The Difference Between Non-vaccinated and Vaccinated Children


August 6, 2019
Compiled by Trung Nguyen

“A critical point which is never mentioned by those advocating mass vaccination, is that children’s health has declined significantly since 1960 when vaccines began to be widely used. According to the National Health Interview Survey conducted annually, a shocking 31% of US children today have chronic health problems. In my medical career, I’ve treated vaccinated and unvaccinated children, and the unvaccinated were far healthier and more robust. Allergies, asthma, and behavioral and attention disturbances were clearly more common in my young patients who were vaccinated.” —Dr. Philip Incao, MD, on the Hepatitis vaccine, Ohio, March 1 1999

"The incidence of asthma has been found to be five times more common in vaccinated children." --The Lancet, 1994

Parents: Do you see a difference between your non-vaccinated and vaccinated children?


1. I definitely can. First two (now 22 and 18) vaccinated, second two not. The vaccinated two missed lots of school, had the "normal" ear infections, colds, etc... diagnosis of ADHD and later schizophrenia for one of them. The second two (8 and 11) are non-vaccinated and have never ever missed a SINGLE day of school due to illness. It's so clear it's ridiculous.

2. My first son received the polio, tetanus, Heb B, and meningitis vaccines spaced out by months. He still had anaphylaxis related to unknown origin 3 times. Serious croup and asthma. Second son. No vaccination. Never sick. Just the odd gastro. No ear nose throat issues. Had chickenpox and measles. He has an amazing immune system.

3. My oldest was vaccinated till he was a year old. Since, I have had two unvaccinated children. The difference is startling. When my vaccinated children get ill, the two unvaccinated get over it quickly and without a hitch. They rarely run fevers, and if they do, they are not high and do not last long. My partially vaccinated child always immediately spikes a high fever that lasts for days. His sickness, no matter what it is, lasts on average 3-4 days longer than my non-vaccinated kids. My oldest also suffers from eczema whereas my other two do not. Sigh. Know better, do better.

4. ME! Mom of 4, four thru 6 months. Oldest was born via Caesarian section and received regularly scheduled vaccines for 12 months. He's my sickest child. Allergies, coughs, colds, all the time. My 6 month old was born at home med free. Those two are night and day. We stopped vaccinating when our second was 4 months old. My two youngest with 0 vaccines are the healthiest. And I'll add that two weeks ago I visited a holistic practitioner for a health issue. This was my first time at her practice and I had my 6 month old with me. The doctor interacted with my baby for a little bit and said, "She's not vaccinated, is she?" I said no and she added, "When I was in school, several people brought their babies to class. I would see them all day, then go to the grocery store and see "normal" babies and wonder what was wrong with them. It's the vaccines! You can tell a difference.”

5. Me! I have 2 older vaccinated...combined before 5 yrs old, they had asthma with hospitalization, rashes, earaches, constipation, indigestion, and got every cold that came our middle child still suffers from low immune system. My 3 yr old is non-vaccinated and has NONE of these health issues, only had ONE cold in her rashes, zero earaches, and has always slept deep through the night.

I'd also like to add that my first 2 vaccinated were also aggressive hospital births and formula fed. My last baby non-vaccinated (healthiest one by far) was natural homebirth, breast fed. I believe it all...birth, diet, vaccines/meds...contribute s to health...or not.

6. My first two are vaccinated. One has autism, the other ADHD and soft teeth (his dentist said it's from a fever over 105 in infancy, the only time he had a fever that high was after a round of vaccines). They were always sick, constant ear and sinus infections. My youngest is unvaccinated, he's rarely sick, on track developmentally and smart as a whip.

7. My middle child's teeth have become rotten. I noticed a small piece shortly after a fall + recalled (didn't know at the time) Tylenol. They slowly got worse over the course of 8 mos. I don't remember a horrid fever. What other possibilities could be to blame? The doctor and dentist are clueless as it began at 1yr old.

8. First child vaccinated fully until age 2. Diagnosed with 47 food allergies and 2 autoimmune diseases by 1 year old. Lots of complications as well. Constantly sick. Second child vaccinated until 9 months. Saw a mild encephalitic reaction at 4 month old, food allergies and eczema. Insomnia and overly emotional (lots of brain stuff going on, possible ADD/ADHD but did not diagnose). Third baby no interventions at all. First two were c sections also. Last baby was a home birth. No eye ointment. No vitamin k, no shots or drugs of any kind, even ABX. She is almost two. Healthy as a horse, happy girl. Well adjusted. Hardly ever sick. Amazing differences.

Important to note we have been healing our kids for the past 4 years and our oldest only has 2 food allergies left and has been in remission from her AI disease for 3 years. No one would ever know she had been sick. It was a hard road, but we are better for it.

Vitamin K is almost never necessary and overly taxes the liver. I've heard there is a link to leukemia later. But I'm not certain about that part. You can always use oral vitamin k if you're not completely comfortable skipping it.
I healed my kids with many modalities. Functional medicine, supplements, essential oils, Craniosacral therapy, chiropractic, NAET therapy, massive diet changes, homeopathy, etc. I didn't stop until I had answers and saw what we were doing was working. The less we saw conventional doctors, the healthier we were. We eat organic, non-GMO and regularly use homeopathy at this point. Still working on those last two allergies but she was anaphylactic to those, so they take time.

9. My 4yr old son was vaccinated twice in his life as an infant. I stopped after he broke out in eczema. He now has some form of Aspergers. My 2yr old girl is unvaccinated and healthy.

10. My oldest (6 yrs) is fully vaccinated. She has digestive issues, what I think may be a gluten sensitivity, anxiety. My 21 month old only received one dose of DTaP we've only experienced skin problems and my youngest (10 month) completely vaccine free, EBF and has never been sick.

August 19, 2019

11. 6yo vaccinated to 15mo, was always always sick until after we stopped vaccinating. Neither 2yo or 4yo have ever had a vaccine, nor have they ever really been super sick.

12. Us! My oldest is pretty much fully, second had a very few, and last 2 are completely vaccine free. The difference is astounding and never ceases to amaze me. The first 2 were plagued with chronic colds and ear infections, eczema, RSV (respiratory syncytial virus), recurrent croup, and many unexplained rashes. My oldest even had a lump in his leg for a year after the MMR frown emoticon. My youngest 2 have had a couple colds combined, no antibiotics, nothing serious at all. Their immune systems are strong and healthy. The oldest 2 are ok now, but took me years to repair the damage I did to their immune systems by vaccinating frown emoticon

13. My oldest was fully vaccinated, per CDC schedule up to age 3. He dealt with eczema and ear infections the first 2 years of life. He also has "chicken skin" on is arms. Overall good health besides the listed above. My youngest is 100% vaccine free. He is only 7 months, so I can't say much.. But he has not had eczema or an ear infection. He has had a couple of colds my older son picked up, nothing bad.

14. 2.5 year old semi vaccinated through 6months old. She had 3 rounds of 2 vaccines per visit. She gets RSV every 2-3 months despite effort in constant hand washing and immune boosting vitamins/supplements. She also has asthma and contracted the rotavirus after each round of that vaccine.l and hand foot mouth disease. She has very sensitive skin and eczema. My 14 month old is vaccine free and has had a cold once. He's never sick and has never had even an ear infection. Both my kids are still on breast milk and we are equally rigorous with hand washing and keeping toys clean. The only difference is that my Daughter had poison jabs as an infant.

15. Me. Eldest daughter was vaccinated against my wishes, I was forced to vaccinate by nurse who made me feel like a bad mum.Even tho I am a very healthy person, great pregnancy and breast fed for 7 months, my daughter suffered febrile convulsions and was in hospital quite a few times with weird illnesses and put on a drip. Worst was after MMR, she got really poorly a week after and had a fit. My next two boys age 5 and 1, I haven't done ANY vaccines and none are ever poorly, never get fevers, neither have ever had antibiotics. None have ever had any medication. Both strong immune systems and highly intelligent/advanced for their age. Daughter is too, but in boys, first son had full vocabulary and was saying prayers each night at 20 months and toilet trained himself instantly. Current baby is like he has 'been before!'. Never cries! So contented at 17 months... Both lads walked at 10 months too.

16. My 3 yr old is partially vaccinated. I got through 50% up to 18 months excluding Hep B. She had a full body rash after MMR #2 Never again. Luckily no signs of autoimmunity or dysfunction. She has never had oral antibiotics and I think that is a huge difference maker.

17. I have a 5 year old son and a 3 year old daughter. Vaccinated my son until he was a year old. He was a very ill baby. Constant ear infections, viruses, fevers, etc. After each round of shots he would turn blue and stop breathing. Our pediatrician said it was normal and I ignorantly listened. My son now has asthma and life threatening food allergies. His health improved greatly when I stopped vaccinating, found a chiropractor, and started him on a cleaner diet. He hasn't had an ear infection since he was a year old. My daughter is completed unvaxxed and has no health issues. The difference is incredible.

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18. I have 3 vaccinated with varying degrees of sensory and digestive issues, speech and other developmental delays, anxiety and food sensitivities. One of them had serious gut issues including NEC as an infant. Grateful they didn't suffer anything worse. I have 2 unvaccinated with no issues whatsoever.

19. My oldest was vaccinated to kindergarten shots. Was sick like clockwork within 2 weeks of a round of shots - recurrent ear infections, viral infections, HFM, etc. Youngest received a DTaP at 2 mos and Hep B at 2 1/2 mos - I allowed our then MD to scare me in to a delayed/selective schedule. Youngest reacted within 4 hours of receipt of Hep B with high pitched scream. Stopped all shots after that and he has been healthier than his sister was at the same age. He's never had an antibiotic, no ear infections. Few colds and a few stomach bugs.

20. My first born (7 years old) is fully vaccinated by the UK schedule up to MMR at 13 months.He was very healthy up to this jab, He was also breastfed til 3.5 years. He has behavioral issues since the jab, gets ill very often and takes a while to recover from illnesses, has sensory issues too and stims (Self-stimulatory behavior), he was self harming until recently (head banging and biting himself) He also gets colds and coughs a lot. My youngest (4 years old) is completely vaccine free, is very healthy, he was also nursed til 3.5 years, gets only mild illnesses and recovers from them quickly, he has no sensory issues, he is also calm and has no developmental delay even though he was premature.

21. 9 year old; vaccinated until 4 year boosters, sick with vomiting and diarrhea almost biweekly. Misses a lot of school. 5 and 2 year olds, completely un-vaccinated, completely healthy. When sick they recover quicker than my vaxed son. Better weight on my unvaxxed vs. Vaxxed child as well.
vaccinated son also had "autistic tendencies" but was never diagnosed as autistic. Learning difficulties in school as well.

22. I have a fully vaccinated 18 year old and 3 younger unvaccinated. 18/yo very healthy with a higher than average IQ. No negative effects from vaccines. We followed the bare minimum vaccine schedule.

23. DD1 was fully vaccinated to 5. She had rashes after vaccines, and multiple illnesses requiring trips to the doctor. She also had some gut issues.

--DD2 was vaccinated to 3. She had a kidney infection (even though she was EBF) at 4 months, days after her vaccines. She also had a full body rash after the MMR.

--DD3 I started to research, she had one DTaP (I set out initially to select/delay). She reacted which resulted in encephalitic crying, eyes glassed over, fevers with no medical explanation until she was about 15-16 months old which resulted in seizures. She's my only child with food allergies/sensitivities and she has some sensory issues.

--DD4 is completely unvaccinated and it's been a WORLD of difference. She's 4 and has never been sick enough to require a doctor's visit. Whenever she gets sick, she kicks it quickly (within 12 hours usually) and keeps going. She's so much healthier than my older two were! They were constantly at the doctor's office! The older girls are 14, 10, and 6 now and they stopped getting sick shortly after I stopped vaccinating. It's been a life changer.

24. I used to be pro vaccine unfortunately. I have a 10 year old son, 5 year old daughter, 3 year old daughter. My 10 year old fully vaccinated son is always sick & has a laundry list of health issues. ADHD, Aspergers (mild form) terrible immune system. My 5 year old daughter went into anaphylactic shock from her Hep B vaccine when she was 17 hours old, she coded 11 times between the hospital & in the air on the way to the NICU. She survived & is a miracle for sure. She has damage done to her brain in 2 areas, she was has epilepsy & a mild form of autism. She went into anaphylactic shock because the vaccine wasn't kept at the proper temp. It was mishandled somewhere down the line. My youngest is 3 she's never had any vaccines. What happened with my middle child opened my eyes & changed me as a mother & a person in general.
My youngest is never sick. My son was hospitalized at least 13 times by the time he was 3 (I never missed getting his vaccinations) if we catch anything like a cold, stomach flu my unvaccinated child is the first one to fight it off. She is VERY rarely ever sick. She is also at a healthy weight for her age. Actually my 5 year old fights off infections much better than my 10 year old. I will never vaccinate any of my children again.

25. My twins got the DTaP vaccine at 2, 4, 6 and 18 months. They both had many ear infections and as a result my one twin ended up with an allergy to penicillin. The other twin ended up with a mild allergy to peanuts (there are no allergies in the family to peanuts). They have both since outgrown their allergies. My youngest who had no vaccines has never had an ear infection and has no allergies.

26. 11yr old; vaccinated until 4yrs old. Stopped after that. Ear infections, eczema as a baby. Became healthier once we stopped, but now, at 11, we are dealing with ADHD, mild asthma, anxiety, paranoia and some sensory issues. Very intelligent child, but is being smothered by these issues. Daughter is 6.5yrs, never vaccinated. No issues. Super healthy and very smart!

27. My first is 7 and was partially vaccinated before he was 2. He was sick constantly. Looking back at pictures of him, he looked sick all the time. My pregnancy was very stressful and he was in daycare, so that no doubt plays into it too. He's hyperactive and has sleep issues. My second is almost 2 and his childhood has been totally different so far. No constant illnesses. A fever at worst, or a slight cold. He sleeps really well and does not seem nearly as stressed. He looks much healthier; the difference is amazing.

28. Oldest vaccinated for first 18 months: Random HIGH fevers. Slept 12-18 hours. Many, many ear infections. Seems dazed a lot of the time.
Second: none at all. No problems other than occasional colds.One ear infection.
Third: none at all, no ear infections, no problems other than occasional colds.*all three got chickenpox in 2014, they survived.

29. What about grandkids? I have a fully vaccinated 6 year old grandson. He is sick ALL the time. He is soon to have his tonsils out, because they are enlarged and stay infected. He contracted chicken pox in the summer of 2014, 3 weeks after being vaccinated for it, doctor confirmed. I have twin grandson's who are also 6. They have been partially vaccinated, but my daughter stopped when they were a couple of years old. One twin kept having reactions every time he got a vaccine. He would break out in a rash and have severe joint pain. He still has the joint pain quite regularly, even now. Otherwise, they are much healthier than the other grandson and get over any colds or whatever within a day or two. Where as, the other six year old, it takes weeks. I now have two infant grandsons, who are 3 months and 11 months. Both are un-vaxxed, except for the Vitamin K at birth. The 11 month old is the picture of health. When we all got the flu a few weeks back, he had a day or so of being whiney, runny nose, then was fine. He is also breastfed. The 3 month old, also got the flu, and was fine in a couple of days. He was also breastfed. Only thing, the 3 month old suffers from bad eczema. I wouldn't doubt it is from the Vitamin K shot at birth.

... the vitamin k injured my daughter so it's definitely a possibility that it's the cause of the 3 months old eczema.

… it got so bad about a month ago, he had to be put on an antibiotic (oral), antibiotic cream and cetaphil lotion. It turned into a staff infection.
… How did vitamin k injure your daughter?

… she became immediately jaundice and then immune deficient. she was severely immune deficient until almost 2 years old when I started detoxing her and healing her. I didn't realize it was the vitamin k until I read the insert. it has aluminum which is known to cause immune system damage. it was also when I realized that's why she suddenly became jaundice as well. it's on the insert too. it's got the same preservatives as vaccines (I knew to decline hep b but didn't realize the dangers of vitamin k). she spent all and I mean ALL of those two years very ill or recovering only to get ill again. I wish I would have known…

… Shit. My daughter became jaundice too and needed 3 days under the lights. I had no clue it contained aluminum. Vitamin k is the only injection I allowed.

… What do you mean by immune deficiency?

… yeah, it wasn't really talked about 3 yrs ago. it's just starting to be linked to things now that people are checking the inserts and putting things together.

… The 3 month old might be allergic to something his mom is eating. Vit K usually has castor oil, and the antibodies to that also bind with peanut and other similar proteins. Dairy, eggs, and wheat are the other most common allergens. My son had eczema until he had his first anaphylactic reaction to food (dairy), we got him tested, and then I stopped eating all his allergens (I was still nursing him), and we stopped all vaccinations. Once the allergy proteins were clear from my milk, his skin cleared up beautifully and became baby-soft for the first time in his whole little life! And also add probiotics to mom's diet and get infant probiotics.

… she started with 105 degree fevers every 2 weeks on the dot as a newborn. she went to several specialists over about 6 months who couldn't figure it out. infectious disease thought it was a fever disorder but figured out it wasn't. we went to a hematologist/oncologist who did 6 weeks of every other day blood draws looking for cyclic neutropenia and leukemia. didn't have those and they basically told me they didn't know what it was but I kept pushing. went to an immunologist who tested her Ig levels and diagnosed her with primary immunodeficiency disease. they (pediatricians not immunologist) scared me into vaccinating her once because she "could have die with no immune system" to fight but it only made it worse. I refused to do it again after she coughed blood and then that afternoon stopped responding. she took days to be alert again. around 18 months, her numbers started to go up. I had been detoxing her and working on healing her gut. by 2 and some change, her numbers were on the low end of normal. she's 3 1/2 now and fully recovered (as far as I can tell so far) and really really healthy. I found out about a yr or so ago that she has MTHFR so that's why her body reacted so violently toward the vitamin k and vaccines.

… Wow. Thanks the info. I'm so sorry your daughter suffered like that!

… id start with gentle detox baths (depending on her age) and I hope she will never have any ill effects. lots of love to you. when you know better, you do better!

… She's 6 weeks old, and, if you get a free minute, please tag me in some websites that you would recommend in order for me to understand gentle detox baths.... Thank you again.

30. My 13 year old was completely vaccinated on schedule. She was sick with constant colds, ear infections, diagnosed with asthma and allergies at age 2 and ADHD at age 6. I will also add she got chicken pox at age 8, despite having both recommended vaccines for it on schedule. I have a completely unvaccinated 4 and 2 year old. They never get constant colds, the 2 year old had 1 ear infection, they hardly ever go to the doctor. They will randomly get a fever here and there and it lasts a day or so, then it's gone with no other symptoms. Their immune systems are so much better than their sister's ever was.

31. Now, my 5 kids were fully vaccinated. The older four on time, every time, just about. It was back in the 80's and 90's, and I didn't know better. Now, my 12 year old, we delayed until she was almost a year and started them. One at a time, most of the time. She is ADHD, has anxiety disorder and has some learning problems in school (homeschooled). They all were sick when they were little. ALL the time. Ear infections, you name it. A few of my older, adult children have learning disabilities, anxiety problems and bi-polar. The girls have female problems, where I never had any.

32. Mom of 4 preemies (including a set of twins) all girls. Oldest has tested positive for MTHFR she is 4.5 and was vaccinated at birth, 2 and 6 months. Had reactions (seizures, high pitched screaming, high fevers and encephalitis) at both of the last two rounds of shots. Delayed on talking, walking, basically everything. Has now been diagnosed with SPD and apraxia. Our youngest three ages 1,1, and 2 are completely vaccine free and have hit every milestone on target and before expected.Haven't had the three youngest tested for MTHFR yet but are doing that soon.

Also my oldest had so many ear infections as a baby they wanted to put tubes in her ears. After we quit vaccinating she hasn't been sick once except for the seizures she has on occasion (I believe caused from the vaccines). Our three youngest have been sick once last winter. Mild cold, treated with breathing treatments and breastmilk, and they have never had an antibiotic.

33. 17 yo was vaccinated until 5 with a pertussis vaccine at age 9. She suffered chronic ear infections as a child. Now she gets migraines and has horribly painful menstruation. 3 yo completely unvaccinated. Has only had one head cold, one tummy virus, and croup. All symptoms/illnesses gone within 48 hours of little to no treatment and letting the body take its course. 1yo completely unvaccinated. Touches cart handles, restaurant tables, etc. everything goes straight from her hand into her mouth. Never been sick.

34. 3 children.

#1 4yrs old and fully vaccinated. He was CONSTANTLY sick from 9 months until right before his 3rd birthday. RSV (Respiratory syncytial virus), rotavirus, colds, bronchitis, croup, pink eye, roseola, viral infections, ear infections, reflux.

#2 2.5 yrs old selectively/ delayed vaccinated. He was sick when ever his older brother caught a bug but *usually* recovered quicker and experienced a much milder illness.

#3 unvaccinated 13 month old. Has had 1 cold lasted longer than her siblings but other than that she has been much healthier in her first year alone. They say the younger ones tend to be sicker because they catch all the bugs the older ones bring home.... Not in our case.

35. I have 2 girls one was vaccinated until 2 my youngest is not. The number one thing I notice with my youngest is when she gets sick she recovers way quicker. She'll have her cold or whatever, a fever for a few days and then be totally fine. My oldest stays sick and recovery time is longer. She also used to scream at nighttime and couldn't sleep that went on for a good year. I've started a detox with her and she's improving.

36. 13 year old was fully vaccinated per the recommendations for her decade. (no flu shots ever and no HPV) - she had numerous ear infections, and a bi-annual bought of croup from age 1-5 My second is 16 months old, only had vitamin k shot - has had a mild case of Roseala as her first sickness and has had two no other symptom fevers. No croup or ear infections currently.

37. My oldest was fully vaccinated and had several colds and ear infections. She had a seizure after DTaP at age 7. My youngest had a few and we stopped. She rarely gets sick and she's 8.

My best friend vaccinated her oldest child. Same story. All her younger kids are unvaxxed and rarely catch anything.

My oldest has asthma too.

38. My eldest first 3 fully vaccinated but even then there weren't as many as today. Their ages are 21,19,17. Overall health through the years is basically very well, occasional ear infection here n there but their skin!! That's the issue- all of them have eczema, and skin issues. My youngest is almost 4 and he's super healthy, ahead of peers in language and vocabulary skills and overall intelligence and never ever once been on antibiotics.

39. My bio kids are unvaccinated, my stepson fully vaccinated. Night and day difference in their health, mannerisms, and behavior.

40. My 11 year old was injured at 17 months with his 12 month shots. Screamed for 3 days, had a 4 min seizure and when he came out of it - most of his words were gone and he was a stranger. Induced autism/ADHD, nonverbal. Strep throat, colic from 2-8 months. My 2 year old is completely unvaxxed. Is advanced compared to all his peers and super healthy. Influenza A just went through the house. Took 2 days for the babe to recover and the boy and I took 2 weeks.

41. Oldest vaccinated until 9 months: asthma, allergies, eczema, autism. Always sick, always sicker than their siblings. Younger two unvaccinated: none of the above. Middle child on an antibiotic once. Youngest never. Milder illnesses compared to oldest.

42. I can, my 7 year old is 'up to date' against my will and is constantly sick, always has runny noses and coughs, and catches every little virus and cold that goes around. He is also currently being screened for ADD/ADHD, I've noticed a lot of problems with his school work and focusing this last year and so has his teacher ? My 3.5 year old has had zero vaccine and it's a completely different story. She gets sick maybe twice a year, she's ahead in physical growth and is very smart for her age as well. When she does get sick it doesn't last half as long as when my son does.

43. My 8 year old has chronic ear infections, asthma and lactose intolerance. Fully vaccinated. My babies are 21 months and 4 months completely organic, breastfed with awesome health besides the fact that my 4 month old has down syndrome. (I got stabbed with a DTaP at my 21 month Olds birth; 7 months later baby with down syndrome)

44. My oldest is fully vaccinated till 1 year.. Severe eczema, asthma, food allergies, and weakened immune system, allergies to almost everything in our daily environment, and first to get sick. He also had colic and at one point was on 8 medications by 6 months. My second is vaccinated till 4 months and she is the second to catch any illness. My third and fourth are vaccine free and are rarely sick and have awesome immune systems. My youngest does have eczema but nowhere near the degree of my oldest.

Also add my oldest is also on the spectrum and was sick after every vaccine series.

45. My oldest son, currently 5, was fully vaccinated until about 15/18 months (Got Hep A vaccine at 18 months, even though it's a 15 month shot at his doctor's office, and skipped the 18 month DTaP and then no more). At just over 4 months, after his slew of 4 month shots, he got a rash. Pediatrician said it was yeast, prescribed nystatin. We tried it and no change, did our own research and figured out it was not yeast because it acted opposite. Told pediatrician and he agreed, we asked "Well, then what is it?"

"Dermatitis" (fancy name for rash, not helpful). No matter what we did, he suffered from that rash, better in the mornings, worse throughout the day. occasional fevers, colds. At 1, he got an ear infection. I don't recall if we noticed the ear infection the day he got his 12 month shots, or if we went in for the ear infection shortly following the shots. He got antibiotics, followed up and the antibiotics didn't clear the infection, gave us a different antibiotic, which cleared the infection, but he had terrible diarrhea since then. a couple weeks after the second round of antibiotics was over we realize he still had loose stools.

We'd been switching him to cow's milk and decided to switch to coconut milk just to see, and within a day and a half, the rash he'd had for 9 months and the diarrhea both cleared up. Turns out he'd had a dairy allergy since those 4 month shots- not before, but ever since. I'm glad to say he's now grown out of it, and loves cheese and yogurt and such but still won't drink straight milk. We switched pediatricians, skipped 15 month shots, and started researching vaccines.

At 18 months we were bullied into a shot- stood our ground on DTaP but gave into Hep A. He promptly stopped the handful of words he had. Took weeks to say "dada" again, and months before "mama", etc. He didn't gain any new words for almost a full year. thankfully we stopped vaccinating entirely, and he started talking at 2.5 and hasn't stopped since! Got croup at 2.5, with an ear infection. We used natural means for healing and skipped the antibiotics and it healed in a couple days. Since then his health has been relatively normal- peppered with colds and occasional tummy issues. He's a very picky eater and underweight, but generally healthy and thriving.

Second boy had no shots, no vitamin K, no eye goop, etc. Is not allergic to any foods, barely ever sick and when he is sick, gets over it 1/3 of the time it takes the rest of the family (Got a tummy bug last summer with the whole family. Husband spent a few hours barfing and diarrhea, older son threw up handful of times, felt terrible. I didn't throw up, but was very nauseous and headachy all day. The youngest non-vaccinated little guy snuggled daddy, threw up on him. Smiled, and went back to playing like nothing ever happened. He's stronger than his brother, less picky, gains better, and talks much better and earlier than the older did. Learning colors and shapes and following directions much earlier than our older. barely ever sick.

46. My 20 year old was vaccinated, had colds, strep, asthma etc. My 3 yr old and 9 mo. Old are non-vaccinated, and even when I had the flu, my 3 yr old only developed cold like symptoms that lasted 3 days. The 3 yr old has needed medicine/antibiotics once and the 9 mo. Old never has. Quite remarkable considering the 3 yr old attended daycare.

47. I have two girls, both unvaccinated except for Vitamin K which is mandated in NY. Neither have ever needed antibiotics, neither ever had an ear infection, they've both only had 1 fever from Coxsacki that they caught in a kiddie pool. Even from that, one was better the next day and the baby was better within 3 days (while my friends kids who were vaccinated were both throwing up with fevers for over 2 weeks!) they big started walking between 7 and 8 months. There were NO sensory issues at all. There's NO food allergies at all. There's no eczema or asthma at all. They were both eating adult food between 6-7 months old. They are both at the high end of height/weight chart. They are hardly ever sick and if they are its with a small sniffle that goes away the next day. They constantly play with other sick kids. I have two strong girls thank god!

48. My 3 vaccinated kids all have asthma and were hospitalized 3+ times by age 3 for various things. My 2 unvaccinated children have nothing so far. Age 3 1/2-4 months.

My 3 year old seems to bounce back from viruses more quickly than his peers.

49. I have a partially vaccinated 7 yr old son. His little sister just turned two. She is injection/vaccine free. The difference in their overall health and development is staggering. My son gets sick much more often and doesn't recover as quickly as his sister.

50. My grandson is not vaccinated he never gets sick teething fevers that's it!

51. Two boys, 1st fully vaccinated, autism, numerous medical issues, 2nd late start to vaccines, diagnosed, stopped vaccines at 2, fully recovered by 6 years, now 19 and 16 yrs old.

52. I have an 8, 6, 4 and 2 year old. First two were fully vaccinated, but delayed schedule (up to ages 4 & 2) 3rd only had two shots at 2 months, 4th has never had a single shot, vitamin K, eye goop in the hospital. My first two kids were CONSTANTLY sick. Coughs that would last months, go away then come right back, green runny noses, both had bronchiolitis... Nebulizers for the constant bad colds... Awful. Within the first year of no vaccines, their sicknesses cut back at least by half. Now, we have zero breathing issues, normal lengths of colds... My 8 year old just missed her first day of school last Monday because she got a 12 hour stomach bug so we were waiting for 24 hours to let her go back. Normally by March she would have missed at least 5 days. Both my husband and I truly know the vaccines were hurting them... They are FAR better off now!

53. Eight year old fully vaccinated: 45 food allergies; immunodeficient; asthma; enviro allergies; tonsillectomy and adenoidectomy; reads at high school level; ginormously tall; missed 23 days of school this year so far; infinitely healthier since adopting a vegan diet. Three year old completely unvaccinated - very few food allergies; congenital hypothyroidism but has begun to recover thyroid function; tall; speech delay but cognitively advanced; mild environmental allergies. Both children prone to MRSA infections in their noses/chronic sinusitis. The little one is infinitely more resilient in terms of illness.

54. *raises hand* I have 5 children...the orders were vaccinated as per "doctor's orders", the youngest one was a preemie and I put up a fight for them to not vaccinate her. There were "life-saving Synagis lies, er, treatments given & there may have been a slip up during her 100-day NICU stay, but not after that. Despite having been diagnosed with asthma (at 6 months following RSV) and compromised lung dysfunction, she had the shortest bout of whooping cough, and although she's been battling a cold for a week now, went to a concert last week and jumped around for 3 hours. For SURE - my vaccinated kiddos caught things more easily and they hung on longer, leaving my fragile, non-vaccinated micro-preemie with a stronger immune system. I am convinced that vaccines are not worth the risk, ever.

55. My 2.5 year old was injured by DtaP at 16 months. He was always sick and had ear infection after ear infection, he couldn't go in public without catching something, he developed petechiae proceeding his 6 month vaccinations. for the past year has dealt with sensory, social and digestive issues. We have finally gotten him back on track after a series of gentle detoxes, diet and gentle approach and although I can't prove it, his petechiae is going away and I believe it was from heavy metals. The doctors had no answer for why my son had this and it's listed as a vascular disorder on the Pediarix insert. My 13 month old baby girl was born four weeks early is not vaccinated and healthy as can be. Development exceeds most her age and she's alert, aware and present. She's been sick once from direct contact with another sick baby and got over it quickly. (Friends were visiting from another state)

56. My first two are fully vaccinated. High functioning autism, food allergies, asthma, eczema, environmental allergies, eye nerve damage, joint issues, and one has a foot that points to the side when he walks. My third one had her vaccines including her 12 month. Eczema, ear infections the whole time while vaccinating, allergies, precocious puberty. My last child had vaccines including his 6 months vaccines. Asthma. So you see the less vaccines.....the less heath issues. And the difference in brain power is amazing. My two oldest are smart as whips about a lot of things, but struggled in school. My two youngest are acing school and smart about random things.

57. Seven kids ages 25-5. The older four were fully vaccinated until the 4th child had a bad reaction the dr. arrogantly declared had nothing to do with the vaccines he insisted on giving my daughter while she was sick with a cold. (My older kids each had bad reactions which I didn't understand at the time because I was told it was "normal") The most startling difference to me is how the vaccinated vs unvaccinated kids handle fever. My fully vaccinated son will very rarely get a fever, I honestly can't remember him getting one. The vaccinated kids get run down and stay sick for longer but have much fewer symptoms than my non-vaccinated kiddos. Non-vaccinated kiddos will get a fever that spikes and breaks on it's own a few times but will usually recover much more quickly.

58. First child( boy) now 18 was fully vaccinated until middle school.... He had recurrent ear infections starting from 6 weeks old, asthma(4 months) which progressively got worse( couple ER visits for it), sinus infections, food, animal and environmental allergies, horrible constipation, ADHD, sensory issues, delayed speech, inability to chew and swallow successfully till age 2.5 years old.,always sick with every cold going around, he took TONs of antibiotics, had ear tubes twice, tonsils and adenoids removed. Took him to a naturopath at the age of 10. Stopped all future vaccines, cleaned up his diet, supplemented appropriately. No more ear infections, asthma gone, allergies 80% better.

My second child( girl), almost 6 years old, 100% non-vaccinated. She has never taken or needed an antibiotic, no ear infections, no developmental issues! She's very smart and very healthy, gets over colds in 2 days with no secondary infections or complications like most fully vaccinated kids. I have no regrets, very happy with my choice not to vaccinate the second time around.

59. My oldest child has had the at birth Heb b, vitamin k, the first full round of 2 month old vaccines. He screamed all night long after his 2 month shots (encephalitis?) and I knew I couldn't keep giving him vaccines on schedule. He did get 2-3 more vaccines he got separately until he was about 5 months old and was pressured to leave the practice for wanting to delay. At that point I stopped vaccinating him. He gets sick much easier, deals with chronic upper respiratory issues and has night time asthma through the winter months. He also deals with anger issues. My youngest child had the vitamin k at birth, and no vaccines. She is MUCH healthier, has occasional 1 time a year cold or fever but nothing chronic. She is very happy and resilient.

60. 10 year old fully vaccinated-asthma, juvenile rheumatoid arthritis, delayed speech (actually just quit talking one day after a series of vaccinations at 15 months), he also had chicken pox even though he is fully vaccinated against it. 3.5 year old 0 vaccines-never been sick, never has had an ear infection, never has had a fever higher than 99.2 degrees (and it was gone within a day).Her pediatrician says she's the healthiest kid in her clinic. (and she's in daycare with sick kids all the time-confirmed strep and flu and she didn't even get a sniffle).

61. I have 3 grandchildren. The 8 year old boy is fully vaccinated. Extremely smart, but has a few tics and is hyper active. Had chronic ear infections and upper respiratory problems his first 4 years of life. Always on an antibiotic. Much of the time a breathing mask thing with meds. His father smokes and we had to get a court order for him not to smoke around him. Almost 2&3 year old granddaughters totally non-vaccinated and thriving. A few colds. I'm so scared their dad is going to demand that they get vaccinated.

62. I am unvaccinated (I have my records). I have had measles and cp, was rarely ever sick, and had multiple future exposures to cp and never developed it again (which proves I am immune although titers demonstrated that I wasn't) I was an extremely healthy child; strong bones, zero cavities (still to this day) and have only been into the doctor for food poisoning/E. coli (which I survived) and surgery from severing my finger while carving a pumpkin. My daughter is completely unvaccinated, and has only been to the doctor 3 times. (Once was for her birth, and the other two were do "wellness visits" where they checked her height and weight. She was in the 50% and smacked perfectly where she's supposed to be on the growth chart.) She has strong bones and zero cavities as well and has had a few sniffles here and there, but nothing like other kids I see with snot running out of their noses constantly and are always sick. We both take high doses of vitamin c to stave off viral infections and eat all organic/ non-gmo meals.

63. Two girls, the older one fully vaccinated through 15mo except varicella. Debilitating eczema as an infant and toddler, at age 3 developed asthma symptoms needing inhalers when she caught any kind of respiratory virus. When she gets sick it is worse than anyone else; she has a hard time breathing and coughs until she vomits. Now she has asthma symptoms all the time, even when she doesn't seem to have a cold. We still struggle with eczema and allergies at age 4.5yo. I was pregnant with my younger daughter when we decided to stop vaccinating. She is 2.5yo has had no health problems whatsoever. She gets sick occasionally but is over it in a day or two with no issues. Beautiful skin, no hint of eczema or allergies of any kind.

64. Seven kids. Two mostly vaccinated. Two partially. Three non-vaccinated. The unvaccinated get fevers and usually no other symptoms when illness hits our home. They recover more quickly. Our vaccinated children succumb immediately and take much longer to fight off illness. My oldest, and most vaccinated, was vaccinated until age two. He has Tourette's. My second oldest suffered a mysterious episode in which she stopped breathing in the middle of the night. They called it croup. But she had no other symptoms other than having been vaccinated earlier that day. My third had one shot at fifteen months DTaP. He suffered a neurological and muscular reaction. We stopped vaccinating. My fifth was adopted through foster care. He developed rotavirus after having the vaccine. I managed to cease vaccinating him also. Two more babies since him with no vaccines and no chronic or severe illness.

65. First 3 fully vaccinated years ago, my eldest son developed a strange fever disorder spiking high fevers for days on end every 8 weeks or so and regular seizures & hallucinations for years! 2nd child constant ongoing flus & colds. Also lost the ability to walk for 3 weeks after her oral polio vaccine. 3rd child did better as far as I can tell ( she's 15 now ). Last child non-vaccinated, absolutely brilliant health. 4yrs old and incredible immune system, if he ever gets a runny nose ( about once a year ) it's gone within a day, never progresses to anything more.

66. I do. One fully vaccinated and 2 vaccine free. There is a definite difference. In many ways. Fully vaccinated got sick a lot. Strep, ear infections, croup.. All as a baby.. Bad reflux, colic, tonsil and adenoids out, flu, ADHD, etc.. Vaccine free Toddler, who is almost 3, has an amazing immune system...wasn't sick until after she turned

2. Even then, she has only had 2 small colds. No eczema or allergies of any kind. She is advanced in every category , so much more comprehension, reasoning, and understanding....never been on meds of any kind.. I could go on and on.. My vaccine free baby, Is only a month old, so we will see... But so far, he is an amazing baby. No sickness, eczema or allergies...nothing yet. No vitamin K even for the baby. I will add that my husband was not vaccinated as a child at all and he is the healthiest person I know. He never gets sick and he has no chronic illnesses, no conditions of any kind. His immune system is crazy! Even if the whole house is sick, He will never catch it. He had all his childhood illnesses though.. Measles, mumps, chickenpox, etc... And the Flu once in his life... When he was in elementary school. He's the main reason we started looking into vaccines. We will never vaccinate again. Never.

67. I have 2 vaccinated and 2 un-vaccinated. My older 2; (15 yo) was vaccinated until she was 4 and (12 yo) who was vaccinated until 18 months. Between the 2, they have a slew of diagnosis: Autism, seizure disorder, low muscle tone, food allergies, environmental allergies, chronic ear infections and auditory processing disorder, etc. My younger 2; (11 yo and 9 yo) completely vaccine free both in perfect health and both labelled "Gifted" by the school system.

68. I have 3 children. My 2 daughters are completely unvaccinated. 6yrs old and 10 months old and ZERO sick doctor visits. They are never sick. My son was born with kidney issues and needed a transplant (from myself, perfect match). They forced us to vaccinate him before transplant. He only had Hep B and DTaP, and was constantly sick after getting them. He never made it to transplant, and is no longer alive.

They can take their vaccines and shove em. I pray I am never forced to poison my children again.

69. My daughter will be 7, on the 26th. Completely vaccine/pharma free. She has seen a doctor once in her life to document wild chicken pox. Has never missed school because of an illness. Has never had any medications. Is the picture of what smart, healthy and happy looks like. I will also had she has no allergies, asthma, ADD/ADHD, no learning issues, etc. we also eat 100% organic with very limited sugars and grains and she doesn't eat meat.

70. I have an 8 year old and 6 year old. My son was fully vaccinated until age 3 when he was diagnosed in a rather traumatic way with ITP. He always had reactions to vaccines, but my pediatrician said it was just him picking up viruses and stuff when we were at his office. I believed that until the ITP. We never vaccinated my daughter because of this and she has never had any health problems. If our family gets the stomach bug, my son's will last a week and hers only a few hours. I'm expecting now and even though Big Parma and the media attempt to frighten us with stories of non-vaccinated children, I can feel complete confident in my choice not to vaccinate.

71. first was vaccinated according to schedule until almost 3yrs old(she's 12 now). 2nd until 2yrs old(she's 10 now), 3rd until 1yr old(she's 9 now). Last 2 kids are completely unvaccinated. Here's what we experienced with the first 3 kids...ear infections + antibiotics, respiratory infections, RSV/issues + ER visits for random anaphylactic type breathing issues which resulted in oral steroid treatment and nebulizer treatment, tonsillitis, one child had a red hot spot looking mark on her cheek for over a year that didn't go away until we stopped vaccinating, colic type fussing, a few random rashes, tummy issues(especially while eating) that were thought to be gas but upon research is linked to gut issues from vaccines, one child had a cat scan around 8mo old to make sure her soft soft wasn't fusing too soon(it wasn't)--research leads to it most likely being brain inflammation from vaccines but of course that's not what the cat scan was ordered for so, periods of one child needing a specialist come to the house weekly because we thought she had hearing issues but she was just zoning out going into her own world(she's fine now), oldest had times of stuttering, one child had intussusception at 11mo old & is when we decided to stop vaccinating and start researching. That's what I can think of off the top of my head.

The 2 unvaccinated...a literal night and day difference that blows me away! The now 5yr old has had a couple ear infections (chiropractor actually said his were because of the shape of his face which affects drainage), and our now 2yr old has had NOTHING the older kids have had. She was born at 33 weeks, miraculously only spent 9 days in the NICU (originally was told 4-6 weeks). She speaks ridiculously well, 10 word sentences even! and is the happiest baby I've known! It's astounding the difference and the only proof I need to know that vaccines were making our other kids sick and unhappy! The ones who were vaccinated have become undeniably healthier since stopping vaccines and haven't had to go to the doctor in YEARS! We've literally noticed that when kids aren't pumped full of toxins they are so much happier, healthier, make great eye contact, & overall are so much more engaged and easier!

72. first son (17) vaccinated 100% according to CDC schedule: Reoccurring ear infections, respiratory infections, RSV, asthma, allergies. Second son (8) ZERO vaccines: No illness, no ear infections, no allergies, great health.

73. first vaccinated for one year. Developed severe asthma and hyperactivity. Asthma disappeared by age 3. It felt like from ages 1-2, he was constantly sick and at doctors. I stopped b/f him at around 13-14 months. Once his immune system recovered, he rarely got sick. Other children all unvaccinated and never seen a doctor or natural health practitioner for illness.

74. My daughter was fully vaccinated (age 31) she had lots of illnesses and autoimmune disease, constant ear infections too, all kinds of rashes, gut issues, her husband had seizures, allergies and autoimmunity too. My daughter spent lots of time detoxing and getting health and now they have baby 2.5 years old completely unvaccinated. She had roseola (or measles who knows for sure), hand foot and mouth disease (i think that might be chicken pox in some weird form) but other than that never sick. Never went to doctor for these issues. We use Mullein oil in ears if there is any suspicion that she might be getting cold. This baby has great skin, no ear issues, sleeps great, eats well, no gut issues. Expecting baby 2 and that one will be vaccine free from birth too!

75. First child is now 19, was delay vaccination but caught up at 12 except for Gardasil. After the catch up session got severely sick. Ended up being diagnosed with a while bunch of food allergies at 15 - corn, oats, peanuts, watermelon, pineapple, oranges, egg yolk etc. 11 yr old son delay vaccinated but stopped at 4 yrs old. Totally healthy and neuro-typical. After his birth my husband had every vaccine under the sun for immigration due to bad vac record keeping his mum had. Last two kids have sensory issues. 9 yr old was delay vaccinated until 2 yrs old. Youngest is 6. Only had one vaccine, but unsure what die to Dr error. She is the healthiest of all. Rarely gets sick. If she does. She sleeps for the day and wakes fine.

76. My kids are completely unvaccinated and have little to no illnesses. If they get sick, they just have a fever for a few days and recover quickly without hardly any other symptoms.

77. I have a 4 year old daughter who was vaccinated and a 2 year old daughter who was not. My 4 year old has a peanut allergy, severe eczema, and sever asthma. She's been admitted into the hospital for times for her breathing, one time landed her in ICU. My 2 year old daughter has only had a cold a few times, has no skin problems or allergies. They both have the exact same environment and are exposed to the same things and my 4 year old will get sick while my 2 year old keeps going strong. Too bad I researched vaccines late in the game.

78. 2 of my children were vaccinated, and 3 not vaccinated. My first 2 had severe food allergies, and my other 3 no allergies.

79. My older kids are mostly unvaxxed, with just an occasional selective vaccine. That said, one of my kids wound up vaccine injured anyway. From a tetanus shot. Severe cellulitis. Then, he had to have a hep b shot in order to go to school/live in a dorm setting. And had a reaction to that. He has some longstanding issues as a result, 5 years out. His sister also had hep B for work and had a reaction. Two of my girls who were vaccinated have some longstanding chronic conditions, have been on antibiotics for strep, ear infections, stomach bug, etc. They have had the flu. Granted, they are a lot healthier than my siblings' kids, because we did not have a lot of vaccines, but even with what we have had, I have noticed a difference. My youngest, age 14, is completely non-vaccinated. Not even tetanus. I don't remember the last time she was at the docs. No chronic issues. No acute issues. Can't remember if she has even ever had to take an antibiotic for anything! EVER!

80. I have 5 children. The 4 older ones were vaccinated on schedule as a baby/child. Between those 4 we have had ear infections( one has tubes & another was supposed to get tubes), RSV (Respiratory syncytial virus), random fevers, snotty noses, Asperger’s, ADHD, OCD, behavior issues.

My 5th baby is vaccine free. She is totally different than my others were. She has only had RSV and one ear infection at 14 months old. Has been in daycare since 12 months old. She is now almost 2 years 6 months old now.

My son also had salmonella. He was around 18 months old. I swear, if you name it, he had it!

Shelly Rose First two children 22 and 18 now eczema at 6 months of age (suffering still), chronic ear infections which led to hearing loss (all things I had no idea were adverse symptoms of vaccines until I woke up!)-my daughter vaccinated is 10 she was also fully vaccinated we stopped with her in kindergarten-she came down with salmonella which I absolutely swear was caused by vaccines (she was 2 months)—our youngest is 3—never vaccinated, by far our healthiest child. Hands down.

81. My girls age 8(fully to age 5) & 6 (until age 2 when she reacted to the MMR & DTaP) are vaccinated. One has problems with allergies, chronic strep throat, reoccurring bronchial sicknesses. The other has eczema, PICA, epilepsy, chronic ear infections that led to tubes, ADHD, sensory disorder, and food allergies. My son age 3 is not vaccinated. He's healthy. The last to catch something and the first to get rid of it.

82. Although my unvaccinated experience certain issues, I feel that they are due to the fact that we live 2 miles from a landfill that has nuclear waste that has been on fire for years and leaks into the water (we are moving now). But, they still do NOT have asthma, eczema, constant ear infections like my eldest who was vaccinated.

83. Oldest all infant vaccines spread out over 9 months, then DTaP gave her eczema. Also ASD regression after DTaP at 9 and 18 month DTaP shots. Always getting sick the wrist and the longest even at age 6. Second got half a dozen shots until 6 months. Had eczema and we stopped. Gets over all her colds and illnesses easily in 24-48 hours. Youngest, 2 1/2, unvaxxed, has never had anything more than a sniffle even when we had the flu and other hard - hitting colds. Stopped breastfeeding before 2 so that doesn't account for it completely. He was also the only home birth and no vitamin k.

84. My oldest two were completely vaccinated and had chronic ear infections, multiple allergies, eczema, their adenoids swelled so bad when they slept they stopped breathing, and some other issues I can't remember at the moment. I never put it together. My third got hep. B at one week old and ended up with severe thrush from the vaccine. Denied by her fired pediatrician, of course. Next four are vaccine free and have ZERO issues. My oldest two are free from all those issues since we stopped vaccinating 9 years ago.

85. My first two children were vaccinated (ages 11 & 13 yrs now), youngest completely vaccine free (6 years old now).

--Oldest child: asthma, allergies
--Middle child: autism, GI conditions, allergies
--Youngest: no health issues!

86. First two vaccinated. Now 12 and 9. Tubes in the ears, migraines, hospitalized from flu shot and MMR, allergies, gastrointestinal issues, constant croup in younger years.

-Second two non-vaccinated. 4 and 3 weeks. 4 yr old is never sick. Occasional sniffle from preschool but nothing ever more. My 3 week old is perfect.

87. Oldest is 36, asthmatic, allergic, spent a good part if childhood with gastrointestinal pain without diagnosis, even though not fully vaccinated. Her oldest nearly died from one single shot, 4 years to recover, still breaks out in a rash unexpectedly every now and then. My 13 year old twins and her 10 year old never vaccinated, never more than a cold.

88. It's too many comments to get to the first one but here's my testimony. Firstborn was vaccinated up until 3yo when I WOKE up to what was happening. He has autism, had MANY ear infections, had eczema, low muscle tone (ONLY after his 4m shots, before that he was AHEAD on gross motor), allergies, asthma, basically I had a healthy boy and at each WELL visit watched him decline in many ways. My 2 girls have had ZERO vaccines. Both girls have KILLER immune systems. One daughter only had 2 ear infections by 4yrs of age, my youngest has had ZERO ear infections. I and my holistic pediatrician KNOW why the girls are healthy and my first isn't...wait for it...because I didn't assault their immune systems with poison shots.

89. Our oldest is vaccinated to 13 months. Had severe upper respiratory infection during the time of vaccines (we were told to bring him in once a month for the Synagis vaccine - the one made with Rat rDNA—every month during his first year of life (during flu season). He stared the shots (in addition to his regularly scheduled vaccinations) at 4 months and less than a week later he was given his first script for antibiotics for an ear infection caused by respiratory inflammation. He continued on this same path his entire first year, having FOURTEEN ROUNDS of antibiotics in his first year of life. I finally took him to a chiropractor who told me the truth & immediately my spirit quickened and I never took him back for vaccines again! Changed doctors offices after the haunting memories started—them telling me how "blessed" my baby was to have Medicaid because those those shots were $ 2,800 a pop!

Realizing they were using my baby as a cash cow, to run a Medicaid fraud ring using the health of little babies as their source of profit disgusted me to my core. This same child since has had no antibiotics except for pink eye however, he is SEVERELY allergic to poison oak now (I believe this to be vaccine-related) and has had to have steroids a couple times when the Poison oak got REALLY bad—he had a full-body rash last year that had his eyes swelled shut for a week—even after steroids—it was awful. He also had a severe reaction to his DTAP shot at 2 & 4 months. Lethargy, screaming, burning fever, to the point I called his pediatrician and of course they tell me "this is normal"... 15 years later & I specifically remember telling that nurse, "No! This is NOT normal for my child!"

Praise GOD my baby was not further damaged by those CLOWNS. His cousin, just 9 months older than him, was diagnosed as severely autistic around the same time we pulled him from the pediatrician’s office & stopped vaccinating. I really believe, if we had kept on, my baby would have succumbed to vaccine violence & paid the price for the rest of his life. Now, the contrast between those two is so stark & evident in our family— there is NO DOUBT vaccines cause autism in our family (even if there is a genetic component). That said, my next 2 children are 100% vaccine free. At almost 7 & 8.5 years old they have never even had an antibiotic - they are thriving! When they catch a cold or a bug, it usually lasts 2-3 days and then it's gone before we can even make an appointment to see a doctor. We use herbs, oils & homeopathic exclusively with them & they respond to this natural medicine SO well. When my non-vaccinated 8 year old had the flu at age 5, it was completely aborted in 4 hours with a single dose of homeopathic Oscillococcinum I literally couldn't believe my eyes!

90. I have 5 vaccinated children.

1. chronic ear infections and a child, as an adult possible IBS or Crohn’s disease, trying to figure that out, ADHD.

2. Mood disorder, learning disabilities.

3. Mood disorder, ADHD, OCD.

4. Autism, ADHD, learning disabilities, sensory processing disorder, face blindness.

5. Asthma, tubes in ears, chronic congestion, chronic sinus inflammation, ADHD, learning disabilities.

1 non-vaccinated granddaughter. Chose not to vaccinate because of all the problems that my children have experienced. My 2 yr old granddaughter completely non-vaccinated, very healthy, rarely sick, speaking very well, met all milestones early. At 9 months was saying things like "puppy" and "kitty" perfectly.

91. My oldest now almost 7 was vaccinated until he had a reaction. He has severe asthma which was also the reaction he received from the MMR and DTaP. I also have a completely vaccine free 4 year old, he is way healthier.

92. I currently have seven, soon to be eight children. Five of them are fully vaccinated, and the youngest two I birthed at home, delayed cord clamping, vaccine free, zero formula, only organic food, whole nine yards. My vaccinated children suffer from a plethora of ailments. Asthma, allergies, ADHD, chronic fatigue, vitiligo, stomach ailments, constant viruses, etc. My oldest unvaccinated just turned four, he's by far healthier and brighter than his older siblings were at his age. His little sister however, my youngest unvaccinated has had issues. Two respiratory infections 4 weeks apart sent her for a tailspin when she was a little over a year. She lost a lot of weight, it set her back developmentally, affected her teeth, and it's been a long road getting her back on track. While she was sick so many doctors recommended I vaccinate her to 'protect' her, and said she needed them more because she was having problems.

The fact that I was being pressured to vaccinate my underweight, sick, developmentally delayed child was insane to me. No way. Over my dead body. She has been progressing steadily in the past year since then, and I highly doubt that would be the case if I had vaccinated her, as recommended. So, I have had acute infections in my unvaccinated that were terrifying, the chronic illnesses due to immune deficiency with my vaccinated kiddies is an awful part of our daily life. I'm certain it would be different, my children would have suffered less had I not vaccinated them.

93. first born child: Vaccinated until 18 months on time. Has severe autism, eczema, allergies, had yearly bronchitis and constant ear infections and IBS with random vomiting. Age 8 now, and no vaccines for almost 7 years, behavior has improved, allergies are lessened, eczema doesn't come nearly as often. Second child: No vaccines. No disabilities. No allergies. Had 2 ear infections in 3 years, but never been sick otherwise.

94. My first got vaccinations up until 1 year old now has lots of allergies, low vitamin d due to the nagalase being added to the vaccines. My other non vaccinated is super healthy with no issues.

95. When we stopped vaccinating, our children stopped being sick.

Mandatory Vaccination Is a Crime

While we were already planning on leaving California, we now have no choice. We MUST flee now to protect our children.

If you’re unaware of the bill that just passed in California that is soon to be signed into law, here’s the super basic breakdown:

While most people assume adverse reactions to vaccinations to be rare, they actually happen ALL the time. Less than one percent are actually reported most of the time, because doctors are forced to deny any correlation between severe symptoms and injections, even if it happens merely hours after the shots to your perfectly healthy child. (I’m talking severe rashes, seizures, regression, loss of speech, high pitches screaming, death, etc.) There are also things that can develop shortly after that are even more difficult to connect with recent vaccination, such as developing severe allergies, asthma, eczema, etc.

There are, however, some doctors that recognize that this isn’t as rare as people think, and have given their patients medical exemptions. Basically, they realized “Okay yeah, this person doesn’t react well to this and it’s not safe for them to continue to receive injections.” This new bill straight up calls those doctors LIARS and accuses them of being PAID to write FAKE medical exemptions.

It makes it EXTREMELY difficult now to receive a medical exemption in a state that already doesn’t offer religious or personal belief exemptions. It’s another step towards federally mandating vaccines for every single person- newborns, toddlers, children, teenagers, adults.... even if they’ve previously had extremely life threatening {or have a child who passed away} from the injections.

The current medical exemptions will only be good for the next year and three months, and then they will be forced to see someone new to determine if they “really did actually need an exemption or not.” Its estimated that over 40% of existing exemptions will be denied, and that number will carry forward into newly attempted exemptions.

They will eventually be able to federally:
+ Reject your healthcare coverage unless you inject yourself with what they tell you to.
+ Reject any food stamps & government assistance unless you inject yourself AND your children with what they tell you to.
+ Reject your child from attending schools, day cares, camps, and other public places without you injecting your child with whatever they tell you to.

They will eventually make it a jail-able offense to say, “No, that’s not what’s best for my family and I.” They will have the power to claim that you’re neglecting your children, and that you’re abusing them by not injecting them with the man-made chemical concoctions that they create. This already happens with things like parents choosing to not move forward with chemotherapy and trying to seek other options- it’s happening right now in Florida to a little boy named Noah who has been taken from his parents and is not being returned. (This is called medical kidnapping, and it happens a LOT.)

I see people ALL THE TIME say things like, “The government microchipping me? Or newborn babies? Yeah, that will never happen.... over my dead body!”

Bro. They’re already desensitizing you, and you don’t even realize it. All they have to do is make you afraid, pass a few laws, tell you it’s for your safety, throw a few people in jail, and of course people will comply. They’re already forcing people to inject things into themselves and their children that they don’t agree with, in the name of “herd immunity”. (Which isn’t real, by the way.) They use our natural human survival instincts against us, and we give in to save ourselves and our children.

This isn’t freedom.
This is scary.
No one should be FORCED to do something they don’t believe in, or want.

The fact that a woman is able to legally kill her own baby in the womb, but not allowed to make decisions for that child once they arrive Earthside is twisted, and frankly not logical at ALL.

Don’t let the media demonize people that desire medical freedom over their own bodies.

If y’all are up in arms about abortion becoming illegal and the implications that has for women not having control over their own bodies, you should be equally upset at the government trying to forcefully inject all people of all ages and all situations with a dangerous, non-placebo tested concoction straight into the bloodstream that has been PROVEN in the court of law time and time again to cause lifelong issues + death in more people than they will ever publicly admit.

Thank you for coming to my TED talk.
Oh, and I’m also 40 people away from my friend’s list limit, so definitely feel free to see yourself out if you’re okay with this. Thanks.

I vaccinated my first and oldest son 16 years ago - but at his 2 month appointment, doc gave him 5 or 6 shots at once, then they sent me home with a pamphlet that he could potentially have side effects, some of them being seizures, death, anaphylaxis etc. My son's doc said "oh, all it is is a weakened virus" I knew right there, and my gut said something was wrong. I knew enough to know a weakened virus does not cause seizures and death. That started my research and my journey. I didn't vaccinate my other children and sure enough, my oldest is the one with allergies, asthma, eczema, sleep issues, gets sick most and easiest, etc...My other 4 have zero issues. Incredibly healthy. For a house with 5 children in school - i have never been to the ER or docs for flu or any major sickness ever.

"The point is not whether or not we should vaccinate. The point is whether or not your body is sovereign, or if the government can force you to be injected against your will.” —Rep. Kelly Townsend (AZ)

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