million people cross US streets everyday, how many died a day? Or if 90 million drive in the US everyday, how many died? Now, you can scare people by flashing death statistics and gruesome pictures of those who died driving, swimming, crossing the street, or falling down the stairs. Most will be horrified because they don’t understand the difference between the incident rate and the mortality rate.

When you watch the mainstream media, they always use the “confirmed cases” for the incident rate, not the mortality (death) rate. In other words, during all the disease outbreaks, the media has not named a single unvaccinated person who has died, because not a single unvaccinated person has died during these disease outbreaks that is “threatening national security/health”. Essentially, if unvaccinated, you have a higher chance of dying from a lightning strike than those “vaccine preventable diseases”. In other words, don’t get vaccinated. It is always the vaccinated who have higher illness, disease, and death rates.

Vaccines often cause the very disease they’re supposed to prevent, because the person is injected with viruses and diseases. If we examine every “disease outbreak” reported in the mainstream media dating back to the 1850s, we find that the vast majority of those affected had been vaccinated. As examples,

—The Disneyland measles “outbreak”, Dec. 2014. About 59 “confirmed cases”. The majority were vaccinated and the vast majority who were ill were vaccinated. Mortality rate: 0 (no confirmed deaths).

—Oregon measles outbreak, Jan. 2019. Up to 80 “confirmed cases”. Mortality rate: 0 (no confirmed deaths). Some politicians called for mandatory vaccination with no philosophical, medical, or religious exemption.

—Temple University “mumps outbreak”, March 2019. About 74 “confirmed cases”. Nearly every student had been vaccinated. Mortality rate: 0 (no confirmed deaths).

—University of Florida "mumps outbreak", June 2019. 24 cases of mumps; all 24 students were vaccinated with the MMR vaccine. More proof that vaccines don't prevent diseases, but they cause diseases and spread them.

When you vaccinate, you are being injected with poisons, viruses, and diseases. You communicate those viruses and diseases to others through a process called "shedding". That's the reason disease outbreaks are caused by vaccinated people. Healthy unvaccinated people cannot spread diseases they don't have. However, the unvaccinated are blamed because they don't make money for the drug companies, hospitals, doctors, pediatricians, and media. Getting people sick is a big business for the medical industry, especially for the drug companies

"There was a time less than one hundred years ago when antibiotics were a miracle. They were the best thing we've ever done. They were used in the same language as vaccines now. Then antibiotics became a disaster. Now, the public health doctors describe vaccines as the antibiotic apocalapse we live in now. That the genetics selection pressure on bacteria from antibiotics has created a resistant, dangerous bacteria for which we have no treatment. We are going exactly the same way with vaccines. Just in the last four weeks, a paper was published describing the emergence of a strain of a measles virus that is completely resistant to the immunity produced by the vaccine: a D4 escaped mutant. That is a very dangerous situation." —Dr. Andrew Wakefield, MB, June 6, 2019; Padua, Italy

—Rockland County, New York, measles outbreak, March 2019. About 186 “confirmed cases”, but later revised to 5 cases because the 186 cases were since October 2018. Mortality rate: 0 (no confirmed deaths). The government (politicians who received campaign contributions from the drug companies) threatened door-to-door vaccination, but was overturned by the court. Rockland County, New York, was predominantly Orthodox Jews and had the lowest vaccination rate. The county was the healthiest in New York state. Lowest vaccination rate, highest health rate. Coincidence?

—USS Fort McHenry amphibious warship mumps outbreak, March 2019. The ship had been quarantined in the Persian Gulf for two months due to a “mumps like illness” viral infection. All 703 personnel aboard were vaccinated for the mumps, and got the mumps anyway. It cannot return to port until 30 days after the last reported case. This is the perfect example of those who vaccinate get the disease they’re vaccinated for. Sample size: 703, 100%.

—New York City “measles outbreak”, April 2019. Up to 626 “confirmed cases”. Mortality rate: 0 (no confirmed deaths). More people die crossing NYC streets than the measles and other diseases. The city targeted Yiddish Jew community because of their low vaccination rate and high health index. The city planned to fine anyone $1,000 if they refused vaccination.

—Indiana University mumps “outbreak”, April 2019. About 20 confirmed cases. All cases (students) had been vaccinated. The MMR vaccine failed so the students were asked to get “booster shots", some even a third time. This is nonsense because they were vaccinated and got the disease they were vaccinated for, and were asked to vaccinate again when vaccines, in theory, are meant to prevent disease.

Again, the CDC guideline states that an INCIDENT rate of 3 (three) can be considered an “outbreak”. See the silliness of all this fraud in order to sell vaccines and enrich the drug companies?

But the media will ignore the fact that it’s the vaccinated who spread diseases and blame the unvaccinated for the “outbreaks”. Furthermore, the media even encourages the unsuspecting to get vaccinated, when vaccines caused those outbreaks. In 2018, the media received over $5 billion of advertising from the drug companies. The reason why the media keeps parroting “vaccines are safe and effective” is obvious. Unvaccinated people are informed and don’t make money for the drug companies, media, hospitals, doctors, pediatricians, and pharmacies. So the unvaccinated are scapegoated. But more people are becoming informed (awakened) because they are vaccine injured, or their children are vaccine injured, or they know someone who is vaccine injured.

During these disease outbreaks, the media has failed to,

1) Name an unvaccinated person who has died during these disease “outbreaks”.

2) Name an unvaccinated person who has infected a vaccinated person and caused that vaccinated person to die.

Again, don’t vaccinate and you’ll be fine during these outbreaks that threaten national health and security.

"I have lectured all over the world...I have always had a special interest in newspapers. All of them have one thing in common, there is always some reference made to some epidemic in some part of the world. For instance, two years ago, one paper referred to a polio epidemic in Holland. For the past three years, our newspapers have commented on the diphtheria epidemic in Russia. By these means, the population is constantly threatened with epidemics, they have been made to fear them, and the reports always conclude: Go and get vaccinated...To create fear among parents to strengthen their motivation to vaccinate is an important part of the publicity used to promote vaccinations. A whole branch of research is examining the question: What level of fear needs to be created to appear as convincing as possible?" —Dr. Gerhard Buchwald, MD

Excuses used when vaccines fail

Vaccines are based on fraud. They don't work. They've never worked. These are some of the asinine excuses the drug companies use when vaccines fail.

1) The person needs to get a second shot or third shot or booster shot for the vaccine to work.

2) The mother was breast feeding her child so the vaccine didn't work.

3) The person had a prior medical condition so the vaccine didn't work.

4) Herd immunity. Over 95% of the people need to get vaccinated or the vaccines won't work.

5) The vaccine people had years ago wore off.

6) Unvaccinated people are causing the ineffectiveness of vaccines.

7) We got the wrong flu strain this year and that's why the flu vaccine didn't work.

8) Those students got a bad vaccine batch and that's why the vaccines didn't work.

9) The hospitals and nurses improperly prepared the vaccines and that's why the vaccines didn't work.

Excuses, excuses, excuses. The real reason vaccines don't work: Vaccines are based on fraud and don't work. It's hard to argue with over 150 years of historical data. Vaccination is all risk and no benefit.

Is Big Pharma pushing for mass vaccination so that we aren't able to compare deaths between the vaccinated and unvaccinated?

Dr. Christiane Northrup, MD
March 8, 2019

For the record and for those of you who haven’t been around as long as I have, here it goes..

For my entire career as a physician, I have attempted to educate my patients and my community about issues that were not mainstream at all at the time... Examples: routine circumcision, over diagnosis of DCIS from mammograms, the need for DHA fats for brain health in infants that is in Breast milk and was not in baby formula until the last few decades, the need to supplement with folate in pregnancy to prevent neural tube defects, the fact that HPV is cleared Naturally by the body 90% of the time, the role of optimal levels of vitamin D, and the fact that hormones not native to the female body (like Provera) have untoward effects that can be dangerous and that there are far safer alternatives for menopausal relief.

None of these views were popular or well accepted at the time. One radiologist spit at me on stage and told me how dangerous I was when I suggested (years ago) that mammograms were overdiagnosing so-called cancer and resulting in too much unnecessary and dangerous treatment. Over time my views on these things have become far more accepted by the mainstream as public opinion and increasing numbers of studies have shifted beliefs.

My position on vaccines hasn’t changed in 40 years. I advocate optimal immunity and all the ways we can improve it, not ever increasing numbers of vaccines (now up to 72 by age 18 according to the CDC schedule). Congress excused vaccine manufacturers from all liability back in 1986. No other industry has ever had this unquestioned support to do whatever they want without adequate testing or oversight.

The CDC recommended number of vaccines has tripled since then. And the CDC is paid millions by vaccine manufacturers to promote them. It is NOT an unbiased organization, at all. Most people don’t know this.

And since then, the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) points out that 4 billion dollars has been paid out to families of vaccine injured children. This organization reports that only about 1% of vaccine injuries are ever reported. Why are we so quick to dismiss the suffering of those who have been harmed by vaccines? And vilify those of us who question their safety... especially at the current rate?

Read the package inserts on vaccine ingredients and the potential adverse effects. It is all right there in plain sight. And none have ever been studied in combination or cumulatively. Yet, infants are being given 5-11 at one time!

My home state of Maine, like so many others, is about to hear a bill making many vaccines mandatory for school, day care, etc. Yet there hasn’t been a single case of measles reported here (except one Canadian visitor) in 17 years. This narrative... that we’re all about to die from a major epidemic... is being drive by fear and also huge amounts of money being paid to push the Pharma agenda.

And for the record, China has a 99% vaccination rate. Yet they, like the US, have pockets of measles outbreaks, 26,000 cases reported In one study. Why? Because no vaccine is 100% effective.

Lifetime immunity from getting a disease is entirely different. You are protected for life. When it comes to measles, mumps, etc, evidence shows that vaccines don’t give you lifetime immunity. I believe this is connected to the fact that more than 50% of children in the US now have a chronic disease. All these vaccines have messed up our natural immunity. And studies have verified this as you can see in the post from the immunologist below.

Back in the late 80’s, early 90’s, women were banned from some doctors practices if they refused to take conventional hormone replacement. The belief that hormones were the key to heart disease prevention was so strong that doctors pushed it on everyone. (And the Pharma position was huge then, too) If you questioned the narrative, you were shamed. The huge women’s health initiative changed all that, however... when a well designed study (finally) showed that when Premarin and Provera were used for hormone replacement, the risks outweighed the benefits.

We need these same kinds of studies with individual vaccines. They are not likely to be done given the current political and medical climate. But simply pointing this truth out is now increasingly being censored.

Human fetal contaminated vaccines associated with autistic disorder, epidemic childhood leukemia, and lymphomas

Dr. Theresa Deisher, PhD, President of Sound Choice Pharmaceutical Institute (SCPI)


The scientific community now knows that children with regressive autism have hundreds of de novo and diverse gene mutations. That means that regressive autism is not genetic. It must be triggered by an external event that can create hundreds of different DNA breaks and mutations. That has been clear to us at SCPI since we were founded.

Since 2008, SCPI has been ahead of the field, doing the cutting edge biology, molecular modeling, computational informatics, and ecology to figure out what is causing so many DNA breaks and mutations in our children, long before the 2011 and 2012 publications put the hundreds of de novo mutations together. That’s because we knew that a condition associated with hundreds of different genes could not possibly be genetic. We knew that DNA and retroviral contaminants are present in some childhood vaccines and that these types of contaminants are known to cause DNA breaks and mutations.

Have we created the perfect storm for DNA breaks, mutations, and regressive autism in our children? In 1979 we started injecting our children with vaccines that are contaminated with human fetal DNA fragments and a retrovirus, and autism began to rise. Then we added more jabs with aborted fetal vaccines and thimerosal, which can also cause DNA breaks, to vaccines in 1988, and autism rose more. Then in 1995, we added much more aborted fetal DNA contaminants to the chickenpox vaccine, and autism really rose. And now we have children born to older dads who have sperm with very breakable DNA. Aborted fetal contaminated vaccines plus thimerosal plus older dads result in more DNA breaks, thus more de novo mutations, in our children.

Drugs and vaccines are too large to produce in a test tube, and therefore, they must be manufactured using cell lines. The final products contain contaminants from the cell line used to manufacture the drug or vaccine. When animal cell lines are utilized, these contaminants are recognized by our immune systems as ‘foreign’ and are eliminated from our bodies. However, when primitive human cell lines (such as an aborted fetal cell line) are used, these contaminants have the potential to trigger autoimmune diseases or genomic instability. When we use human fetal produced vaccines or cosmetics, we are also injecting or transferring DNA and viruses from the human fetus used to create the cell line into our own bodies.

SCPI is applying extensive bodies of literature from the study of meiotic recombination, DNA repair mechanisms, and gene therapy to determine the impact of aborted fetal DNA contaminants on autoimmune responses and genomic instability. During meiotic recombination, genetic material from the chromosomes of the father and mother is ‘exchanged’ so that the offspring have genetic material that is an intermixing of maternal and paternal material, creating a completely unique genetic individual. Exchange of genetic material during meiotic recombination is a beneficial process, designed to generate diversity in our offspring. However, inappropriate activation of the proteins involved in meiotic recombination can lead to genomic instability, cancer, and other diseases.

DNA repair is a process that our cells use to correct mistakes introduced into our genes on a daily basis, simply by the fact that we use our genes to make proteins and new cells during cell division. When DNA repair goes awry, genomic instability and disease can be the result. Gene therapy studies have shown us what can happen when inappropriate insertion of external genetic material occurs in our genes: 4 of 9 boys developed cancer in one of the first gene therapy trials.

The contaminants found in vaccines and drugs that are manufactured using human fetal cell lines present the perfect storm of contaminants to cause genomic instability. Some childhood vaccines contain very high levels of short human fetal DNA fragments, which gene therapy studies have taught us are the perfect size to insert into our genes. Some childhood vaccines also contain a retroviral contaminant called HERVK, which is in the same family of retroviruses as the one that caused cancer in 4 of 9 boys.

SCPI does laboratory and computer based experimentation to determine the contribution of a protein called PRDM9, the impact of 13 nucleotide long DNA sequences that bind PRDM9 (called 13 mers), the position of meiotic recombination ‘hotspots’ (areas where mom’s and dad’s genetic material exchanges the most), the amount of uptake of short human DNA fragments by varied human cells and cell lines, and the impact of this human DNA uptake on cell survival and function.

What Big Pharma Trolls Say and How to Respond

Rest assured that as more people awake to the vaccination fraud, vaccine sales will plummet, and you’ll be inundated with these disease outbreaks that threaten national health and security. The solution: arm yourself with knowledge. Turning off the mainstream media would also help.

As the Anti-vaxx movement has increased, the drug companies have hired a small army of online trolls (aka “pro-vaxxers) to counter it. These trolls have created fake grass root groups to push vaccines. They mostly use fear tactics, hit the laughing emoji, ask to cite a source, or discredit parents with vaccine injured children.

If you don’t have time, you can overcome EVERY objection by a big pharma troll by demanding, “Show me the vaccine ingredients and side effects!”

“The Anti-Vaccinators, firm in their convictions, remain unmoved by the stale sophistries, bogus statistics, and stupid taunts thrown at them.” —Dr. Walter Hadwen, JP, MD, LRCP, MRCS, LSA, “The Case Against Vaccination” 1896

Anti-vaxxers are ignorant and stupid.

According to over 150 years of official data from the US, UK, Australian, and Canadian governments, vaccines never prevented a single disease. Not one. Sanitation, hygiene, and nutrition eradicated diseases. An ignorant person is one who doesn't read and refuses to learn. They'll believe anything if it's in the newspapers and on TV.

Your children will die if you don't vaccinate them. They won't live to age 3.

Using fear to sell vaccines. Every independent study (those not funded by the drug companies) has shown that vaccinated people have higher illness, disease, and death rates. Read the vaccine ingredients and side effects and you'll understand why. SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome) is common among vaccinated infants.

Anti-vaxxers and the people who believe their drivel shouldn’t have kids for the betterment of society.

Many vaccines, especially the tetanus and HPV vaccines, contain sterilization ingredients that cause infertility. Read the ingredients and reports. In addition, the flu vaccine was shown to increase miscarriages (fetal deaths) by 4, 250%.

“Documentation received from the National Coalition of Organized Women (NCOW) states that between 2009 and 2010 the mercury-laden combined flu vaccinations have increased Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting Systems (VAERS) fetal death reports by 4,250 percent in pregnant women. Eileen Dannemann, NCOW’s director, made abundantly clear that despite these figures being known to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), the multiple-strain, inactivated flu vaccine containing mercury (Thimerosal) has once again been recommended to pregnant women as a safe vaccination this season.”

Anti-vaxxers should move to their own island.

Good idea. The vaccine insert states that vaccinated people spread diseases through SHEDDING because they've been injected with poisons, viruses, and diseases.

Anti-vaxxers are idiots. Doctors and scientists recommend vaccination. Trust doctors and scientists, not anti-vaxxers.

No doctor, no scientist, no politician has ever, never, signed a legal document guaranteeing that “vaccines are safe and effective”. They never will sign a legal document because vaccines have never safe and effective. When examined further, every doctor, scientist, and politician who have pushed vaccines have received money from the drug companies. The whole system is corrupt. There are thousands of nurses, doctors, and scientists against vaccination.

You trust the concerned parents who are voicing stories of their vaccine injured children. You don't trust the corrupt politicians and criminal drug companies.

I was vaccinated and nothing happened to me.

Are you the picture of health? Probably not. Vaccine ingredients have drastically changed over the years. Vaccines now include animal DNA, human DNA, animal blood, aborted baby parts, polysorbate 80, and some even glyphosate (the same ingredient used in pesticides). Also, children are being vaccinated more because the number of recommended vaccines have increased from 4 in 1940 to 74 in 2018.

Anti-vaxxers are are not scientists! Scientists have done studies and those studies have shown vaccines don’t cause autism!

First, the DTaP vaccine insert and the MMR vaccine insert state that autism is a side effect (adverse reaction) of those vaccines. There has never been an independent, randomized double-blind placebo controlled study that shows vaccines work or that they don’t cost autism. An independent study means one NOT funded by a drug company. One control group must be unvaccinated—a group that has never been vaccinated.

In 2019, Swiss drug company Novartis (U$ 194 billion market value as of May 2019) funded a large scale study proving that the MMR vaccine didn’t cause autism. This was the news headline: “Study on 657, 461 Children Finds No Link Between Vaccines And Autism”. However, when examined closely,

1) Novartis is a drug company and vaccine maker. Regardless of what the company claims, there are obvious conflicts of interest and biases involved with the study.

2) The study was done comparing a group of FULLY VACCINATED vs. a group of FULLY VACCINATED + MMR VACCINE. They called the “fully vaccinated” group the UNVACCINATED group. See how silly that is? The second group is also fully vaccinated but also had the MMR vaccine. Even using fraud, the MMR group had slightly higher autism rates. They said it was “statistically insignificant.”

When we think of “unvaccinated”, we think of someone who has never been vaccinated. To the drug company that funded the study, unvaccinated means “fully vaccinated”, and fully vaccinated means “fully vaccinated and the vaccine in question”.

Why aren’t there large scale studies comparing truly unvaccinated people versus fully vaccinated people? The answer is obvious. Read the vaccine ingredients and side effects.

The National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act (NCVIA) was passed in 1986. The act prevented parents from directly suing the drug companies for injuries and deaths caused by vaccines. The parents had to go through a special administrative court. Since NCVIA was passed, the numbers of vaccines has increased, and so has the autism rate. Vaccines contain heavy metals that cause brain damage. Autism is a form of brain damage. So, do vaccines cause autism? Does smoking cause lung cancer?


1 in 10,000.......1970
1 in 2, 500.......1985
1 in 500...........1995
1 in 250..........2001
1 in 166..........2004
1 in 110.........2009
1 in 68..........2012
1 in 45.........2016
1 in 36........2018
1 in 2.........2030 (CDC estimate)

Don't be selfish and vaccinate for the immuno-compromised and elderly. And do it for herd immunity.

These are marketing strageties based on shame. Vaccines don't work. Over 150 years of data and independent studies have shown that. Any further argument is fallacious.

Also, if vaccines are supposed to make people healthy and are "safe", then the sick and elderly should benefit from them, right?

Herd Immunity doesn't mean what most brainwashed people think it means. Read up on it. Anyone who believes in "herd immunity" is part of the Herd Stupidity.

You’re irresponsible and a bad parent if you don’t vaccinate your kids.

You vaccinate your kids against benign illnesses and put them at risk for brain damage, cancer, and death. You’re the irresponsible parent. You don’t even know the mortality rate of the vaccinated vs. unvaccinated of the diseases you vaccinate for.

Not vaccinating is child abuse. Your children should be taken from you if you don’t vaccinate.

You inject your kids with heavy metals, carcinogens, animal DNA, animal blood, human DNA, and neurotoxins. You’re the one who’s abusing your kids.

You can’t get autism if you die from polio and smallpox.

1) Vaccines don’t work.

2) About 99% of polio was caused by the oral polio vaccine, even the inventor of the oral polio vaccine, Jonas Salk, admitted this to the US Congress in the early 1970s. This oral polio was discontinued because it was causing thousands of injuries and deaths.

3) Vaccines never eradicated smallpox. Sanitation, hygiene, and nutrition eradicated smallpox. This was clearly demonstrated by the official statistics of the time.

Your unvaccinated children are walking diseases. Keep them away from my children.

Great idea because, 1) Vaccines don't work, 2) Vaccinated people spread diseases through SHEDDING because they've been injected with poisons, viruses, and diseases.

Vaccines are safe and effective. Vaccines saved millions of lives.

“Vaccines are safe and effective” and “Vaccines saved millions of lives” are marketing slogans created by the drug companies. Other popular marketing slogans: Coke Is It, Just Do It.

Vaccines make you healthy and prevent diseases. Are you really that dumb not to vaccinate your kids?

Drug companies (vaccine makers) make money from sick people. If vaccines make you healthy, how do drug companies make money?

My son gets his one year round of vaxx tomorrow always up to date, my entire family.

That’s great. Vaccines are safe and effective. You love vaccines. Your doctor loves vaccines. Now, show us videos of the needle going in each time you’re vaccinated. You can say anything online. It doesn’t make it true, especially if you’re paid to say things online or your job is tied to vaccines. If vaccines are so great, why don’t doctors and pharmacies allow you to video being vaccinated, just in case something goes wrong you have evidence to show the court how safe and effective vaccines are.

Vaccination is an important, life-changing event. Then ask the doctors and pharmacists to document the monumental occasion like a wedding. Oh, they won’t let you.

Mandatory vaccination should be law!

Mandatory vaccination violates medical ethic of informed consent, the Nuremberg Code, and the Universal Declaration of Bioethics and human rights.

How did you make it to adult without vaccines?

Hominids have been around for 4.4 million years and did fine without vaccines. The first vaccine was introduced in 1796.

Moreover, over 150 years of data shows that vaccines are based on fraud. There are about 200 countries on Earth. India, China, and the continent of Africa were multiplying like rabbits BEFORE vaccines. If you live in the US, UK, Canada, or Australian, you are a tiny minority who have been conditioned (brainwashed) into believing vaccines saved lives. Every study has shown that when there is clean running water, the birth rate always exceeded the death rate.

Anti-vaxxers are conspiracy theorists and stupid. Anti-vaxxers are child killers.

Vaccination is a serious topic, so leave your tin foil hat home. Vaccinated children are more likely to die than unvaccinated children. Every independent study has shown this. Ever heard of SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome). It's listed as a side effect of many vaccines. The US has the highest infant vaccination rate in the developed world; it also has the highest infant death rate in the developed world. Must be something in the vaccine ingredients, eh? ( VACCINATORS ARE BABY KILLERS! )

The drug companies have been fined $35 BILLION since 2009, mostly for fraud. In 2018, they collectively made $100 billion in profit on one year. Their collective stock market value is over $1 TRILLION. It’s not about conspiracy. It's about increasing revenue, profit, and shareholder value.

The drug companies have an army of lawyers. If you slander or defame their products, they could sue you. However, I can say,

“Vaccination is the biggest medical fraud in history.”
“Vaccines are poison.”
“Vaccines cause brain damage, cancer, and death.”

I can’t be sued because those statements are true. They are backed by court documents and historical data.

“The science and the experiences are actually on our side, but the propaganda is against us. The power of the dollar has negated all moral responsibility. The majority of the public are victims of a propaganda campaign that permeates all the mediums that are coming to their senses; that’s the TV, the movies, the internet, and the most respected people in our society. It’s for this reason that I decided to start a political party to address the neglected, to get political representation, to the hundreds and thousands of Australians who are currently experiencing distress and fear due to their choice to raise their children in a chemical- free environment”. — Michael O’Neill, IMOParty founder and NSW senate candidate.

Common Tactics Trolls Use

FEAR. The drug companies are petrified of people learning the truth. Knowledge is spreading to the masses that vaccination is based on fraud. This affects sales and the drug companies will do whatever it takes to use FEAR (fake vaccine outbreaks) to create vaccine demand. They have gone as far as pushing mandatory vaccination. If their “safe and effective” products are so great, there would be no anti-vaxxers and they wouldn’t have to force it on the people.

HITTING THE LAUGHING EMOJI. When you present overwhelming facts, they cannot counter and take the lazy way out by hitting the laughing emoji. Hitting the laughing emoji when someone presents facts is a sign of intellectual laziness.

CITE YOUR SOURCE. When you cite sources from nurses, doctors, and scientists, they hit the laughing emoji. Again, a sign of ignorance or stupidity. Or ask them to cite sources that show vaccines are safe and effective. They’re trying to sell you a product. The onus is on them to prove to you the product works.

DISCREDIT PARENTS OF VACCINE INJURED CHILDREN. Parents are now connecting the dots between their sick or dead children to vaccines. Many simply read the vaccine ingredients and side effects and immediately made the connection. Drug companies don’t want informed parents.

MY FAMILY IS ALWAYS UP TO DATE WITH THEIR VACCINES. That’s awesome. Please post the vaccine ingredients and side effects. Also, post the mortality rate of the vaccinated vs. unvaccinated of the illness/disease you’re vaccinating for.

Drug companies influence medical education

"The medical profession is being bought by the pharmaceutical industry, not only in terms of the practice of medicine, but also in terms of teaching and research. The academic institutions of this country are allowing themselves to be the paid agents of the pharmaceutical industry. I think it's disgraceful." —Dr. Arnold S. Relman, MD

"The drug industry controls medical education, medical research, medical practice, and medical laws." —Dr. Andrew Saul, PhD

Meghan and Dr. Sibley’s stories are similar to the tens of thousands in the medical field: pharmacists, nurses, doctors, and pediatricians aren’t taught the basics about vaccines. That is, they aren’t taught about the ingredients and side effects (adverse reactions) of vaccines. In medical school, it is drilled into them that vaccines are “safe and effective” and that vaccines saved millions of lives. However, according to historical data, vaccines never prevented a single disease and they never saved a single life. Not one. This can be verified with over 150 years of official data dating back to 1850.

Herd Immunity Is Grossly Misunderstood

Dr. John Dorman, PhD, microbiologist

Vaccines were never intended to be the first-line of defense against infectious disease nor were they intended to be provided under such an aggressive immunization schedule.

As most of you are aware, the development of modern sanitation has contributed far more to limit the spread of disease than the vaccine.

My greatest issue with the current vaccine schedule is that it fuels the fire of viral mutation. Consider the 2015 measles outbreak at Disneyland. It had nothing to do with the un-vaccinated, but rather a very simple process of an accelerated morbillivirus mutation.

Why do you think we alter the flu vaccine every year? Viruses mutate naturally, but do so at a greatly accelerated rate when threatened by the antigens provided through the vaccination process. At some point the rate of mutation will surpass our ability to develop a vaccine. If this occurs there will be nothing left to stem the advance of the disease.

And herd immunity is grossly misunderstood. True herd immunity can only result from a healthy, fully functioning immune system. Vaccines cannot confer “herd immunity” because vaccines only stimulate one of the two essential elements of the immune system. In the vaccinated, the body’s natural immune response is impaired, and the antibodies are not as strong as they would have been had the virus passed through the immune system in a ‘natural’ manner, therefore leading to an ever-increasing reliance on developing more vaccinations. Unfortunately, the immune response mounted by the vaccine is enough to trigger mutation in the attacking virus. I too want herd immunity, but it will never be achieved through vaccination.

Why are so many booster shots necessary to bring antibody titers up to serologically acceptable levels? Does this not indicate that our current science does not yet allow us to formulate an injection that mimics naturally acquired and lifelong immunity?

The current truth is it is impossible to create permanent immunity through the artificial induction of a vaccine. Many of the infectious diseases we immunize against are simply a result of poor hygiene and or septic recycling systems, unnatural diets, metabolic congestion (especially liver) and persistent immune suppression via pharmaceuticals.

These infections are natural in these environments and in many cases, designed and created by and within the body itself to carry out a janitorial duty by infecting and removing all cells of poor integrity so the body can be revitalized by their new replacements.

There is enough evidence to prove that vaccines diminish the integrity of every cell in the body and exacerbate the need for a deeper, more widespread infection at a future time. Mass vaccination is, in my opinion, bad science at best and will eventually lay waste to any natural immunity of humans at worst.

The only way to ensure lasting and permanent immunity is through a truly healthy “herd” which is the complete antithesis of a drug dependent population that find themselves unable to fight any infection naturally.

First, we abuse the antibiotic and witness the birth of the super bug. A mutated strain 100% drug resistant and now through the abuse and overuse of the vaccine we are forcing the antigenic drift and accelerated mutation of the virus. And for proof?

I have compiled much research over the years, but it is not possible to point you to a single study or a ‘smoking gun’. It took me several years to unravel the dogma that I was taught and accepted early in my career. I don’t know all the answers, but I am certain we are not asking enough of the right questions.

I know many doctors, nurses, researchers, chemists and fellow microbiologist who do not “tow the party line” when it comes to the “science” of vaccines. The science is not settled and anyone in the medical community who attempts to convince you otherwise is either willfully deceitful or woefully ignorant.

We have chosen to roll the dice and gamble with our health. What will save us from disease when this Ponzi scheme of mass vaccination and symptom management collapses? I fear we will be left with nothing to defend ourselves against invading pathogens because we all chose to remain ignorant rather than integrate the truth while we still had a chance.

Because we chose to consume antibiotics like candy and prescribe them for everything under the sun…we chose to believe that vaccination would magically provide us immunity because many of us were too lazy to learn how to build immunity naturally through diet and lifestyle or to learn the symptoms of environmental poisoning.

We chose to numb the pain instead of addressing the cause of the pain. All of these shortsighted decisions will eventually circle back around and bite us all in the collective arse. I truly hope we all wake up soon.”

Vaccine Ingredients Are Literally Poisons

"They don't teach us about the ingredients. They don't teach us about the studies. I almost feel like an ass. I just blindly followed through with vaccination with no real data, didn't know what was in them." —Dr. Rachel Ross, MD

Vaccine ingredients have changed from decade to decade. It is unreasonable to compare someone who was vaccinated in 1940, 1965, 1980, 1990, 2000, to someone who is vaccinated in 2019. There are more ingredients in vaccines now and they're more toxic. When someone says, "I was vaccinated and nothing happened to me." Again, the ingredients have changed. Moreover, the amount of vaccines children are receiving before the age of 18 have also changed.

1940.....4 vaccines
1960.....15 vaccines
1983.....24 vaccines
2015.....37 vaccines
2018.....74 vaccines (many of them combo vaccines, such as MMR, DTaP)

As the number of childhood vaccines increased over the decades, so has the autism rate

The first smallpox vaccine was conceptualized in 1796. Since that time, the ingredients in vaccines have radically changed. In the 1800s to early 1900s, the vaccine ingredients were from animal and human diseases. Basically, they used to take diseases from animals (mainly cowpox) and human diseases (mainly smallpox) and injected them into humans. Modern day vaccine ingredients are no better.

If the average person was shown the ingredients in modern vaccines, they would have second thoughts about vaccination. Some of these ingredients are,

- mercury (thiomersal, shown to cause brain damage )
-brain damage can be temporary or permanent and takes many forms: autism, non-verbal, speech delay, developmental delay, ADD, ADHD, bipolar, schizophrenia and other mental disorders
- formaldehyde (a carcinogen used in floor covering)
- aluminum (shown to cause autism, Alzheimer's, and other brain damage)
- human DNA (Italian scientist, Gian Paolo Vanoli, linked female DNA in vaccines to the rise in male homosexuality and transgenderism)
- animal DNA
- MSG (Monosodium Glutamate)
- animal blood
- polysorbate 80 (opens the blood-brain-barrier for heavy metals to penetrate the brain)
- aborted human baby fetal cells

"Every vaccine is contaminated. I have stopped vaccinating myself." —Dr. Stephen Frantz, scientist, pathobiologist, John Hopkins, CDC

"Vaccines are heavily contaminated. Some vaccine lots are more contaminated than others, some doses of the contaminated lot are more contaminated than others, so if you happen to get the contaminated dose, then guess what happens to your immune system? It goes down. You're weakened, you're susceptible to infectious diseases. In addition, the multiple drugs and vaccine reaction wreck havoc on your body. This is what they aren't telling you. The game is to manipulate through fear...some people are so brainwashed, they're braindead." —Dr. Leonard Horowitz, MPH (Master of Public Health), DMD, MA, Harvard University graduate

Vaccine ingredients are literally a mix of poisons and don't belong in the body

If vaccines worked, they wouldn't have to change the ingredients.

“We’ve been looking at aluminum, which is common in many vaccines…We injected aluminum hydroxide, the same stuff in vaccines and we injected it into mice, into the muscles to see what would happen if we tried to mimic the vaccine schedule. We were quite surprised to see how quickly the behavioural symptoms emerged—they showed behavioural deficits, and they definitely showed cognitive deficits. Once we sacrificed the animals and started looking inside their brains and spinal cords, we found massive damage to motor neurons. We may be creating the conditions for disease. Even, 20, 30, or 40 years down the road.” —Dr. Dwight Lindholm, MD, pediatric neurologist

'Everyday millions of children are lined up and injected with toxic putrid substances grown on animal organs, cancer cells, aborted fetuses and other toxic substances. Few people are questioning how those viruses were obtained and how they were grown in a laboratory. If one would ask these sensible questions, one would become very enlightened about vaccine production...I warn you now, discussing vaccine-production will turn your stomach. Vaccines are made from the most vilest and filthiest substances on the earth. Since the definition of abomination is "anything that is filthy", the term describes vaccinations adequately and truthfully. The vaccine "cauldron" is full of putrid junk from bodies exposed to disease and excreting morbid purulence. Science gathers this junk up in hopes of making vaccines for "preventing" disease; and we are being fooled while vaccinations cause increases in diseases.' —Dr. Joseph Mercola, MD

Autism is listed as a side effect of the MMR (Measles, Mumps, Rubella) combo vaccine.

Vaccine Side Effects (Adverse Reactions)

Adverse reactions is a deceptive way of saying you're being poisoned. When those toxins and poisons in the vaccines are injected into the body, the body has abnormal reactions to them. Basically, the reactions are telling your body that it's being poisoned.

If the consumers were shown some of the side effects (adverse reactions), it’s unlikely they’ll want to vaccinate their children. The side effects of vaccines are stated in the product inserts (10-30 pages long and not the 1 page handout doctors pharmacists give when you ask) provided by the drug companies (vaccine makers) themselves. Some of the side effects are,

- chronic ear infection
- redness, swelling, uncontrolled screaming, seizures
- allergies (particularly food: peanuts, dairy)
- asthma
- paralysis (Guillain-Barr Syndrome—GBS)
- brain damage (autism, behavioural problems, learning disabilities, mental orders, non-verbal, speech delay)
- SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, which is actually VIDS—Vaccine Induced Death Syndrome)
- cancer (in 2018, cancer was the leading cause of death by disease in children)
- death (SIDS—Sudden Infant Death Syndrome—which is actually VIDS—Vaccine Induced Death Syndrome)
- nerve control disorders (sleepy eyes, droopy face, crossed eyes, loss of eye contact)
- autoimmune diseases (celiac, Diabetes Type 1, arthritis, Hashimoto's disease, inflammatory Bowel disease, multiple sclerosis, psoriasis, rheumatoid arthritis, chronic fatigue syndrome, narcolepsy, Crohn's disease, fibromyalgia, juvenile arthritis, lyme disease, vitiligo, rheumatic fever, Meniere's disease, scleroderma, ulcerative colitis, Addison's disease, thyroid disease)

The DTaP (Diphtheria, Tetanus, Pertussis) vaccine insert clearly states that one side effect is autism and SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome).

"Every single vaccine causes encephalitis (brain swelling). How bad does that brain swelling get? It varies depending on the child's diet, the mother's diet, whether the child is breast fed. But every single vaccine causes encephalitis, or brain swelling." —Dr. Michael D. Farley, ND, Forensic Pathology Consultant, 2019 interview, author of "The Definitive Guide on Medicinal Herbs: How to Survive the Coming Pharmaceutical Monopoly"

Vaccines also cause the very diseases they're intended to prevent. For example, measles is a side effect of the measles vaccine and polio is a side effect of the polio vaccine.

As you can deduce from ingredients and side effects: Vaccine ingredients are more poisonous than those used to make meth. Vaccine have more and deadlier side effects than cigarettes.

The U.S. is the highest vaccinated country in the world; it also happens to have the highest infant mortality rate in the developed world.

Within the U.S., the sate of Mississippi has the highest vaccination rate; it also happens to be the unhealthiest state in the U.S. According to the CDC, Mississippi had the highest rates of SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome), cancer, Alzheimer's, flu and pneumonia (despite having the highest flu and pneumonia vaccination rate). Highest vaccination rate equals to unhealthiest—this is the constant refrain of vaccination. You only need to look at the vaccine ingredients and side effects to know why.

Within the states, Rockland County, New York, has the lowest vaccination rate; it happens to be the healthiest in New York. These are not coincidences, but statistics.

If vaccines work, they wouldn't have to change the ingredients so often. If vaccines are safe, they wouldn't cause an extensive list of illnesses and diseases.

The US had the highest infant vaccination rate in the developed world; it also had the highest infant mortality rate in the world. SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome) is listed as a side effect of some vaccines, and the majority of SIDS occur several hours or days of vaccination

Vaccinated people spread diseases

Some vaccines contain live, attenuated (weakened) viruses. The MMR (Measles, Mumps, Rubella) combo vaccine is one. People who receive a live-virus vaccine are likely to "shed" (through the SHEDDING PROCESS) their diseases to other people. That is, the virus is being communicated from the vaccinated to those around them. It is the vaccinated who spread diseases, because healthy unvaccinated people cannot spread diseases they don't have. To get around this issue, the drug companies are claiming that unvaccinated people are spreading diseases "they don't know they have". Unvaccinated people are a threat—a threat to drug company profits. You cannot spread a disease you don't have. The idea that you can have a disease and not know about it (no physical symptoms) is as valid as the "vaccines are safe and effective" mantra. Again, the drug companies skirt around this issue by fabricating the theory of the "incubation period"—the disease is being incubated inside of you and you don't know about it. However, there has never been anyone whose disease was in the "incubation period" communicating their disease to another person. Not one. Ever.

Despite their training, pharmacists, nurses, doctors, and scientists have had to learn the hard way about vaccines. The reason is that the drug companies profit from vaccines and it is the drug companies that decide what is taught in allopathic medical schools.

“The entire vaccine program is based upon nonsense, fear, and concocted fairy tales.” —Dr. Russell L. Blaylock, M.D., neurosurgeon, editorial staff of Journal of American Physicians and Surgeons

“There is no evidence that any influenza vaccine thus far developed is effective in preventing or mitigating any attack of influenza. The producers of these vaccines know that they are worthless, but they go on selling them anyway.” –Dr. J. Anthony Morris, Former Chief Vaccine Control Officer, US FDA

“…most ‘flu’ appears to have nothing to do with influenza. Every year, hundreds of thousands of respiratory specimens are tested across the US. Of those tested, on average 16% are found to be influenza positive.” –Dr. Peter Doshi, MD, former British Medical Journal editor

“71 people would need to be treated with the flu vaccine to prevent one case. In other words, the flu vaccine did nothing for 70 out of 71 who received it. That means this study found the flu vaccine failed 99% (70/71).” — Dr David Brownstein, MD

In the US, less than 1% of vaccine injuries are reported because people aren't aware.

"Adverse events from drugs and vaccines are common, but underreported. Although 25% of ambulatory patients experience an adverse drug event, less than 0.3% of all adverse drug events and 1-13% of serious events are reported to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). LIKEWISE, FEWER THAN 1% OF VACCINE ADVERSE REACTIONS ARE REPORTED." —Dr. Ross Lazarus, MBBS, MPH, MMed, GDCompSci, Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS)

The stats above are for ONE YEAR: 2018.

More patients/parents declining vaccination

Dr. Ray Andrew, MD

I am running into an increasing number of patients/parents who decline to receive vaccinations. I don’t call them “anti-vaxxers” because that is the most immature way I can imagine to refer to another human being with an opinion, whether I consider it informed or not. Name-calling is what people do in politics when they don’t have an intelligent response to an opposing party’s argument or viewpoint. This is supposed to be science, not politics.

Based on my experience, those who choose not to vaccinate care just as much about their children as you and I do. But they are looking for information. They no longer consider the AAP and the CDC as unbiased sources of information because the former has ties to the drug industry and the latter actually owns vaccine patents.

These parents want me to show them long-term safety studies, which I am unable to find. They are bothered by the ingredient lists of vaccines, knowing that there are EPA-listed toxins in many of them.

Some don’t like knowing that cells and DNA from aborted fetuses as well as animals are used in vaccine production. Some demand true double-blind, randomized, placebo-controlled (using saline controls, not adjuvants) trials proving efficacy, which simply do not exist, even though we keep telling everyone that this is the gold standard in medicine.

Some ask why—if informed consent exists for every other procedure in medicine—doctors and governments are trying to force vaccination on them, throwing informed consent (a legal right, I was taught) out the window.

Some make the argument that, if vaccines are so effective, the vaccinated shouldn’t worry about getting sick from the unvaccinated.

And they ask me for scientific proof of the theory of herd immunity. I don’t remember being shown any evidence of this in medical school. It was simply taught as a self-evident fact. But my patients don’t accept “facts” anymore, not without seeing some proof.

So, when I receive all of these communications from different organizations telling me how I am supposed to combat the growing threat of vaccine deniers, I feel like a straw man because these communications never present actual evidence to respond to the questions of these parents. They’re just talking points, empty claims, and official pronouncements.

In conclusion, some of my patients vaccinate, and some don’t. I respect both kinds. They are both intelligent and care for their children. Last I checked, the Hippocratic oath doesn’t require me to insult people with whom I don’t agree. I present what evidence I can find, and let them choose based on their values, not mine. Maybe that’s not allowed anymore. Maybe I’m supposed to kick them out of my practice if they disagree with me. Maybe they should be kicked out of school. Out of the country, even. If that’s the America of the future, that’s not a country I would want to live in.

History of Vaccination

"What the vaccinators don't tell you is that communicable diseases have been declining at a steady rate for 150 years and that there is no relationship between the various diseases and the onset of immunization. Without exception, the vaccine program for each of the childhood diseases was inaugurated after that paticular diseases had begun to disappear. Contrary to what you have been told, this includes polio. What the vaccines have done is cause the various childhood diseases to become adulthood diseases—with far more serious implications, mumps in men and rubella in women for example." —Dr. William Douglass, MD

"Vaccines have never had the proclaimed preventive effect on infections. The regression of infectious diseases started over 200 years ago, which means long before the introduction of vaccination, and it was due to the improved social conditions of the population: nutrition and hygiene." —Dr. Gerhard Buchwald, MD, 1989

The graphs below clearly show that diseases were on a sharp decline, then the drug companies introduced vaccines to take credit for what sanitation, hygiene, and nutrition achieved.

As said earlier, vaccinations never prevented a single disease and never saved a single life. Vaccination caused diseases wherever it was practiced. This has been documented since 1850, in 25 books. I have read and restored these books to modern digital formats and I can say without reservation that VACCINATION IS THE BIGGEST MEDICAL FRAUD IN HISTORY. Take measles for example, by 1962 the measles death rates had declined by 98%. Then the next year, 1963, the drug companies introduced the measles vaccine. The drug companies have claimed that their measles vaccine nearly eradicated measles, when measles death rate had declined by 98% BEFORE the measles vaccine was introduced in 1963. In other words, by 1962 the measles death rate had declined by 98%. then the measles vaccine was introduced in 1963.

Furthermore, measles was classified as a benign illness (not a disease) before the drug companies introduced the measles vaccine in 1963. After the measles vaccine was introduced in 1963, the public was made to fear the measles, which was essentially a mild fever accompanied by a rash. This pattern of propaganda and historical revision can be seen with every disease and vaccine introduced thereafter. These subjects are covered more detail in the 25 books below.

1) The Poisoned Needle: Suppressed Facts About Vaccination
Eleanor McBean, PhD, ND

2) A Century of Vaccination and What It Teaches
William Scott Tebb, MA, MD, DPH

3) Vaccination: Proved Useless and Dangerous
From 45 Years of Registration Statistics
Alfred R. Wallace, LLD DUBL., DCL OXON., FRS, etc.

4) Vaccination: Its Fallacies and Evils
Robert A. Gunn, MD

5) Compulsory Vaccination: The Crime Against the School Child
Chas. M. (Charles Michael) Higgins

6) The Truth about Vaccination and Immunization
Lily Loat, secretary of the National Anti-Vaccination League of London

7) Leicester: Sanitation versus Vaccination
Its Vital Statistics Compared with Those of Other Towns, the Army, Navy, Japan, and England and Wales
By J.T. Biggs, J.P.

8) The Vaccination Question
Arthur Wollaston Hutton, MA

9) Vaccination a Delusion: Its Penal Enforcement a Crime
Alfred Russel Wallace, LLD DUBL., DCL OXON., FRS, etc.

10) Vaccination a Curse and Menace to Personal Liberty
With Statistics Showing Its Dangers and Criminality
James Martin Peebles, MD, MA, PhD
Tenth Edition, 1913

11) Dr. C.G.G. Nittinger’s Evils of Vaccination
C. Charles Schieferdecker, MD

12) The Vaccination Question in the Light of Modern Experience
An Appeal for Reconsideration
C. Killick Millard, M.D., D.Sc.

13) Jenner and Vaccination: A Strange Chapter of Medical History
Charles Creighton, MD

14) The Horrors of Vaccination: Exposed and Illustrated
Charles M. Higgins

15) Vaccination: The Story of a Great Delusion
William White

16) Vital Statistics in the United States, 1940-1960
Robert D. Grove, Alice M. Hetzel
US Department of Health, Education, and Welfare

17) The Mandatory Vaccination Plan
National Immunization Policy Council

18) The Fraud of Vaccination
Walter Hadwen, JP., MD, LRCP., MRCS, LSA
From "Truth," January 3, 1923

19) Vaccination a Curse
C.W. Amerige, MD

20) Vaccination a Medical Fallacy
Alexander Wilder, MD

21) The Dream & Lie of Louis Pasteur
Originally Pasteur: Plagiarist, Imposter
R.B. Pearson

22) The Vaccination Problem
Joseph Swan

23) The Fallacy of Vaccination
John Pitcairn, President of the Anti-Vaccination League of America

24) The Case Against Vaccination
Walter Hadwen, JP, MD, LRCP, MRCS, LSA

25) A Catalogue of Anti-Vaccination Literature
The London Society for the Abolition of Compulsory Vaccination
114 Victoria Street, Westminster
1882, 2018

“Sanitation did for Prussia what 35 years of compulsory vaccination was unable to accomplish. At the present time in Prussia, smallpox is almost extinct. It is not that people are being vaccinated more; they are vaccinated less.” —Dr. Walter R. Hadwen, MD, 1896, “The Case Against Vaccination”

"It is pathetic and ludicrous to say that we ever vanquished smallpox with vaccines when only 10% of the population was ever vaccinated." —Dr. Glen Dettman, AMM, BA. PhD

You don't live like people used to live; therefore, you shouldn't fear contracting the diseases people used to contract. You have electricity, running water, heating, refrigeration, soap, showers, paper towels, supermarkets, and other modern amenities.

“There is no question that perfect sanitation has almost obliterated this disease (smallpox), and sooner or later will dispose of it entirely. Of course, when that time comes, in all probability the credit will be given to vaccination.” —Dr. John Tilden (1851-1940), MD

The historical data below clearly shows that vaccine had nothing to do with reducing the measles mortality rate.

Even in Canada, the measles mortality rate had declined by 98% BEFORE the measles vaccine was introduced.

"Measles is a self-limiting infection of short duration, moderate severity, and low fatality." —Dr. Alexander Langmuir (1910-1993), former head of the CDC, the father of infectious disease epidemiology

“The most widespread and lethal diseases in the last 200 years were reduced due cleaner drinking water, improved sanitation, nutrition, less overcrowded areas, and better living conditions. Vaccines were introduced at the point were every single disease was already declining. To give vaccines credit for global reductions in disease is like giving a band-aid credit for healing a wound that was already closing.” —Dr. Dave Mihalovic, ND

“The largest historical decrease in morbidity and mortality caused by infectious disease was experienced not with the modern antibiotic and vaccine era, but after the introduction of clean water and effective sewer systems.” —The Journal of Pediatrics, December 1999, Vol. 135, No. 6, p. 663

Vaccines did not eradicate polio and it did NOT eradicate smallpox, as the historical data below shows.

"Polio is NOT even contagious or infectious (never proven to be). There is NO proof Polio is caused by a virus. There is NO evidence that anyone caught polio from another person in the family. There is NO evidence that any nurse or doctor caught polio from a patient." —Sheri Nakken, RN, MA

And like the vaccine industry itself, polio was also a fraud. The Cutter Incident (Cutter Laboratories) of 1955 caused 40, 000 people to contract polio from the polio vaccine. The inventor of the oral polio vaccine, Jonas Silk, testified before the US Congress that nearly every case of polio was caused by the polio vaccine. That particular oral polio vaccine was discontinued because it caused thousands of deaths and injuries in children. In addition, to the polio vaccine causing polio, the DDT pesticide was a major cause of polio. See attached photos at the end of this article.

“Scientific medicine has taken credit it does not deserve for some advances in health. Most people believe that victory over the infectious diseases of the last century came with the invention of vaccines. In fact, cholera, typhoid, tetanus, diphtheria and whooping cough, etc, were in decline before vaccines for them became available - the result of better methods of sanitation, sewage disposal, and distribution of food and water." —Dr. Andrew Weil, MD

DISEASES that were eradicated by nutrition: scurvy, rickets, beriberi, goitre, hypoanatremia, anemia, kwashiorkor, marasmus, etc.

DISEASES that were eradicated without vaccines: scarlet fever, rheumatic fever, typhus, cholera, tuberculosis.

DISEASES that vaccines took credit for eradicating: smallpox, diphtheria, pertussis (whooping cough), polio, measles. As the data clearly shows, these diseases were never eradicated by vaccines.

"In London in the 1900s, the death rate by smallpox was up to 9 times higher among those vaccinated than among the unvaccinated." —Dr. Arlan Page, ND (statistics backed by "Leicester: Sanitation versus Vaccination", J.T.. Biggs, JP)

Over 150 years of data clearly show that vaccination is based on fraud. Vaccines did not save a single life. Vaccines did not prevent one disease. Contagious/communicable diseases are transmitted primarily through the air, water, food, or contact. It's not a coincidence that the diseases dropped at roughly the same time frame:

—garbage collection reduced airborne contagions,
—water treatment/purification reduced waterborne contagions (before water treatment, it was common that feces were found in drinking water),
—refrigeration wiped out food contagions,
—plumbing (toilets, sinks) reduced physical-contact contagions (not STD-sexually transmitted diseases, though).
—washing machines, soap, deodorant, improved personal hygiene
—readily availability of food improved nutrition

Vaccines had nothing to do with the eradication of diseases. Many vaccines actually caused the diseases they were supposed to prevent.

The Polio Vaccine Caused Polio

Alex Steblowsky

For all you pro-vaxxers who refer to the polio vaccine as eradicating polio. All that you've been told by Lamestream media is a lie. Jonas Salk admitted he was responsible for the polio epidemic.

Polio was nearly eradicated until Jonas Salk created a vaccine that has caused every case since.

Doctors and scientists on the staff of the National Institutes of Health during the 1950s were well aware that the Salk vaccine was causing polio. Some frankly stated that it was “worthless as a preventive and dangerous to take.” They refused to vaccinate their own children. Health departments banned the inoculations.

The Idaho State Health Director angrily declared: “I hold the Salk vaccine and its manufacturers responsible” for a polio outbreak that killed several Idahoans and hospitalized dozens more. Even Salk himself was quoted as saying: “When you inoculate children with a polio vaccine you don’t sleep well for two or three weeks.” But the National Foundation for Infantile Paralysis, and drug companies with large investments in the vaccine coerced the U.S. Public Health Service into falsely proclaiming the vaccine was safe and effective.

In 1976, Dr. Jonas Salk, creator of the killed-virus vaccine used in the 1950s, testified that the live-virus vaccine (used almost exclusively in the U.S. from the early 1960s to 2000) was the “principal if not sole cause” of all reported polio cases in the U.S. since 1961. (The virus remains in the throat for one to two weeks and in the feces for up to two months. Thus, vaccine recipients are at risk, and can potentially spread the disease, as long as fecal excretion of the virus continues.

In 1992, the Federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) published an admission that the live-virus vaccine had become the dominant cause of polio in the United States. In fact, according to CDC figures, every case of polio in the U.S. since 1979 was caused by the oral polio vaccine. Authorities claim the vaccine was responsible for about eight cases of polio every year [46]. However, an independent study that analyzed the government’s own vaccine database during a recent period of less than five years uncovered 13,641 reports of adverse events following use of the oral polio vaccine. These reports included 6,364 emergency room visits and 540 deaths. Public outrage at these tragedies became the impetus for removing the oral polio vaccine from immunization schedules.

[ It should be noted that the original causes of polio were the insecticides Paris Green and DDT. ]

Polio outbreaks are caused by the polio vaccine. More proof that vaccines cause the very diseases they're supposed to prevent. Furthermore, they spread the diseases they're supposed to prevent. Getting people sick is a trillion dollar business for the drug industry.

Vaccines 101: Follow the money. It will lead you to the truth

"Most pediatricians wouldn't survive without the income that comes from vaccines." —Dr. Paul Thomas, MD, 2019

“A doctor learns very little in medical school about disease and drugs. In a total of four years of medical education, a doctor learns a total of 60 hours of formal pharmacology which means that he gets the major portion of his education for the rest of his life, as far as pharmacology is concerned, from the Detail-man from the pharmaceutical industry. He learns nothing about nutrition because doctors don’t believe in nutrition.” —Dr. Robert Mendelsohn, MD, board certified pediatrician

The Vaccine War isn't about Pro-vaxxers vs. Anti-vaxxers. It's about the drug companies wanting to increase their profits against those who refuse to have an unsafe and ineffective commercial product forced on them.

Drug companies have no right to force their vaccines on us anymore than tobacco companies have the right to force their cigarettes on us.

Vaccines are made by drug companies that have a collective market capitalization of over $1 TRILLION.

Drug companies make money from sick people.

Vaccines contain poisons, viruses, and diseases to make people sick. Read the vaccine ingredients.

The most common side effects of vaccines, as listed by the drug companies themselves, are:
ear infection, allergies, asthma, brain damage, seizure, cancer, autoimmune diseases, nerve control disorders, and death.

Drug companies influence the media by advertising in newspapers and television.

Drug companies influence politicians through campaign contributions.

Drug companies influence doctors and pediatricians through gifts, bribery, bonuses, sex, and kickbacks.

Drug companies hire a small army of online trolls to intimidate parents from voicing stories of their vaccine injured children. Drug companies, like tobacco companies of old, are petrified of lawsuits.

Drug companies have been fined roughly $35 billion for fraud and bribery since 2009. They're convicted felons. You shouldn't trust your health to criminals.

The CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) is a private corporation with an official sounding name. The CDC is an extension of the drug companies and the CDC sells and markets vaccines. The CDC holds over 20 vaccine patents and sold over $4 billion of vaccines in 2018. Yet, it creates the vaccination schedule. It is akin to tobacco companies mandating their cigarettes on unwilling consumers.

Drug companies make money from sick people. If vaccines make you healthy, how do drug companies make money?

As of March 2019, the world's population is 7.7 billion people. There are about 20 000 000 (20 million) new people on Earth each year. The drug companies don't care if they profit from a few hundred deaths each day.

It's not about conspiracy. It's about money.

“No Vaccines Necessary, that's the truth.” —Dr. Dale Brown, MD

"Our medically controlled Health Boards cook up fake epidemics, create panics for profit, such as the ones in Kansas City in 1921, Pittsburgh in 1924, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Washington in 1925. An effort was also made to create a panic in New York in 1925, but due to the open fight against it by the New York Evening Graphic, the Commissioner of Health called it off."--Dr. Herbert Shelton, DC

Uncovering the many layers of fraud and corruption

Dr. James Meehan, MD

You should be FIGHTING LIKE HELL for the safety of our children from even the most remote possibility that vaccines aren’t as safe as they could be or aren’t as safe as we are being told. Instead of fighting for truth and safety, you’re fighting like rats for your piece of cheese.

I have ZERO RESPECT for vaccine profiteers that are so financially biased, confirmation biased, indoctrinated, and willfully ignorant of the evidence that clearly shows vaccines cause injury, disease and REGRESSIVE AUTISM, that they aggressively lobby lawmakers to make vaccines mandatory, and deny parents the essential knowledge about the risks of toxic ingredients injected into their babies.

Bought by big pharma, the caretakers of children’s health have become the perpetrators of harm rather than the protectors. They profit as our precious, perfect children are harmed and killed by vaccines filled with cheap preservatives, neurotoxic adjuvants, and human cellular material derived from aborted fetal cell lines. They are complicit accomplices in the murder-by-vaccine crimes that have made American infants THE MOST VACCINATED and THE MOST LIKELY TO DIE in the first year of life.

America’s infant mortality rate, the highest rate in ALL developed nations, is a national tragedy. The epidemic of autism, autoimmune diseases, asthma, allergies, ADHD, and pediatric cancers is far worse. The evidence is everywhere.

Unbelievably, the epidemic of autism is rising exponentially. Today, ONE in 48 children in America suffer autism. At the present rate of increase, by 2032 ONE in TWO children AND 80% OF BOYS could be autistic. We can’t afford to sacrifice our children and the future of our nation to the ignorance and greed of pediatricians and their big pharmaceutical vaccine manufacturer masters demanding parents submit our children to an intolerably dangerous, untested, and unnecessary vaccine schedule of 72+ injections…and rising. There are over 200 vaccines in the pipeline.

Every pediatrician, family practitioner, or vaccine profiteer that isn’t rising up against the corruption of the science of vaccines perpetrated by the CDC is betraying their oath to “first, do no harm.” They are on the wrong side of history. Too many have given up objectivity and reason and have simply become sales representatives for the vaccine manufacturers that have so easily bought and conditioned them to believe their lies. The blood of every vaccine injured or killed child is on the hands of every pediatrician that parroted lies like “vaccines do not cause autism” and “the science is settled.” The science isn’t settled, it’s corrupt.

For me, uncovering the many layers of fraud and corruption that have allowed vaccines to harm so many children, is analogous to walking into an exam room in which a child is being abused by a doctor. I’m not about to look the other way and allow the abuse to continue. I would call the police, however, in my analogy the police are the CDC, and they are participating and enabling the abuse. Regardless, I won’t ignore the abuse and allow it to continue. I’m going to stop the abusers from harming the child, and I won’t be gentle about it.

That’s how I see the travesty of the corruption of vaccines that is harming the children of America today. It’s obvious and I’m angry about my how so many of medical colleagues refuse to open the door, expose the abuse, and stop it.

In closing, I beseech my colleagues to open your eyes, minds, and the evidence that for too long you’ve negligently denied. Confront the reality that you’ve been duped, controlled, and indoctrinated. Free yourselves from the indoctrination. Stand with me. Demand scientific transparency, integrity, and reform of the vaccine industry. Join me in this fight to protect children and get yourselves on the right side of history.

What does it mean to a child who is injected with animal DNA and human DNA?

Dr. Theresa Deisher, Ph.D, Genetic Engineer, President & CEO of AVM Biotech

I'm sure all of you are aware what a vaccine is. Essentially, it's a virus in liquid that we inject. The viruses are long strands of RNA or DNA, thousands of RNA molecules or DNA molecules. It's too expensive to make the virus in a test tube. What the pharmaceutical companies do is they mimic nature's way of making viruses and they infect cells. The cells produce the virus and then they try to purify the virus away from the cellular material to put it in our final product. Anyone who has ever taken chemistry would know that no final product is ever pure. You would particularly know that when you go from a small scale manufacturing or production batch to a large scale batch your impurities increase dramatically in your final product.

In your final product there are contaminants from the cell that was used to make the virus. When we use chicken egg embryos there are contaminants from the chicken egg in the final vaccine. That chicken contaminant level is not human. We recognize it as foreign, we mount an immune response to it, and we eliminate it from our bodies. In the case when we are using human fetal cells to manufacture the vaccines, we have fragments of a retrovirus (because one of the babies from which the cells were taken had a retrovirus), we have large amounts of fragments of human DNA (primitive human DNA because it's fetal DNA) and in some cases the contaminants are at higher levels than the active ingredient of the vaccine.

That's alarming. What does that mean to a child who is injected with those materials? Two things are very possible and the science that demonstrates that these things happen is well established.

There's a chance that the child would have an immune response to that fetal material, because it's so close to that child (because it's human) that that immune response could turn on the child itself and become an autoimmune response. That's one danger.

The second danger, which we believe is playing the predominant role in damage done to children, is a process called insertional mutagenesis. Those DNA fragments can insert into the genome of the child, create subsequent mutations and create problems. There are 30-40+ papers now looking at the genomes of children who have developed autism. These children have hundreds of "de novo" mutations. Those are mutations that their parents do not have. Science has established very clearly what can cause hundreds of diverse de novo mutations: radiation exposure, chemical toxin exposure, and foreign DNA exposure. The only one of those three that corresponds with the change points worldwide are the fetal manufactured contaminants."

More Vaccination Quotes from Doctors and Scientists

“The entire vaccine program is based on massive FRAUD.” —Dr. Russell L. Blaylock, M.D., neurosurgeon, editorial staff of Journal of American Physicians and Surgeons

“Drug companies are not here to bring health to the population but to SCAM them on one level for vast amounts of money.” —Sir William Osler, MD, FRS, FRCP

“Vaccines are the backbone of the entire Pharmaceutical Industry. If they can make these children sick from a very early age, they become customers for life. The money isn’t really to be made in the vaccine industry. The money is made by Big Pharma with all of the drugs that are given to treat and address all of the illnesses that are subsequent to the side effects of vaccines.”—Dr. Sherri Tenpenny, D.O. (osteopathic medical doctor)

“The pediatrician indoctrinates your child from birth into a lifelong dependency on medical intervention. The first stage of indoctrination is the ‘well-baby’ visit. The well-baby visit is a cherished ritual of the pediatrician that enhances their income and does nothing constructive for your child. It’s a worthless visit.” —Dr. Robert Mendelsohn, MD, board certified pediatrician

"Everyone who is vaccinated is vaccine injured—whether it shows up right away or later in life." —Dr. Shiv Chopra, B.V.S., A.H., M.Sc., PhD, Fellow of the World Health Organization, former senior scientist at Health Canada

“The only safe vaccine is a vaccine that is never used.” —Dr. James A. Shannon, PhD, former Director of National Institutes of Health

“Vaccinations do not work. They don’t work at all.” —Dr. Lorraine Day, MD

“The greatest LIE ever told is that vaccines are safe and effective.” —Dr. Leonard Horowitz, MPH (Master of Public Health), DMD, MA, Harvard University graduate

“Vaccinations are now carried out for purely commercial reasons because they fetch huge profits for the pharmaceutical industry. There is no scientific evidence that vaccinations are of any benefit.” —Dr. Gerhard Buchwald, MD

“Don’t get your flu shot.” —Dr. Raymond Francis, D.Sc., M.Sc., RNC, chemist, MIT graduate

“My own personal view is that vaccines are unsafe and WORTHLESS. I will not allow myself to be vaccinated again. Vaccines may be profitable but in my view, they are neither safe nor effective.”
–Dr. Vernon Coleman, MB, ChB, DSc (Hon)

"Vaccination at its core is neither a safe nor an effective method of disease prevention...If an infant needs one vaccine that is 100% safe and effective—that would be breast milk." —Dr. Tetyana Obukhanych, PhD, immunologist, Harvard graduate

"International bribery and corruption, fraud in the testing of drugs, criminal negligence in the unsafe manufacture of drugs—the pharmaceutical industry has a worse record of lawbreaking than any other industry. Data fabrication is so widespread that it is called 'making' in the Japanese pharmaceutical industry, 'graphiting' or 'dry labelling' in the United States." —Dr. John Braithwaite, MD, "Corporate Crime in the Pharmaceutical Industry"

“The vaccine industry is itself a FRAUD. I spent my whole career studying vaccines.” —Dr. Shiv Chopra, B.V.S., A.H., M.Sc., PhD, Fellow of the World Health Organization

“There is a vaccination ring in England, receiving millions of the public money. It is in their interest to favor the practice at all hazards and to falsify statistics in order to conceal its failure and its evils. There are also armies of public vaccinators in every large city all over Europe, who are supported from the public treasury, and every practitioner who does not oppose the practice, derives a considerable income from its continuance.” —Dr. Robert A. Gunn, MD, “Vaccination: Its Fallacies and Evils”, 19th century

“Drug companies are not here to bring health to the population but to SCAM them on one level for vast amounts of money." —Sir William Osler, MD, FRS, FRCP, widely considered as the Father of Modern Medicine (1849-1919), 20th century

“Disease is more rampant because of commercial greed. When the Rockefeller-Standard Oil crowd muscled into the drug and pharmaceutical business in such a big way, ‘scientific medicine’ (if there is such a thing) was turned into a racket which shortened many American lives from ten to twenty years.” —Morris A. Beale, “The Drug Story”, 20th century

“Many doctors and some editors are making money by propagating the vaccination curse.” —Dr. Thomas Morgan, MD, “Medical Delusions”, 20th century

“Vaccination is not scientific. Many of the world’s greatest thinkers, scientists, statesmen and even doctors have condemned vaccination as being a crime against humanity, a FRAUD promoted for private gain, an insult to the race and a blot upon the name of civilization. Yet, this treacherous practice of blood pollution, which was cradled in the lap of ignorant savage tribes, has been adopted by, supposedly, enlightened government of the present day and forced on the protesting population—for profit.” —Dr. Eleanor McBean, PhD, ND, 1957

“Vaccinations are now carried out for purely commercial reasons because they fetch huge profits for the pharmaceutical industry. There is no scientific evidence that vaccinations are of any benefit.” —Dr. Gerhard Buchwald, MD, "Vaccination: A Business Based on Fear", 21st century

“The vaccination myth is the most widespread superstition modern medicine has managed to impose, but, being by the same token the most profitable, it will prove to be also one of the most enduring, though there was never the slightest of scientific evidence upholding it.” —Hans Ruesch, "The Great Medical Fraud", 20th century

“Doctors are punished by insurance companies like Blue Cross and Blue Shield if doctors don’t get a certain percentage of their patients to comply with the vaccination schedule. If 63% are non-compliant, they don’t receive any of their bonuses.” —Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.

“Medicine is no longer a calling. It is a downright cut throat business.” —Professor Dr. Belle Monappa Hegde, MD, 21st century

"The current medical system is designed to create chronic disease. There is no money in being healthy.” —Dr. Irvin Sahni, MD, 21st century

“The bottom line is that the medical systems are controlled by financiers in order to serve financiers. Since you cannot serve people unless they get sick, the whole medical system is designed to make people sicker and sicker.” —Dr. Guylaine Lanctot, MD, 21st century

"It is difficult to get a person to understand something, when their salary depends on them not understanding it." —Upton Sinclair, “The Jungle”

"The vaccine industry will soon face the backlash as doctors, scientists, and parents across America become aware of your crimes, rise up to oppose your lies, and hold you accountable for the vaccine injury holocaust you've caused. The fraudulent deceit is coming to an end. We won't allow it to continue." —Dr. James Meehan, MD, April 2019

Quotes from the 19th Century (1800s)

“There does not exist one single fact, in all the experiments and improvements made in science, which can support the idea of vaccination. A vaccinated people will always be a sickly people, short lived and degenerate.” —Dr. Alexander Wilder, MD, “Vaccination: A Medical Fallacy”, editor of the New York Medical Tribune, 1879

“I have seen leprosy and syphilis communicated by vaccination. Leprosy is becoming very common in Trinidad; its increase being coincident with vaccination.” —Dr. Hall Bakewell, Vaccinator General of Trinidad, 1868

“Cancer is reported to be increasing not only in England and the Continent, but in all parts of the world where vaccination is practised.” —Dr. William S. Tebb, MA, MD, DPH, “The Increase of Cancer”, 1892

“Leprosy arose with vaccination.” —Sir Ronald Martin, MD, 1868

"Syphilis has undoubtedly been transmitted by vaccination." —Sir William Osler Bt., MD, FRS, FRCP

“To no medium of transmission is the widespread dissemination of this class of disease (syphilis) so largely indebted as to Vaccination.” —Dr. B.F. Cornell, MD, 1868

“Every intelligent person who takes the time to investigate vaccination, will find abundant evidence in the published writings and public records of the advocates of vaccination, to prove its utter worthlessness, without reading a line of anti-vaccination literature. And if we could add to this all the suppressed facts, we would have a mass of evidence before which no vaccinator would dare to hold up his head.”—Dr. Robert A. Gunn, MD, “Vaccination: Its Fallacies and Evils”, 1882

“I have no faith in vaccination, nay, I look upon it with greatest disgust, and firmly believe that it is often the medium of conveying many filthy and loathsome diseases from one child to another, and it is no protection from smallpox." —Dr. William Collins, MD, London, 1882

“Vaccination has made murder legal. Vaccination does not protect against smallpox, but is followed by blindness and scrofula. Jennerism is the most colossal humbug which the human race has been burdened with by FRAUD and DECEIT.” —Mr. Mitchell, member of the British House of Commons

“Of these dogmas, I believe the practice known as vaccination to be the most absurd and most pernicious. I do not believe that a single person has ever been protected from smallpox by it; while I know that many serious bodily evils and even deaths, have resulted from its employment. The whole theory is founded upon assumption, contrary to common sense and entirely opposed to all known principles of physiology. Every physician of experience, has met with numerous cases of cutaneous eruptions, erysipelas and syphilis, which were directly traceable to vaccination, and if these cases could be collected and presented in one report, they would form a more terrible picture than the worst that has ever been drawn of the horrors of smallpox.” —Dr. Robert A. Gunn, MD, Dean of the United States Medical College of New York

"Vaccination is a monstrosity, a misbegotten offspring of error and ignorance; and, being such, it should have no place in either hygiene or medicine...Believe not in vaccination, it is a worldwide delusion, an unscientific practice, a fatal superstition with consequences measured today by tears and sorrow without end.” —Dr. Carlo Ruta, Professor of Materia Medica at the University of Perugia, Italy, 1896

“Vaccination is a grotesque superstition." —Dr. Charles Creighton, MD, MA

“Vaccination is a gigantic delusion. It has never saved a single life. It has been the cause of so much disease, so many deaths, such a vast amount of utterly needless and altogether undeserved suffering, that it will be classed by the coming generation among the greatest errors of an ignorant and prejudiced age, and its penal enforcement the foulest blot.” — Alfred R. Wallace, LLD DUBL., DCL OXON., FRS, etc., 1898

Quotes from the 20th Century (1900s)

“The great epidemics of deadly diseases, in animals and mankind, are caused by vaccination.” —Charles M. Higgins, “The Horrors of Vaccination: Exposed and Illustrated”, 1920

“l believe vaccination has been the greatest delusion that has ensnared mankind in the last three centuries. It originated in FRAUD, ignorance and error. It is unscientific and impracticable. It has been promotive of very great evil, and I cannot accredit it any good." —Dr. R. K. Noyse, MD, Resident Surgeon of the Boston City Hospital, “Self Curability of Disease”

“The chief, if not the sole, cause of the monstrous increase in cancer has been vaccination.” —Dr. Robert Bell; Vice President, International Society for Cancer Research, British Cancer Hospital, 1922

“Vaccination is the most outrageous insult that can be offered to any pure-minded man or woman. It is the boldest and most impious attempt to mar the works of God that has been attempted for ages. The stupid blunder of doctor-craft has wrought all the evil that it ought, and it is time that free American citizens arise in their might and blot out the whole blood poisoning business.” —Dr. J.M. Peebles, MD, MA, PhD, “Vaccination: A Curse and Menace to Personal Liberty”, 1900

“Cancer was practically unknown until the cowpox vaccination began to be introduced. I have seen 200 cases of cancer, and never saw a case in an unvaccinated person.” —Dr. W.B. Clark, MD, Indiana, New York Times article, 1909

“At present, intelligent people do not have their children vaccinated, nor does the law now compel them to. The result is not, as the Jennerians prophesied, the extermination of the human race by smallpox; on the contrary more people are now killed by vaccination than by smallpox.” —George Bernard Shaw, 1944

“The English Ministry of Health omits to state that in 1872, when 85% of the infants born were vaccinated, there were 19,000 deaths from smallpox in England and Wales. While in 1925, when less than half the children born were vaccinated, there were only 6 deaths from that disease.” —Dr. Eleanor McBean, PhD, ND, “The Poisoned Needle”, 1957

“Vaccination causes miscarriage. A careful check showed that 47% of women who had been vaccinated in the second or third month of pregnancy, failed to give birth to a normal child." — "Vaccination at Work”, The Consulting Pediatrician of Lanarkshire County Council, The Lancet (London), p.47, December 6, 1952

"My honest opinion is that vaccine is the cause of more disease and suffering than anything I could name." —Dr. Harry R. Bybee

“Vaccination, instead of being the promised blessing to the world, has proved to be a curse of such sweeping devastation that it has caused more death and disease than war, pestilence, and plague combined. There is no scourge (with the possible exception of atomic radiation) that is more destructive to our nation’s health than this monument of human deception—this slayer of the innocent—this crippler of body and brain—the poisoned needle.” —Dr. Eleanor McBean, PhD, ND, “The Poisoned Needle”, 1957

“The greatest LIE ever told is that vaccines are safe and effective.”—Dr. Leonard Horowitz, MPH (Master of Public Health), DMD, MA, Harvard University graduate

Quotes from the 21st Century (2000s)

“The entire vaccine program is based on massive FRAUD.”—Dr. Russell L. Blaylock, M.D., neurosurgeon, editorial staff of Journal of American Physicians and Surgeons

"Vaccinations do not work. They don’t work at all.” —Dr. Lorraine Day, MD

“Vaccinations are now carried out for purely commercial reasons because they fetch huge profits for the pharmaceutical industry. There is no scientific evidence that vaccinations are of any benefit.” —Dr. Gerhard Buchwald, MD, “Vaccination: A business based on FEAR”

“Don’t get your flu shot.” —Dr. Raymond Francis, D.Sc., M.Sc., RNC, chemist, MIT graduate

“My own personal view is that vaccines are unsafe and WORTHLESS. I will not allow myself to be vaccinated again. Vaccines may be profitable but in my view, they are neither safe nor effective.” –Dr. Vernon Coleman, MB, ChB, DSc (Hon)

“The pediatrician indoctrinates your child from birth into a lifelong dependency on medical intervention. The first stage of indoctrination is the ‘well-baby’ visit. The well-baby visit is a cherished ritual of the pediatrician that enhances their income and does nothing constructive for your child. It’s a worthless visit.” —Dr. Robert Mendelsohn, MD, board certified pediatrician

“Vaccines are the backbone of the entire Pharmaceutical Industry. If they can make these children sick from a very early age, they become customers for life. The money isn’t really to be made in the vaccine industry. The money is made by Big Pharma with all of the drugs that are given to treat and address all of the illnesses that are subsequent to the side effects of vaccines.”—Dr. Sherri Tenpenny, D.O. (osteopathic medical doctor)

“Studies are increasingly pointing to the conclusion that vaccines represent a dangerous assault to the immune system leading to autoimmune diseases like Multiple Sclerosis, Lupus, Juvenile Onset Diabetes, Fibromyalgia, and Cystic Fibrosis, as well as previously rare disorders like brain cancer, SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome), childhood leukemia, autism, and asthma.”—Dr. Zoltan Rona, MD, “Natural Alternatives to Vaccination”

“The vaccine industry is itself a FRAUD. I spent my whole career studying vaccines.”—Dr. Shiv Chopra, B.V.S., A.H., M.Sc., Ph.D., Fellow of the World Health Organization, “Corrupt to the Core”

"Vaccinations will one day go the way of bloodletting. Doctors of tomorrow would be shocked that, without any good research showing any benefit and with much research showing harm, we continued using this bizarre 18th century medical practice of injecting viri, bacteria, toxins and other chemicals into our children well into the 21st century. Don’t follow advice blindly. Question authority, think for yourself, read, learn, don’t do anything unless you are sure the benefits outweigh the risks. Remember, you can’t fool mother nature." —Dr. Andrea Brisson, DC

“The greatest danger to your health is the doctor who practices modern medicine.” —Dr. Robert Mendelsohn, MD, board certified pediatrician



Dr. Theresa A. Deisher, Ph.D.
Sound Choice Pharmaceutical Institute

May 2019

My name is Dr. Theresa Deisher. I am Founder and Lead Scientist at Sound Choice Pharmaceutical Institute, whose mission is to educate the public about vaccine safety, as well as to pressure manufacturers to provide better and safer vaccines for the public.

I obtained my doctorate from Stanford University in Molecular and Cellular Physiology in 1990 and completed my post-doctoral work at the University of Washington. My career has been spent in the commercial biotechnology industry, and I have done work from basic biological and drug discovery through clinical development.

I am writing regarding unrefuted scientific facts about fetal DNA contaminants in the Measles-Mumps- Rubella vaccine, which must be made known to lawmakers and the public.

Merck’s MMR II vaccine (as well as the chickenpox, Pentacel, and all Hep-A containing vaccines) is manufactured using human fetal cell lines and is heavily contaminated with human fetal DNA from the production process.

Levels in our children can reach up to 5 ng/ml after vaccination, depending on the age, weight and blood volume of the child. That level is known to activate Toll-like receptor 9 (TLR9), which can cause autoimmune attacks.

To illustrate the autoimmune capability of very small amounts of fetal DNA, consider this: labor is triggered by fetal DNA from the baby that builds up in the mother’s bloodstream, triggering a massive immune rejection of the baby. This is labor.

It works like this: fetal DNA fragments [i] from a baby with about 300 base pairs in length are found in a pregnant mother’s serum. When they reach between 0.46– 5.08 ng/mL in serum, they trigger labor via the TLR9 mechanism [ii]. The corresponding blood levels are 0.22 ng/ml and 3.12 ng/ml.

The fetal DNA levels in a child after being injected with fetal-manufactured vaccines reach the same level that triggers autoimmune rejection of baby by mother.

Anyone who says that the fetal DNA contaminating our vaccines is harmless either does not know anything about immunity and Toll- like receptors or they are not telling the truth.

If fetal DNA can trigger labor (a naturally desired autoimmune reaction), then those same levels in vaccines can trigger autoimmunity in a child.

Fragmented fetal DNA contained in vaccines is of similar size, ~215 base pairs. [iii]

This is direct biological evidence that fetal DNA contaminants in vaccines are not in low innocuous amounts. They are a very strong proinflammatory trigger.

Administration of fragments of human fetal (primitive) non-self DNA to a child could generate an immune response that would also cross-react with the child’s own DNA, since the contaminating DNA could have sections of overlap very similar to the child’s own DNA.

Children with autistic disorder have antibodies against human DNA in their circulation that non- autistic children do not have. These antibodies may be involved in autoimmune attacks in autistic children. [iv]

Duke University demonstrated in a recently conducted study that significant improvements in behavior were observed when children with autism spectrum disorder were treated with their own banked autologous cord blood [v].

This treatment clearly shows that most children with autism are not born with it since genetic diseases like Down syndrome or muscular fibrosis cannot be treated with autologous stem cells.

Therefore, an environmental trigger, or triggers, introduced to the world around 1980 when autism first began to rise, must be identified and eliminated or reduced in the environment.

Strong change-point correlation exists between rising autism rates and the US vaccine manufacturing switch from animal-derived cell lines for rubella vaccine to human aborted cell lines in the late 70s [vi].

The earliest change point for Autistic Disorder (AD) birth year was identified for 1981 for California and U.S. data, preceded by a switch in the manufacturing process:

In January 1979, the FDA approved the manufacturing switch for the rubella virus from animal based (high passage virus, HPV-77, grown e.g. in duck embryo cells) to the human fetal cell line WI-38 using the RA27/3 virus strain [vii]. Both the newly approved monovalent rubella vaccine and a trivalent mumps, measles and rubella vaccine utilize the WI-38 fetal cell line for manufacturing of the rubella vaccine portion.

Prior to 1980, autism spectrum disorder was a very rare, almost unknown disease. According to the figures of the CDC, the rate of autism in 2014 was 1 in 59 children , a very steep increase since just 2000, when it was 1 in 150. CDC: “The total costs per year for children with ASD in the United States were estimated to be between $11.5 billion – $60.9 billion (2011 US dollars) [viii].”

Recently, duplications and de novo deletions have been recognized in up to 10% of simplex autism spectrum disorders, corroborating environmental triggers on the genetics of autism spectrum disorders [ix].

The rubella portion of the MMR vaccine contains human derived fetal DNA contaminants of about 175 ngs, more than 10x over the recommended WHO threshold of 10 ng per vaccine dose [x].

No other drug on the market would receive FDA approval without thorough toxicity profiling (FDA follows international ICH guidelines) -> this was never conducted by the pharmaceutical industry for the DNA contamination in the MMR vaccine.
Vaccines produced with human fetal cell lines contain cell debris and contaminating residual human DNA, which cannot be fully eliminated during the downstream purification process of the virus [xi]. Moreover, DNA is not only characterized by its sequence (ATCG), but also by its epigenetic modification (e.g. DNA methylation pattern etc.). This decoration is highly species specific, which is why non-human DNA will be eliminated, while this is not necessarily the case with fetal human DNA.

Injecting our children with human fetal DNA contaminants bears the risk of causing two well- established pathologies:

1) INSERTIONAL MUTAGENESIS: fetal human DNA incorporates into the child’s DNA causing mutations. Gene therapy using small fragment homologous recombination has demonstrated that as low as 1.9 ng/ml of DNA fragments results in insertion into the genome of stem cells in 100% of mice injected [xii]. The levels of human fetal DNA fragments in our children after vaccination with MMR, Varivax (chickenpox) or Hepatitis A containing vaccines reach levels beyond 1.9 ng/ml.

2) Autoimmune disease: fetal human DNA triggers a child’s immune system to attack his/her own body.

An additional concern: retrovirus contamination.

Human endogenous retrovirus K (HERVK) is a contaminant in the measles/mumps/rubella vaccine [xiii].

HERVK can be reactivated in humans [xiv]. It codes for a protein (integrase) specialized in integrating DNA into the human genome.

Several autoimmune diseases have been associated with HERVK activity [xv].

It is also in the same family of retroviruses as the MMLV virus used in a gene therapy trial, in which inappropriate gene insertion (insertional mutagenesis) led to subsequent additional somatic mutations and cancer in 4 of 9 young boys [xvi].
It is therefore possible that the HERVK gene fragment present in the MMR vaccine is active, codes for the integrase or the envelope protein, and thus has the potential to induce gene insertion, fostering insertional mutagenesis and autoimmunity.
The presence of both the high level contaminating fetal DNA as well as the HERVK contamination in the MMR vaccine is an unstudied risk with huge implications and dangers for individual and public health.

AGENDA 21: Depopulation

“Do NOT take any vaccinations. This is the standard deceptive way you are given the Establishment’s Biological Warfare infections.” —Dr. William D. Kelly, DDS, MS

“Vaccines are used to test biological weapons...I found that vaccines are used to spread diseases. They are used for targeted genocide.”—Dr. Guylaine Lanctot, MD

“The world today has 6.8 billion people. That's heading up to about nine billion. Now if we do a really great job on NEW VACCINES, health care & reproductive health services, we could LOWER that by perhaps 10 or 15 percent.” —Bill Gates, TED C02 Presentation, Feb. 2010

"War and famine would not do. Instead, disease offered the most efficient and fastest way to kill billions that must soon die if the population crisis is to be solved. AIDS is not an efficient killer because it is too slow. My favorite candidate for eliminating 90% of the world's population is airborne Ebola (Ebola Reston), because it is both highly lethal and it kills in days, instead of years. We've got airborne diseases with 90% mortality in humans. Killing humans. Think about that. You know, the bird flu's good, too. For everyone who survives, he will have to bury nine." —Dr. Eric Pianka, University of Texas, speech on population control for which he received a standing ovation.

"Depopulation should be the highest priority of foreign policy towards the third world." —Henry Kissinger

"If I were reincarnated I would wish to be returned to earth as a killer virus to lower human population levels" —Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, a member of the Bilderberg Group, "Are You Ready for Our New Age Future?" Insiders Report, American Policy Center, December 1995

“One must take draconian measures of demographic reduction against the will of the populations. Reducing the birth rate has proved to be impossible or insufficient. One must therefore INCREASE THE MORTALITY RATE. How? By natural means. Famine and sickness.” —Robert McNamara, former Secretary of State of the United States, member of the Expanded Program on Immunization

"The more we do to you, the less you seem to believe we are doing it." —Joseph Mengele, Nazi Doctor of Death

"Dr. Henry Kissinger, who wrote: 'Depopulation should be the highest priority of U.S. foreign policy towards the Third World.'

"Research on population control, preventing future births, is now being carried out secretly by biotech companies. Dr. Ignacio Chapela, a University of California microbiologist, discovered that wild corn in remote parts of Mexico is contaminated with lab altered DNA. That discovery made him a threat to the biotech industry.

"Chapela was denied tenure at UC Berkeley when he reported this to the scientific community, despite the embarrassing discovery that UC Chancellor Berdahl, who was denying him tenure, was getting large cash payments - $40,000 per year - from the LAM Research Corp. in Plano, Texas.

"Berdahl served as president of Texas A&M University before coming to Berkeley. During a presentation about his case, Chapela revealed that a spermicidal corn developed by a U.S. company is now being tested in Mexico. Males who unknowingly eat the corn produce non-viable sperm and are unable to reproduce..." —Leuren Moret, "Kissinger, Eugenics and Depopulation", Nov. 2004

“The Gardasil Vaccine is sterilizing kids and we know it." –Dr. Judi Mikovits, PhD, biochemist and molecular biologist

"The main reason for HPV vaccination is infertility. There is an agenda of population control, population reduction. They want to make sure we don't have children any longer, that we don't live long enough to collect social security. That's why they vaccinate all these soldiers like crazy, so when they come home from war, they are sick and not energetic anymore; so that they die young. The Gulf War Syndrome was caused by vaccines, not by anything else." —Dr. Leonard Coldwell, ND, in an interview with, 2012

"I am Anti-Vaccine because I believe in human life and I'm against Eugenics. We wouldn't stand for throwing a population in gas chambers or firing line today, so they sold you on using a needle to accomplish that same goal." —Dr. Jason Dean, DC

"You need to understand that they want you sick and dying, expensively." —Dr. Carolyn Dean, MD, ND


1) Noun. A person who believes vaccines work despite all evidence proving otherwise.

2) Noun. A person who is vaccine injured and blames those injuries on the unvaccinated.

3) Noun. A person who has never read a book on vaccination but claims to know it is "safe and effective".

You are better off not vaccinating

In summary, with all the fear, shame, blame, and lies aside, before you vaccinate ask these questions:

- What disease are you vaccinating against? Do you know what causes that disease?
- Do you know the death rate of the disease with the vaccine?
- Do you know the death rate of the disease WITHOUT the vaccine?

- Do you know the injury and death rates of the vaccine?

In all cases, the injury and death rates of the vaccine are greater than without vaccination. In other words, you are better off NOT vaccinating.

Vaccine science has been corrupted by fraud and greed

Dr. James Meehan, MD

I'm a medical doctor, former medical journal editor (The Journal of Ocular Immunology and Inflammation), and someone that has researched vaccine science and safety for more than 15 years. I am licensed to practice medicine in New York.

I was once a resident of New York and a member of the United States Military Corps of Cadets at West Point, NY.

I bet my medical license and professional career for yours, that you are on the wrong side of history. Vaccine science has been corrupted by fraud and greed . The US vaccine schedule is an untested and unsafe travesty of medicine. One day we will look back on this time in history in shame and disgust for the mistakes made and lives lost at the hands of an uncaring pharmaceutical industry enabled to profit from American children by ignorant politicians like yourself.

I recommend you re-open your mind, pour something into it besides pharmaceutical industry's propaganda, and get yourself on the right side of history. You've been lied to about vaccine science and safety.

(Dr. James Meehan to Rockland County, NY, county executive Ed Day, who, in April 2019, implemented mandatory vaccination on the healthiest county in New York state. It has later discovered that a pharmaceutical company was building a plant in Rockland County, NY.)

Links for this article

—To learn more about vaccination from Meghan and how she's healing her vaccine injured children: (must be logged into facebook).

—For more information on the vaccine ingredients and their effects on the body, visit Ashley Everly's website:

—"I will never vaccinate again" videos are available on VAXXED TV:

—To get the 25 "History of Vaccination" books for free, you can download them from and Google Play Books. They're also available on Apple Books and Amazon (to get them for free, ask for a free price match).

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